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REVIEWS OF Towson University IN Maryland

tyson man

this school is fantastic. The school itself is now selective which is great and the departments are great. Good social environment anytime as well!

Daniel Barrera


Positive Warrior

College is an investment and for $40,000 you can get a solid degree from a state university. (not bad) The staff are generally pretty nice compared to other colleges Ive been to. This is a university that gets the job done. If this where an 80,000 dollar college I would give it 2 stars, but here you can get a degree without going broke it is a worthwhile investment!!! Oh and the topography (hilly area) sucks so if your disabled (like my friend is) or lack mobility, handicapped spaces are not always readily available so prepare to walk (or wheel) from class to car A LOT AND VERY OFTEN. Five stars for the university.....minus one star for the terrible parking situation

Gabriel Brandao

Aaron Lewis

it's ok . I'm transferring from a community college where things were a whole lot easier but I'm getting used to it...

Emelieze Emmanual

Mary Curtin

Jenniferr Martineezzz

Don't transfer here. If you're a transfer student you're most likely won't graduate on time because of ALL the restrictions they put into place, if you're a business student. YOU have to be in the major to take certain courses but if you're a transfer student you won't be admitted into the major until your senior year. On top of that they have little amount of classes available, that is required for the WHOLE business program students take. When you try to talk to the chair of each department they pretty much don't help and couldn't care less if you are a commuter. As a transfer student, I wish I choose a different school. I pay tuition like any other student and they will allow other students (probably not a minority) in the courses they need but force me to wait around until a seat is available and MAYBE get in. Just as a business student, I recommend looking into other schools.


Great University.

lane E

current students should get discounted tuition for all this construction!!! we are being completely inconvenienced and charged so much for services and a campus that isn't all available to us at this time. we should definitely get a discount on tuition for the time being until construction is decreased

Nelson shina

UrWorldsFuture NO BS 360 Media Group

I love my old school but Towson Like every other college has to see that tuition hikes to revitalize the campus for current students means nothing when we graduate we rarely come back to enjoy what we are often still paying for. Smh …

Adam T.

Went here for my undergraduate years. I loved every part of this school: the location, the professors, and course studies. My maturity developed in this school and changed my perspective towards being more of an adult. Towson University is also the 2nd largest public university in Maryland, with funding towards the newly development of learning infrastructure buildings and expanding of size economically, makes it an ideal university for future generational students. Thank you Towson University. -Proud Alum

David Guan

looks very clean and the campus is nice

Brian Beck

Charnequa Glenn

When I was in the 12th grade, I always dreamed of going to Towson University but because my GPA wasn't of standing, I went to a community college (CSM) to get my GPA up so I can get into Towson University with no problems. When I was at the community college (CSM), I still didn't know what my major was but it wasn't until my last semester at the community college that I realize that Psychology was what I envisioned to further my education with. Before I applied to Towson, I looked up the Psychology Department and looked at the reviews and it was excellent and that reared me in even more to pursue my education here. Once I got to Towson University, it was everything that I imagined. I met a lot of new people, international students, Chinese and Saudi Arabia. I learned a lot coming to Towson, I learned how to be independent and learn how to do a lot of things on my own. The only thing that I really had to adjust to is living on campus and waking up and be able to walk to and from school. When I was at the community college, I had to drive at least 10 minutes down the street, so adjusting to that took a minute, but I wouldn't change it or anything else about my experience here for nothing in world. I'm a proud TU student :)

Colleen Dasovich

Being a transfer student my first realization of Towson was that it is a beautiful campus. I realized that this is where you can continue your education and make memories that last a lifetime. It's full of diversity and a place to start over while figuring out your next steps to take toward your future. Towson provides and is always looking for ways to improve campus life for the students and making transitions/overall college experience better. There's a comfortable atmosphere here and it is not overwhelming; it's just right.

esther jackson

Hugh Blackburn

I truly loved my time at Towson, and still visit campus on occasion for a nice stroll.

Ary Ford

74% graduation rate! And close to home.Love it!

Abdulhameed Kosa

I love Towson University

Alexis Lewis

Love it there so amazing and outstanding teachers

Jirasin Wankijcharoen

Best university

Manuel Puli

Kristen Luther

As a transfer student at Towson I feel that I have a very unique perspective on this school. I transferred to Towson after spending a year at a different university. I decided that I was not happy with my other school, and was ready to come back closer to home. Towson has turned into my dream school. I am much more academically challenged here, and I feel like my money is paying for a better education. Although it is sometimes hard to find the best teachers and classes, it is because there are so many options to choose from. The teachers here are caring and will work with any student to make sure they will succeed. The school environment is very diverse which is one of my favorite parts about Towson. There are many different people, clubs, teams, student groups and activities to get involved with, and if the campus doesn't have something that interests you, you can always start a new group. Towson is big enough for everyone to find their fit and have their interests, but it is also small enough that I always am in classes with people I know, or always see many people I know while on campus.

