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REVIEWS OF Boston University IN Massachusetts

Cameron Jaena

Bc is better

tstanton_ _

This university is a powerhouse in terms of hockey. Other than that, that's about it...... Go Terriers........


I graduated from here with almost zero financial aid. This university pretty much want your $. My degree was pretty much worthless. If I had to do it again, I would take my $ & start a small business.

Irfan Mubarak

Boston University (commonly referred to as BU) is a private, non-profit, research university in Boston, Massachusetts. The university is nonsectarian,but has been historically affiliated with the United Methodist Church. The university has more than 3,900 faculty members and nearly 33,000 students, and is one of Boston's largest employers. It offers bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, and doctorates, and medical, dental, business, and law degrees through 17 schools and colleges on two urban campuses. The main campus is situated along the Charles River in Boston's Fenway-Kenmore and Allstonneighborhoods, while the Boston University Medical Campus is in Boston's South Endneighborhood. BU is categorized as an R1: Doctoral University (very high research activity) in the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education. BU is a member of the Boston Consortium for Higher Educationand the Association of American Universities. The University was ranked 37th among undergraduate programs at national universities, and 39th among global universities by U.S. News & World Report in its 2017 rankings. Among its alumni and current or past faculty, the university counts eight Nobel Laureates, 23 Pulitzer Prize winners, 10 Rhodes Scholars,six Marshall Scholars,48 Sloan Fellows,nine Academy Awardwinners, and several Emmy and Tony Awardwinners. BU also has MacArthur, Fulbright, Truman and Guggenheim Fellowship holders as well as American Academy of Arts and Sciences and National Academy of Sciencesmembers among its past and present graduates and faculty. In 1876, BU professor Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in a BU lab. History of BOSTON Boston University traces its roots to the establishment of the Newbury Biblical Institute in Newbury, Vermont in 1839, and was chartered with the name "Boston University" by the Massachusetts Legislature in 1869. The University organized formal Centennial observances both in 1939 and 1969.[18] On April 24–25, 1839 a group of Methodistministers and laymen at the Old Bromfield Street Church in Boston elected to establish a Methodist theological school. Set up in Newbury, Vermont, the school was named the "Newbury Biblical Institute". In 1847, the Congregational Society in Concord, New Hampshire, invited the Institute to relocate to Concord and offered a disused Congregational church building with a capacity of 1200 people. Other citizens of Concord covered the remodeling costs. One stipulation of the invitation was that the Institute remain in Concord for at least 20 years. The charter issued by New Hampshire designated the school the "Methodist General Biblical Institute", but it was commonly called the "Concord Biblical Institute."

hemant singh

So very nice place I like that.

Cal Mitchell

Love BU so much! Can't say anything bad about it at all.


Not as good as Harvard

Adnan Haider

great School, but some of the professors aren't super friendly

Jonas Laurince

One of the best university

an johnny

commend me Boston University

maria Moller

Beautiful campus.I am amazed and thoroughly disgusted that BU is giving their residential assistants guides that state that men cannot be oppressed just as white people cannot be oppressed. If you have a dream or a passion, you can make it happen at BU.Evidently, these two groups don't fall under the Umbrella of Oppression that BU believes to be true.

shivam negi

Excellent place with superb views

Ben Cerrato

Lots of opportunities here

Qi Zhou

very good!

John Happel

My daughter is attending a six week review course at Boston University to help prepare for the MCAT. Great university and convenient location along the Charles River.

Helen Zhang

Here is my experience as an undergrad CS major: If you work hard, and legitimately give it 100% of your effort, you will do well. For the most part, teachers want to help their students and will try their best to make you prepared for the industry. Words of wisdom: If possible, try and find a nearby space off-campus living to save $ Always do your research on rate-my-professor before picking classes All nighters may happen... Go to office hours if you need to and use all resources available Going to this school has been one of the most rewarding experiences I've ever had. I originally transferred from a public college in NYC and I can tell you the difference is NIGHT and DAY. I've seen some real unqualified staff that don't care about their students; but that's not the case at BU. In addition, there are so many clubs and activities. Because there is such a diverse student body, there is something for everyone here. Just put yourself out there and I promise you'll meet some really cool people.

THE walkingDEAD

no comment

Laura 55

One of the reason why I came here to Boston

Youngmoon Kim

World reputation top bu...

