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REVIEWS OF Bunker Hill Community College IN Massachusetts

An Ngo

Nermin Hamzic

As alumni, I highly recommend Bunker Hill. I greatly enjoyed my time here. Wonderful faculty and classrooms, flexible schedules and I left feeling that I got a stellar education. I majored in Business & Finance and I have been extremely blessed in applying the knowledge I gained from BHCC in owning and managing my businesses. I see it as a reflection of how well BHCC prepared me.

Christopher Brown

It serves the purpose and tries not to bog you down too much with applications and useless classes. If you need to get a few prerequisite classes done to graduate or get into grad school it's perfect. Very well priced, and usually you'll get a good teacher.

Brian Wilmer

I came to bunker hill when I took a semester to re-evaluate my career path of Architecture at The-BAC. I was scared of what I had heard about community colleges and stereotypes, especially one in a large city like Boston. I was completely wrong, the staff are excellent for the most part, and it ended up reinvigorating my passions. I ended up staying another semester to get a certificate in Energy and Sustainability Management. Next semester I'll be returning to The-BAC with a new major: Sustainable Design. Also, all the classes I took at BHCC are transferring to The-BAC! I'll be back next summer to transfer more credits. Great place to learn and save money!

Ivan M

Customer service is trash. Student central is a joke, worst kind of people ever encountered. Try other places. The administration gives you a good reflection of the whole community. They don't want to help even when you are paying

Michael Ribeiro

Horrible school! Admissions, treasurer's, registrars and everyone else working there is full of it. Requests, help, assistance takes days and sometimes it never happens. There a only a handful of people that I recommend. The great majority I do not recommend. What you pay here can be used at another school where people actually care. Student payments office treats us like garbage and look at you as if you are a criminal. This is school is not for you. Don't make the same mistake I made.


Malik Pittman

This is one horrible/ crappy school, I only went here for a year and the moment I stepped on Campus I knew I hated. They make you take 3 or more non credit classes that don’t count when automatically takes up your time towards your degree and on top of that most of the professors suck, I’ve only have 2 Good professors here overall. If I’m you I would go somewhere else I wish I would’ve but thank god I transferred to another school


This is a great Community College. They have great staffs here, including professors, even though the administrators at the admission office can be rude. Overall, I enjoy my time at this place.

Sean Byrne

errrp nasty

7 Chakras

mark elias

Phillip Sangster

Li Xu

Great college!!

David Grigorian

Bunker Hill Community College is good for taking language classes and also any missing credits. I would not recommend for a full degree program.

Juliane Didas

Sandino Volmar

Great environment, amazing teachers, loads of work...

Jackalynn McSharry

Great school and perfect to take classes that transfer. Saving big cash.

Ashley Vaval

great school but they need to make parking for vistors

maia piccagli

amazing selection of course offerings. i am interested in biomedical engineering and suppose i will major in electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. students are very respectful of adult learners at BHCC. i wish more job opportunities were posted through BHCC

Belle Mani

AVOID THIS SCHOOL AT ALL COSTS!!! THEY WILL ROB YOU OF YOUR MONEY. PLEASE DO NOT GO HERE. I registered for a class online and was unsure how to drop online. There were no instructions on how to drop the class so I called the school and got no response. I went to the school after work and they would not see me because it was 10 minutes before their closing time. I went back online to see how to drop the class and got an error message saying I need to speak with the Registration office. After multiple calls and trips to Student Central they told me my only option was to Withdraw the class or take it but either way I am responsible for the payment. I told them I do not need the class and only need my transcript to switch to a REAL COLLEGE. But the people in Student Central I talked to were unwilling to help and looked and spoke with an attitude and even complained out loud about not wanting to be there. Because of this I will not be able to attend an actual university in the fall due to them holding my transcript until I pay off the balance. They will not accept a payment plan and you have to pay the full balance at once. BUNKER HILL IS A SCAM! DO NOT GO HERE trust me it is not worth it. I will make sure this is my last class I take here and that NO ONE I know ever goes here.

Abubaker Alwahab


Liu Steven

Very affordable and diverse campus. Some professors are bad, but mostly good. Just like any other college. A great place if you need extra credit hours. :)

Richard Lynch

Restricts our first amendment by not allowing people to hand out the Constitution of the United States of America! I would not even give it one star however my choice is limited to one through five.

Yong Chen

The best place for immigrants to get started over. It is for everyone! If you want to learn anything, I mean anything, English, engineers, computer, even painting, drawing, graphic design, here is the place to start.

Rosa Lara


Melissa Justal

I love this school.


