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REVIEWS OF Prince George's Community College IN Maryland

Apria Gallman

I've been on hold for over an hour and I get transferred from one department to the next. Plus I paid a bill off & they still have a hold on my transcripts. How unprofessional. I'm so glad I left this college.

Bernadine Ntangu

The best place to study Very quiet....

UrWorldsFuture NO BS 360 Media Group

My Alumni, this school is not for everyone and I mean that in the best way possible. But if You are one with perseverance and focus You'll easily achieve all of the academic goals and possibly start on some career goals . The resources there are everything You make them. If You decide to attend make sure and I want to stress make sure to use the network!Great staff and they are building so the campus is expanding. I'm excited for the future of this institution.

Marcus Henderson

Cons: The wait time to speak to someone on the phone is very long. The application for admission is missing my program of interest "Health Navigator". Pros: Spoke with a pleasant rep who was able to provide the info that I needed along with resources that I asked for. Simple admission process: -$25 -Admission application I suggest doing all your research and gathering all information that you need on your behalf before reaching out to PGCC staff to help make things flow easily. Dont expect everything to be perfect as this is a "Public" "Affordable" "Community College".


,Pros: Location, teachers are helpful, Wi-Fi works, flexible schedules, computers are in good shape, and have many Resources such as mentoring opportunities (WOW& DMSI), Academic advisors, Student support services and much more. I believe the president is very involved and she cares about the staff and the students. Cons: Cafeteria is too small, not enough tutors, and the financial aid is too strict. Overall I like the school but I’m transferring because the financial aid is too strict I have a 3.0 but sometimes it hard to keep that gpa because some teachers are foreign and I was not allow to change my class so I had to withdraw because I didn’t understand the teacher. By me withdrawing It cause me to write a letter to financial aid appeal which I think is not fair because if I was allow to change my teacher I would have done that and passed my class. I take my education very seriously.

Jazzy M

Word of advice: try and transfer out of this ghetto school as soon as possible. It'll save you the headache. TAKE ONLINE CLASSES! That way, you will not have to deal with their crap. The only good thing you'll find about this school is the cheap tuition, some good professors if you can find the right ones. So far, I managed to have good ones. And a few nice students along the way. But the unprofessional, unorganized with the admins, staff, etc is a nightmare. I'm speaking from experience with the financial aid and trying to sign up for classes. They act like they don't know what they're doing. Not to mention, you try to be friendly and they give you attitude like you did something wrong. Plus, the staff and admins are incredibly immature and straight up bullies. When you ask for help, they will act irritated, rude or expect you to it yourself. You know that you are going to be around students all day long, and if that is something you cannot handle or deliver civil professionalism, then why are you working here to begin with? Oh yeah, because they just hire anybody, and just hungry for a paycheck. Oh and also, people just tell you different answers or just straight up lie to you. If I had the choice, I would not spend another semester here for another minute. They really need to do something about this ghetto, unprofessional, unorganized, low class school and hire better admins, staff, etc too. I'll be so glad when I'm able to leave this school because I will not miss it. I'm sticking to my statement that Virginia schools are better. Also, another thing to add is that the advisers do not know how to do their jobs! They are just there for the title, so know what YOU want and YOUR plan, because these advisers will just tell you anything. In addition, they will act so conceited to make you look stupid. That's why I'm going with my own plan, and I can't wait to leave this school in the spring of 2018. It has been nothing but very poor. They just want your money. This school is nothing but a joke. If I could give this school a zero, I would in a heartbeat.

emmanuel ramsey

Just go to school do the work mind your business go home

Catherine Kombe-lovely

Phlebotomy program , I took the course this winter and although i thought the course was very informative, don't be fooled this continuing education class is all about getting your money, after you complete the class you may have to wait up to 6 months before you are able to do your clinical portion. I paid in full my whole +1000.00 lecture tuition and was told they would not even give me a letter of completion until I paid another 2-3 hundred for Clinical even though i would not do them for 5-6 months. this is crazy do your research... Call the National Phlebotomy board. #Disappointing

Life Goon

They never answer the phone , I been waiting for an hour and response, it is not convenient at all what if I am from other state trying to come in and study at PGCC ,this is extremely Redicouls, they just be seating and not doing thier work where are you Mr,supervisor !

