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REVIEWS OF Northeastern University IN Massachusetts

James Heyne

Northeaster has an beautiful campus, which looks great in the spring. It's in the heart of Boston which just adds to everything.

A T.

(Translated by Google) I think this is a good place. (Original) 我觉得这个好地方

Ariel Seebarran


Chris Lee

It's a piece of crapppppppp

Zhongliang Chen

I was a PhD student at Northeastern, majoring Computer Engineering. The program is great and becoming even better. The professors were nice and gave very helpful guidance. The co-op program is a great opportunity for students to get hands-on experiences. I would recommend Northeastern to my friends.

Vanessa Fossouo

Love it, great school, had a wonderful challeging academic experience. Great student organizations. I was a member of 3 students orgs during my time there. The only thing I don't like are the student loans i'm still paying. Nothing is free in life


best cultural hub!

Brittany Chu

Is gord

Sanman Kulkarni

Nice university. Great campus!

Frank Mackowsky

Top-notch business education!

Marco Correia

My sister attends this beautiful university and I visit her every chance I get. The location, atmosphere, and people are everything you want your ideal college to have.

Yunlong Li

I met my wife here :)

Ron Celley


CompsDoc Nathan

Great University, graduated with very little amount in student loans because of all the money I made on Coop. Got a job before I graduated .. what more can you ask from a great university?

Old Alec L

An excellent school featuring top research, stand out professors, and the unparalleled co-op program. They do an excellent job of maintaining and beautifying the campus, which is in the vibrant and fun city of Boston.

Rosco Sam

Why can't we hate all bias professors? Maybe because they are not all so hateful and discriminating as others. The title professor doesn't mean what it used to.

Kenny Chen

Nice campus and buildings

Michael Furst

The most innovative, practically-oriented major university I’ve ever encountered. My graduate program at the Law school is relevant — and I mean every class — and is intellectually challenging.

Green Philly

Every day I have to tolerate hate speech from cowardly pathetic professor s whom used majority of their 60 million in donations on staff needs and amenities. Then they use their time slandering pie president as if he's there to defend himself. This school hues pathetic, dribbling instructors who are cowards by character and morals. I have a3.9 and I will transfer to rid myself of such perisitic behavior and thinking.

Brian Pullman

Nice place. Good university for learning. Beautiful campus. Wonderful students.A great community and a very well known school.

ACE Hann

A lovely school! It is getting better and better. It is just right in many aspects. Haha, my friend's son just graduated from MIT. He said it was a factory, not enough attention to undergrads. He regretted...

Cameron Billings

Awesome school, awesome city. Loving it here.

Sivadevan Kumar

Very good experience and quality service

sᏦᎥmᎪsᏦxᎠ 1̶9̶

I went here for a Northeastern men basketball game, I liked it. It was pretty good. The seats are very comfortable and i heard that the food there was very good.

Tylerswag 89


Umer Yousafzai

Great orientation. Go visit!

Cutie Find

Lovely campus. Great programs

Julie's bites

Vast campus neat symphony

zina saadi

Graduated in 2005 with triple majors and enjoyed my life as student , compacted campus and spacious buildings with a lot of facility to students

Duygu Guneyli

Great university! My experience has been amazing.

Luis Toro

Anna Kent

Guilherme Salvador Vieira

Amazing facilities!

Bharat chand

Right in the heart of the city. Loved it.

Rahul Kale

Best location and a lively university.


I got my both undergraduate and graduate here. To be honest, its undergraduate programs are nicer. I bet all the graduate programs are very similar though- big classmate population, online mixed on-ground, night classes, limited study schedule, teamwork in the small& smelly library. About its quality: too much about textbooks and never goes real world. I suggest who are considering taking your master program here to take your first week course seriously, if you realized someone just reads PPT but never dose a good teaching, just drop the course! To be fair, I wouldn't do it again if I could have a time machine, even though I had the double husky scholarship. But, the undergraduate study was pretty nice though. I really enjoyed it. Staff and professors are nicer, they did work with me step by step with patience. I didn't even feel the pressure because they helped a lot. Courses were well-designed, and meeting advisors was very easy. Again, the way this school teaches is old school, if you have a living place in Boston, enough time and dollars, or have a favor of chasing a high-rank school, this is the one for you. If you look for a very good cost-performance rate, go somewhere else.

