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Julian Mark

D King

UMUC offers 8 week courses. This makes the classes condensed but at the same time they are easy to follow. Most classes require work to be submitted at the end of the week, Sunday at midnight. However, initial discussion boards are usually required by Thursday of each week by midnight. The professors are extremely helpful and all class content is online, so no book fees! Winning!

Abigeal Blessing


The material is good, but the teachers are part-time and some don't always put forth enough effort in the classroom. I've had some lazy teachers who cancel class due to their other obligations, and/or neglect students. Also, this school has a 100% acceptance rate, which is similar to a community college. However, when all it takes to get in is a high school diploma, you will sure run into some lazy people. Often I sit in physical classes of 10-15 students where half the class doesn't even participate (speak) even though we're graded on it. Also, I'm in my mid twenties, and I finish my undergrad in Spring 2017. My undergrad classes typically have several people in the 30-55 year old range.This school took most of my CCAF credits, so that's why I choose it. But, for graduate school, I will definitely choose a more prestigious (read competitive) university. Somewhere that doesn't literally accept anybody fresh out of high school with no SAT scores. If you are young and value yourself, don't come here. You can do much better at a more traditional college. One with an actual campus, and a culture that outputs excellence. Not one that, tolerates abysmal performance. Just avoid Maryland all together. Don't say I didn't warn you... BTW, I attend course in Maryland at the Universities at Shady Grove.

Natalii Pitts

Financial aid is full of miscommunication. If you have a scholarship there is no chance you will just be granted it without some sort of hassles, 10 emails, and 5 calls. Beyond ridiculous that these people do not know how to do their jobs. Was tempted to quit the program simply due to financial aid.

Dam Le

One of the worst online college that I have ever been to; the teachers are incompetent and take forever to respond back to you. By the time that they do, the assignment was already due. I went here for a summer session and I regret I ever matriculated to this god forsaken university. I don't know how they are accredited. The professors don't even read over the papers! Anyways, save your time, money, and a headache and do yourself a favor, stay way clear of this deplorable online university!

Katie Piedra

I wish there was a Zero star option. It is TERRIBLE that a "University" is so money hungry that they choose to go above and beyond in order to make a few hundred dollars. If you are a financial aid student be very on top of your billing. I completed and degree and was hit with a $1200 balance after completing all my courses and already paying their diploma fee. I will not be completing any other degrees as I had planned with UMUC. The only person who is compassionate at that University is Mrs. Ashe in the Military Operations Department. She went above and beyond for me and I will never be able to thank her enough.

Samantha Kerr

If you are looking to take courses towards your CFP, don't do it here. They are the most unhelpful staff I've encountered towards my journey. The nice website interface doesn't make up for the extra red tape you must encounter here with these guys.

Roger Meade

My friend works there

Alexis Johnson

One star is being nice. They deserve ZERO stars! I would not recommend this school. FA is horrible to deal with. They are a money seeking school. They scam and scheme students out of their money. No one gives you answers to your questions, but if they do they all answer differently. They don’t take into account that you are a working adult. Their website is misleading. There software is horrible and the system goes down a lot. They only care about money. It’s high school busy busy work and some of the professors don’t help you, don’t respond to emails and change rules that contradict the syllabus. The school ONLY CARES ABOUT MONEY AND WILL GET IT FROM YOU ANYWAY THEY CAN. I stress this because they say that you take classes at your convenience but email you and call you pressing you to take classes as if it helps you but they are seeking money. I finally gave in to the advisor and had her sign me up for two classes and when I realized that I would not be physically able to take courses I spoke to the school asking if I can drop and would it affect my FA the answer I go was “Yes you can drop and your FA will not be affected.” I dropped the courses before the they even started and a week or two later I received an email saying that I owed over $3k and the school asked me to return grant money to them which I have never heard of. They said “ you have a balance because you dropped your courses so we suggest you return the grant money you received to pay us our money”. I contacted MHEC and they said once they issue you grant money it’s yours. But the school demanded that I give them the $1350 of the grant that was sent, which I did and to also give them $1824 for the courses I could not take. They said they returned $1824 of the loan back to the lender for those dropped courses and now I need to give that $1824 which I didn’t physically receive for the second term in Spring or I will be sent to collections. UMUC said that they assumed I was taking classes so the loan was disbursed however I didn’t receive a refund from the loan that was disbursed. I took classes January 8th to May 4th which is the first term of Spring which was paid for. They are now trying to force me to pay for second term which I did not take nor did I receive a refund of the leftover amount from $1824 because the classes were dropped before the start date. According to federal regulation I am to have 6 credits to be eligible for aid which I did and completed. I have yet to this day received a clear and solidified explanation as to why I’m paying this educational institution money for classes I never even took. I gave them $1350 and when I spoke to higher education they said that the school was NOT ENTITLED TO THAT MONEY and that I was my grant money that doesn’t have to be paid back. I asked UMUC will they give it back they refused saying “UMUC doesn’t give refunds”. They are thieves and have very incompetent staff. Run!!!!