Chris Louis

Biggest waste of my time. Staff was chiildish. Didn't know bullying was still prevalent in college. oh and don't expect to much from the student body

Arian Hedayati

I chenged my school, because of their bad teachers, My major is biology, They don't have good teachers in principles of biology 1 and 2 also bad teachers for general chemistry 2 and lab. Unfortunately, they have just 1 or 2 instructure for these courses,So I don't recommend you to going to pgcc college if you have sciences major.

Kia Wilson

Classes are great, as long as your teacher likes to teach. But actually getting things done between advising and financial is A joke. Do everything you can online. I am not expecting 5 start service because... It's PGCC. But nasty attitudes, smart remarks, even the nonverbal. I went to turn paper work in to Start my classes and I should have known something was up. The lady I spoke w in financial aid had a tone about her with a eye roll she thought I didnt see, so I kept it brief, did what she asked, no problem, as im leaving she seemed just gugh like she really had an attitude. She must have had a bad day, bcse I clearly interrupted her conversation with another front desk rep, not thinking anything of it.. I said Excuse me, I waited for recognition, then spoke. But now come to find out 2 months later. My paperwork was never submitted on financial aids be half. .. I am trying not to go to the school and cause a commotion, but at the same time. Thats triflin. You dont like your job, you need a break, you need a vacation, bad day Aww. Deal with it, you work in a school. Better yourself lady!

Jonas Kibet

Nice buildings, great location along the highway! Looks good to study here.

Stephanie Brown

One of their instructors did not show up nor did he call no excuse or anything, according to them needless to say we became behind on assignments... another was 45 minutes late to class only to give out assignments and say he would not be in next week either so he gave us two weeks of assignments. I had a decision to make because now we were receiving two weeks assignments for two classes....on top of work for my other 2 classes. The head of the department came in to teach one class and said if anyone wanted a refund they can receive it except for they do not know what would become of the financial aide students but she promise she would try to get you caught up if you stayed. I dropped one of my classes to do well in this other class which she told me to come in 1 hour early each class to get caught up which I did needless to say she did not show. Then they put me on probation .I spoke to the president and a Asst. twice they said they would look into it and never got back with me . They also told me that it would last for a I sat out went to see and advisor they told me to reregister needless to say wrong information was given to me and they are keeping that money as well but not without a fight.

Alfred Venable

I went here for 3 days and it was best 3 days of my college career!

Kimberly Thomas

Do not hang with anyone that is not focused on their career, education and industry! This applies to all colleges as I learned from experience. Your professors are your best friends as you constantly communicate and obey the syllabus. P.G. allows it students to be truly independent and able to join organizations, conferences and groups that fit the industry you are going into. I was even invited to join a biology club and go on trips.

Emmaculate Etih

Pgcc is the place. Good instructors who are ready to help at anytime... though graduated, I still come there to study. I consider pgcc my educational foundation for my career.

Arielle Brown

Worst school. I'm transferring in the Fall. The nutrition teacher McAfee doesn't respond to emails, and the Math class 0104 is unrealistic unless its the only class your taking that semester. I have been trying to complete 0104 on and off for 3 or 4 semesters. They need to do something about that class.

Balbuena Family

Disrespectful place. You can smell weed everywhere in this terrible school. If you don't care about your education. Just go there and waste your money.

G Washington

Life is what you make it. Good opportunities here.

Broderick Spencer

Prince Georges Community College's Paralegal/Legal Assistant Certificate and Associate Degree programs are NOT approved by the American Bar Association (ABA) as of 6/2016. Do your research! Most employers of paralegals and legal assistants prefer individuals who have completed a program that has an ABA approved distinction (as well as a GPA above 3.50). Research this information before you invest your time and money. Check out Montgomery Community College and Virginia's Community Colleges. These colleges have paralegal programs that are ABA approved. This may sound POLITICAL but its true! Best Wishes!

