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REVIEWS OF Boston College IN Massachusetts

Hessam Dehqani

Wonderful college. People might think it is not diverse at all and this used to be very true but with the number of enrolled international students over the past several years the atmosphere has changed for the better. This is a Jesuit college but has one of the the best Islamic studies, near and far Easter studies and particularly Persian studies programs in the country. And this has happened only over the past 6 years or so. If you are serous about learning languages and cultures, I really suggest the wonderful programs at Boston College. This is my interest and specialty. I am sure other majors have the same good stories about BC to share.

Jacob Jhonson

They wont let me build a dam


great collage good sports and academia.

Marta González Castelló

(Translated by Google) I studied in an exchange program for 6 months at Boston College. They were the best of my life. Education has nothing to do with Spain, teachers are great processions, the campus and services are excellent, the city falls in love ... 100% recommended. (Original) Estudié en un programa de intercambio durante 6 meses en Boston College. Fueron los mejores de mi vida. La educación no tiene nada que ver con España, los profesores son grandes procesionales, el campus y los servicios son excelentes, la ciudad enamora... 100% recomendable.

Leaonado deve

Vladislav Stakev

Raymond J. Mitchell

Am proud to be a Double-Eagle alumnus of Boston College, with a Bachelor's degree and an M.Ed. in educational administration. Not only did the University challenge me with a world-class education, it also provided me with my first professional opportunity. I held two administrative positions at BC, and they helped set me on the career path I would follow for a lifetime. BC gave me the foundation for a productive life, and I've always called it my "Home of the Heart!" A very special place, and one of the most beautiful university campuses anywhere! Always an Eagle!

Anne Hodgkins

Kimberly knows somebody works there Amy H Ferguson works at Boston College love always Kimberly Hodgkin's .

Alfonso C. Betancort

Great place to attend College and Grad degrees. Although initially stressfully due to the extensive and comprehensive daily workload but in exchange you receive a top education where your learning analytics capabilities improve exponentially but you'll also manage to have great time and fun. You will actually manage to be extremely efficient and focussed in ancillary tasks, actually re-inventing how to fit the equivalent 48h of activities in just a regular 24h day. When you get the study rhythm, you shall actually find time to also have fun, meeting new people, doings sports, visiting friends, making new ones and doing many other things in its beautiful closed campus located in Newton. Its privileged location just outside of Boston, an its nefarious traffic jams, but still only a few miles away from its most important land marks: 4-5 miles away from Newbury St., at 6 miles from Beacon Hill and Boston Common, 7 miles to Faneuil Hall and Quincy Mkt. and 8 miles to away from Boston's Common and Faneuil Hall and 9 miles from Rowes Wharf.

Geovanni Xavier

Nice campus.

Kjeldy McGoldrick

Hayden Hall

I like BC it is the best school ever Let's go Eagles

Rick Peterson

Great people who changed my life.

Chia-Hui Ho

An elegant and a tranquil place that is good for visit in fall. many foliage and brick building that sometimes you think you're in to certain part of history, a little bit hill need to climb.

Daniel Sala

Amazing campus

Tylerswag 89

qwe gweg e

David Schmetterling

Great educational institution with passionate students

Carvel Ave N

Great school!

Mattea S

Beautiful place to learn

Девід Луї

I've been here when me and my family when we went to Boston I love to come here after I graduate high school

Freddy Mago

5 Stars

rose K

Marie Marcellus

Boston college is the best

Youngmoon Kim

boston area AAU members Only 4..harvad, mit, brandies, bu....

Vinny L.

Great academic school.

Justin Kwiatkowski

God bless the Eagles.

Nurziyod Ergashev

Excellent place for creating future career

Clint Haris

beautiful campus. close to boston, good sporting venues for football and hockey

Gretchen Harding

In my opinion Boston university is much better.

