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REVIEWS OF Tufts University IN Massachusetts

Luis Mexicano

I love Art.

Steven Anthony Rivera


Veg Nik

Tufts is a lovely campus to walk around with interesting sculptures, nice buildings, great views, and of course the ever-painted cannon.

Matthew Ryan

Tufts is a school that encourages its students to move beyond the classroom to conduct research, engage with their communities and be leaders. The school is the confluence of incredible yet accessible professors, great research and some of the brightest and most passionate students you'll ever meet

Peter Nation

The highest crime rate of all US colleges according to one study. Anti-labor, as evidenced by mistreatment of their low-wage janitors and adjunct faculty. Academically just OK. Outrageous tuition funds overpaid administrators, some of whom embezzled money not too long ago and lost endowment money to Madoff ponzi scheme. Accused of mishandling sexual assault cases by the feds. So, yeah, not well run and low morals/ethics relative to peers.

Jeff Wallach

Driston Galvao

gay kak in yam

Voted pro BDS on the eve of Passover when no Jewish students were present. How unfair!

Carmel Zou

Simon Cantor

Andrea Magnifici

I’ve been here for 10 days as I was on a study trip and I enthusiastically enjoyed my stay here. The facility has everything one needs and one thing I really appreciated is that the campus is completely smoking-free. Moreover, the cafeteria was excellent. The campus is located 15 minutes away from the nearest subway station, but one can easily walk to it, so it is a good choice for commuters. Without further ado, everything was great; the only negative thing I feel to point out is the cleaning of the rooms and shared toilets: they need an efficient daily cleaning.

Patrick Kinsella

Greatest university there ever will be or was. Produces the smartest CS grads of any school. Go Jumbos!

Vincent Roberto

Phillip Nguyen


Herb Carter

Simón Pinela

Ed Schreibman

Anthony Scibelli

Princess Kitty The First

zina saadi

Good school but very spacious campus with a shuttle bus from Davis square to the campus every 15 mins

Julian Lang

Not an Ivy League

Nicholas Lam

kim peter

Seems like a wonderful place

Kamar Godoy

Throughout my college visitations, I have always taken self tours so I could get a feel of the school for myself. When I went to the Jumbo Day on April 19, 2018, I was pleasantly surprised at how open and welcoming the community was. The admissions office truly cares about the students and their financial aid made it really easy for me to commit to the university since they met 100% of my financial need. So I am very glad that I applied and will be attending the institution.

Myles Macdonald

Sherise Farmer

J. Z.

Very good university. It is beautiful and it provides high-quality education. The cafeteria is amazing among universities!

Richard Huang

It's a good school in the Boston area. Not so close that the sense of a campus community is lost, but close enough to enjoy the benefits of being near a metropolitan center. The academic curriculum is challenging here, and the foreign language requirement for liberal arts majors is particularly stringent.

Mariam Chakhoyan

shafiqul islam

Allan Ortiz

Great visit


Love that you can drop off injured wild life & they offer to keep you updated!

Nicholas Wong

Great college with a classic campus. The Hill can be difficult in winter, but is beautiful in the spring.

Robert Davis

I am ashamed at the anti-Semitic actions of this school and student body. I would not recommend anyone wasting their money in this institution and pick a more worthwhile charity. Alumni: this is not the same school anymore. I

Ian Leaman

Maggie Van Scoy

Mohit Kumar

Elenna Na

Saeed Boor Boor

Donna Chen

Too much work not enough memes

michael anthony

I got in and I had a 4.0 gap and I was known as the smartest kid ever and I was so cool and everyone like me but then I transferred to Harvard and I was still the smartest one there


Julie C

Kumar Ram

Benjamin Toboh

Tufts has been a wonderful experience for me... I'd gladly return there for further study anytime...

raja vardhan reddy

Great place to study.All the staff are very experienced and the library is very big.

Fangzheng Guo

Peaceful and beautiful campus. Great students here.