Alvine Ledbetter

"SOME" of the worst Administrators ever...the departments don't communicate! Get ready for the run around.

Anthony Prentice

It's a good college and easy to travel to.

Ava Richardson

Professors are very thorough. The best learning environment I have ever been in.

Tanya Hutchinson

Very unorganized and last minute when it comes to scheduling. I would never take anymore classes here.

jordan kendall

Dual enrollment so only took 2 classes. Teachers and peers were good and willing to help. Professor Streets egl 1010 amazing professor very great teacher and willing to assist you to succeed. Facilities dirty and outdated. Campus often smells like marijuana especially elevators. Parking horrendous, extremely difficult to find spot and can be hard to get in and out. Dual enrollment wise good experience but wouldn't go there full time.

Nebil Akalu

Its been 10 days since I have requested to change my plan of degree and still no result. My old school changed my major in a minute. I dont know abt this school tho. I just applied for this school it seems like everything they do is slow.

Jerson Orellanachavez

One day I might go to that collage and live my dream

Kimora James

The worst mistake of my life was being a student at this racist and unprofessional in every sense of the word "college". Please take your business elsewhere if you want to be treated like a human being and not like a roach by the professors and staff. This school does NOT care about teaching the student, or helping them progress. I think the only motivating factor is the money. A student does not have a say in this school. No matter what type of evidence you have. Be prepared to loose when they say so! There is plenty of corruption by the professors and the staff. It's so sad. At the same time , It's PG, what else can you expect. My last math professor, Ahmad Harvey, was a total surprise. Jokes about sex, favoritism to the MAX, missing classes ( resulting in classes over the weekend in order to catch up! Hello! There is a reason why i did not sign up for weekend classes! I cannot make it on the weekends!!! Still, if you dint make it, he would accuse you of not wanting to pass LOL WOW SMH), letting people that he was cool with cheat (literally, but if you were cool with him, he dint mind much.) ETC What a freaking douche bag. What hurt me the most about this so called "professional" was that instead of helping the people that were falling behind, he would say things like " you are not going to pass anyway", yet, the WOMEN that were passing, either because they were cheating or cause they were simply passing, he would flirt with and encourage them. Thanks for the motivation Professor Harvey. What a way to help the students that really need motivation.

Miguel E. H. DnineFam

Just wanted a simple refund on a class that was cancled. Ended up speaking to 7 different people who all told me different things and accused each other of lying. Finally after waiting a whole month for the refund to be "process" I was told to wait some more. Still haven't received it. AVOID this place at all cost.!

Abby Akins

It was a great experience for me i had some good and bad teachers. But it was not that bad. It a place you can go to save money then transfer with a good grade if you focus on what matters to you


Contacted the college student hotline a multitude of times. Have not been able to reach a phone operator. Was placed on hold for over an hour.

Miya Jackson-Presley

I enrolled in the community college with the intention of competing my re-certification courses for education. I attempted to register for classes only to be told the department of education had to assist me in the process. For 3 months I have attempted to contact someone in the education department only to be met with "brick walls". I hoped to take spring classes now my only option would be possible summer courses. If I could rate the school a zero I would. My money and time has been wasted. I am extremely disappointed.

Malcolm Gilmore

It's not bad.

Toffee Ade

I would like to say that most of the negative comments are regarding the staff and I have to be honest and agree. The Staff is horrible. when you call, when you come in as well. they are not helpful. they treat you as if are asking for welfare and lazy before they get to know you. Yes, They are a very poor representation of the school. But, the professors and the education is what I based my coming to PGCC and return on. I have been there 3 semesters. I had a hardship twice that made me have to pause my classes. and my professors where very understanding. My advisor Mr. Marcus Turner is a Gem. My math professors Aquino and Shah are very knowledgeable, the paste of the class matches the understanding paste. Someone should train the staff to be a bit more professional , ok , a lot more .. But don't let that stop you because you will miss out on a good education and the price ..... Thanks God for Jesus.. Yes, so ignore the rudeness of staff and come get you WISE on... Felicia, Owl for Life....WHO ME?...lQQK, see y'all in class. stop tripping, and FALL into class.