Jiawei Ge

(Translated by Google) Niubi (Original) 牛逼

TJ Fabrizio

Northeastern University is not so great. I was able to acquire my Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with a 3.8 GPA. I did this while working full time/traveling for work. I put a lot of work into this degree but now I feel I was not properly prepared for the real world of IT. There should have been some Microsoft or Cisco certificates included with degree. All IT jobs want several years of experience but I thought a degree from NEU would get my foot in the door somewhere. Since graduating 6/2014 I have been on many job interviews but I have not been able to land a job in the server world of IT. Today I'm making slightly more money than when I did not have a degree. I'd love to continue my education but I can't because of my student loans. Looking back I think it would have made more sense to acquire IT industry certificates like Microsoft, Cisco, and Linux. Plus it would have cost a lot less than a degree from NEU.

Casandra Lopez

I am looking forward to going to go to this college !!!!!

Sifat Miah

Northeastern University (NU, formerly NEU) is a private research university in Boston, Massachusetts, established in 1898. It is categorized as an R1 institution (Doctoral Universities: Highest Research Activity) by the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education.[5] The university offers undergraduate and graduate programs on its main campus in the Fenway-Kenmore, Roxbury, South End, and Back Bay neighborhoods of Boston. The university has satellite campus in Charlotte, North Carolina, Seattle, Washington, and San Jose, California that exclusively offer graduate degrees. An additional satellite campus opened in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in late 2016.[6] The university's enrollment is approximately 18,000 undergraduate students and 7,000 graduate students.

Fali Madon

A great, reputed and an old, dependable Education hub even till today. Keep it up. Many people have taken great advantage of this prestigious University or Institution either by bits, parts or Fully acquired the knowledge and know how about their individual courses, group projects and courses. Group as well as individual workshops, projects, planning, execution and strong zest to earn and learn!! Keep this up, forever. It is indeed a very proud day for your Dear Parents Mr. Hoshedar Fali Bamji to see their Own Son Gradually Graduating from this spectacular university which indeed has the best amount of teachers, staff, workers, cleaners, etc. May Lord Ahura Mazda Bless this Institute and its University complex also. Aameen!!!!

Gretchen Harding

My husband went there he says "it is the best college in the world go husky's"

Hisham Adnan

I visited it twice in Aug. 2014

Tony Wang

poor cleaning of restrooms, small campus with too many students.

Marvania Mehul

My favorite place

Lynn Davis

Rude staff! I called inquiring information about the phD Counseling Psychology programs and a lady (with a nigerian accent) sighs underneath her breath and stated, "What other information do u need to know about because all the information is on the website!" People with this kind of attitude should not be employed in settings of this nature because it decreases student retention & potential new students from wanting to attend the institution. But my money wont be spent there & im NOT on financial assistance, I WAS PAYING CASH PER COURSE!!

Toon Shader

Float my boat. Was going for a note with my oat and found a boat. Slipped in with the float and made a moat. How many slopes? Hope. Ranger Rick slipped, Sat on a crab and made a slab. Too many labs. I found a bag.

Sophia Riemer

2 sisters graduated from that college its awesome !!

Kristy Thibodeau

I graduated in 2004-05 with my master's in physical therapy. NU is the best school for students who absolutely know what they want to do because they start placing you in the workforce as part of the co-operative education program. It is very likely one can pursue a position from the advantage of co-op. The campus has grown exponentially and is beautiful, modern and for the meets the efficient needs of the busy student life from gyms, to restaurants, to prime location and walking distance around the heart of Boston. It's not cheap, but the education is worth the price!

Ein Verne

Claude Strayer

Great for engineering and co-op!

Julian Stanley

Fantastic university. Quickly growing in size and prestige, and for good reason.


Beautiful place

Chelsea Henderson

Great school with awesome co-op program!