Alice Ather

I love you boston University

Eric Annobil

great environment i love to stay

Will Kenly

I am a current student here. Beware if you are looking to go to this school. The name is good... But let's be honest here, it's not Ivy League. Despite that fact, they make you work like a dog for your mediocre grades. I'm talking 150 page papers... 2hr midterms that end at 9pm and then you start another 2hr midterm the next morning at 9am. It's unnecessarily relentless. They push too hard. Also a lot of professors here are terrible. Use ratemyprofessor or a website like it. If you don't you will truly suffer. Plenty are good... But you have to make sure you get the good ones. That's totally up to you. I'm just surprised that for about $75,000 a year they can't manage better. And yes, that's how much it will cost to attend every year if you don't have financial aid or scholarships.... Now that the rant is over I have to add the campus is unbelievably beautiful and it's an awesome location in Boston.

drwaqar anwer

Boston University is a amazing university but there are many research opportunities for medical students. Moreover, University offers a plethora of activities and resources for your benefit. I absolutely love it!

Gretchen Harding

Boston university is much much better than Boston college go terriers

shelley annette

I am amazed and thoroughly disgusted that BU is giving their residential assistants guides that state that men cannot be oppressed just as white people cannot be oppressed. Evidently, these two groups don't fall under the Umbrella of Oppression that BU believes to be true. Anyone can be oppressed depending on the situation. In your efforts to be politically correct you have just oppressed all males and white people in general. Disgusting!!

Sudipta Mandal

Very nice

Junita Walsh

Great school and easy access to everything financial aid was a breeze!

Mangesh Mandlik

Beautiful campus.

Carlos G

Great school. No wonder it's one of the best.

Vl B

Shame and disgrace. Especialy of ignorant and plain fool alumni like ocasio-cortez.

Diva Hutomo

My future!

Zachary Sircy

Boston is the greatest city in the world

James McNichols

If there were an option for zero stars i would have rated it as such. Boston University is possibly the greediest, least compassionate school i have ever encountered. Let me start off by saying BU was my dream school, and thus is why i applied, and was accepted, early decision (which i would not suggest to anyone). I was ecstatic to be attending in the fall, until MONTHS after my acceptance when they gave me my financial aid package. Even though for the past 5 years my father had only been employed for 18 months, and my mom was making approximately $30,000 a year, they offered me about $2,000 of financial aid. Leaving me and my family to find a spare $58,000 on our own. We filed an appeal to explain that all the money we had saved over the years for college had become our living day to day money, and that because of the early decision agreement they had me sign i was not allowed to apply anywhere else, leaving me without a back up school, AND on top of that by the time they gave me my financial aid package, all the universities in my home state (Florida) had already passed their application deadlines. Several weeks later, i received an email stating that they declined our appeal and could not offer any more money than previously offered. Their explanation as to why? Because although i did qualify for needs based financial scholarship they cant just give everyone that qualifies a scholarship. It crushed me, and as of right now i'm not sure what i'm going to do for college, and it is the scariest, most stressful situation i have ever found myself. I just wish this school would care more about helping students build a better future than money.

Mindy Hicks

Best decision of my life :)

Mike Nithaworn

Nice professors and learnt a lot!

Kelly Hagen

It's a big joke

Shyan Olin


Asees mahboob

i need a english teacher

David Skodje

Nice facilities!

Bob Carilli

Most classes are taught by teaching assistants.

J Kim

Great place to study unless youre not white

Shah Rahman

Very convenient bridge - so much shorter than Mass Ave. Also keeps my feet dry.

Francis Zamora

Current Student at the College of Arts and Sciences.

Harsha dammu

Fg c t y bx dry y bu I've d h v d rf by yh ft tgg

Maximum Real Estate Exposure

I graduated from Northeastern University in 1990 and have to say it was one of the best experiences of my life. I loved the cooperative education that they offered. I worked for half the year in the real estate field as a Realtor and absolutely loved it. I ended up sticking with it and have been in the business now for 25 plus years. The cooperative education program allowed me to figure out that I liked this field of work. The atmosphere of course is excellent as you are located in the hear of Boston. I would highly recommend this university to anyone who is looking to study business or marketing.

Harvey Whatley

The people are very kind, lots of people jogging, quiet and peaceful

Rubi Blancas

Challenging, love it!

Oct Opus

Great experience at BU. I came here for my BA and MA, and formed some of the best relationships of my life. The students are talented and diverse and faculty are accessible and helpful. I've been very employable since graduating 12 years ago. BU seems to continue it's aggressive climb in the rankings while becoming more and more selective as an institution. Boston is also a great city to be a student with its culture, arts and many students. The many nearby beaches, world class programming and amazing mountains help too!