Sheela Wells

My daughter came in as a Clinical Psych. student, we found the staff was friendly and helpful, Towson excepted all of her credits from MCC, I recommend this University wholeheartedly..THE TOWN, THE UNIVERSITY, THE ATMOSPHERE. .ALL HERE...

Echhit Joshi

Jodie Forton

It is a good place close to home

Bianca Watson

I couldn't be happier with my choice to go to towson university! My professors are AMAZING and i learn so much from them! I live in the towers and the dorms are huge! The food is good and everyone is so friendly! I highly recommend choosing this school if you want a great college experience!!


I have attended a few colleges, top universities as well as community colleges, so a good variety. I have found Towson University to provide the best class sizes (even with the large student population they have small classes), great and constantly being updated and built facilities, friendly and intelligent students, wonderful and helpful teachers by far some of the best i have experienced at the college level, and the psychology department and classes are intriguing and well taught. I am very happy to have attended Towson University and believe it has truly helped me as a student and a person. Highly recommend checking out Towson for undergraduate and graduate studies.

Deb Nardi

William Manchisi

Carlos Barragan

Pay to pass. And pay to not have parking. Overcrowded. Not all classes advertised are available. Classes are too easy

Zachary Chandler

#turfburdick! happened!!! # what's up with all the panda logos...I thought we were the Tigers. #where'sspiderman #pandamonium #CLC

Dare Devil

Lori Squires

I had the pleasure of meeting a dozen of your students on their service project trip to Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary in Locust Grove, Ga. I was very impressed with the enthusiasm of the group and with their commitment to helping others. They gave of their time and financial resources to support our animal sanctuary. They put in full days of hard labor without complaint. There are more glamorous ways to spend a university break than mucking out animal enclosures and habitats (lions, tigers, bears leave BIG messes behind) and cleaning up after our recent storms. Thanks to these students (I wish that I had their names) and to the organizers of the service project program. Sincerely, Lori Squires Volunteer, Noah's Ark

Wasiful Fahim

Jessica Sizemore

One of the things that I love about Towson is how beautiful the campus is. Its a large school, but with how the campus is laid out and the way that they do the classes you wouldn't know. I knew that when I went to a four year University I didn't want to feel like a small fish in a large pound. I decided to go to my community college before transferring into the Towson community so I had a general idea of what was going to be expected of me. The transfer process was relatively easy in the fact that all of my credits transferred. I really do love Towson, and I am proud to call it my home.

Devin Seidel

Let me start by saying this, I am going to ramble a little bit and this may not sound like the best experience/review to start with, but I will get to my point, and my point is that I thoroughly enjoy going to Towson University. However, I did not start my college career at Towson, neither did I enjoy my time at Towson right from the start. I transferred to Towson University from a small, private four-year institution. As a transfer student I had to go through a special orientation before the semester began, which definitely helped with learning some basic information about what the school had to offer. Only problem was after the orientation was finished I felt like I was not able to reach out and get more assistance. For example, I knew what resources were available to me on campus, but I did not know how to find them let alone actually figure out how to use them. But I learned and some professors, who were very understanding of my situation, were willing to help me out. Academically, the professors are generally very knowledgeable and, from my experience, if you put in the effort they are usually willing to meet you half way and help you out. Socially I had a few more bumps in the road than in my classes. Within the first few weeks of the semester there was an activities fair, so I was thinking, "Awesome, I'll get involved and I'll meet people; this will be great!" The problem was that I also worked two jobs and the activities fair conflicted. So I missed it. I was always a pretty easy going guy and I was able to get along with most people; but, as a transfer, it was hard, even for me. Having difficulty feeling like you belong and getting to know people is not any fault of your own, it is due to the hard situation that you find yourself in after switching schools. As a transfer you are put into a new environment where you may not necessarily know many people, if any at all, and at first it’s disorienting, but you figure it out. A lot of the student body started out together as freshmen; they went through the same freshmen orientations, lived in the same dorms, and took the same freshmen classes. You did not, and you definitely can feel disconnected at first. But you find your way. There are tons of things to get involved in at Towson, all it takes is a little initiative on your part to look for something. Even if you cannot stay involved in the activity for long, you still will know those people. I was a part of the flag football club for a few weeks, but had to drop because of work and class, those people still said "hi" to me; we still hung out. My biggest piece of advice for you would be this, try something that you’ve always wanted to do but never had a chance to, or try something completely new and unexpected. I never would have seen myself as a member of a fraternity. The stigma that the public associates with “Greek” organizations was the same one I held. I thought being a "Greek" meant going against what I stood for. But, for some strange reason, and a fraternity found me. Someone I knew from even before high school saw me at a table eating, and he came over to talk to me. This was a guy I never thought would be a part of a frat. But he started talking to me about his fraternity, Theta Chi, and the way he was describing it sounded like an institution that believed in the same things I did. Sure enough, at the end of our conversation, he said I should give it a try because I stood for the same ideals as the fraternity. So I did; I haven't regretted my decision once since. It is completely possible to get through life at Towson without getting involved in anything besides class. You can focus on just getting good grades and nothing more, and Towson would be great fit for you. However, you would be doing yourself a severe disservice. Towson is so much more than a mere school; it is a community and a family; it is a place that challenges you to grow, but does not make you face it alone. I am proud to say I am a student at Towson University, and if I could do it all again I would START here.