Sydne Smith

Wonderful place of learning. Staff is nice and buildings have been updated.

A Stanley

Teachers and staff aren't very professional...They don't care much for the students. My sister is going there now and says they are "incompetent and only go but so far" for the students.

Chibuikem Oparaoji

A lot of the people that gave this school 5 stars either work there or just give every place they go to 5 stars. If you enroll in this school your main objective should be to transfer out as soon as possible. You don want to waste a second longer than you have to going to this school. The best part about this school is their teachers. Most of them are not helpful but if you look hard enough you might find 4 or 5 good ones. With that being said this school should only be used as a stepping stone to get into other schools as everything else about this school is substandard. And please if you ever find yourself going to this school please be very sure of your plans because their advisors will lead you to failure.


Its a great opportunity to re tool your career. If you are serious about your path in life this is a opportunity to try out an enormous path to sucess


Adjuncts are dispensable. HORRIBLE administration. Chair of English Dept. is both new and incompetent. Director at Hyattsville equally incompetent. Consulted attorney - they're a lawsuit waiting to happen.

little froe

Got two degrees debt free for the price of a single semester elsewhere thank you; on-site baby sitting, night classes, online classes, and discounted text books were very flexible for my schedule. Also, deans will work to transfer whatever credits you need. Nice people. Thank you.

Jonell Malone

Take advantage of the resources (Hillman Entrepreneurship Program) and transfer with your associates!

Kenneth Clark

Great professors who want students to learn. Very helpful staff. ...

Le'Cheay Armstrong

I've had the worst experience at Prince George's Community College with Financial Aid, the Math Department, and recently, the Cashiers office. The Math Department, specifically the Developmental Math Department, is terrible. I took MATH 0104 in the Fall of 2012 and did everything up until the last day of Class when I was on Module 13 (At this time, the class was module 10-14) and my professor came extremely late. My class was from 6:00 pm until 7:50 pm however he didn't show up until 7:00 and that was not enough time to start and finish my test on the last day of class. The department told me I can finish the class during the Fall of 2013 so I signed up for the class again however PGCC dropped all of my classes without letting me know because I didn't pay for my classes (but I had financial aid and my financial aid did go through at the time so there was no excuse) so I was forced to miss out of the class because all of the Math 0104 classes was now full. I than sign up for the class for Fall of 2013 which was when the Department told me I would have to start all over from the beginning and they couldn't help me even after I told them what happened. I dropped the class and ended up trying to take the class again in the Spring of 2015 where I decided to just start from the beginning. I ended up dropping the class again due to the professor being rude and calling me "stupid." I ended up going to another college to take the same exact class and had it transferred back to PGCC. The Financial aid office has consistently dropped my classes claiming I don't have financial aid when I did. I consistently had to redo my class schedule because of this and even went to the Financial aid office to get it straight. Even now, they claim that I don't have financial aid when I do. It's always been a problem that always has to be settled when it's not necessary. I haven't had any problems with the Cashiers Office until recently. I have one cashier telling me one thing and another cashier telling me another thing. They're really unorganized and sounded surprised when I told them I made my payment but they're records didn't show I did. It wasn't all bad at PGCC, I've met some good people and some professors I did have we're passionate about they're subject and I really enjoyed their classes. However, I had more negative experiences than good at this college.