So far not to happy. First impression was not that this is a caring supportive program. I decided to take my transcripts to meet with an advisor and in my past experience you sit down with the advisor, go over transcripts, discuss a plan for your educational path, and set goals. The advisor sits behind a tall counter, you walk up and they ask what questions do you have. They don't even view the transcripts. She said she would get back to me in a few days. With this type of service I don't feel to comfortable writing out a 10K+ check to this company and hoping for the best.

joshua allen

I'm currently on my last week of my first class. The representative at the Futenma Education Office was extremely helpful, professional, and assisted with the Financial Aid process tremendously. Adversely, I cannot speak as highly of the course content. Much of the course material is copied and pasted Lumen Learning modules, that were formated poorly with inconsistent fonts on subparagraphs of the same subject. This makes the reading hard to follow. Additionally, multiple quizzes have had incomplete sentences, typos, asked questions whose correct answer is either not an option or the answer cannot be found in the course material and had to be found externally online after getting said questions wrong, and scouring the course material a second time to no avail. I have taken pictures of several poorly made quiz questions to submit to UMGC upon completion of the course. It's a check in the box for college in the military and convenient if you are deployed; but the quality and user friendliness leave much to be desired.

William Spaulding

I can't endorse this school at all. Most of my classes were online, which isn't a bother, but when you pay the same price as other classes per credit hour, but receive a knock off education things tend to get frustrating. Course materials were articles or Wikipedia. Between the shady grading, lack of instruction/education, etc Isssuing a plagiarism strike at anything that moves,. I'm just done trying.

G. Dodds

I went to several colleges...from Asia and back down to Florida but UMUC was the best. The staff/instructors helped me every step of the way. I graduated and checked off a long term goal. Thank you UMUC.

Bowen Weisheit

I enrolled at UMUC to complete my foreign language requirements at the University of Maryland College Park. My experience at UMUC was poor. All course materials are copyrighted by the school and available to students only during their current term. Learning is a process which frequently requires revisiting previous material and at UMUC you are unable to do so, despite paying very steep tuition. I was not impressed with the instructors. Two of my Spanish teachers spoke very poor English. The third failed to appear for a scheduled online interview and, when confronted, stopped communicating with me. Finally, the system of online learning designed by UMUC is very awkward (at least for foreign language). It requires students to spend as much time adjusting to new technology as actually learning Spanish. This may be acceptable to full-time students but definitely not visiting students. All told, I spent nearly $2000 to attempt 3 transferable credits and might, literally, have learned more Spanish if I’d invested in a $150 textbook.

Gail Boyd

Evelyn Davis

Brandon Hofrock

"Horrible" is an understatement. I’ve taken a few classes which were fine but my last class was American Government. The teacher was a nutcase that was very sensitive to politics and if you verbatim wrote and cited what a quality source wrote, she would just say "no facts, no reasoning, no sources cited". I counted 68 mark downs that did not follow her own rubric. I provided a picture of each mark down with comments for each one to help identify the problem (after the school told ME to provide proof). Regardless of the mounting evidence UMUC claimed this as normal practice and then, instead, tried to deflect the situation back at me being the offender for calling this woman a nutcase. The negative reviews on this professor are overwhelming, however i won't put this woman on blast because UMUC has taken responsibility for her actions by allowing it. I am so fortunate that i was able to see this early on, so i can find a more competent school.

Christopher Weir

UMUC was pretty horrible. One semester my Mom passed away a day before classes started. I tried to get help with my classes, but since my Mom passed away a day before the semester UMUC said I couldn't resign from my classes. They were the most unhelpful people ever. The school is not very helpful, they tell you to go to their website and ignore you. Sometimes teachers aren't very intentive and you have no avenue to complain to get things back on track. I failed many courses here, but at any other college I maintained a 3.5 GPA. My GPA would probably have been higher if I did not attend UMUC. Online statistics say their graduation rate is 4%, I believe it. Do yourself a favor and apply to another college.


Staff not helpful, all my years attending i continue to have issues With the financial Aid office.. They dropped my classes and even though it was an error on their part, they would not allow me to re enroll in the classes. I transferred to Arizona State University... Best decision I’ve ever made.. Stay clear of UMUC. It’s all about the money for them ...

Symone Willow

Was a previous employee. They treat the employees horribly. I worked in the admissions department. It was a full blown nightmare. They were way behind in paperwork hence why I see the frustration from other student reviews. Super unorganized.

Gina Ortega

I have been attending UMUC in Europe location. And I love it, they offer great classes and the teachers are very understanding with military duties! As far as financial aid I have never had a problem. In fact I always go to my counselor and she helps with anything I need!