William Manchisi

I have the highest IQ, EQ in the world. I always thought i was special. I told joyce connell i was right brained. EQ is left brained as well as right brained. Boston College has produced some great athletes. Matt Hasselbeck or Matt Ryan has not won a superbowl. Luke Kuechly is a sure first ballot hall of famer. Brendan Collins wore a boston college jersey the day we were making dog treats in a homeskill class of mrs.Shillito during the 2003-2004 school year. I have a nuerons. If i think real hard i will know exactly what period. I am good with facial recognition. When mrs.Shillito had her back turned Greg Butler flicked her off. I like the Butlers I should say this. I raced Brendan Collins up the washington steps. He said in the chiavetta backyard Pleasantville is just not a good school. The old guy working at the security booth told me how to get gerald street. Charlie was wearing a yellow shirt while working out in the fitness center. His house was dark red. Way below Christian Rockefeller standards. Trump has talked about moon and mars colonization. I went to the fitness center to grab his attention. He let me use his blackberry. He is such a good person for picking me up near the Mechanic. That was not the same car ride when we past fenway. I like the large parking lot near fen way park. Me, Joel and Jon Cuatt stopped by a huge parking lot near in long island. It was across the street from Boston University. Barry and Peter Talesnik are both really good people. I did not invite myself over. I was welcomed there. I brought a change of clothes. I even had a better memory at that time.

Oscar Henriquez

Amazing school! Top notch education!!!

Sameerah Ibrahim

I love it Boston

Alex Hatzenbuhler

Absolutely beautiful campus to walk around.

Haley Wallace

One of the most nurturing and friendly campuses, great academics, so close to Boston, can't beat it!

Gil Sullivan

Priceless !!

Jay Ess

Despite having met some extraordinary professors, B.C. gets only one star because of its incompetent and dishonest administration. I wish Yelp would allow for only one star. I was accepted into a doctoral program at B.C. and completed 45 postgraduate credits at great cost financially and personally...tolerating late afternoon traffic on route 128 deserves recognition in itself. My grades were all A or A- with a couple of B+ grades. All was well....I was doing research for my dissertation and working full-time, when my parents were hit head-on by a trailer truck. The good news is that their horrible injuries healed and with time and physical therapy they resumed a normal life. When I asked B.C.'s administration for a 1-year extension on my dissertation (at the time they allowed only 2 years), they refused. So I graduated with high honor with a C.A.E.S. (which requires only 30 credits, thus wasting 15 credits expensive in time, work, and money) and they named me to Phi Delta Kappa. But no Ph.D. It gets better..... Two weeks before graduation, the dean's perfectly disgraceful secretary sent me a letter saying I could not graduate because I was never accepted!! Fortunately, I had kept a copy of my acceptance letter and graduated. When I wrote recently to inquire about an honorary doctorate for my lifetime career work I was ignored. Just down the street there are better colleges and universities....B.U. and Northeastern are two much better not make the mistake I made in attending B.C. Remove review Charles D. Charles D. Los Angeles, CA 49 friends 40 reviews 72 photos Share review Embed review Compliment Send message Follow Charles D. 5.0 star rating 6/9/2016 1 check-in Great school that balances many different, competing needs. Straddles the border between Boston and Newton. Is the last stop on the BC T line so there's access to the city but also lots of green space. Top notch academics and athletics (well they try). Good scale and major resources but not so huge you get lost. The addition of the former cardinal's residence and seminary across the street greatly enhances their space and presence in the city of Boston. Was this review …? Report review

tim mcelhaney

Hi I like college

Puneet Nayyar

Absolutely beautiful campus. Great infrastructure. Great school overall.


this colledge sounds AWE mazing id love to go there as one of my top 5. also JOOOHHHN CCNCMAA SUUCCKKSS IDOODOZOZOZZZ NNNNNNUTTTTS ........................................................................LSEAMORE....................................SEA.A.A.S......M..O..RRE..E.E. ........................ ............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................GOTTEW u looked ( - . - )


(Translated by Google) good (Original) bueno

Chris Madan

A truly great campus community! Everyone is very friendly :). The shuttle buses are also very helpful.

