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Where is Montgomery College Germantown Campus?

REVIEWS OF Montgomery College Germantown Campus IN Maryland

Megan Lilly

This really is a nice school! Great instructors too! They have been very helpful and are easy to work with! Parking passes are free for enrolled students and parking is ample. The bus line also runs to the college.

Jefferson Battle

christian seyoum

Usman Rajput

A very nice environment, quite and clean. Lots of parking options and great buildings with lots of different things to do. A great place to study and goto school.

Elizabeth Challenor-Reese

Sara Ruiz

Best Community College in Montgomery County! So many everlasting opportunities here. People are helpful and there is massive of helpful resources! I received my Associate's degree in Business back in 2014 at MC Germantown Campus and transferred to UMD for my Bachelor's in Accounting, which I will gratefully graduate next Spring of 2018 with a full offer to a top Accounting firm! #Blessed

Antonia Carmona

I would give it 0 stars if I was allowed to. By far the worst community college experience that I have ever had. I transferred in from Hagerstown Community College for the Fall semester here and I can tell you that after being a student here for 12 weeks I am desperately trying to get back to HCC. The transfer process is a joke, the counselors here had to explained what a Math 101 class was since apparently they wanted to reinvent the wheel here and have a random range of numbers for all their Math classes, none of which are simple Math 101. I was told that I will have to take an Accuplacer to test into a class that is just a normal progression from my classes at HCC and don't even bother trying to get help from a counselor regarding which classes you should be taking next for your degree. Both the counselors that I met with had two extremely different things to say to me about the direction that I need to go in for my degree, at one point the second counselor that I met with blatantly disagreed with what the other counselor had said and she flat out told me "I am not sure why she would have told you that." They are like two hands that don't speak to each other even though they are connected to the same body. I have told everyone that I can to stay as far away from this school as possible. Unless you are looking for admin staff who are unwilling to do their job and teachers who inject their own political affiliations into classes where their political affiliation does not even matter I would pick another place to go to school.

Ajay Yadav


Clifton K

I hotboxed in the parking lot two times.


Alexander Miller

I found that this college isn’t worth the time or money. In fact, this is the worst educational institution that I have attended. The advisors, professors, V.A. Representatives, facilities and equipment, and actual course content are mostly sub par. My experience with Montgomery College Germantown Campus began with a visit to the advisor. The advisor was completely clueless, and provided me with minimal information. I’m not going to get into it, but he provided me with such minimal information that I was more confused after the appointment then before. He even provided me with some misinformation, that I’ll get into later. The bottom line is, I figured out everything on my own and I found the advisor to be complete useless. I found the professors to be a really mixed bag. There were a couple good ones. But there were some that I really did not find to be good professors. As a former NCO in the U.S. Army I understand the basic concepts behind providing instruction. I’m not saying that I could do a better job teaching any of these classes, because I’m not a subject mater expert on any of the material. However, I can recognize signs of an incompetent instructor. Many of the professors barely knew the material they were teaching, struggled to communicate their expectations to the class, didn’t follow their own syllabuses, and often went of on wild political tangents instead of teaching the material we were required to learn. Overall, I found a lot of the professors at Montgomery College Germantown Campus to be incompetent. Being a military veteran, I used the G.I. Bill to pay for my first and only semester at Montgomery College. I’m not going to say that the V.A. Representative at Montgomery College Germantown Campus is incompetent. He is extremely helpful, but often seems overwhelmed since there’s only one of him. I actually did have to turn in my documents twice since he misplaced them the first time. The facilities and equipment at Montgomery College are about what you’d expect from a community college. For the most part everything is well maintained. However, the Montgomery College Website does not function properly. I had multiple issues with registration and with some various other actions. Overall, I’d say the facilities and equipment are up to par. Finally, the course content seems to be sort of sub par. Most of my credits transferred to my new school. The one that didn’t though, was English 101. Just a word of warning, English 101 at Montgomery College is not a college level course. English 102 is, but English 101 is not. I learned this the hard way. And honestly, I feel like I was misled by the advisor. He advised me to sign up for English 101 when I qualified for English 102. Unfortunately I listened, which was a waste. It’s also misleading though since Montgomery College prides itself with being a great school to transfer from. Just keep in mind that English 101 isn’t even a college level course, so there might be more courses like that. Do your research before registering for classes, and don’t listen to the advisors. It might save you some time and money.