Adrienne DeBrew

I have just recently inquired about enrolling in their master's program. I can honestly state that the admissions counselor there is just like the A.C's at other colleges/universities. I recently found out that most of these counselors are third party hired and not actually with the school. In any event the tuition rate is lower than that of the tuition rate here in NYC and the program I am interested in seems to read better than what I anticipated. Long story short, I've received my undergrad at a diploma mill and did not have a great experience. Another respondent stated it best when they said, "It's what you make of it!" and it is. Bottom line!

Micheal Temal

Mia Sands



I earned my B.A. in Graphic Communication and I'm currently working on a graduate certificate. I've had issues here and there, but UMUC is usually quick to respond and work it out. I do wish that they didn't bounce around student advisors so much when you need help. Overall, it has been a positive experience!

Julia Nyunt

Abimbola Odetoye

I am not happy with the school at all........................... I was in the process of applying for a program and was charged $100. I didn't even submit the application so I do not understand why I was even billed. I called them and they said they would resolve the issue and apologized for the misunderstanding. Can you believe the case went to Maryland collections??????????????????????????????????????????????????? I paid the collections unit to avoid any credit issues. So basically UMUC (financial office) or whatever 'stole' $100 dollars from me. Its so unfortunate that they don't have any responsible agents/workers at a school so expensive. Very disappointed.

Jarod Lang

I attended this University. I did read many of the other reviews. Early on I was a little frustrated learning the online system but once I read the online instructions for registering, paying, and courses I was fine! I found both professors and advisors very helpful when I called. As well everything, I always asked advisors to email me the info if we spoke on the phone. This ensures I had direction in writing making it easier for me to re read after. I always kept in mind that in any college I haven’t loved all my professors. Lastly, I always kept in mind that online college means being self sufficient and independent. I have three kids and a career so I enjoyed the flexibility of the degree!

LIt Ga

School is what you make of it. Its challenging and need of discipline in order to complete all the school work.


This year, I completed a Masters in Cybersecurity Technology, all online, from UMUC in 18 months. It was my first online degree, with the previous Associates and Bachelor's from residence schools. I had worked for over 20 years in IT. The school was highly ranked by major magazines that rate online cybersecurity programs, and has the preferred "regional" accreditation of a major state university college. The course's purpose was not to industry certify, but to create inter-disciplinary cybersecurity analysts and supervisors. A military and veteran friendly school, they provided access to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) journals. DHS considers UMUC a "Center of Excellence." UMUC did not require the GRE. UMUC Cybersecurity Technology subscribes to a fresh approach in higher education. They eliminated textbook purchase requirements, posted most material online, required one to four small group projects a course with limited teacher supervision and suggested independent research to supplement the course material. The course specified four to five graded APA style papers a course, gave two chances to improve a grade for those needing more time, used a case study approach, and provided many mandatory, but low priority, working online lab exercises. It is cutting edge in cyber education and in many situations, mimics real-world cybersecurity work. Like most real world IT applications, the documentation will not keep up with the course and no 100% accurate guiding textbook exists. Those lacking a practical learning background or expecting to learn only theory or in rote increments may not like this program. The online lab instructions don't fully cover the lab environment so the student must use initiative and persistence to bridge the difference. The lab assistants displayed high degrees of helpfulness and skill, but some problems went beyond them. To completely build an Hadoop environment and for one of the Forensic Applications, some students built their own home labs. A home lab is something almost every cybersecurity person builds, but at the $25,000.00 price tag for the tuition, this student hoped for a more streamlined experience. A check of other major cyber programs also found lab issues, and I credit UMUC for not focusing the grade on the technical, but on the analysis. This was not an industry certification prep course. The interactions with the faculty, over 90% of the time, gave insight and challenges that improved my abilities. There were some amazing professors posting on the internet and providing answers to difficult topics. The message was to study independently and use varied resources, a skill every professional must acquire. Some of the online course material had ungraded quizzes with very basic questions. Some of the online material was notes posted ten years earlier from a continuing education seminar for an industry certification. The course strove to integrate diverse and non-IT personnel, and overall, succeeded. The group work was self-supervised, but received written guidance from the professor at every assignment. This made the last parts of every course difficult for those wanting the "A" (exceeds) grade because many team members are satisfied with a "B" grade. Requiring the group to conference periodically with an assistant instructor would have eliminated the disparity, although for fairness, some professors would grade parts of a group project by their authors and not as one. Some students did not purchase the very low cost student MS Office or MS Windows, making their work nearly impossible to format without retyping. Providing a windows PC with MS Office to every student would have helped to balance the workload. The final class (CAPSTONE), was more writing than a traditional Thesis (400 pages) and featured challenging case studies. The career services in the Baltimore/Washington Capitol area seem excellent with many job fairs.