Mike Kohn

If you are an adult student, apply elsewhere. From the office hours to the night and class offered, Towson is very unwilling to work with adult students. I have one class left to graduate and it is never offered at night/online/ or on the weekends. I've spoken with the dean, my advisor, and the professor of the class. No one has been able to offer a solution.

Sina Ghirma

Towson University has allowed all of my dreams and goals to begin to come to fruition. I am a junior-level student and I have attended 2 other institutions before enrolling at Towson. You can say I've done some jumping around but as my first semester comes to a close I feel more belonging to this community than the last two schools I went to. Towson promotes an enriching experience that has made me feel I can do things I never thought possible. I have networked with people both very much like me and unlike me and was fortunate enough to learn a great deal from both kinds. If you are interested in any sports related health careers, get in contact with the Kinesiology department at Towson and get yourself acquainted with the head of the department. That's why I did the last two semesters before transferring and I was able to get tips on a smooth transition as far as pre-requisites, etc. and now I can graduate in three semesters instead of four. They are all knowledgeable in their respective fields and really prepare you for graduate studies and the workforce.

Estela Sandoval


Adnan Alyyan

Roy Mathew

Visited the Townson University Arts Center for the Maryland Music state solo and ensemble event. Well organized event in a beautiful building.

Nabil Sharif

Good School. I like the people, the food, and the academics there.

Irena Baram

Looks nice. I like to rest there

Raheem Bailey

A great university, my life has become better by coming to Towson. Greatest school on the planet in my opinion

Tahani Muhammad

Upon receiving a Masters...sitting down to be hooded should be automatic!!!

Gulyousaf Khan

Marcia Jones

This school has the potential to be a good school. However, diversity support is lacking. I have YET to get the feeling of 'I belong'. Advisers are not nearly as sincerely invested with students as advisers are at the college I transferred from. I get the vibe of sink or swim from my Mass Communications adviser. It's a harsh reality to see how much energy he puts into the elite students at orientation vs an average student. Some instructors are reasonable, others are tolerable...but a good percentage of instructors have a militaristic approach to teaching. Greek life is one lie after another. The Greek life director seriously lies at orientation about being able to pledge D9 organizations in your first semester. You don't find out the truth until you actually start the recruitment process. I believe Towson University greek life should be honest when setting expectations like some of the other local HBCU's. It really isn't right to make transfer students believe you can pledge a D9 sorority in your first semester at the college. My review is being posted so other prospective transfer students will fully understand that Towson greek life employess will say whatever they think you want to hear about national sororities in order to win your business. No other HBCU goes to this extreme extent just to increase enrollment. Sadly, this college is a true disappointment. I will be transferring in the Fall. Towson University has a lot to work on with greek life expectation vs reality.

Boss Boss

Angel Godino

Go Tigers!