Joshua Cranston

Ghetto and childish. Its the 13th grade basically, i regret ever attending here or wasting my time/money here

Rapid Roadside

Stepped the game up. Looking good

Shio Huang

Pros: cheap tuition, location (if you live in PG county), some easy pass classes to get you through college, Hillman program (probably the only reason why you should attend this school but Howard also has the same program.) Cons: everything else. Admin dept. sucks, outdated facilities expect for the few new buildings. So many bad experience dealing with the office and instructors...very unprofessional with a lot of organizational problem. Recommendations: Try to avoid this school if you can, otherwise take online courses that you don't need to deal with any admin or bad instructors who usually just waste your time. Know what you want before even registering ANY class, because once you need to change or drop it, you will get pushed around the dept. n no one can really help you

Tehillah Ralph

Worst school ever. Their financial aid office is terrible. I have been to the school 8 times since October because of my financial aid package. School starts in some days and I don't even know what to do. I have missed work because I had to go see them and it's the same stupid excuse. I would have to miss work the 9th time just to hear their annoying responses again. I would not advise anyone to come here. They will waste your time

Lacey Daley

Horrible school.

Grace Daniel

PGCC is not a bad school at all!! Yes, some students and faculty can be rude, but that is at any school around the world! I am transferring, but I was there for 2.5 years. Lots learned, made good friends, had great times. PGCC is what you make it.... I made it a great experience, but it is time to move on. Farewell PGCC. Good times, better days. PS: If you want to study, GO to the LIBRARY! It is very quiet and peaceful. You can even catch some sleep if you need it.

Rachel Wagner

Professors are rude at time, I have been going here for a year. People are not as bad as you think they would be as long as you are spending time with the group of people that understand you. Classes are small so you can focus more and get a better explanation of something you need cleared up.

Jennifer Moorer

This has been the absolute worst experience my husband and I have ever dealt with any community college. My husband and I are PSCing from Germany, he is a German Citizen with a permanent resident card. We first tried contacting them while in Germany to see what he will need to get signed up in school, and to get in touch with the POC, Mrs. Curly, was nearly impossible. Once arriving in MD (to sign up for school and house hunt) the lady in admissions instantly heard we were in the military and sent us to the Vet advisor. The Vet advisor wasn't sure why she sent us there because my husband isn't a Vet using military benefits and sent us back to admissions. Finally, we were told since we aren't living in MD yet until July, that they needed my orders so my husband can be considered an in state/county resident. They received the orders and my husband was told everything was updated and he will be considered a state resident due to being a military dependent. Next couple days, my husband has an appointment with the advisor to discuss his placement test and get him an academic plan. The appointment was only slotted for 30 minutes, and my husband had a lot more questions. So what happened, she referred us to the help desk and then back to admissions. Next day, my husband goes back to the school to register and pay for classes, he finds out he is paying full rate, went back to admissions to get help and there is told he needs to come back tomorrow because the advisor he needs to speak to is on an "all day" appt. He goes back the next day speaks to the director of admissions, Mrs. Hairston, and she tells him he will get full rate because he doesn't physically live in MD yet, ok, fine right? Then he has to speak to Mrs. Curly, the Interim Director, Recruitment and Admissions, and the NEW story was the law says he would have to reside in MD for 3 months before he receives the in state credit rate for classes. He talks back to the director and she makes him a "promise" they will hold his classes until we come back in July and with the orders he will not have to wait the 3 months and will get the in state/county rate. Bottom line, everyone at this school who we have dealt with have given us different stories, not one person is on the same page. The professionalism was non existent, it seemed as though they didn't want to take the time to listen to what he was trying to say, they just assumed. I get they are busy there, but if everyone was on the same page, we wouldn't have made 8-9 trips in 2 weeks to get this settled. We asked prior to our arrival if he was good to sign up and we got the green light, only for him to leave empty handed, and to hope that the director of admissions will keep her "promise" to let him keep his class and pay the in state tuition rate upon our return. We had one helpful/professional person we dealt with who did what she could to assist, and we want to thank her. Ms. Tanisha Dunham who worked at the help desk. She was the only one who made the process bearable because she was so nice and helpful to us.

Sean W

Got my Associates degree here two years ago. School is very affordable especially if you live in county. Very close to metro and to local shopping mall. Only reason I give this school 3 stars is because most the professors are just terrible. Went to this school for 2 1/2 years and I felt like I only learned from maybe 4 professors, everybody else just taught from a book instead of giving insightful lectures.