John Krasnansky

Makensy Mathews

Quality education for a decent price. Ample resources made available for coursework. Knowledgeable & friendly Professors. Three campus locations to choose from. Great online course selection. Easy to transfer credits to other institutions. Helpful advising department. Overall, excellent two-year college!!!

Jose Flores

Sonu John

Leonardo Alcantara

James Sykes

Marcus Clark

vivian Leighton C.

Ashmita Giri


sherina mutesi

Great professors! excellent learning community! I love it

Nicole W

This campus is great. Most of the buildings are close together, the library has a ton of books, magazines, and other media, and the professors are nice. There are also a variety of clubs and activities to go to.


Bryan Tobar

Friendly staff

Mike Bailey

Good secondary college

Nikzad Seraji

Seng Hla

Best college for its price and value. You can save a lot of money by coming here instead of going straight into a university like I did. Just make sure you're not taking extra classes you dont need or wont transfer. Overall the school has improved and the parking is better than it was years ago. However I think the school should do a better job paying the professors. The teachers dont make nearly as much as they should for all the work they do.

Steve Fine

A great asset to our community, state and nation

Tammy Roma

Great school, germantown location is the best. My daughter's first semester went well! Great Professors!

William Hoffman

First thing you should know: they upgraded their internet so you can watch YouTube easily. Great college! Friendly classmates with my old friends going there.

sara aminian

Nathan Mutuku

Jboy Duke

Great community for learning, the professors and the rest of the staffs are great.

Michaela Harper

Easily the worst experience I've had dealing with an academic institution. Administration information, such as graduation and class requirements, are not easily accessible and counselors and admissions & records staff are abysmally condescending and unprofessional when asked simple and polite questions regarding paperwork and what may be needed or missing. One or two decent professors, but that does not make up for the dozens of woefully unprepared, aloof, and obviously-just-there-for-the-paycheck instructors I encountered in my journey to achieve my $20,000+ piece of paper. Don't send your kids here: I found no redeeming qualities in my 3 years of wasted time and money. There are plenty of other schools worth looking into.

Nikola Bura

Good teachers and, in my opinion, quality education. MC is a very nice community college. The Germantown Campus is decent. For STEM classes, the High Technology building is good, along with the newly-built Bioscience Center. The other buildings (humanities, admin, and phys. ed) are aging, but renovations are underway. Avoid the cafe here; typical prices, but the food is not very good. Unfortunately there aren't any other restaurants available on this campus, so you have to cross I-270 or walk over to the plazas by Route 355. Finally, they have a giant Earth-shaped water tower, so that's pretty great.

Khay Pino

Lovely Dovely

lol this college didn’t teach me anything I’m glad I got away from it i only took one class and the teacher wasn’t as helpful and didn’t help me understand anything. and they didn’t even give me a schedule you guys suck just like my high school

elmer alfaro

Laxman Paudel

Best of best helpful people .

Bahareh Shajari

Overall i am satisfied with their help. But there is a black man who work at financial aid office. This dud is very rude and disrespectful so he try to ignore me and i see him that he helped another student before me but because i was white he threaded me like a enemy.he is very racist and it was a very bad experience we i had to asked couple about my financial aid.

law logic

this use to be such a good school

Savage CxP

Sithy F. Mowlana

I agree with Bahareh Shajari about the man at the FinAid office. He should not be there. There should be someone more helpful and impartial to help students with limited resources seeking an education.

Yonathan Adugna

Keto World

Roberto Ascencio

Ariel Goldin

Easily the worst educational institution I have attended. First, the quality of teaching was horrible. I took Accounting 201 here and not only was the teacher practically impossible to understand, she was also condescending and highly unhelpful. The class started out with about 20 students and by the time it was over approximately half had either failed or dropped it, due to the awful teaching. In addition, I found the staff to be quite unhelpful as well. As a first time student, after registering incorrectly for a class, they made it impossible to fix an honest mistake and ultiamtely did not give me credit for a class I wanted to get credit for. Thus ultimately robbing me of the cost of the class and when I asked them for help they arrognatly turned me away. IF YOU ARE A POTENTIAL STUDENT THINKING ABOUT MC GERMANTOWN DO NOT DO IT. Overall it was a highly unplesant and uneccesarily costly experience.

shehzad ahmed

Jasmine Flores


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