Lm defelilo

It gets better every year. The sky is the limit for BU

Lidia De Barros

Current student, having a wonderful experience. The city is amazing and the diversity on campus is like no other. Wonderful engineering program. Proud to be here.

Runyu Feng

Beautiful campus, and a wonderful place for students to study!

Lucas Medina

Can't think of a more biased way of presenting universities...good job, Google! Anyway, as a student I will give my obvious 5 stars now.

Kathy Crantz

Cannot forget my time spent here . Those were the best days of my life . faculty and environment is great

Jaqueline liu

disgusting school for like ever. decide not to go for the fall. The professor just treats you as a number.

Lynechia Roden

Cant wait to go and learn. Had my heart on this school since I was in 3rd grade.

Maria Angelina Elia

Beautiful and the tour to see the university was excellent and the presentation was the best in compere with others that I saw before, very organized and go to the most important point to be admitted.

Jayden Ma

Couldn't have picked a better place to spend my next four years. After only 2 months, Boston University already feels like home. Academics are extremely rigorous, which can be painful, but the results are worth it. There's never a shortage of student activities to do. Dining and residence on campus tend to be a joke among students, but we have it far better than many other universities; I love eating on campus and living in my dorm. Best of all, I meet new people every day who are incredibly open-minded and diverse. There's a reason I became a BU ambassador!

Michael Pellegrini

My dada went here and we use to go swimming at the pool. Good photos from the are of Boston

Ayman Grada

One of the best universities in the world.

Selena K

Best frickin school.

Jeremiah Stephens

I love this school!


one of the staffs at the library served white students first simply because he is a white too. while I was there waiting in the line before the white students.

Mohamed Gafer

I wish i have chance to study there

Tina Zinser

I truly believe the 1 star review has more to the story than what was told... Since my first contact with this university, it has been outstanding. I am attending for my master's degree, so this is not my first college/university experience either. From the application process through my first class, all of the information was provided and outlined for every step. Financial aid details are clear, and the assistance was always available. The professor and facilitator have been exceptional and the class is very challenging. Couldn't be happier with my choice to attend here.

Nectaria Crika

Just Perfect

Ahmad Nehela

future college

yizhou fei

Good school for my gf

Riley Shelby

For the wifi. 200-300 mbs download 250-350 mbs upload. 5 star wifi, even avaliable for visitors. No comment on the school though.

Jason Zhang

BU is a great school

Hannah D'Angelato

very good school! people from all over the world

michael leshinsky

Great School

Michael Goodkind

Incredibly warm and inviting student body. This was my dream school and I'm glad to say that after attending it is still my dream school. I have had such amazing opportunity in the last 6 months of attending this university. Once I acclimated to this undergraduate population of 18,000, it started to feel like a community of 200. I broadcasted all of my high school's sporting events, and never thought that I would have an opportunity to do that at Boston University. 2 months ago, I found myself as the play-by-play announcer for Boston U basketball. If you have a dream or a passion, you can make it happen at BU. The sky is the limit at this place. I can't say enough about the incredible friends I've made. I would definitely suggest applying, and possibly applying early decision. This is the ideal college for any high school student!

Albert Gnadt

Boston's official safety school

rick Yoo

It has a great pre-medical program!


Graduated 25 years ago. Great campus. Great city. Great experiences. Got much harder to get into than when i applied - read: if I where applying today I wouldn't have been admitted! :).

Dash Riprock

They have very low standards for teachers. They support racism.

Ray Marcus

Murcia.spain says hola to Tomas scholarship of 140000 USD to study politics in Boston. The inglesgarantizado teachers say bravo.

Mandavi Rajavat


Pruthvi Reddy

Beautiful campus, and high standards of academics Easily accessible though green line i luved my 2 yrs of stay here

fazlan amrah

Have to complete my bachelors degree

Lucy Adams

I’ve been exploring university trying to see what’s the best fit and it’s be fun and these place has great energy to it !