This school is trash! They treat students like the scum in the bottom of the barrel. You will stay years in school, if you can call it a school, taking classes that wont count towards your degree, fees are very expensive and when you need a simple college transcript for a job interview they tell you to go to a third party website to give your personal info in order to get it. A lot of the faculty members are part time and not fully committed. Advising is bellow average at best. The international center for international students is full of people who WILL NOT HELP YOU. They are rude, treat you like second class citizens and take days if not weeks to get things done. DO NOT ATTEND CLASSES IN THIS SCHOOL. You will waste your hard earned money and it will take you a lot more than two years to finish a basic associates degree! Pay a little more and go to a 4 years college. It will pay itself off eventually. Consider yourself notified.

Markus Proasheck

Jean Rahmadan

My alma mater which will always be in my heart till it stop beating (that might sound too dramatic) but hey that’s the truth! I learned a lot, got tons of experiences, got so many American and International friends, exchanged culture and collected precious moments in this place. I really miss the college, my friends, the clubs, the library, single stop, the cafeteria and most importantly I miss my coordinator when I was in a scholarship Program and of course I really miss the professors. They’re all the best!

Ariel Paulino

One of the best Community College of Boston!!!!

alisha thomson

Frank Velasquez

Carla barros

Carline Mondesir

Deborah Enzo's Mom

Lukas Gaymore the balls Gamer

Brian Cherin

Good education

Egre Deery

Great school and stuff, I got a great education, people help you all the way, nice and safe environment, I recommend

Kara Trott

Some of the staff are amazing! -alas, they must stand in the shadow of the utter incompetence of the *not so grounded/competent staff. Definitely Russian roulette, (especially when confronting the format of some of the online courses) but inexpensive enough to get some credits towards a four year.

Meli Nrz

Wilken Geneus

No words to explain how great Bunker Hill is..

Josiaz King

Jay Ess

This review pertains primarily to BHCC as an employer of adjunct faculty. There are better places to work! BHCC administrators and department chairs are, in some cases, completely detached and do not know what is going on. Promises are made that are not kept, there is no effort to include adjuncts in school business such as department/division meetings, there are frequent disruptions to electronic services, and some favored faculty get all the courses to teach and others get nothing. The HR department handles the hiring process poorly. From a student's point of view, it does have many programs if earning cheap credits is a priority. Moodle, which is used for online courses, is not a good platform and has frequent disruptions. Better choice....go to UMB and earn your credits there!

Ssebwami Simon

Matt Conway

Gustavo Souza

Stephen Ramos

Jhocellene & Marcello Queiroz

Bunker hill community college my son graduate today!

md rouf

Nick Stacey

Walat Abdulrahman

Goretti Georges

Carla Nicole

Veronica Trinidad

They need better mannered employees at the admissions desk. They are rude and give minimal info knowing they could offer more but rather be short with you.

Shahzad Ali

good place

blair bass

the three stars are for some nice peaceful professors I had. the registrar needs to really check their people, some are very helpful and some are really sarcastic and lazy!!! I had to get vanessa walley the registrar manager to help solve an issue that it became an issue only when the front person was too lazy to passe a message to the admission office!

Uyen Dao

Fan Qicheng

Aliza Rose Vlogs

I absolutely love Bunker Hill. I currently go here and i think the professors are amazing and also the diversity and atmosphere of it. I highly recommend this college.

Bayoan Martinez-Yung

My mom went to this school.


Rakesh Sharma

Miscelaine’s House

Chicklassique !!

Parking for visitors is ridiculous!

Dang Van Ha

(Translated by Google) Very beautiful and very famous! (Original) Rất đẹp và rất nổi tiếng!

Odlet Louis

Alex Mathes

Altin Husha

Maurício Fernandes

So so

Maria Karella

Marlice Gomes

Mina Morkos

Actually if you are out of Boston or even out of the US. Its so hard to get a respond either through the phone or Email

Chase Ybarra

Nadege Jean Claude

Joshua Tafoya

Michelle Ervin

Nancy Reyes

It’s a cheap good school but some of the staff (not the professors) just don’t care to help the students. I have been here more than 2 years trying to get an associates and the staff that had all power to help me couldn’t get me out of there for one class that I should of passed I appealed it and then the dean acted like I didn’t email her and waited until the time that I couldn’t appeal anymore in order to try to help me and told me it was too late. Even though I failed the class for missing one homework while I was almost giving birth

Jorge Zenilla

Terrible teachers, immature students, and incompetent faculty.

Areej Eid

Cor Neg

Michelle A

Angela Garcia

They will send you to collections in a heart beat. You cant get in touch with anyone to even make a payment i tried for 2 months. I was given a number to leave a voicemail to make a payment and they would call me back as soon as possible and they lied. Unless you can pay all up front i wouldn't get into debt with this school.

Quyen Nguyen

Claudiatouille G

Ok lets get into this. I got one problem LifeMap and some other departments NEVER answer their phones. It saddens me.

Caroline Steuart

deepanzel bista bhandari

CocaCola Sprite

J Cif


john abdallah wambere

Joshua Zidek

This school builds a foundation well enough to help you succeed in your endeavors in life.

