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REVIEWS OF Holyoke Community College IN Massachusetts

Lauren Gunsch

So far, not a fan. I've been waiting for an hour to register for classes and I even had an appointment. I'm bored to the point that I'm leaving this review to make myself feel better

Emily Pereira

This school is a piece of crap. I did the online program and it was fine and everything. But the people who actually run the school are crap. I had emailed them and asked about when I need to make payments since I got charged a late fee and I couldn't get onto my account and what do they do? They now email my dad and tell him that the FULL payment is due. I DO NOT recommend going here at all.


It’s surprising (or maybe not) that almost everyone here either leaves full 5-star reviews or 1-star. All extremes. HCC is a lot of things, but it’s not filthy. It’s one of the few schools I made friends quickly and I actually feel safe and comfortable there despite being a minority (white tall kid) with pretty significant social anxiety. As for the classes/professors—also 4 stars. I’ve never met a professor who I haven’t respected for being wise and professional. In closing, remember that what you get out of college is up to YOU.

Iliana Gonzalez

Danny Colon

It's okay. I personally liked working at college under financial aid while attending classes there.

Richard Stennett

Anthony LaFleur

Amber 14

Mark Doward Jr.

Shannon Roques

Tiffani Robinson

Just average but the tuition is too expensive expecially at the community level.

Jessie Robinson

There are so many issues with HCC I don't know where to start. First of all why is all the food so unhealthy? I know there is no cafeteria, but the school could at least invest in some healthy meals for people. Also why are the professors so rude. All the professors I have had tell me how I'm always wrong, and then go on to explain how there knowledge is superior. I think most people that go to school here do not enjoy it at all. The floors, classrooms, and bathrooms are filthy most days since there is so little cleaning that is done here. There is very little student life or activities at this school. Most students go to class, and go home, or go to work. A lot of the classes at this school are not reality based, there based on what the government wants students to know. In my personal opinion this school worsens people's emotional and mental well being. I just don't get how a school could be allowed to operate in this fashion, plus cost thousands of dollars a year to go to. If you want to sit in plastic and metal chairs all day, and listen to someone tell you that they are smarter than you than this might be the school for you. If you want to be treated properly by people and be respected then this place probably is not in your best interest.

Joe Lavertue

Attending HCC is a great way to save money and ease yourself into the college experience. However, you get out of it what you put into it... So, if you take all GenEds and easy courses there purely to get a good GPA, it will be a waste, seeing as your GPA will only get reset when you transfer to a university and you will not be as prepared for the added rigor of university courses.

Orion Infinite

This school was able to help me get through my hardest classes and I made lots of friends. Great place to start after high school

Wendy Chaffee

The advisors and the professors put in as much effort as you do into your education. I have truly loved all my professors and I would have been lost without my advisor. I have been a student at HCC for three years and I absolutely love HCC. The students there are kind, brilliant, full of humor and always willing to help each other out. I could never say enough good things about this college. The best choice I ever made was to further my education and the next best choice was choosing HCC.

tyler bode

Stephanie W

Very good school and convenient

Tenzin Jampa

Claire Novotny

This is a great place! I wanted to take a class this year and I was overwhelmed by the number of continuing education courses. I chose piano and I'm loving the class.

Yousef Manzoor

Ashley-Rose Saccamando

I love HCC!

Patsy J

My experience at H.C,C was amazing. It helped me go from a GED to Honors status. The professors are understanding & give you extra time. There are Math & English labs to help you. ( Being dyslexic I used the Math lab). I spent a long time with the help of another classmate to learn the computer ( Need I say I worked at Sears & put their computer system down to PA in the late 1980s) the classmate went out of her way- we spent hours after work until the computer lab closed at 10 PM. I also used the writing center, I had no idea how to write an essay. My English Prof was not in to giving A's so I worked really hard to get a B+ than the following semester an A- in his class. Thank you Prof Boyle. Thanks to him, I wrote 2 poems. He has never seen them. I wonder what grade he would give me on them?? H.C.C opens so many doors to a student. They are helpful & go beyond helpful. They are cutting edge in teaching. They help you better yourself & further your education at another college. I am so thankful for what I was taught here. I can't say enough positive about this college, I suggest no matter where you came from, what your age is, I suggest you check this college out & see it first hand for yourself. Thank you Holyoke Community College staff, professors & Erin Obrien ( in disabilities) Joanna Brown in Alumni Association & more.