Shin-Shing Li

(Translated by Google) Consistent color architecture, very unique and beautiful (Original) 一致性色系的建築,很有特色,也很美

Diana Gaillardetz

Excellent university with great facilities and caring professors. I especially like the theology department.


Beautiful architecture

Kenny Tao

Pretty campus, beautiful architecture.

Bayoan Martinez-Yung

This college has great campus when I take the Green Line "B" Branch to Boston College. I made new friends when I was there, and also nice students just like Umass Lowell.

Temi Ogunbodede

I got accepted to go to Boston College, but I did not go. I went to Tufts instead. However, I have worked at Boston College and taken some summer programs at Boston College. I have also seen football and basketball games at Boston College Honestly, I love this school and campus. It is so beautiful. I love the Gothic buildings. They have really great programs and great recruiters.

Brennan Guldner

Adrian Pereira

Perfect place for a holistic education based on values and principles. Well done to the Jesuits.

Trieu Xuan Uyen

Chestnut Hill

Tommy Vo

Good place to go for college tours

Christine Sheehan

My son loves BC - superb education with Jesuit values

Marcus Johnson

Has a great Art Museum a very fun place for family above all a great place to get education

Randy Watson

Rather poor hockey team. It's a beautiful campus: ivy climbing up the gothic buildings and oceans of pretentious, preppy, wealthy white people. The priests dress very well.

Michael Zhang

I visited this campus as part of an admitted students day event. The campus was absolutely beautiful! I never imagined the staff the students could be so helpful to answer all of my questions. And the alumni network truly is top-notch, with students placed in companies such as Google, AirBNB, and Facebook. The combination of hospitality, great connections, and convenient location near boston was that convinced me to accept my enrollment offer for fall '18.

Maria Angelina Elia

Very good and beautiful. I love the idea that they have more than 30 post grade education programs outside the US

Julian Trevino

Go Eagles‼️

Josh Roche

Beautiful campus. Love this place.

Nick Runje

Hansel Taveras

Great school and famous, personal is amazing, my cousin stufy

Không Gian Online

Nice Places

James Xu

transportation department and bc police seems like in desire of money. Unreasonably high ticket and parking fees. Never be nice. Sucks.


The students are always so respectful here.

Evan Ng

Best college!

dora liu

It is a prestigious school with wonderful, supportive professors and beautiful campus.

Victor Lopez

(Translated by Google) Excellent physical infrastructure and green areas very well maintained. (Original) Excelentes infraestructura física y áreas verdes muy bién cuidadas.