Charles Remmel

Having just completed the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program, I found UMUC much to my expectations.There is no doubt that one's experience at UMUC depends on discipline and hard work. The graduate school professors were successful outside of academia and brought "real world" knowledge and insights. The learning pace in class is rapid. The grading of projects is fair, but subjective, depending on the individual professors. I highly recommend the MBA program, but know going in that it will require commitment and discipline to succeed.

Bianca Keipe

I would not recommend this university to anyone. I had a terrible experience with not only the class, but now the billing department is after me for $1167.75 for ONE CLASS I did not even take. The online platform is not easy to use. Navigating the platform made it very hard to make sure all assignments are complete. The professor was not helpful and created a lot of busy work that had nothing to do with accounting. I am now attending another school that is much more prominent and it is easier from the application process to the online platform. I hope that NO ONE continues to waste their money on this school. I would not wish my worst enemy even attend UMUC.

Mary Bank

Everyone is so helpful! Love this school can't wait to register for classes soon!

Mynd Urs

If you can avoid this trashy school!!! All they care about is the money. I have been trying to get enrolled since June of 2019 and I’ve just been given the run around. The office of compliance NEVER answers the phone and can never return an email. And please do not get me started on financial aid!!! The student advisor’s seems like students and not people who should be helping students!! They know NOTHING and should be retrained!! AVOID THIS SCHOOL!!! TRUST ME YOU WILL REGRET IT IF YOU DONT!!!!!

ky car

Absolutely the worst school I have ever had the displeasure of being associated with. They have no interest, and not even a shred of empathy for their students. A few years ago when I started taking classes there my aunt (who was living with us) died. I failed my semester. I had never had a close relative die before. When I went to talk to them about doing something about a failed semester they told me there was nothing I could do. They said I knew my aunt was sick when I started the semester so it was my fault. This semester, I am a week in and I asked to switch to another class (same class) with a different teacher and they told me no. That I would have to take the W if I couldn't finish. This school doesn't care about their students at all. Every time I have had to contact my school (grudgingly) it has been a terrible experience. Except when they want a payment, then it's never been easier. They do nothing but take money and act like it's an inconvenience when you as a student really need something. They have discouraged me from furthering my education which is something I used to love above anything. If you are thinking about going to UMUC do yourself a favor. Don't.

Troy Mendoza

Emily Wilsher

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Shawn Royse

Best school for veterans.

Liz Machado

With all due respect, I am very upset with this school. I rarely hear from anyone at this school. I am not able to plan for the next semester currently. If I do not hear anything soon from the school regarding my transcript from a previous college, which I have now spent more money and sent again both electronically and by mail, I will be taking my education somewhere else where they are going to communicate and make me feel as if they have the departments organized. I should not have to send my transcripts multiple times, especially when I have them sent electronically which they claim to be their preferred delivery. I am not the only person I know that had issues with the communication and transcript department.

Steven Leath

Matt O

I recently received a B.S. in Computer Science from UMUC and I am proud to have graduated from this university. They offer a hybrid approach to learning that lays somewhere between a brick and mortar experience and online experience. Most of my instructors were excellent but there is always a couple bad apples in a bunch. The curriculum is challenging but attainable. I wish I had done Calculus 1 and 2 in person rather than online. However my instructor in Calculus 2 went above and beyond with individual instruction when need via a phone call. I would love to see the online classroom expanded to better support live video streaming instruction. Something that would allow math teachers to live stream problem solving would be helpful as learning Calculus solely online was very difficult for me. Discrete Mathematics was also very difficult. I highly recommend this school to existing, mid-career professionals who wish to obtain a new degree or certificate.

Eve Mutanda

I constantly have to fight with Financial AID! They are extremely terrible and inefficient! I honestly do not understand what they do. Always late in processing my funds! Plus they will keep calling you to tell you that your classes will be dropped due to non-payment. To me, this is harassment when I clearly have financial Aid. I wish I could transfer elsewhere but I'm almost there. However, the Faculty are knowledgeable and always willing to help

Sang Nguyen

Very clean building!


Brittany Woodard

While I wouldn't give this school five stars, I wouldn't give it one star like most of you. Some of these people have ridiculously stupid reasons for a one star rating and others have genuinely had bad experiences. However, I really haven't had bad experiences. I've been to four different schools and I can tell you that there are much worse out there. Even if a school isn't for-profit, there will still be a hassle to get your financial aid through, your scholarships, your loans, etc. Some schools will put your loans directly on your account, but most do not. Most of them let you handle your own money. This school is one of them. If you're bad at managing money, don't get here. Otherwise, the instructors are pretty awesome and understanding. They grade fairly and all of the ones I've had so far reply in a timely manner when I need help and some give extra credit. UMUC always answered questions when I need them answered. I had no problems getting credits transferred and getting my financial aid and what not to go through. I also got a military discount for my husband being in the military. If you're expecting a state university, this is obviously not one, so stop expecting as much. Again, this is not a for-profit school and I've really had no problems. I've been going for over a year now and it's like any other school I've been to if not a tad better.