Jeremy Thayer

This school is awful. Attended the theater program here, and it was terrible. My theater resume is longer than the professors here. The professors are like the rejects of the bottom half of a state school acting class. There are no musicals, which in the business world of professional acting composes the lions share of theater profits. Also they play favorites heavily, and discrimininate or "cast out" people they don't like. Even if that student paid out of pocket to be in the program. Avoid these charlatans or use them as stepping stones. Either way you have been warned that the Theater program and its staff are sub par.

Karol Orria

I had the opportunity to study in Hcc and I can say that I had the best teachers and helpers.

Aileen Castillo

Holyoke Community park walking awesome weather.

Cynthia Lamacchia

Karla A Andino

Benjamin Morales Jr.

Mandie Gomez

Crystal Zobel

You get out of it what you put into it. Although that may be true everywhere, not many colleges work as hard s HCC to make sure that this is true no matter what our life is like. Single mom with scheduling issues, they work with that. Disabled physically or emotionally, they work with that. Fresh out of high school? No worries, they will spend as much time as you need to show you haw to get where you want to go, or even to just figure out where that might be. Turning 80 and want to start anew, they work with that too. My classmates have been from all walks of life, and my instructors have mostly been willing to work with everyone's needs. The ones who can't play nice with students (who are empowered into understanding that they are also customers receiving a service) don't last long thanks to student review forms. With contracts to so many other schools, HCC is a bridge to the rest of your life, if you want it to be.

michael acosta

very affordable good quality education that can prepare you to transfer to any major university through the Mass joint program.

Marie Williams

The advisors do not care about your education. There is only one hispanic lady who actually gives great advice towards your advancement and education. I have been advised to take classes I never needed. They also did not import all my credits from other schools. I had to do a reavaluation of credits and then over 12 credits was apllied after two yeaers of attending. Professors are judgemental and rude towards certain people. They are happy to get your money and dont care if you graduate or not. I will never go back to this school mad I wasted time and money here. Not a place for all ethnicities.

Evan Walker

Alexsandria/Floeticessence Watts

I loved this school

Minji Chae

Classes are the biggest strength of this community. Students work hard, faculties and tutors geniunely work for students. Thats irresplaceable! Library and computer labs are up dated and always packed with students doing their works. Informations are well exposed to everybody by online services. I used a lot of infos from emails they send every weeks. Overall facilities are not bad, either not fancy. One thing is that, dinning sucks. Nothing feels like healthy here. And not cheap either. Many brings their food from home.

Clover Jean

Mark Cote

Wonderful college, great for people with full time jobs, family responsibilities, learning disabilities, academic struggles! And not just for that but for anybody who doesn't have a lot of money and wants good education for low cost! Wonderful STEM program! Majoring in Computer Information Systems. Public colleges impact their community for the better, unlike elitist Ivy league colleges that produce most of our politicians and corporate sell outs.

The Pelaez Family

Anthony McLeod

Joanna W

It's petfect place to start in yor new career. Profesors like Elizabeth Hayward-Jansen who is so passionate about her job will make your choice wort while.

Barbara Foster

AJ Finn

Personally I wish this school could get me a bachelors. I spent 3 years here and loved every minute of it. Only had one pror two problems with professors but good ones out weighed the bad. Great to start if you're not sure what you want to study at first. Disabilities office was very helpful as I have dyslexia/learning disabilities, they were always offering ways to help me get my accommodations for professors. I believe those who leave 1 star reviews are mostly students upset their parents didn't want to waste $30,000+ on an education they'll probably just either party away or drop out of in a semester. I believe HCC gets you ready for the real world and those who are not aware of that definitely aren't ready for the real world. Overall HCC is a place where you get what you put into it. If you want to push yourself, talk to professors, take harder classes. If you are finding that a class is tough, most professors are willing to work with you to help you pass your classes. What's great about HCC is that there really is a space for everyone and felt safe, if you are ever uncomfortable in a situation, administration is always willing to walk with you to your car or bus and be on the down low on the issue if you need to talk to higher administration about such issues. As someone who took advantage of a lot of the programs there, I still wish I had taken advantage of a lot more. But I had a great time there and truely wish the best for future graduates. AJ FINN Class of 2018

Shawn Lucas


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