Horton Adams

Rickie Furline

Unapologetic Woman

I must start off by saying I love this school and I'm very proud to be a tiger. I attended the campus in Harford County but I really like the main campus, overall I get good vibes from the place, I plan on taking grad classes. However, the main campus itself is really confusing and hard to navigate. The buildings are poorly labeled. My mom and I must've drove around 2 or 3 times looking for Hawkins Hall. I looked at the map on my phone the night before and understood the location (it's behind the liberal arts building), simple enough, right? But we had such a difficult time finding it, we rode by it more than once. Finding buildings can also be stressful because in my case it's usually time sensitive, since on that particular day I wanted to talk to the instructional technology program director, and her office is located in Hawkins Hall, she would only be there for an hour. I had plenty of time, but nonetheless being lost is really frustrating. Another thing that bugs me is how the interior of the buildings makes you feel like you took a time machine back to the 70s. Even Hawkins Hall, where all of the educational technology and multimedia classes are taught, looks outdated, with walls that are all white brick, and the offices have such a creepy appearance. I know the school is old, but maybe a renovation could be on the horizon? I don't know, hopefully. Lol. On the plus side the faculty is nice and down to earth, they respond to emails in a timely manner. Nothing like the professors or faculty at the northeastern campus, who generally seemed unprofessional. The students also seem different, but in a positive way, considering how the people at the Harford County campus were stuck up and unfriendly. Like I said I want to take graduate courses here so I'll be editing my review as needed, I'm just commenting on my experience so far. My only peeves are the poor labeling and the old looking buildings, but besides that I love this school. Great place to get an undergrad or graduate degree. ***Update*** I know I promised an updated review. So far, I am enjoying my time at TU as a graduate student in the health science program. I was very confused and unsure about which program I wanted to choose, but I'm really happy with my decision, as the curriculum relates to psychology. However, my biggest complaint is the building where I have my classes, and where all the health major courses are held: Linthicum Hall. It is so disgusting!!!!!!! I've been in there before to drop off papers for my advisor at the health science office, before my first semester started, but I didn't notice the grossness of the building until my classes started. There's actually old dried up gum in the chairs that are used for the classrooms!!!!! The whole interior of the place is severely outdated. The bathroom stalls are 2 inches in width when you go inside. I dread coming here for my classes. Hopefully the money from students' tuition can be used to construct a new health building. But the school should be ashamed that they let the chairs get so revolting. I feel like I have to bring newspaper just to sit down so my skin doesn't crawl. While I do love this school, shame on them for being so gross and careless. Smh

jordan kendall

As a freshman who's only had one semester, I can only say so much. With that being said I have really enjoyed my time at Towson. It's not perfect by any means but the negatives have been miniscule compared to the positives. Professors have …

Aden Buford

Joseph Zerafa

Great education. Awesome place. Lots of fun is had. Professors are great and campus is beautiful

Sultan Al Neyadi


Love TU! Big school with a small feel. Amazing people and professors here. Glad i chose Towson over UMD after a very long decision process

Tom Brown

A lot better than Salisbury University where I am currently enrolled. Graduated in 2011...GO TU so much fun although I lived off campues

Karenza Noble


Lauren Smith

Not worth your time

David Sheir

I've been to a lot of schools and I really do enjoy Towson and its community. I've made some good memories there and am glad I decided to finish my degree there.

Kyle Fultz

Only good for the parties! Nothing else!

cedric dana


Ianne Medeiros


kathleen jones

Caitlyn Behnke


First Last

As a parent of a Towson junior my daughter as well as us parents are overall pleased with the Towson experience. The campus has been getting upgraded for the past 10 years and this is continuing. The academics are good. Some classes she says are a breeze but the higher level or honors classes really challenge her. According to her the social life is OK on campus but she spends much of her time a few blocs up in town where there is a lot to do. It is a safe area and Towson itself is a nice place to visit.

Roger Asnen

Good school.

Stephanie Smith

Go to Burdick, try the adventure program!

shamsuddin ali


Veeresh Shetty

Ranjith kumar


Antonio Eveline

I love this place especially the SECU Arena it was great and amazing

Jane Gunderman

It's just a beautiful old campus , old buildings , nice landscape

Chelsea Gostomski

Scott Luthy

Tyler Jordan

Great school, some dumb people though.

javon henderson

My experience as a transfer has been a great one it was a smooth transition from my previous university and it is a great place to be. I enjoy all of the different places to eat on campus and the flexible hours of the gym. I can't forget the availability of my teachers and their office hours either.

Jerry C.

Parking, drivers, and security suck here. Its like $300 for a permit but you cant even find parking in the first place! And there aren't cameras in every place in the garages so if your car gets hit (which I have witnessed) and run then you are SOL cause they probably don't even have a camera to protect you. The school is crowded and you gotta be lucky to get your first choice of professor when you make your schedule. Other than that its a nice school, big(ish) campus food options are meh and meal plans are out the butt expensive. But the people at this school are all unique I almost never see the same person twice on the same day so I guess that's good? Employees range from nice to plain rude (usually the ones in the cafeterias are rude sometimes). There also ALWAYS construction at this school. Like idk what they spend the tuition costs on but they always are building stuff. How about a new parking garage?

