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REVIEWS OF North Shore Community College IN Massachusetts

Al S.

Mhaa M

Linda Donehey

Laureen Petrillo

My experience with the whole registration and financial aid processes was very unprofessional and stressful. The cut off date to withdraw from classes is not adequate for making important decisions, therefore, you end up scammed into paying for a semester you didn't complete. I am not impressed by the way this school handled their withdrawal process.

طلال العتيبي

(Translated by Google) This place sux jus by reading the reviews im definitly not goin to the certificate program i want to go to there was feq i wanted to look up they donr have a defail program to detail the cars boats we really and the dont have a program for sales to to get ur sles degree see ya late this college sux cokc !!!! (Translated by Google) This place is sus goss by reading the comments im definitely not going to certificate program i want to go there there according to i want to look for they donr be a defail program for the details of motor boats we really do not have a sales program to get a bachelor's degree see ya this college sux cokc !!!! (Original) This place sux jus by reading the reviews im definitly not goin to the certificate program i want to go to there was feq i wanted to look up they donr have a defail program to detail the cars boats w.e really and the dont have a program for sales to to get ur sles degree see ya late this college sux cokc!!!! (مترجم بواسطة Google) هذا المكان سوس غوس من خلال قراءة التعليقات ايم بالتأكيد لا ذاهب إلى برنامج الشهادة أريد أن أذهب إلى هناك كان هناك فقا أريد أن أبحث عن أنهم donr يكون برنامج defail لتفاصيل زوارق السيارات ونحن حقا وليس لديها برنامج للمبيعات للحصول على درجة البكالوريوس انظر يا أواخر هذه الكلية sux cokc !!!!

Wesley Ringwood

NSCC is a great community college to attend. The campus is beautiful and the professors and admin are all great people and are very willing to work with their students. I had a fantastic time going back to school here and I encourage anyone who is on the fence about attending to go.

Phillip Nguyen

It’s an amazing campus. It’s very modern. I’d recommend going here.



Justin brown

Great education thats affordable.

paulfreeman damien

Sif Randlof

I don't go to this college but their coffee is insane.

Grace Soto

Andrea J.S.

Amonios Hanna

Yamen Sy

christopher Deon

Kristin McAdams


peter burgess

Bayoan Martinez-Yung

My mom went to this college and saw Erin's mom works here.

Freeman Scott

KN Gamer

Jhanel E

Great professors at reasonable cost.

William Soucy

Adam Iraq

Danise Fanor

Alex W

Affordable and local college level courses

Allison Haley

Adriana Grassi

So far I have to give North Shore Community College a low 1 star review. My experience with them has been that they do not listen to what you have to say, cut you off, and are extremely rude. I have tried several times to contact them with less than desirable results. All I want to do is speak with an adviser over the phone before I go to the campus to see if what I am looking for is something they offer. I just got off the phone with them 5 mins ago, was cut off and transferred to an advisers line. The person who answered my call was rude! And I know I have spoken to the same person in the past! All I am asking you to do is listen completely before you hit the transfer button! I want to make sure you are sending me to the correct dept. Not sure if this is the school for me!

john obrien

This place sux jus by reading the reviews im definitly not goin to the certificate program i want to go to there was feq i wanted to look up they donr have a defail program to detail the cars boats w.e really and the dont have a program for sales to to get ur sles degree see ya late this college sux cokc!!!!

Lance Eaton

A great place for an affordable education with fantastic and dedicated faculty.

Kelly Alvarez

Great atmosphere, love attending this college. I especially found the TRiO counselors very nice and accepting.