Selina Ko

(Translated by Google) [October 2018] The campus environment is beautiful. (Original) 【2018年10月】校園環境優美。

Keara Caverly

it sucked


Brick was at this university to watch its CEO James Kastle, speak in the Senate room in the Snell building. None of us have actually attended this University so this review is based strictly on our one time visit to this campus. The campus looked clean, the people looked friendly. The Snell building looked like I would have enjoyed it, if I felt I need to go back to college to earn yet another degree. The best thing about our visit? They gave out free donuts, bagels and coffee while we watched people speak about technology. If you want free donuts and coffee, keep an eye out for conferences at colleges.

Christopher Kubicek

An incredible school in an incredible city that still costs way too much to attend.

Nik S

Its pretty great. New facilities, really good professors, and a great location in Boston!

Jingxiao Zeng

(Translated by Google) (Original) 辣雞學校

claire pierre

Its was fun to go and visit the campus. The campus is so colorful and creative.

Haowen Chang

Need bigger libraries

vijay melwani

Great experience learning and working at some premier companies while I was there...keep up the good work NU.

Asukawa Hikari

Not that bad.

Hector Melendez

Great university, beautiful campus, passionate teachers - list goes on!

Kellie Powers

Do the teach cosmetology?

Shawn Bowden

My daughter is graduating from here this week

Tyler Manoukian

Beautiful, lively campus buzzing with eateries and coffee shops

Kingman lo

Its amazing evrything is amazing

Cem Arslan

(Translated by Google) Beautifully a little salty (Original) Güzel olmasına güzelde biraz tuzlu

Abdul Q

Top-tier research school.


If you are going for IT via the online, non-traditional option...DON"T WASTE YOUR TIME. Nothing is timely. "Challenge based" format is a living nightmare where professors do not have to follow a rubric, faculty is useless in resolving issues, web resources offered do not work and the entire ordeal is so convoluted that no one has any idea of what to do.

tre sp


Edianto Sumedi


Bayoan Martinez-Yung

Usually I pass by that place when I start at the Green Line station to do Heath Street.

Raman Bhartia

My five star college.

Marco Oliva

Great University

Jason Humm

Beautiful campus. Great university.

Ryan Best

it was great

Anuj lohiya

hi.. i am anuj lohiya here i want to study there what is the process for getting admissio here

Tod Standing

Too many beans in my socks. I ask of all of you, how? I know not how do, only how be. And be the beans.

Tommy Vo

Love the 24hrs library

Yan Thomas

I love NEU and have a great two years experience when i study here. Go huskies!

Jim Jones

Horrible full of lies!!!

David Cohen

This is a fine college that i attended and graduated from. The co-op internship program is one of the best, the student and faculty are top notch. Also, being right in the city is absurdly awesome (if you can afford it)

Patricia DCosta

As a Northeastern Graduate Student I have to say I love my University and Campus and I'm very proud of it! They have many degrees options and the facilities on campus and well as the student's resources are incredible!! Proud to be a Husky!

chong liu

My achool my love.

henry cavil

Nice place.

John Zhang

This is the Stanford of the future! One of the best universities in the nation!

Mike Reid

Excellent university, beautiful campus, and great location.

Prasad Kulkarni

My experience with neu was very disappointing.I came here since fall 2016 semester for masters in engineering management.I had taken two courses which included operations research and prob stats.The site my neu didn't really live up to my expectations,when u enroll for the 3 courses,they make it clear through an email u can take 2 courses later,then u need to contact the office.I guess it's sheer mismanagement.The professor for deterministic Operations research failed me,which I didn't deserve,I don't know why despite of me regularly completing my assignments, honestly writing my exams,wherein a bunch of students seem to copy and The methods taught at O.R class are outdated and too lengthy and they expect u to follow such methods or u lose marks.THOUGH I liked the probability and statistics course.But the overall experience was disappointing and I had to drop out after completing one semester.

Xie Yunliang

The price of this uni is crazy 60k once you add the cost of room & board. The only good thing they have to lure students in is there CO-OP programs but honestly other universities offer similar aid to get CO-OPs if you have gotten into Harvard or MIT go there instead its more affordable and even at 50k the programs offer you more. If your a normal student then this is the place for you.

Kathy Hall

Trash university for ever, especially civil engineering

Diego Rodríguez Renovales

Great University

Li Jie


Ben Perez-Pringle

Loved it. Way too expensive.

Timur Zeinelov

best for it's co-op program

Dave Taylor

I am a current student and am very happy with my choice to come to NEU!