Rashai Ward

I currently do classes online and I may be looking for another school to attend because not only did I call for a complaint about a professor and someone told me in student services I could just withdrawal instead on looking deeper in the situation and resolving it. I'm not interested in the disrespect from nobody I'm investing too much time and money for a professor to be really disrespectful behind the computer. Its became too hard to even focus on my work.

Rebeca Rodriguez

If you dont like your balances sent to collections in a matter of 1-2 months, if you value your gpa, if you dont want to receive a refund and then receive a message saying they made a mistake then go here. Lastly, if you have never paid for school because of your financial aid then do not come here because they will do anything in their power to not have your aid go through. Avoid at all costs!! Go somewhere else!!

Deanna Pahlau

I was very excited to start going here for their investigative forensics program but that changed when I realized my account was under a financial hold when I called and asked why I was told it was because I still owed $1,700 even with all my financial aid that I was told was going to cover all of it when I asked why that was they said it was because my loan was split in half between now and spring I made very clear and made it a point to ask the woman I talked to when signing up if this was going to happen she said no multiple times so now I am stuck either withdrawing before my classes start in order not to screw myself or borrowing from an unsubsidized loan that I did not want to borrow from. I'd like to say make sure you ask questions and a very clear but I did that and it still got me nowhere just don't waste the time and enroll somewhere else.

Abby Adeg

Sincerely all this school care about is your money. Stay away from this school. Also their customer service/students advising is a wreck, most of them cannot proffer solution to your questions and they don’t care if you get things done or not as long as you don’t owe the school. I regret starting my Masters with this school. I will never advice anyone. It’s a no no for me.


There is going to be one class that is absolutely pointless in every program. This class will take your money without fail and teach you nothing. This is the reason for the low graduation rate of 5.6%, people go broke trying to finish.

Wonda McKenzie

When people write reviews it's either as a result of exceptional service or really crappy service. This review is based off a very crappy experience so far with UMUC. My initial contact with Kristin Byerly was pretty awesome. She outlined the requirements and told me what was needed to get credits from college courses completed internationally and credits for military training/experience . I got my foot in the door and did everything that i needed to do to get my transcripts evaluated and sent to UMUC. After the transcript was delivered to UMUC i had to call to get an update on the status of them evaluating what credits they would accept towards my degree.I got the run around about a transcript being missing and i went ahead and sent it again ($300+ in evaluation and transcript request so far). I kept checking my UMUC to see if there was any update and again there wasn't. I spoke with Jennifer Smith who gave me the same response whoever i spoke to before her gave me about a transcript being missing. I explained to her what was going in and told her i sent it again. Almost a month goes by then Brianna Blake messages to tell me i need my transcripts evaluated. At this point i am frustrated because i utilized their guidelines and their suggested evaluation agency (WES) all for them to tell me they don't understand what WES did and that i need my transcripts evaluated. I called and spoke to Brianna and tried to explain why it was ridiculous that they were still saying i need to provide UMUC with transcripts she then told me she would elevate it to her supervisor who would make the final decision. countless phone calls later and nothing has been done to give me clarification on what they are doing. This is so demotivating. I am tired and annoyed. This is making me feel like i shouldn't even had bothered with this institution. Save your time, save your energy, save your money. I'm sure there are institutions out there that care more about their students.

Aaron Thayer

The school is a money hungry scam. Provided over 75 credit hours from two other colleges. When UMUC reviewed my credit hours they only gave me 20 hrs. They want as much money as possible from students. Definitely not about education but rather all about ripping off students and not giving credit where due. They are in it to make a killing at the students expense. Secondly, the student services is absurdly terrible. Takes forever to get responses to inquiries and don’t expect to work with the same student advisor. The office plays hot potatoes with students. Definitely recommend students try American Military University. Way better customer service and you’ll get a Significantly more fair evaluation for prior education. Don’t give this place your money!

caitlyn jenner's ovaries

just another greedy college

Jesse Varsalone


Michelle Edward

Where do I begin? I was very excited about starting my program at UMUC. A few years ago, when I was a Medical Center Manager, I sponsored a workshop at my center. I reached out to UMUC to have representatives come out to encourage staff to further their education. I was impressed and kept in mind, when I decided to return to school, I would attend UMUC. The fact that they catered to veterans and have online courses was a HUGE plus. Fast forward three years later. I complete an application. I wanted to attend the October session. In short, no one reached out to me for next steps, I had to call. The young lady Keshia in admissions, was very short, curt even, and didn't seem interested in answering any questions. A few days later, after emailing Keshia with no response, I called back, the young man I spoke to was more helpful but did not follow-up with my Academic Credits Draft. I completed the survey and expressed my dissatisfaction. A "manager/lead" Christen Park said she wanted to reach out and see how she could make this right. I replied and stated I would love to speak with her because I really wanted to speak with someone. Another week goes by, NOTHING. I reach out to her, and the same young lady answers and says Ms. Park was not available and there was no way for me to leave a VM. At this point, I said I wanted to withdraw my application, at which she told me to send an email. I did. Two days later, on a Saturday, I receive a phone call from admissions for next steps. This school is a complete joke. I reached out to another school, they called me within 1 hour. And talked in length answering every single question. I will take my VA benefits to this institution. Cost more, but you get what you pay for. Signed a frustrated Veteran. NHS