(Translated by Google) One of the best campuses in Boston Hogwarts College in Harry Potter Fantasy castle-like house The following Wikipedia materials are for reference only: Boston College (BC) is a top private research university in the United States, located in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, and is one of Boston's top five universities (MIT, Harvard, Tufts, Boston College, Cloth). One of the University of Landis). Boston College was founded in 1863 and is about six miles from downtown Boston. The old campus has the earliest Gothic architecture in North America and is listed as a historical monument protected. Boston College is a university that combines men's and women's education. There are about 9,100 students in the university and 4,600 in the institute. Boston College is one of the old Jesuit member schools and belongs to a typical church school. Although the name of Boston College is called "college", it is actually a member of a national university in the United States. Boston College awards more than 3,800 degrees each year, and covers 50 academic fields and 11 departments. The 641 full-time faculty members are dedicated to teaching and research, and have received research awards and accreditations in the last decade, setting a new record for Boston College. The academic departments of Boston College are called "schools", just like the "colleges" of ordinary universities. Including theological school, the College of Arts and Sciences, the Institute of Arts and Sciences (a total of three major parts of humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, 60 doctorates), management schools, education schools, nursing schools, social work schools, Boston College law school, further education college, etc. At Boston College, teaching and research are the most important responsibilities of professors. Most of the research behaviors tend to develop and improve the current state of society and the results of human civilization to give back to the society. Researchers at Boston College tend to teach students how to systematically present questions and seek answers, and tend to strengthen students' complete technical cognition and pay attention to the real situation of real life from the perspective of human care. Boston College's well-known alumni include current Secretary of State, former US presidential candidate John Kerry, and high-level managers of many multinational companies such as Google, Apple, and JP Morgan. In 2006, Boston College was listed as one of the 25 "New Ivy League" schools in the United States [7]. It enjoys a high reputation in the northeastern United States. Boston College ranked 22nd in the latest 2016 Forbes rankings [8], ranked 30th in the 2016 USNews University Rankings [9]; Carroll School of Management business school undergraduate name Ranked third in the United States ([1]). The Institute of Finance ranked 2nd in the US in 2015, 17th in the world ([2]), and the Accounting Institute ranked 21st in the United States. Boston College ranks 8th among the top 10 universities in the United States for high school students, and the proportion of international students on campus is low. (Original) 波士頓數一數二優美的校園 媲美哈利波特裡的霍格華茲學院 夢幻城堡般的黌舍 以下維基百科資料僅供參考: 波士頓學院(Boston College,縮寫BC)是美國一所位於美國麻薩諸塞州栗樹山的頂尖私立研究型大學,是波士頓五大名校(麻省理工學院、哈佛大學、塔夫斯大學、波士頓學院、布蘭迪斯大學)之一。波士頓學院建立於1863年,距離波士頓市區約有六英里。古老的校園內擁有北美洲最早的哥德式建築,並被列入歷史遺跡受到保護。波士頓學院是一個採取男女合校教育的大學,大學部學生約有九千一百人,研究所則有四千六百人。波士頓學院是舊耶穌會會員校的其中之一,屬於一典型教會學校。波士頓學院的校名雖稱作"學院",但事實上是全美一級國家級大學的成員之一。 波士頓學院每年頒發超過三千八百個學位,廣及五十個學術領域、十一個系所。全校六百四十一個專任教員都同時致力於教學和研究工作上,並且在最近十年都獲得研究的獎勵及授證認可,為波士頓學院創下新的紀錄。 波士頓學院的各個專業學術領域部門,稱之為「學校」,就像一般大學的「學院」一樣。包括有神學院、藝術與科學學院、藝術與科學研究所(共有人文學、社會科學、自然科學三大部分,六十個博士學位)、管理學校、教育學校、護理學校、社會工作學校、波士頓學院法律學校、進修學院等。 在波士頓學院,教學和研究這兩項工作是教授們最重要的責任,研究行為多數傾向於發展改善真實社會現況和人類文明產將研究結果回饋到社會。波士頓學院的研究者在教導學生如何有系統的陳述問題及尋求解答時,傾向於加強學生完整的技術認知,並以人文關懷的角度註意現實生活的真實情況。 波士頓學院的知名校友包括現任國務卿、前美國總統候選人約翰·克裡及谷歌、蘋果、JP摩根等眾多跨國公司高階經理人。波士頓學院在2006年被列為全美25所"新常春藤"名校之一[7]。 在美國東北部地區享有極高聲望。 波士頓學院在最新的 2016 Forbes排名中名列第22名[8],2016 U.S.News 全美大學綜合排名中位列第30位[9];卡羅爾管理學院(Carroll School of Management)商學院本科名列全美第3位([1])。金融研究所於2015排名全美第2,世界排名第17名([2]),會計研究所名列全美第21名。波士頓學院在美國高中生報考最熱門的10所大學中名列第8位,校內國際學生比例較低。

Tonyboy2000 lin

(Translated by Google) Unique architectural style and natural ecological charm (Original) 校园建筑风格独特、自然生态迷人

Jon Amdall

Only visited for a graduation, but the campus is beautiful. Seems like it would be a cool environment to spend a few years of your life.


(Translated by Google) I have visited the most beautiful university in the Boston area. The building has a long history but is full of life! (Original) 我所参观过、波士顿地区最漂亮的大学。建筑历史悠久却又焕发着生机!