Justin Reddington

Northeastern is a great University; It's location is fantastic- within walking distance of the Prudential Center, Brigham Circle, and Newbury street. It is situated between the Green and Orange lines on the MBTA, with stops on campus for both subway lines. It is in the city, yet has its own distinct campus setting, which means you can still enjoy open green space and sit outside in the sun during the warmer months. Co-op program is fantastic as well, with great job opportunities and very helpful advising staff. there are loads of extracurricular activities as well, which means you can afford to be a little bit picky.

Jason Zhang

Great co-op program

Matthew Valentinas

Great university. Beautiful campus. Wonderful students.

Vicky Gupta

Need to improvment

Jusny Mackenson Louis-Jean

Went to the Graduate Open House there today, I have to say that I were impressed. Everything was well organized: the university tour, the application workshop, multiple aid desks to provide information on every aspect in a student life like financial aid, scholarships, a specific info about the differents college... One thing that I enjoyed most was the exposition on Cuba in Northeastern University Gallery. The students did a great job

Taniya Justus

Huge place, no security anyone can enter. But one of the best Cafeteria's and plenty of study area.

Wahyu B. Pribadi

Good and so flexible. I like it

Nurul Islam


Odunola Tonade

I want to go to college there.

Sushil Shah

My son's graduation

Demetrius Thomas

This campus has grown over the years to really be a staple in the community. Lots of places to read, relax, eat and grab a coffee.

Karen Melanson

They have a great MBA program that is tailored after the Harvard MBA program.

Roshan Thomas

Proud husky!

Renee Zhao


Jyotsna Baidya

Great experience as my daughter graduated from the University n now working.... done very well in her MBA program. ... good library n teaching staff n professors

Thakkar Parthiv

The best University for the students of IT and computer department for masters level

Larry Strange

Great performance by nudanco

Michael C

NU is a great school!!! I see this school becoming even more prestigious than what's today. It's impressive how this school improved their overall academic model within a short period of time. Back in 1990, NU was ranked #169 top national universities. Today, NU is ranked #39 top national university. Wow!

nishant mehta

Applied to this university. Really helpful and application procedure is quite simple. Can do it yourself. Also you can upload all online copy. Saves you quite amount of efforts and money. Don't have to worry about post reaching on time. Transcript to be sent only if admitted. Online recommendation. Again very helpful. Kindly apply early. Very good college for studies. Nearest 2 Jain/Hindu temples are 13 miles away in different direction. Takes 35 mins to drive there. Very cold weather so bit harsh for Indians to live.

D. Dom

Email response, "You should hear back from us within one business day" It's been over a week!

Arun Nikam


Bolaji Hassan

It's with a lot of cultural heritage and diversity.

Sameer Gottam

I was an international student, graduated from northeastern from college of engineering from information systems program. My experience has been that the program is bloating at a very rapid rate with so many students in a graduate program. The number of students has been doubling every Fall for the past 4 years(as I came to know from my seniors and juniors). I came to know that the current strength of the program is about 1500 which, for a graduate program and for the amount of resources provided, is way too much. This reduces the quality of education. The director of the program, Kal Bugrara, isn’t available to address student issues other than some time before and after his lectures. His course material (Program Structure and Algorithms) is plagiarized from Stanford university’s course material and passed on as his own. My suggestions to program is to accept less students and increase the quality of education. The only reason to join this graduate degree is the co-op program which might be helpful in finding a full-time job.