Jarrad Tatum

Quality education and knowledgeable instructors.

Jonathan Johnson

I have attended UMUC for about 2 years. I would consider the University to be a place that provides a great academic opportunity to working class adults. Yes, they do require you to make ur tuition payments fairly quickly upon registering for classes and yes, you will be dropped from classes if payment isn't made within a timely matter or a payment plan isn't set up. As for the education, it's what you make of it. I have attended both UMCP and UMUC and I really don't see much in the difference of the two except that at UMUC your forced to learn the material on you own at home rather than sitting in a classroom at UMCP. The education at UMUC is what you make of it. At the same time, I think this is what makes UMUC more difficult than UMCP. Don't go to UMUC if you think just cuz it's an "online" college that you can get a degree easier, that's not the case. My first attempt at going to UMUC, I flunked majority of my classes because I took it lightly. I had to sit out a few years before going back, but during that time, I made sure to brush up on the material for my major "Computer Science" so that when I went back, I wouldn't be so far behind. As a result, I graduated with a degree in Computer Science and am about to apply for grad school in cyber security, feeling much more confident in my knowledge of the subject matter than I ever did. This pretty much goes for any school you go to, it's YOU, who makes the degree, the degree doesn't make you!


Jennerra Owens

The financial aid office is a complete nightmare. There is no follow-up and you will continually receive conflicting information. Imagine being a semester away from graduation and then you are told the system was just updated and you will no longer receive aid when the previous day (literally) you were told your aid would cover your courses until graduation. Loved my professors and the way coursework is presented. As long as you work hard at this school you will definitely succeed as it is self-taught. I intended to pursue my master's degree here, but I have decided to attend another school where the ball is not dropped and communication is efficient. I want to feel as though I am a valuable part of a school, not just a student ID#.


I have attended this school for two years without ever speaking to any advisors. This school does not provide any level of student support. If you want to succeed, this school would not be a good choice. Further your education with an institution that cares and values their students.

Kinga Bullert

Great support, easy UI, caring teachers (for the most part), financial aid assistance, nice gov discount even for gov employee spounces! I transferred from a Community College, and they were very helpful and accommodating. The online student profile, enrolling process, blackboard, etc are excellent and straight forward. The resources are fantastic including online library, free online textbooks, tech support. I had problems with virtual machine and database stuff and the instructor even reached out to the head department to help students. Also, I was overwhelmed by one of my first serious computer science classes and I was able to schedule an individual free online tutoring session to help me with a project. Not every instructor is excellent, but they are at least good and the whole system works to support students. They definitely don't feel like they are after your money ( I got refunded for previous years after providing proof that my circumstances changed). My husband takes classes at another online school and their UI sucks, it helped me appreciate how well done the UMUC's user interface is. Fantastic learning environment. I was able to graduate.

Joy Jones

Quonetta Middleton

One star is too much. DO NOT ATTEND UMUC. I left and now attend Strayer. The administration, counselors, and teachers are so much more involved with the students. My teachers communicate with me daily and provide the motivation and extra help needed to understand the material and graduate. The counselors help you in time of need whether grieving, single-parenting, military, and more. I'm not trying to advertise for Strayer. I just want people to see that there are other educational institutions that are involved in the success of their students. UMUC should be ashamed of themselves for calling themselves a higher educational institution. There is nothing higher or educational about this internet-copied teachers. They should be fined and sued for plagiarism copying other university lessons and plans. You learn nothing here and the teaching staff is very absent. I hope that the very few teachers who care understand their value and leave to an institution that has the same value of caring about the students. I mean that is what it's all about.

جهاد العيد

Steven Alford - Orecchio

Only Active duty military get the rate for 250 per credit! Veteran's don't get crap from this university where as the majority of investiture and colleges veteran's get to use the same rate as active duty! I guess they think veteran's service is not good enough to deserve it too!


I am very upset with the support I received during my class. I took a statistic class last semester and my professor was absentee most of the course. Homework was not graded and any/ all emails I sent went unanswered. Stay away! The faculty does not engage or seem to care about the students it's like you are teaching yourself because there is NO teacher support. UPDATE: The school responded to this review (in a response below that they have since deleted asking me to contact them to resolve the issues) so I emailed them, but guess what? They never responded. I called a was told to email the dean... and again NO Response! STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCAM OF A SCHOOL! HOW IS THIS PLACE ACCREDITED? I am currently engaged with my cc company for a charge back because this class was a scam.