Margaret Agbanyo

Scott Neumyer

My fiancé attends BC. I have been on many college campuses, however BC is one of the more breathtaking. I have met some of the students, staff (profs), and police and everyone was incredibly kind and friendly. As a parent I can only hope my daughter has an interest in moving up North, if for no other reason than to attend BC. MIT comes in a close second to BC in that it has the Charles and an amazing view of Boston. My top picks for the South are UNC (Asheville) and Brevard College, in Asheville.

Nicholas Hastings


Joseph Dragone

A wonderful place! I am so proud to have had my daughter graduate from BC.

Stan Orlowski

Love this place. Gave me a first class education and a great start to working and enjoying life. AMDG!

Jose Guerrero

(Translated by Google) Very nice campus, in my opinion more than Harvard and MIT. (Original) Muy bonito campus, en mi opinión más que el de Harvard y MIT.

G Ace

great school. great campus.

Stephen Christiansen

Perhaps the most beautiful college campus in the US!


(Translated by Google) The carrier posted it. Siberian Tungus. I'll hear it slowly. I'll explain later. Happy New Year and Healthy Expect skills I am wonderful and proud. Siberian Tungus Research Center Bratsk Forest Complex Boasts the world's largest forest Hi Thanks for the great pictures I always love you. Is Boston bell ringing? SIBERIA. TUNGUS KING UNIVERSITY University of California, Berkeley Korea Central University Far East Braidiboest Far East Federal Natural Science University (Original) 캐리어께서 게시군요 시베리아 퉁구스입니다 천천히들리겠읍니다 설명은 나중에 따로 해주겠다 새해 복많이 받고 건강하거라 실력들을 기대한다 훌륭하고 자랑스럽다 시베리아 퉁구스 종합연구쎈터 브라츠크산림 콤플렉스 세계 최대산림과 규묘를 자랑합니다 안녕하세요 훌륭한 사진 감사합니다 항시 돋보여 좋아합니다 보스톤 종 이 울림 이괜찮나? SIBERIA. TUNGUS KING UNIVERSITY 캘리포니아 대학교 버클리 한국 중앙대학교 극동 브라디보스톡 극동연방자연과학 대학교

Eddie Pierce

I graduated from BC in 2013. It is a magical place. It gave me an incredible opportunity to learn about myself and about the world. Also in an amazing location. There are so many colleges in Boston making the city a great place for a student to live. BC is in an incredible safe area and the campus is beautiful.... but really I mean beautiful. Also an easy half hour T ride into the heart of Boston. Go BC!!

Matias Fernandez Bustos

Beautiful campus! Take a look if you can

Louis Mcfadden

great food, great entertainment, great place to work.

Brian S.

Nice campus.

maria lorello

(Translated by Google) A type of university that unfortunately in Italy is only a dream, starting with the park where all the buildings are immersed! (Original) Un tipo di università che purtroppo in Italia è solo un sogno, a cominciare dal parco in cui tutti gli edifici sono immersi!

Chanda Beaty

Great place to learn!

Maxxie Maxxie

The food at BC sucks... home to preppy and silly w

yekto sd

It's the best place

Eric Beylier

Best college ever!!!!

Eric San Jose

Easy to see right off of Commonwealth Avenue servicing Chestnut Hill and the adjoining areas of Massachusetts. Plenty of parking and a wheelchair accessible entrance. Clean facilities. Public Restrooms. Close to stores, restaurants, and Public Transportation. The education department speaks for itself. Do yourself a favor and visit the campus.

Margaret harris

Extremely traditional to the point where they don't use logic. Classes are fine but far from cutting edge.

Elena Lloancy

(Translated by Google) It is a fantastic university. I watched a Boston Eagles game and they won. We loved it, and spent an afternoon to remember. Highly recommended if you go in time that there are no basketball or hockey leagues for example. (Original) Es una universidad fantástica. Vi un partido de los Boston Eagles y ganaron. Nos encantó, y pasamos una tarde para recordar. Muy recomendable si vas en época que no hay ligas ni de baloncesto ni de hockey por ejemplo.