Catherine Klapperich

Diya Desai

Kristin McAdams

Alex Langdon

Danny Macdonald

Maria Teresa Forteza Lopez

(Translated by Google) I enjoy Rasmussen's book very much. "The infidel and the professor extol not only the author but also the University to which he belongs. (Original) Disfrute mucho el libro de Rasmussen '"El infiel y el profesor' Enaltece 'no soloal autor sino tambien a la Universidad a la cual el pertenece .

Juan A. Montiel-Nelson

Great school for Engineering education.

Jonathan Hohrath

Classes were decent, however, the student services department was extremely unhelpful and dishonest. Expect to receive almost no guidance on steps to graduate.

Risa Lee

Temi Ogunbodede

Tufts University is my alma mater! I majored in History more specifically African American History and I loved it! I had awesome professors and I had 4 years housing! The meal plans are awesome as well. Nevertheless, Tufts is a challenging school academically. I in particular found the Engineering, Math and Sciences courses to be extremely difficult. The classes that I enjoyed the most were History Classes and Judaic Studies Classes. If I could do Tufts University again, I will in a heat beat!

Akash Burman

M.A. Macaulay

Yuna Kim

Victor Jeanine

JC Baltz Wildblueyonder

Clean, quiet, great walk. Excellent car off views of Boston skylines.

Jiabin Zhang

As a graduate student here, tufts is so fascinating

DaShaunte Adams

Nelaka Govinna

A friendly community that will help you grow into the person you want to become.

robert ilyes

Sarah Anastasio

Clémence Vella

We are happy and proud to say you that your scientifique help us for our TPE about the fibroine of silk and fruits. Respect from France

Eric Cora

Michael Lewis

Beautiful campus and great school. Studied history here and loved the professors and facilities. Would definitely recommend.

Alfred Waich

Erika Brown

Jumbo <3

Waldo Greene


Ralfi Salhon

Red Cap

Love love tufts! It’s one of the best and world top universities! Great support and education system. Stringent education requirements as well

Jonah Choe

Hom Jyoti Adhikari

Tam Luong An

jacqueline kirk

Vera Masterson

Vasu Malhotra

Susan Foster

Riding on their brand. Professors do not do their exams - they take it from other professor's work on the web. Crumbling infrastructure - dorms with no heat, no hot water, roaches, vomit left all weekend. Zero social life for the kids. Write the Prez an email and receive no reply. My daughter and her roommate transferred out the experience was so horrific. The Dean stated my daughter was the 5th one to transfer out that week.

Robel Alemu

Kevin Murphy

Jason Zhang

Great school

Leibel G

Voted against Isreal on the eve of Passover when no Jewish students were present. What hogwash!

John Moore

Students are generally more open minded and self-aware than at other private schools in/near MA. High awareness (by students, team captains) of safety in club sports and at night; never saw anyone pressured to do something they were uncomfortable with socially. Basically a lot of really competent people who protect each other and very few creeps in the circles I was in.


(Translated by Google) The core area surrounded by school red brick wrought iron railings is exquisite! (Original) 学校红砖铁艺栏杆围着的核心区域很精致!

Wayne Hoffman

Hezekiah Branch

Amazing school!

Eileen Pasquale

Yan Bai

A great one!

Tanmay Pandey

Love it.

Asher Mccormick

Henry Fernandez


james glime

great place to spend undergraduate experience it's very nice and people are very welcoming

L.A. Creech

Shane Woolley

Go Bos

Prince Shah

amazing student body and incredible institutional resources

melanie owah

Sounds Good

Saimon Tesfayonas

It's my college

Dr. J. G.

Lovely place to work, especially as a member of faculty.

james chadwick

Ying Yang is not real

Shawntell Manning

Excellent school with wonderful people. Four years of an utopian academic and social experience. It was my first choice and I would highly recommended it to the right candidate.

Nephew Sammy

one of the elite schools in America


Logan H

عاشق الليل

(Translated by Google) I love this university (Original) احب هذه الجامعه


Loved studying here! Amazing academics and great resources.

S. Nepal

Lynnette Sanders

Bruce Martel

Bo Shang

Good school, good staff, good administration, good support and a great atmosphere, minus a few bad apples as same in every school.

M Burnett

Beautiful campus with fabulous view of Boston.