Kamille Shabazz

g nel figaro

The professors are great . But , financial aid department seems fraudulent . One minute I have FA for the spring semester , now its gone , Why did I have to apply for financial aid and it not be applied to my account and have to pay the full balance out of pocket . There is a reason I got financial aid . What sense ? Then to put a hold on my account for past due balance for a semester that have not even started . Then you should not force students on financial aid to enroll in class , especially if you are not applying financial their aid. You need to be audited by FAFSA.

Richard Brown

I transferred my community college credits here and have been relatively pleased. Their program fits perfectly into my lifestyle, where I work full time. As with anything in life, you get out of this school what you put into it.

Jared Orlosky

Worst school ive been enrolled in

HResident B0000

No one audits professor's grading practices. Kate Bauer was the worst professor I have ever had. I don't know how it is that she is still employed. She is a sick control freak.

Bennett Tomlinson


This is probably the worst public college in Baltimore, with a 94% drop-out rate. What can you expect from a school that accepts everyone? Please read reviews on real college sites to see the truth.

Claire Darrah

My husband called the advisor to get more information. He is military so he called the MILITARY specific advisor. First of all, he told her he had his associate's degree, yet later on the phone she asked if he had ever taken college courses... um... what? The icing on the cake was that she told him tuition would be 499/credit hour since he is out of state, yet on their site it says they have military tuition at 250/credit hour. I know she knew he was military because they discussed the GI Bill.. If the advisor is incompetent, I can only imagine what the rest of the school would be like. No thanks!


Updated. After being contacted I was told the fee was waved because of the difficulty. See comment below. Contacted them, sent my issue and have not heard back. Here we are a month after I submitted this. 2014 Graduate. Went to apply for a second major today. Applied but no feedback. Finally, weeks later, I called and was told I needed more information (why they didn't get back to me is your guess) -Proof that I wasn't going to another university. Admissions was a PIA this go around...Don't make a single mistake before you submit. If you do, be prepared to submit letters to UMUC from other colleges stating you do not go to the other college. ??? Silly. They won't let me remove my application and resubmit either. I'm told it's held for 2 years. Bureaucracies -Got to love 'em

A Mc

Jennifer Cullen


Why does it say University twice?

Traci Wichael

A one star is seriously being too nice. I haven't even started here yet, I start in September, and I've had NOTHING BUT DAMN PROBLEMS. Financial aid is nothing but incompetent imbecile's. They sent me an e-mail asking me to fill out a form, so I did and sent it back. Got an e-mail telling me it was the wrong form WHEN THEY'RE THE ONES WHO E-MAILED IT TO ME! so I filled out the correct form, and sent it back in. guess what!? got an e-mail saying after reviewing it, they needed the first forms that I originally filled out. are you kidding me!?


I have had a great experience so far and compared to another comment I read they never tried to stop financial aid, they actually were a real help with it.its all about communication and asking questions.

Ashley Marie

This school has the most incompetent, ignorant staff I have ever seen. I’ve been here 4 years and am graduating in October and EVERY SINGLE YEAR there is a issue with my account. They will send me a bill months after classes have ended, even though I got a refund. Then make the same mistake semester after semester. Each rep u talk to will tell you something different. Not only can’t they get their stories straight, majority are unprofessional. The last one I spoke to thought she was gonna get loud with me so I had to put her in her place. The last straw is they are trying to say I never made a payment, even though I have shown them receipts. If I wasn’t about to graduate I would be long gone. Do your investigation before u decide to come here. It’s not worth the hassle.

Erik V

This is a really poor institution for Environmental Management, otherwise it is fine. Im taking online courses, majoring in Business Administration with a minor in Environmental Management. The business professors are good. But in Environmental Management classes, course materials become non existent or inaccessible; professors are disorganised and condescending; and the knowledge gained at the end of the course is equivalent to that of a Google search... Not a bad school unless you want to major-or minor-in Environmental Management

Alex Schindler

I am attending for my Masters of Science in Cyber Technology. Fantastic program. All the professors are challenging, attentive and very professional. Great program. UMUC is an excellent university.


A for profit business rather than a university. Wait until you transfer and have to pay $10.00 per transcript for e-delivery, compared to all my other schools which charge $1.50.

Lauren Webster

I mean, I got my degree, so that's something. The fun part comes when you file the student portion of your taxes, you better hope they reported what you paid them vice what they billed you. If they don't, you'll get a lovely package from the IRS three days before Christmas. That package will contain a CP2000, also known as an audit!