Michael Van Wickle

The best ever

Matias Llamenson


خيال الخيال

(Translated by Google) (Translated by Google) If you're looking for IT online, the unconventional option ... DON "T WASTE YOUR TIME. Nothing in time. The challenge-based form is a living nightmare where teachers do not have to follow the evaluation model. The faculty is useless in resolving issues, the web resources provided are not working, and the whole plight is so complex that no one has any idea what to do. (Original text) If you are going for IT via the online, non-traditional option ... DON "T WASTE YOUR TIME. Nothing is timely. "Challenge based" format is a living nightmare where professors do not have to follow a rubric, faculty is useless in resolving issues, web resources offered do not work and the entire ordinal is so convoluted that no one has any idea of what to do. (Original) (مترجم بواسطة Google) إذا كنت تبحث عن تكنولوجيا المعلومات عبر الإنترنت ، فإن الخيار غير التقليدي ... DON "T WASTE YOUR TIME. لا شيء في الوقت المناسب. شكل "القائم على التحدي" هو كابوس حي لا يضطر فيه الأساتذة إلى إتباع نموذج التقييم ، فالكلية غير مجدية في حل القضايا ، وموارد الويب المقدمة لا تعمل ، والمحنة بكاملها معقدة للغاية لدرجة أن لا أحد لديه أي فكرة عما يجب فعله. (النص الأصلي) If you are going for IT via the online, non-traditional option...DON"T WASTE YOUR TIME. Nothing is timely. "Challenge based" format is a living nightmare where professors do not have to follow a rubric, faculty is useless in resolving issues, web resources offered do not work and the entire ordeal is so convoluted that no one has any idea of what to do.

Prodromos Angelidis

A great community and a very well known school. Really amazing campus!


There are far easier ways to obtain greatness than to go through this place to try to get it. SERIOUSLY!


it was good

nrajeswari natesan

Nice place. Good university for learning


Nice College centered in downtown Boston, nice neighborhood near by.

Abderrahmane Chegrouche


Matthew Skrinski

bretty sick


good on paper at the undergraduate level but academically shallow in reality.

Michael Ward

my bro Shnook went here and he’s a cool dude

cassandra Divone

Terrible customer service. I was lied to about being able to use financial aid by a admissions counselor. They require a $500 security deposit to hold your position which i payed because i thought i could ise financial aid. Once i was told i couldnt they refused to give me my $500 back which is supposed to go towards tuition so they are stealing my money.

sean guerin

a fine institution

cat wu

Recent college graduate, this school doesn't give you practical knowledge for real job/world. Accepted way too many students than it should have, and many of them are the rich kids from China and some other countries. There's only one tiny library that can't even accommodate half of the students, while there're new buildings of dorm and classrooms. You don't get the same return for what you paid for the sky high tuition and not being competitive enough for the area.

Burt Shur

I just watched Bill O'Reilly's No Spin News Video . At Cal. State University in Fullerton there are socialist students there who are protesting the memorial to fallen police officers . The students belong to a group known as SQE . Which stands for Students for Quality Education . The members of SQE stood fifty feet from the memorial . They handed out flyers that read Why Blue Lives Matter is problematic and Black and Brown Civilians do not want police on a sacrificial pyre in exchange for their own . The college GOPS hosted the memorial honoring the officers in honor of Law Enforcement Appreciation Day . Barry Bluestone a professor at Northeastern University said on video that he would not mind seeing the death of Pres. Trump . Near the end of the video Bluestone shared his fantasy of seeing Donald Trump leave the presidency either through impeachment or death . Barry Bluestone has not received any disciplinary action from Northeastern University . Many people fled to social media to express their anger of this statement made by this professor . Others have written to Northeastern asking them to fire the professor . There has been no action taken at this time . The universities which are so left winged do not mind these asinine comments about our President . Can you imagine what their reaction would have been to a professor wishing ill harm to fmr. Pres. Obama ?

Kefu Mao

(Translated by Google) Large and complete, I heard that the basic course, teaching is a bit lacking. (Original) 大而全,听说上基础课,教学是否有点欠缺。

Bimolchand Singh Moirangthem

Please connect trail

Josh E.

Relatively small, but nice, clean campus in the middle of the city. Worth walking through and seeing the birthplace of Napster

Eric Rollo

I really enjoy Northeastern's campus - its a little burb in the city!

Ran Tu

(Translated by Google) Lihai (Original) lihai

Brian Phillips

They learned me good

Gabi Kao

I was lucky enough to get a full scholarship, room, board and books to the pharmacy school in 1964.. Their program was great and I had a good career and the coop program really helped me!!

Amy Mikhailov

Awesome college. The co-op program is a great way to get actual experience.