Bryante Hayman

As a transfer student, my experience at Towson University has been great. Towson is completely different from my old college and so far the transitioning is going smoothly. The campus is bigger and brighter, the teachers are more interactive, and I am more knowledgable about the programs and opportunities on campus. Transferring to Towson was a great choice and I am continuing to make more and more friends.

Hassan Althobaiti

Nice campus and great place to study.

Richard Snyder

I went to Towson as an undergrad and loved every minute I spent at the University. I lived on campus and made friends with whom I am still friends with 10 years later. As I look at the changes and upgrades that have happened since I left I am jealous because of all the new innovations the university are implementing. Towson helped me identify my true character and introduce me to people with whom liked/loved me for who I am. I think that is priceless.

k g

Towson University does not care about their students that much. Especially if you are a transfer student. They do not like to accept credits for what they are worth and they continue to not support them. All transfers do not get housing oppurtunites on campus and usually have to live a bit of a walk from campus. They have shuttles to get to campus but they are struck with not shoeing up and late times. I am not very pleased with Towson and I believe if you are looking to come to Towson you may want to try a different university that cares about their students.

Kristen Bender

It was fun

Michael Shor

Towson University buildings are poorly labeled, and no outdoor maps are provided of its complex campus. Its buildings do not have individual addresses, making obtaining directions to various places on campus difficult and confusing in the era of GPSs. 8000 York Rd refers to the entire campus, which seems to be about a mile long.

Gordon Burgett

I have had experience with over 5 different universities either myself or as a parent. I will say that this school is the worse of all of them. Find another school it you want to learn anything. Go to Towson if you want to be mired in politics and if you want to deal with a staff and professors that care little about students.

Kathy Van

My experience as a transfer student at Towson University has been amazing! The University provides tutors from a variety of subjects from English to Finance. Also the University has a huge variety of clubs and activities to join, so you will always have something to do. For example, I am part of the American Marketing Association.

Methan Ouattara

diokhane thiama

Aren Boghosian

Diptee Sharma

The international advisor is a big fat liar. She will lie to your face and later on deny it. Had to pay $12000 for nothing. Parking garage is a joke and the money you pay for it is another joke. They are very hungry for money. I even tried to contact the dean of the university but she avoided me. Everyone there is a liar and cheat. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY HERE.

Chido Enweze

I love that they have free pool tables

Liv Casale

Just don't go here.

lee xu

Ethel Bryant

Justin Rizzutto

ben brashear

Pilar Zamora

Ben Toppi

Cheap...Yeah. I'm a Film Major at Towson, it's the best in the state, but that's not saying much. It's alright as far a commuting goes. It's a good school, not bad school and certainly not a great school. If you want a cheap bachelors Towson is great for you. If you want a great college experience, go, well anywhere else in Maryland.

Kevin Kutner

TU is a PHENOMENAL school with incredible assets to help a student reach their potential inside the classroom. More importantly though, outside the classroom as well, through leadership development and personal growth.

Lucie Silver some extent what I was expecting. facilities aren't bad but some of the professors are just rough.

cynthia ferreiras

Lisa Scott

My daughter attends Towson and loves it! The classes seem challenging, and the instructions really care. She has made a lot of friends. The dorms she has been in for the last 2 years were almost new and very well kept. There are busses available to shuttle students to classes. There does seem to be a shortage of parking for commuter students, so I hope they can rectify that situation to keep everyone happy.

aviana bennett

Kevin Amos

As a transfer student, I really love it here at Towson University . From the beautiful and peace campus, to the wonderful art programs and lastly the great Division 1 Sports, all makes me proud to be apart of such a great University. Towson really cares for their students, and i promise you they will challenge you to be the best person you can possibly be.


My cousin went there and i went there to visit it was nice and in a nice part of baltimore. Also it had nice restaurants around it. GO TIGERS

Wonderlust King

So excited to start at Towson in the Fall! The admissions group has been incredibly helpful and supportive. Especially for someone with special needs. Great School!

Edelweiss Calcagno

They are organized so well it is astonishing...

Bella Fuentes

Going here bc of Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat


Drew Van Acker went there. Jason DiLaurentis. Dont know why im writing a review tho...

Theresa Vello

Went to my first college football game. Thanks Uncle Lonnie!!

Brendon Harper

Played 7on7 for football here, Towson players were reffing and were making it obvious they didn’t want to be there by texting and playing on there phone mid game, paying attention to everything but the game, absolutely pathetic.


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