M Burnett

Beautiful campus with lots of stairs!

Perry Chen

Boston College is a great place for random people to wander in and bum around. There is free WiFi all across campus (and it's not restricted to just staff/students), and plenty of places to relax at.

Bob Ruefle

Great academic and spiritual institution!

Prodromos Angelidis

One of the top colleges all over the world. Very impressive premises.

Esther Taylor

I love him he is like my bea

T L.


Elizabeth Glennon

Job plo

Tak Mok

Great Campus. The students here are very competitive and the location is great and close to the Greater Boston Area

Samantha Meyers

Boston College has been a huge disappointment. Don't like the rankings fool you, this school is not worth your $70K a year. The only quality school with in Boston College is the business school, while the others lack any real merit. Being a student in both the school of arts & sciences, as well as the school of education, I have experience first hand how both of these schools lack proper faculty and class offerings. The advising system is horrible, I know too many people who have followed the advice of their advisors, who are meant to be trusted and be reliable sources of information, who have ended up in many class that do not count towards their major or graduation requirements. The class offerings are limited, even the elective offerings are great disappointments. I have many friends who are communications majors who's only elective offerings are courses related to gender. There are no offerings of classes that would be useful in the real world such as classes on public relations, advertising, event management, etc. In communication writing intensives students are to write a 25 page paper. In one class taught by Brett Ingram, he told the students he would only be reading the first 10 pages of their paper because he could not be bothered to read the entire thing. He should not be teaching a writing intensive if he can't be bothered to give his students the respect of reading the full paper. I wish I had positive things to say, but I hope future potential students read this and think twice before attending BC.

Vivek Vellore

It's has been a great experience for our son at Boston College. Everything we expected from a college.

Pankaj S

I am overwhelmed while entering campus. Such a huge place the are is no less then big village. Well manged infrastructure. I was present there for graduation ceremony. Everlasting Experience..........:)

Chris Ferrari

This has been an incredible experience so far, as a third year student I couldn’t be more happy with the focus it has on fostering character and professional development. I’ve met amazing people along the way and couldn’t be happier here!

smile face

Beautiful Campus with plenty of nearby trails and scenery. They have constructed new dorms and recreational buildings in recent years. It's nice to see a college that uses its funds accordingly instead of fattening the Deans pockets as Im sure happens elsewhere!

Garey Hensley

Did a tour with my son, so I can only speak to that. The admissions personnel were a great help and the student guides were amazing! We chose a different school, but BC made the top three. Honestly, I liked their tour better than all but one other school. Again, amazing help from Admissions.

Christopher Stephens

Rob Hnasko

Amazing campus that will make you forget that you are so close to Boston.

Zachary Brenneman

2 is a even number.


I love Boston College!!!

Jose Manuel Duran

Wonderful campus!!! It is really enormous and still accessible by car, or train very easily. At the entrance, there is a catholic church and beyond, a stadium is located. Each of the schools fosters values and quality research.

Stephen Chase

Newton's best attraction!!

J White

Great school. Campus police and the school admins are extremely overbearing however.

Gracie Bishop


(Translated by Google) One hundred years of history, still new (Original) 一百多年的歷史,依然崭新

Josephine D. Xiong

Beautiful campus! At the end of the B line if coming in from Boston on public transportation. Enclosed campus that is best visited in the fall, spring, and summer time.


Very nice architecture. I've only done a tour of this place so I can really speak for the academics but I can say it almost looks like Harry Potter. It's very breath taking. I know the cost of attendance is about 70k per year and they do offer presidential scholar ships. Most people live in dorms for their first second and fourth years people stay off campus their third year for some reason. The worst thing about this school is the millor dollar stair case. It's just a big stair case. That's it.


Such a beautiful college

Anna-Kaisa Sjölund

One of the best.


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