Gokay GG

I am a current grad student at NU. Engineering professors are not always great, business professors are more consistent in quality. NU is a non-profit organization, yet it raises the tuition every year, moreover it pays one of the highest salaries in the United States to its president Mr. Aoun, over $3 Million annually! (compare this number to Harvard and MIT presidents and you will see the ridiculousness of NU) Yet the library bathrooms are full of crap, piss and toilet papers on the floor during exam times. Not a consistent& cohesive establishment in quality education. Tuition price says high quality, but everything else does not nearly live up to it. This school definitely does not deserve the tuition dollars it charges. Pay for education, not for overpaid presidents. Verdict= Go elsewhere!

Johnie G

I have four university degrees, including a doctorate. I graduated from four different institutions in the U.S and overseas. Northeastern U. is one my most memorable and rewarding experiences of all. The professors are phenomenal. The student engagement activities, campus, and other learning environments are incredible.

Bo Yang

Love this university very much!

Hatem Alshammari

NU is highly ranked due to its diversity and its multi-cultural education.

Dean Marion

Went on tour for getting to know the place. Diversity is vast amount of different people that wanted education to able to learn.


I had a terrible experience with online study at Northeastern. My advisor was distant and replied once a week, I had to call for my financial aid for few weeks in row trying to get ahold of someone and finally received an email about my grant only when the semester was over and I wasn't qualified for in anymore. Then after 4 weeks of calling them, I found out my transcripts were lost (or never got them or somtn..) and were ready to "cut" me as student without even telling me!! Yet to find out why, they claim to have "deadlines" I was sup[posed to be made aware of. I'm tired of calling them and be put on hold for 30 mins as if my time has no value to them. Can't believe this is the school that prides itself as one of the best when they DON'T care about the student with financial needs, and will divert you to someone's voicemail or pass the issue around to 10 other departments. Do yourself a favor- don't come here is you are a regular person. You will be left alone through the admission process and will have to knock on every door thousand times yourself. I am so happy this school is not a part of my dream anymore and I am going to a smaller, non profit college that loves me for who I am, my prestige and bank account won't determine my treatment as a student.

Stephen Scaffa

As a Northeastern University graduate who has had a very successful career, I can highly recommend NU. It all started at NU. My NU classmates that I am aware of have had very successful careers as well.

Harley Edge

As a first year at Northeastern, from the South of the US, I have to say I am completely satisfied with my decision to attend Northeastern University. Like any other college I have made lifelong friends, and I can say without a doubt that I am receiving the total college experience. What makes NEU stand out compared to other top universities similar in rank, is the staff. Northeastern is the cleanest university, out of the 17 I visited, which doesn't go unnoticed. We have hard working professors that will go out of their way to ensure their students are learning the material. Northeastern offers so many included "extras" such as free tutoring, availability to disability assistance, and so much more. For anyone interested, I would definitely consider NEU when applying.

Michael Bruce

My college experience greatly surpassed all of my expectations. I attended Northeastern in Boston, Massachusetts. While attending NEU, I did a six month co-op (alternating periods of academic study with periods of paid professional employment related to my major) in London for a major investment bank. This was a remarkable time because this was the first time I traveled overseas. I did what I could to soak up being in a foreign city. I did another six month co-op in Paris for IBM's European Headquarters. There I met a Frenchman who was an executive. He became my mentor and I continued to meet people from all over the world. It is true what they say about Paris; it is the City of lights. Then I returned to London to do a yearlong study abroad. There I studied and played rugby for the university team. The best part about playing rugby was getting to know my teammates. What splendid gentlemen they all were. I finished up by doing a six month co-op at the White House in Washington, DC. The City is more than just a city; it's history and history in the making. Each of my learning experiences were amazing, including studying on campus in Boston - the best college town in the world. Additionally, I found best friends for life. I also found real mentors in my professors.

Russell Ward

2 stars for the fact it has a lively students for justice in Palestine... -3 because of its admin throttling free speech.

Jack Pazin

I just visited the campus for a tour here. I liked the campus very much and it looks very clean and modern. The co op programs seem promising. Having a smoke free campus is also a plus.

Vanity Misc

The place is looking lit!

Sara Cooper

The advisor here are stupid, the HR hire all worse advisors

dianne Markee

Met a umber of professors there, and had a number of them teach me! Because of the gifts of knowledge and friendship given, they were both mentor and friend to me. What greater a gift can one be given, than to be taught well, and have this become a habit....excellence!!!!!


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