Mel Johnson

Oriana Greene

UMUC is the worst college I have ever attended. Their practice of either not informing students or misinforming students regarding their financial aid has caused my credit to be damaged and financial aid funds to be mismanaged even with constant communication with the financial aid department. I will never recommend this school to anyone due to its staff and it's abusive record with students.

Claudia P. Diaz

Working now on my senior year and have never had an issue with coursework, professors or financial aid. Professors will always have different styles but the work will be all left to be done by you. Find out before registration if this college atmosphere will be right for you before you have an experience that you won’t like. Yes, you will work hard and you will be working all week but you will get there if you want! Find your support and exhaust your resources in order to be successful. Don’t expect everything to work out for you if you don’t do your research. This was the right fit for me and it’s working out perfectly. I’m thankful and blessed. Good luck to everyone pursuing your education. Do not give up!!

Jonathan Lankford

I earned my bachelor's and master's degrees from here over the past 5 years. Great school and excellent staff. Highly recommended.

Jacqui O.

This school is just something else. This review will focus on financial aid. I get constant emails from the financial aid department when I call to see what is going on- no one seems to know. No trace of the email being sent. EVERY time I call I seem to get someone incompetent and it is very frustrating. I also always get different responses or even "I don't know". If you do not know why are you working there? Or why can't you find someone who does know? "Supervisors"never seem to be available. When you ask for a callback, you never receive one. One time, I received an email back from a supervisor. So I called her and she did not even know what my case was about.. so you just send out emails with your name signed at bottom but have no memory of them? I can never just speak to one person and the problem is solved. It is ALWAYS at least 3 people and I am constantly put on hold. At the end of the conversation- my problem is STILL NOT RESOLVED. This department should really invest some time on customer service training and/or re-training.

lindsey kennedy

I’d be switching schools if I weren’t over halfway through my bachelors degree. My transfer credits were accepted but were treated as lower level credits. To meet the UMUC requirement of 45 upper level credits, I have to take a bunch of electives I shouldn’t need because most of my actual degree courses were completed at community college. I didn’t realize until a year into UMUC, and it is going to delay my graduation by 2 semesters. The online classroom isn’t hard to navigate itself, but there doesn’t seem to be a layout or template the professors have to follow. So if you have an unorganized professor, expect to spend a while trying to find the readings you need for the assignments. Oh and being told to google something by a person I am literally paying to teach me is asinine. The finance office is all but useless, I’ve had to fight with them the past 3 semesters about applying the completion scholarship, weeks after I should have gotten it. Because of waiting on the completion scholarship, I’ve had to front the payments for it and now they won’t grant a tuition refund for the summer semester when there is a pending balance on the fall semester, when that bill isn’t even due for another 2 months. Also, when you call the school for advising/questions, you get conflicting answers from different people. This place is a joke. Highly recommend you find a different online school.

Greg McDonald

The Financial aid department should be totally revamped! I agree with most people when the say how difficult it is. Most of it is communication and the Universities unwillingness to be human. Having said that, this is a top notch University with a top notch curriculum! I work extremely hard to be at around a 3,0 GPA, this NOT, I repeat, NOT a degree mill. If you have never taken an online 8 week class, but think you will breeze through; you are kidding yourself. This school, if they could get their financial aid office on track would easily be a 5 star University.

Brian Harley

I came to this facility a few times for some events and really enjoyed the work put into it. There's a great amount of resources on site for students. There's also a veterans lounge, but I'm not sure what the hours are for that.

Sylvester Wessey

heather henson

While the school isn’t bad the financial aid department and scholarship department is a complete and utter joke. Offered me a scholarship that apparently is only for state of Maryland residents ( which I am but did not complete instate status from beginning of 2016 so for all intents and purposes I am out of state to them) so they offered this scholarship that was taken away the following semester because I did not prove my state residency ( which I was not informed of the need to do for his particular scholarship and surprise surprise it was taken away after the fact so I can’t go and do anything about it) so now I owe 1400 because of lack of communication and a mistake THEY made that I get to pay for. It’s a complete and utter joke, and no do not bother having someone “ look into it” because they don’t actually solve any problems just waste more of your time.

Thai Whittington

Very impressive faculty and staff. Both thumbs up if i had more thumbs id put them up too. Great place.

ناصر محمد

Mama Bear

jennie McAllister

I have been attending for a year. I love the teachers. A very good school.

Danielle Bryant

I’m currently enrolled here and I’m very disappointed in this school, I’m enrolled in the undergrad program for my degree in Management Studies I did have a minor in marketing BUT had to drop it. They either need to educate their advisors better OR update the stupid advising report system. My advising report has been screwed for 2 Years now and I’ve been talking to advisors on several different occasions either on the phone or in person. I’m supposed to graduate in May but I’m not even sure this possible and now I’m really just over this school. This school is the worse and they do not live up to the advertising that put out.


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