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REVIEWS OF St. Mary's College of Maryland IN Maryland

Benjamin Drury Thompson

I will never forget my times at SMCM. My professors pushed my limits and set me up for a fantastic future. Like many arts schools there are programs that may not have a direct demand within the job market but I did not get one of those degrees. Most of my fellow students are now doctors, vets, lab techs, and professional writers. I still have casual conversations with my mentors and guidance councilors, we were always on a first name basis.

XY Prime

Michael Harp

One couldn't find a more lovely place to spend four years in a drunken stupor. But seriously the school is great

marie haavik

Joseph Peak

John V

Great place to let kids run around at sunset

Jeff Bliss

College is broke, probably won't be a school in 10 years. Don't come here unless you want to live in a dump and earn a worthless degree.

elaine reinhold

I loved every time I visited my daughter on this gorgeous campus. In fact she took me sailing from their on campus sail boat checkout! She graduated and is now married and working in Japan. I thank St Mary's for this.

Guy A. Edwards

Loved the place

Rose Aboah

keph m

maura and ivy make the mosquitos worth it. would recommend.

Anne Howard

Graduation Day!

Andrew Wheeler

Matthew Manning

I deeply regret attending SMCM. My community college was far better then this college. This was one of the worst life decisions that I ever made. In my opinion, SMCM is the truly a prime example of all that is wrong with higher education in the United States. They spend all their money on salaries, and have nothing left for student services. The teachers violate your right to freedom of speech if they don't like what your saying about a class topic, the dorms have bugs in them, the Daily Grind has roaches. They also discriminate against students with lower income backgrounds. This place is the scum of the earth in my opinion.

Aimee Johnson

DON'T GO TO SMCM. If I could give this place less than 1 star I would. A degree from St. Mary's is pretty much useless - you're better off attending a community college for 4 years. I attended for 2 years and then transferred to the University of Maryland, and it was the best decision I ever made. Bigger schools provide students with connections, internships, real-world experience, and job offers right out of college. SMCM does none of this. I graduated from the University of Maryland two years ago (2014) with 3 internships under my belt and 2 job offers right out of college with a base salary of 60k. The friends I have that graduated from SMCM were completely lost in their job search, and some are still working minimum wage jobs because nobody will hire them. Others need to go to graduate school to get an actually useful degree. I'm not telling you this to boast - I am telling you this as a WARNING!!! This place is a complete joke, and if you care at all about your future or career, steer clear. St. Mary's also hides a lot of very real issues that it has. It's a mess. The school is outdated in its technology, academics, dorms, and student facilities. It's EXTREMELY expensive, for no reason at all. Most of the money goes straight to employee salaries, and there's nothing left to provide for students in the way of activities, updated facilities, clubs, or athletics. For the education and experience provided by SMCM, it's not worth even half the tuition. You can get a MUCH better (and more useful) education elsewhere, and save money while you're at it. The dorms have bed bugs (when I was there, we had to evacuate a dorm and live elsewhere while exterminators came in to get rid of the problem. From what I've heard, they had another bed bug issue just last year), the dining hall has COCKROACHES, and the older academic buildings have mold and asbestos. It's disgusting! For your own good, PLEASE steer clear of this place. Send your child elsewhere.

Joe Fisher

Alissa Fisher did a tour of your college and is excited about begining her future by studing at St. Mary's College. She enjoyed the campus and found out that a fellow Catonsville Comet attended this school and is now working as a recruiter. We look forward to hearing from you regarding Alissa's status with enrollment into this Great college. Mrs. Michele Fisher

Jennifer LeBlanc

This past June, I attended the Chesapeake Writers’ Conference at St. Mary’s College of Maryland. From what I saw online, it looked like exactly the conference I was hoping to attend. I have a Master’s degree in creative writing and was looking forward to a professional development opportunity. Unfortunately, when I arrived, I learned that I would be working mostly with undergraduate students who were attending the conference for free. I was asked to help mentor them. I just want to make other writers aware so that they can avoid the situation I found myself in.

Connor N

(Translated by Google) It's color off (Original) It's lit af

Ina Moultrie

Jonathan Schuster

Guillermo Aguirre

The food is regularly fresh and yummy, employees gives great customer service. I loved how neat it is and atmosphere. Keep up the good work.