Long Wang

My impression before I started going there: This school year is probably not going to be pretty. After I started going: If a category F5 tornado formed above this school and tore it apart and the rest of Largo, I would not feel upset at all.

Joy Timmons

I hated this college including all staffs, administration and president of this college I had many issues with back when I was attending this college. Yes, I graduated in 2004, made very high grades and achieve my goals, but the President of this college did nothing about my situation. She failed to do her job claiming that she will not bar a student for harassing me. She is very lucky I did not sue her before I graduated. Other people has complained about allowing non-visitors attending to this school for no reason. This brings a major concern about safety. I would advise no one attend to this school. It sure has very poor administration. I do not care what that president said, she is a very poor administrator. I am glad I am moving out of this state and I will be a excellent administrator this president of this college. We need to hire new administrators in this college and make changes in this college and other schools. I will do way better than this sorry loser president of this GHETTO and dysfunctional college.

Tamayra Washington

My fav school. I know its not the best but definitely love it here. Without education we ain't nothing so i try to love my lectures, and try work, research as much as i can. I just wanna be the best student period!

Oluwatoyin Abel

I love this college is affordable and all staff are ready to assist and help u concerning any issue. Love pgcc

Bonnita Spikes

State of the Art Innovative Courses with Excellent Professors preparing our future Professionals in the Advanced Careers of their choice.

Crystal E.

A great way to save a lot of money and NOT be part of the $1.2 Trillion USA College Student Loan Debt. Good way to get A.A. degree and credits that will transfer to other colleges. Associated with Maryland Colleges and some D.C. Colleges. Chance to be a big fish in a small pond. (*Respect adults who go back to school. They are here to study ,which is what college is for, not for parties and worrying about being accepted into a fraternity.

L. Joli

The teachers are great! Hence the4 stars. The staff that does the administration part of the so much. They don’t seem too organized, you always have to check with them to make sure things don’t fall through the cracks. You can barely get in contact with anyone.

Tayona White

The worst place they are out to get your money ... I have had to make several trips here to get things straight with them to no avail. Every time i turn around its something.

Allen Bonanno-Watson

My sister is going here. She purchased her textbooks as e-books. Then was informed, after she paid all that money, that she couldn't use the e-book format in classes. So she ordered the hard copies of her books. After waiting, (a week!) for the books, they call her and say her order was cancelled! With no explanation except to say she needs to call them. When she calls she gets a machine, and basically now she needs to go buy the books in person. Very disappointing. she says most of the teachers are alright so far. But anything to do with planning or management or communication has been terrible. Update: the bookstore was not open when they were supposed to be... Not a holiday, no special reason. Just not open... We're getting the books on Amazon. Hopefully things will take a turn for the better.

Mekides Edossa

update After the all back and forth with emails, phone calls and an hour trips to the largo compass I finally got an answer after I wrote DR duke AND mister Owen is an amazing and understanding person . I lost all my hopes ever going to PGCC after all the miss leading informations and the discouragement I got to face when ever I seek for help . If things go the way they are going now I might try to go to the school again .

richard cochran

My son went here and they lost his paperwork for the DMV . Now they want him to pay for a second class. This is BS. They treat their students with little respect point blank. WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY......

Jacqueline McMullen

This is by far the worst school I have EVER had to deal with. Everyone gives you a different answer or just lies to you. I would never recommend going to this school. I will NOT be attending another semester here. Thanks for ruining my first experience at your school PGCC.

Esaaba Haizel Ministry

The best

Victoria Ogunnowo

I wonder why there are so many bad reviews about this school. It's not as bad as I thought or as I read. Yes, I did have a bad impression at first because I was supposed to take four courses, now I'm taking three because of their carelessness. But that's the only problem I've encountered here. My professors are good. I read bad reviews about the financial aid also but there was no problem with my financial aid and everything went smoothly. Overall, this school is not so bad. I'll still be checking tho. Maybe I haven't seen the bad part of the school yet. Lol

Keystal Nieves

Everyone is very nice a great place to study

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