Right place for those who are thirsty for learning....

Nick McQuillan

vikas bajpai

Dentistry is the specialty

Zhen Shu Chen

The wonder hospital and grate team hopes. Thanks everyone who works there!

Zachary Roesinger

Jack Hale

Deb Ulibarri

Mike A. Tejeda

Did anyone study with Matt Ballinger?

Nicholas Bouton

sean guerin

Alexander Bhasavanich

It's a decent place. Kinda pricey for what you get.

John Ocampo

Miguel Canovas


Alan Hunter

on a recent college tour with my grandson, Tufts presentation was one of the best.

James Jones

This is a great campus to explore and take in the vistas around Somerville and greater Boston. Take a nice stroll around the campus!

Ryan I

can i get in?

Saurabh Sharma

Colgate Student

If Colgate University has some good reviews, this school definitely deserves more.

Esther Adegoke

Kevin Battey

Had ever thing I needed.

Leibel Gniwisch

They voted against Isreal on the eve of Passover, won in a landslide because no Jewish students were present!

jishnu ganguly

Aaron Funchess

My Alma Mater, the best ever!

Grant Ellsworth Fletcher

did i hate it? absolutely not. did i love it? well... not so much. see the problem with tufts is that most of the people on campus are "wet blankets," and i consider myself more of a "dry blanket" kind of person. there's a fraternity there called beta pi or something and one of them threw a beer on me. i'm not sure what his race was but it's probably irrelevant. guess i was the wet blanket in that situation! do you think that was a funny joke? i thought it was ok but maybe i could have done better. would anyone like to share a cigar with me? please? i'm so lonely.

Xin Xin

(Translated by Google) Tufts University (Tufts University) is a research university, located in the United States education center of Boston, is one of the recognized American universities. Tufts University has about 10,000 undergraduates and graduate students. There are two colleges in college: College of Arts and Sciences and Engineering College. Graduate School has Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Graduate School of Engineering, School of Medicine, College of Biology, School of Dentistry, College of Nutrition, Veterinary College, and the famous Fletcher Law and Diplomatic Academy. Fletcher is the first American Graduate School of International Relations. Tufts University attaches great importance to cultivating students' civil society activities and public service awareness, and is known for its international relations programs and overseas study programs. (Original) 塔夫茲大學(Tufts University)是一所研究型大學,位於美國教育重鎮波士頓,是美國公認的優秀大學之一。塔夫茨大學有10,000名左右本科生與研究生。大學本科有兩個學院:文理學院和工程學院。研究生院有文理研究生院、工程研究生院、醫學院、生物科學院、牙醫學院、營養學院、獸醫學院、和著名的佛萊徹法律與外交學院。佛萊徹是美國最早的國際關係研究生院。塔夫茨大學重視培養學生的公民社會活動和公共服務意識,並以其國際關係專業和海外學習項目而聞名。

Jason Yeager

Coins With Caroline


Qifan Huang

The view of downtown Boston from the top of the Tisch library is simply stunning.

Dyna Jose

Stephen Chase

Lovely college.

All L

This review based on a school tour on April 14, 2018. The most disappointed school tour my family and other families encountered with. We were spending too much time outside standing in front of a building listen to the tour guide to talk about himself or tried to answer questions which he didn't know how to answer or shouldn't answers. As a parent and a visitor, I want to see how the school really look like inside rather then the photos online, and listen to the admission officer and the tour guide to show case the school. We did not even have a chance to get inside a classroom or lecture hall or dorm or anything that the school website had mentioned. My family and other families felt very upset spending all those time for nothing. I felt very bad for some families they were from out of states travelled here. Noone expected like this happened. We visited six of the universities in MA. I couldn't believe Tufts university manage this so poorly? Since the overall experience was so not impressed at all. The administration officer told us only 14% acceptance they're only want to take the best of best students. But they will not give any type of scholarships? My suggestion to everyone who want to apply Tufts university save your application fee. Apply the school who care about helping your children who work hard on their grade will give your children scholarship like MIT, Harvard , NU, WPI, BU, BC much more..


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