Ellie Hamilton

Very small, few majors, in the middle of nowhere. would not recommend. At least its pretty?

Kasey Sadler

It's a great college. I am a freshman here and loving it! The classes are great and it's better than high school. The atmosphere is amazing. The sunsets are great too.

Nick Miner

Eamon Kostopulos

Q Bell

I really enjoyed their food. I always get fantastic service there. The place is neat and the staff members are always very friendly. Will come visit again.

Daybreak Dawncolors

The greatest experience of my life. This is an amazing school! The student teacher ratio is 10:1 and that means you get to know your professors and can learn from them like you never could at a bigger school. The professors are amazing too, brilliant, caring people who are there to really teach. What I have found is that the relationships that I have developed at a small school are profound, the smallness allows for this, plus the really special atmosphere of the place. I learned and grew so much at St. Mary's. Nationwide (for the whole United States) the college student population will be dropping for the next 10 years (until 2024). That is due to a population shift for the whole country, so don't let that distract you from choosing a good school, all schools right now have a bit smaller enrollment each year. This is because less babies where born in the USA 18 years ago (among families that can afford college and have a history of sending their kids to college) than in the previous years (look it up), so it has nothing to do with the quality of schools (all of which are getting smaller enrollments each year)-- this will not change by the way, until 2024, when the population of 18 year olds will start to get larger again across the USA). St. Mary's is not only an awesome place, but the State of Maryland has just added millions of dollars for new students in the coming years. This school isn't going away at all, and it's an incredible place. It is also rated one of the top public schools in all of the United States and that doesn't surprise me one bit, plus that tells you a lot about the schools future. I am so grateful for St. Mary's I can't even begin to tell you. What an awesome experience, thank you always!

John Esker

For me, SMC was the best choice to get the diverse education I wanted. From traditional humanities courses to deeply scientific understanding from Profs Bob Paul, Walter Hatch, Paul Blanchette, and Al Hovland. Thank you all for teaching not what but how to think, thoughtfully and creatively. It made Graduate school in Organic Chemistry at Texas A&M easy and prepared me for necessary career evolution.

John Morabito

Jenni Vezina

Amazing, genuine place.

Cheyenne Cromwell

Cooper Clark

Toussaint Crawford

Forrest Fisanich

Let me start by saying that I love the one-star reviews. It brings to mind the phrase "long on opinion, short on experience." I graduated in 1991 when SMC was just coming into its Public Honors College phase. Not a day goes by that I am not thankful for what I learned at St. Mary's, both in the classroom and out. The most important thing you're going to learn at SMC is how to think critically about every aspect of life, not just about the course curriculum. If you're not prepared to think for yourself, you're going to have a hard time. I'm back on campus at least twice a year and in talking to contemporary students, through the past 25 years, I have found that one thing has not changed; you still have to find your own two feet to stand on. The professors will help you find your way, but the responsibility for your education is on your shoulders. If you don't squander it, it will be the best four years of your life.

Yu Yin


Laura Heffern

Wi-fi and cell reception is terrible. Trying to send or receive phone calls is impossible unless you want to hear loud static the whole time.

Stacia Brandenburg


Visited to enjoy the river concert series and left completely delighted with the entire experience. The elderly companion with whom I attended accidently fell, and the on-site medical staff attended to her very very well. Atop the medical excitement, the river concert was top-notch and the campus is charming unlike any other.


My loves most favorite place in the world! Love you Mups

reyna Ramirez

Chris Petracco

Public honors college with awesome sailing program. One of the most beautiful college campuses in the US.

Peter Osinubi

Good hospitality, very neat and natural habitat

M Carey

Patrick Tara

Ample thinking sauce flows from the ground, AODS attacks are on the decline, the skunks are tame enough to play catch with them. Overall SMCM is the perfect location to train towards being an exceptional wizard.

Nando Sagastume

Koffi Kini


Ja' nae Fenwick

Yeah bro

Adam Malisch

John Russo

Roger The Barber

Never answered call

Vaclav Konecny

Mary Robey

Diana Stefko

Hyunsung Ko

Xeans Icemane

A great school. They'll work you hard and you'll party harder. Tough, pricey and worth every headache it'll ever give you.

Alex Ullman

Karen Martinez

That’s an incredible place to study..I just went today to visit and it’s so awesome there and the people is so nice and friendly


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