Sonia H

sanaz rb

David Stone

I love this school! Everything seems to run much smoother than a lot more community colleges. I got my EMT-B license here and I feel like I got a great education here.

Daran Herbin

Charldine G. Celestin

Gregory Gregg Sr

Jusny Mackenson Louis-Jean

I got family that studied there and always heard good reviews

Lisa A

The website is so confusing and when I called to ask them for help they were so unfriendly and unwelcoming. I would not recommend this school to anyone.


Colm Doogue

rather go here than harvard!!!! Professors really no wats goin on m8

Malika Jefferson

Ali Zeaiter

0 customer service no help !!! they will never answer the phone too lazy to help the students I am very disapointed

Kotak Jay

Marco Graziosi

mayinja lawrence

Cynthia Laroche

Have a lot of ressources to help students

Andrew Boyer

Really rigid bureaucracy. The classes cover the basics. However, if you persevere through the nonsense and work hard you can register for classes. And BHCC classes are very affordable compared to other options.

megalo maniac

jonise brevil

Christina Nicole

Great and affordable school! Has some minor quirks but nothing really to talk about!

Jonathan Li

megan c ganthier

Ruben Martinez

berlisha morton


Edislav Mihaylov

No good.


Youcef Laidi

Bobby Guliani

One of the best community colleges in Boston

Anderson Michel

King Salomon

Dania Cruz

Kelly Moy

I hope to enroll here. I took the placement test on a 1980s style computer interface. It said I scored really lousy on the English placement test, however, I don't think the options were correct. I am considering taking medic training here. I separated from the military as PFC E-3 and medic was my MOS. However, I could not complete the course because I am a conscientious objector. I am enrolling in this class because I have time and for cryogenics. I am a cryogenics technician. I am looking forward to classes here at BHCC. It was featured in the Goodwill Hunting movie. I used to think that Community Colleges were just invented when I heard about them in middle school. There are plenty of great technical classes to take here at BHCC including biomedical engineering and engineering and power utilities. I am going to take statics here and dynamics here. Maybe Russian maybe Arabic. Next to the orange line

Jay P

bhcc is good community college and has friendly staffs except international office. people who coming from foreign countries they must concerned about that. international office treat students as a junk and they don't really care students. they always make an excuse such as adviser is not here you have to make an appointment. do not recommend students to attend this college!

Rafael Gomez

Trash community college that fails to meet demand when it comes customer support for students. Wasted 2 years here and they refuse to communicate so I can get my degree mailed already

shakima reid

I'm only going here to save money and it's just convenient to my location but I always call and sometimes get no answer not sure how that works but If you have big dreams and small pockets no disrespect fight through and go save some money.

Rishi4444 M

Danielle B

Horrible customer service. I was accepted over a month ago and nobody ever reached out to me about further steps or anything at all. My emails went unanswered. I called and was talked over but someone who clearly shouldn't work in student admissions. I haven't been treated that way by anyone especially a college so i would be paying money to go to. Definitely not going to be going here

Valery Gonzalez

Precious Emenike

Bunker hill college is a good college and very easy to understand their teaching

Ruth Goodwin

Sreylin Mam

Mindy Tran

5 Stars for the professors and the education. The education I have received is better than what I have experienced at a 4-yr school. 1 star for student central. Nobody knows what they are doing at student central besides JESSICA. Be prepared to have all your stuff go missing and messed up at student central, unless you personally go to Jessica.

Zikrul Islam

i was there spring 2016. i discourage international student, before u applying or transfer visit INTERNATIONAL CENTER. then u might realized. its hard to find a well coming and smiley face person in this office. But vilma tafawa, director of this office is great and awesome. After all my experience was not nice as i expected as an international students thats why i rate one star.

sean guerin

affordable and practical

Alvaro Palacios

José Morel

Mohammed Hossain

One of the best community collage in boston

Farid Laib

One of the most diverse Colleges in the nation. I studied Computer Science and Information Technology. The experience was amazing, great courses and sometimes it can be very challenging. If you are planing on transferring to a four year college this is the place to start. You'll save money, be eligible for all sorts of scholarships, and they have joint admission to great schools such as Northeastern, Umass Boston, Suffulk and many more.

Eleanor Titus Williams

Karishma SUkhu

Nephtalie Joseph

Steve Smith

Devon newman

Camila Taborda

Md Khan

Great place to learn. Vary nice combination of courses.

Canyang Gu


Crappy place with crappy under educated staff.

abderrahim elkachkouri

Project 757

(Translated by Google) I studied English there time ago and it was excellent school. (Original) Estudié hace tiempo inglés allí y fue excelente escuela.

gregory kasabian

Mardoche Lubrenat

Marc Loreus

David Leavitt

metasbiya aberra


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