Yuyang Huang

Bad dormitory. Expensive price. Don't feel fellow students are friendly towards me(I am asian). A lot of professors are busy doing their stuff than helping you. Mostly liberal hard to find fellow Trump supporters. Have to listen to professors rant about Trump every week/day(depends on professor, humanities are very biased against Trump) No much good place to eat and play near by. Convinience store are overpriced(city conv) and don't have many things that should be there. Dinning hall's food is usually terrible and only serve Pepsi. I would suggest you think twice if you want to major in STEM. Most people here I know/met are humanities/social science. Not very hard working climate. I won't do my grad here if I can get away. Talk to someone here before deciding.


nice place and very convenience Awsome

Samia Saad


Roxana Akhter

Beautiful campus and nice place.I like that.

Sean Taylor

First off, people who rate this place and have not gone here, discredit the ratings. Don't rate until you have gone here. Its as ridiculous as saying you don't like something you have never tried. Professors are far more concerned with themselves and about complaining how much better they are than BU. 1. BU makes a business of pulling scholarships. (and changing scholarship requirements mid semester) 2. One of the smallest endowments for a school of its size. (school less than 1/4th the size blow it out of the water. 3. Terrible alumni relations. Alumni largely want nothing to do with this place after leaving. 4. I have been on interviews with alumni where I am told "I don't hire BU students"


I had a wonderful time here - top performing professors who were all very accessible, diverse group of students in a safe, urban, progressive city. #blessed

Dorsey Parrott

Ah! Miss you everyone! My Uni....My love forever !


I graduated in 1975 with a BS in physical therapy. It was a great program and a great town to attend school in.

Anqi Dai

Can't wait to go there and start my graduate study! Got a good scholarship. Thanks, BU!

Boston Pride

Good afternoon, I did not receive a follow up with the information requested to Douglas Sears and Dustin Supa. I need answers to all of the following questions in a # response, examples 1. question, response 1. answer: 1. I need to know what my abilities are to reapply to the school and when the next deadline is for admission to the college of communication advertising masters program. 2. Do I need to sue the school to be reinstated and also to get back my credits and refund of the classes. 3, Am I or am i not allowed back into the program due to the administration and thomas fielder preventing me from taking classes. 4. When am I receiving the full refund that was promised to me by thomas fielder 5. Who do I contact at the student loans to report fraud for preventing me form taking the classes, and from withholding my refund. I will also be writing a book about my experiences at Boston Univercity and creating several public campaigns so that every student has the knowledge of what occurred to me and can make the appropriate action. I was harassed by Dean thomas fielder who told me that I was a failure and that there was no way, after multiple students bullied and harassed me in classes making it difficult for me to finish my work on time. He informed me that it was due to my credits and falling behind in classes. He then informed me that I would be given credit for the classes, and he intentionally mislead me to believe that I would receive credit for my classes. I made multiple requests to the school administration including the presidents office to have this handled by someone else. I dropped the complaints after thomas fielder had told me in exchange for my silence that I would receive a refund of the credits in exchange for dropping the charges and signing a non disclosure release. Then when after several month hearing nothing back, I was told that was infact the settlement agreement, the one I wrote not the one promising it. Later at a meeting with dean thomas fielder I was informed that I was removed from the classes becuase the other students didn't like me, and I wasn't the BU type student. I will strongly recommend to family and friends not to attend this school and will never allow my children to attend this school.

sean guerin

great museum

Tiancheng Yang

School staff are okay, but some professors are disgusting and disrespectful. They treated me as a number. Their classes are surprisingly easy to pass beacuse they are busy. I transferred out immmediately after the first semester. However, my Chinese friends, if you like Boston, BU is still a good option, for HRs in China know of BU more or less.

Paul Guirguis

horrible campus

Mark Thames

Changed my class location and professor ONE month before classes were gonna start. Had a work out plan set and close classes, now I have to either get rid of my work out plan or sprint from one side of campus to another. Horrible school, don't go here if you can avoid it.

Veronica Herzog

Awesome school!

ateef aldehlaui

great university, great English school for international student


Good university for posgraduate courses

Victoria A

Best school ever

Ft Mohit Singh

I'm from India.. Boston university 20 student are come in The Study hall College,Lucknow,india.. Thank you so much Boston Student.. I'm very happy..

Akash Agarwal

Very Good

David Arituce

Great place to work

Joseph Abbass

Very nice place and they put on a nice Lebanese event.

Frank F. Wang

A nice university in the best city for education! It is so close to Fenway park and downtown area although a little expensive.

Amillia Kwon

It's a university for rich kids.

John Joyce

Beautiful campus. The staff I've talked with seem very knowledgeable and genuinely interested in others. Love the location and the business program!!


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