Maximum Achievement

This place was the worst college to go to. The counselors don't really help you. They just sign you up for any course they can just so they can quickly boot you out the door not caring to help you find classes for your major or even find a major at all. For the Danvers campus in particular, it's a very snobby, predominately white(and prejudice), unfriendly atmosphere. A lot of them also flow over to the Lynn campus so they bring their snobby attitudes there. The students are worse than the instructors though the instructors can be pretty stuck up themselves. That's just the type of community Danvers is. You will find most of the people who have the edge at this school AND of course speak highly of it are the predominantly white population. I took a Bio 101 class once, and the instructor said in front of the class that blacks usually don't do well because they come from a poor background and lack proper education. It really is not a good place to get your education. Also, a lot of classes they have wont transfer to another college such as their Bio 101 course. You may not know that, but be sure the classes you take are transferable. Be sure to follow up on Rate My Professors website to know if you have a good instructor or not otherwise it's a hit or miss on having a great successful academic year or not. The staff can be very unfriendly on the phone or in person when you go to any of their offices. When you attend this school, you better have direction on what you want to do because No one there is really going to help you unless you have a really good instructor. I transferred out to a better community college and it was one of the best choices I've ever made.

Alex Brown

Went here during 2013-2014 for my associates in marketing, its an alright college. Tho my only bad points I remember from this is the intern job finder guy was really rude and I had other people who told me they had him too and he was rude to them as well. another bad point was one of the class counselors who made me take an unnecessary course and told me if i didn't take it i wouldn't get my degree only to find out that they lied and i didn't need to take that course (no refunds of course). Last bad point I remember was one of the job counselors who said they would help me find a job pretty much ghosted me after our first meeting. They gave such a wonderful speech about how I was going to get a lot of help finding a job and that i wouldn't be disappointed. well disappointment city here i came first class. total ghosted and never heard from after the second week of trying to talk to them. gave up trying to finding a job threw here. otherwise its an alright place but seriously have enough parking places that people taking classes here and no teacher saved parking spots for teachers who arent even there and we can see are sitting empty for most if not the entire day. Edit to respond to the owner: Sorry but I will not be using your "job finding services". After the first guy Matt Coulter if i remember his name right, was really rude and pretty much did absolutely NOTHING to help me when I had a problem with my internship. Then the job helper person I got to help me find a full time job litterly GHOSTED me, IE: never returning any phone calls, emails and was never there even tho I told they were there on the days they would be in, on 3 separate occasions I wasted my time trying to meet someone who just happened to "not" be there. Sorry your place litterly had two chances to help me and all i got was nothing but rudeness and nothingness. Have a nice day

Max Bates

Nice facility for taking college credit courses

Millard Fillmore

I have done four semesters at NSCC in the Criminal Justice program over the past two years. North Shore was a decent place for me to start my college education, as I feel like going to a full-fedged State University for four years is a massive scam and waste of money. Professor Koshivas and D'Agastino were great and I learned a great deal in their classes. The Danvers campus is very clean and modern and much nicer than the Lynn campus, which gave me the feeling of being in a dirty train tunnel. My issues with the school pertain to its administration. I had multiple issues when enrolling for classes during each semester. It seemed like no matter what some piece of paperwork would be lost. Once they even lost proof of one of my scholarships, luckily I had copies. When it came time to cut the check for the semester there would always be an issue with the amount. Sometimes we overpaid, sometimes we underpaid, it was as though they never got the final amount right on the first try. It was frusturating to deal with. Another issue I had was with the WiFi in the school. I would be in the library during the period between classes on my laptop trying to get work done, only to find the connection suddenly stopped and I could no longer connect to the internet. Some days were worse than others with this, it was very unpredictable as to when it would work and when it would not. I won't end up graduating from North Shore as of right now as I'm going the military route instead. However, there are some very good professors at this school, just be prepared to deal with a mediocre administrative department if you decide that North Shore is for you.




Bear Po

I went to nscc great college very helpful

Savage girls Gymnastics 17


Justice Admirer

School full of racists

Eat and Travel With Kamy

Ohh my good nessss! I called for asked about some stuffs that I don't understand from the site. The RUDE lady Just said 'did you read our site? if you read you will understand.' Why this college paid for the people like this? I called because I want to go study in your college but after I got this answer so it's already gave me the decision to NOT go there.

Davine Bechara

Currently taking classes in Danvers. So far I love the school because its small and intimate. Parking is easy.. Will update review after transfer

Edgardo Montoya

Julianna Medina

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