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REVIEWS OF Lasell University IN Massachusetts

Kay Richards

Jamea McDonough

The school is not a good one. It is not challenging and the students are not the best. Then again, what can you expect from a school whose biggest program is fashion?

lucy duarte


If you don't want to leave High School then Lasell is the right place for you. Lasell is just another High School, there are tons of cliques and they are all judgmental and rude, some racist. If you are thinking about going here please read this review and consider it. There will be a Facebook group made for your graduating class. This page is supposed to help you find others going to the college and helps you make friends. However, for me and my very few friends I met there agree that the Facebook group is the worst thing to have ever been created. I went to orientation nervous as hell but in the back of my mind I thought that everyone was nervous because no one knows each other. And then I got to orientation and everyone already had their friends and I was alone. That was the worst weekend of my life. No one talked to me and every time I tried to talk to others, they would look at each other and walk away as if I had a disease. After that weekend I learned about the Facebook group... Then September came and I tried to be open-minded but that didn't last too long. The house I was in was basically a Sorority and I don't remember pledging. There were so many problems just because they would listen to my roommates and I through our closet. We know this because there are things they couldn't possibly know without listening to us. The kids there are also racist. A friend of mine had keys thrown at her while being called "Porcelain doll" by her RA. As for my RA, my roommate had severe alcohol poisoning and knocked on our RA's door for help, but instead our RA turned her music up and didn't answer. A couple weeks later we heard that our RA was talking highly of never answering her door. The school also does not take mental illness seriously. I had gone to multiply professors and explained to them about my depression and anxiety and all they had to say was, "I feel bad" and then they would brush it off. The academics suck as well. Unless you're a fashion or athletic training major then all other majors are not taken seriously. You won't actually get to your major until maybe Junior year. They lie at orientation saying you jump right into your major, because you don't. This school wasted my time and my money. I never thought I could get any worse then I have after being there. My depression had gotten worse and my self-esteem plummeted. They told me to visit the counseling house but why would do that since I hated the school? I would be careful making your decision on going to this school and make sure to look at everything.

Kevin Brinson

Brenden Walsh

Faiz Basahl

Bryce Murphy

J Todd

Depending on a student's individual needs, Lasell has thus far, far exceeded every expectation and concern, including non-traditional issues. Continually (almost by the week) tweaking, exploring, and honing the fine skill of higher education with today's ever changing criteria in mind. For those who want to learn, study here. If you have a vacation in mind, go somewhere else. Near perfect flexibility re, campus life, hybrid, online and intensive/accelerated courses. Great location, staff, and cost effectiveness. Check out Boston Globe article from 9/22/2013.

Taylor J

Ledia Mignault

Internship, amazing job offer before graduation.....priceless!

Scott Sniffen

A small school that thinks big.

Lauren Benn

jue polo

Teresa Main

brian obudho

Please check the address. I think it's wrong

Alexandrea Smith


Bethlyn Thompson

Excellent School. My son is a junior and I can't recommend it enough.

rebecca ochan

Allyson Parabicoli

I can't wait to tell people about my experience here at Lasell College once I graduate! It has been an honor to meet everyone here on campus and get to know them on personal levels. I truly feel ready for the working world because of the classes I've taken and the professors help. The dorms that I have lived in for the past four years have been fantastic! They really made me feel safe and at home here on campus. I played a sport here on campus too and that even made my experience here even more enjoyable. Traveling around the MA area is also great. We are in-between two T-stations which is a quick and easy train ride into Boston which allows for a lot of fun activities. I give this school a grading of an A because it was truly an amazing experience and I will miss it dearly when I graduate.

Faris Alessa

I love my school ❤️❤️

Caitlyn McKechney

Beautiful campus. There's a great great family weekend that they put on! We really enjoyed our time there!

Barbara George

Amanda Redden Bucchino

فؤاد سعدون

Alan Avtges

Vinny Marchesi

Couldn't be a bigger waste of time and resources! Their website is not credible as to define what Lasell College claims to really be about and they lie about courses they offer. Once you're sucked in, it will be hard to transfer out! I suggest talking to former students about their experiences here before going ahead with the option. and not the students they pay to list off all of the pros and no cons, but actual students with honest reputable knowledge!!

lori flanagan

Remy Morris

I am a Sport Management Major here and It has been great. Love this place and the professors here. Being so close to Boston is great for internship opportunities and going to professional games!

Haitham M

ruth gaykai

Praveen Shivanna

Great professor's and nice environment to build your carrier

Edison Peguero

Danielle Proulx


Fashion Design program is a true waste of money and time.


They only want your money, and they don't care about education. Don't be shocked if you fail a course even if you did an excellent job, don't forget they only want your money. The professors don't respond to your calls or your emails, even the dean and the chair department. RUN AWAAAAY!!


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