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REVIEWS OF Howard Community College IN Maryland

Jeannie Schultz

My sister really enjoys it here and is hoping to obtain her A.A So far, the school has been great to her and I’m thankful!

zhen liu

Isabel Lohana

Lovely Samira

Afia Fokuo

Miguel Salazar

Damian Gallina

Alexander Soderstrom

Jane Stuckey

Taylor Brooks

Mia Huang

Bo Dangers

Most of the professors are perfect. The staff are friendly too.

Lexus Charity-Mayes

One of the best community college landscapes. Almost looks like an actual university despite its size. Parking can be an issue sometimes, so be prepared to walk some ways to your destination.

Zephyr Cyenta

If you're looking to get your post-high school education started, then I'd say look no further if you're from a nearby school. Friendly staff, with advisors and teachers that want you to both enjoy education and succeed. Currently in process of constructing a new building, with a definite look to the future.

LaTishia Matthews

Love this place

Lisa McDonald

Only giving it 4 star because it isn’t a 4 year school. It’d be perfect if they make it a University. It has the resources for it, plus it’s been very good to my daughter! Thank you HCC!

Michael Sinclair

Overall, a pretty nice experience so far. Definitely some issues with parking, but the classes and professors have been on point.

Yvonne Agbortarh

Christopher Tucker

Great school had a great time there.

Carrie Robinson

Naveen Pillai

soyeon Shim

jose rodriguez

Best Candidate

You can't get there from here. A bunch of programs that don't qualify anyone for paying work on an expensive, manicured campus that is always under construction.

Fannie Hubbard

Avoid the bookstore and find your items by other means. I ordered something today via the app to only have my ordered cancelled because it wasn't in stock (which shouldn't be advertised if it isn't in stock). I then went directly went to the campus bookstore, stood in front of the item to confirm it was in stock, then did a pick up order through the app. When I get to the desk, item in hand, they couldn't find my order (I placed it through the app because the campus bookstore was way overpriced). So I sit in the parking garage for over 4 hours waiting for the pick up email (why something as simple as taking something off the rack takes more than 5 seconds is beyond me) and then I get an email stating the item is out of stock which is obviously not true because I had it in hand (a hoodie, which there were several of) - the campus wants to overcharge you on purpose so they will cancel your order. Thanks HCC. You're great.

mary hohn

Andrew Smith

GUM FREE SCHOOL??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I went to go buy gum at HCC’s store and the lady in there was like “Oh, we’re a gum free school.” ...........WHAT?????? Unexceptable!

New Sha

MinhNghi Lam

A+ for diversity environment. A for helpfulness of the teachers, they will try to help you as possible. A+ for all the outside class activities, events, get together kinda stuff. So you can meet people have same interests with you, make more friends. A for the classes quality and technology

Maria Alejandra Zuñiga Moscoso


Thomas Ford

Duo Sumatran

Pathetic admission advisor! Couldn’t help to answer my questions about admissions for non credit classes because she said “I cannot help you right now, because we just opened our first day class this morning”. No patience and rude.

daniela agurto


Sabrina Blumenschein

I started attending HCC in August of this year. So far I have found only kind, helpful staff willing to assist in any way, a very nice and diverse student population, and a beautiful campus. It isn't huge, but first time students might visit in advance to become more familiar with the location of everything. As for student dining, the cost of a large soda (32 oz) is 2 dollars and 17 cents, which is more than the price of a soda of the same volume at McDonald's. Slightly ridiculous. It is advisable to bring a water bottle to fill up rather than paying 2 dollars and 50 cents for one out of a vending machine or $3.50 for the water in the dining area of Café on the Quad. The class size is small, with the student-to-instructor ratio at approximately 25:1 in most classes. The professors are dedicated to helping their students succeed, something not commonly found in 4-year universities. There are plenty of clubs, sports teams, and other extracurricular activities to get involved in. I really like this school. I would definitely recommend it to anyone even considering community college - or even college in general!

Sazzad Mahamud

Yousef Abduallh.

Maritza Ayala

The cafeteria Services are terrible. The staff is not friendly at all!

Christina Bernstein

Isadora Souza

khaila williams

Emilee Burrows

Great school, everyone is really friendly and it’s very clear they are there to help you succeed. I’ve only ran across one tough professor but overall everyone is kind hearted and ready to help.

Jonathan Teng

I love Howard community college. Staff and professors are so helpful. They have so many programs and resources such as free tutoring, 1 0n 1 mentor coaching, office hours,transfer fairs anatomy and physiology study lab, , internship office , personal counseling to help propel students to success. This is one of the best decisions I have made in my life. This experience is so priceless!!! Thank you HCC!!! I feel like there are always trying to help , they always ask how may I may help you everywhere you go!!!

Godwin Osedei

Bini Koshy Varghese

Sushma Lama

Deonte Merritt

My father went to this school also I am see they keep yearbooks here and come down to get it and order might cost or get for free to see if my father is in it.

Homa Biazaran

(Translated by Google) I will start studying here this year. (Original) Je vais commencer étudier ici cette année.

Parsa Samni

I owe a lot to HCC, truly change my life and my sister's.

Nyoni Bennett

Great school. I believe this school has taught me a lot so far.

Sui Hlei

Mauro Sasia Gonzalez

Great school. Feels like home. Sometimes I dont even want to leave. Its that good! Good education, great services and everyone is extremely friendly. 5/5 any day love it

Krista Wilson

Love the school. They really have teacher there that actually spend time with you.

Akua Boaduah

Jason Mantzouranis

Ramazan Ozkan

Steph R.

Let me just say that I graduated from HCC recently and I miss it already. This school is so amazing! Everything is made simple for the students and the staff are awesome! HCC seriously tops any school in MD.

geena bracewell

Ryan The Wine Guy

This is the best to start out if not looking for a 4 year degree right away. Great classes professors.

westley on

HCC has been a great experience so far. The staff here are very respectful. There are many programs that they offer and they offer support for students. The campus is a good size but everything is in a walkable distance. I would recommend this college to anyone pursuing a degree.

RaShawn Bryant

T lo

Webdesign Aqua aerobics

Mark Millen

Luciana Mello

Bijan Bahari

Michelle Orozco


Fredy Jimenez

A friendly community willing to help and share with others.

kevin preston

Nick Sweeney

A Frazier

good college, really appreciated the level of effort that the teachers, especially the anatomy teacher, Jennifer Hughes, put into the classes. Was a great experience, would recommend those classses.

chris davis

Ladane omar


Jared Laswell

Karen Lehrman

Barmak Kusha

Hannah DuBois

Shajid Hassan

"Many students graduate from college and professional schools, including those of social work, nursing, medicine, teaching and law, with crushing debt burdens."

Alosua Asare

Taqua Boston Soden

Lisa O

Huge campus that offers a variety of programs and classes

g nel figaro

Great Professors. Special Thanks Prof. Hawse and Prof. Partlow. unique educators.

Pau Thian Dal

HCC has good learning resources

Bilal Asif

Jazz loggo

Chun-Sil Jin

Kind staffs and good classes

Frank Arlinghaus

Some departments are hit and miss in terms of quality of teaching (Math Department is the first that comes to mind). The food court is also hit and miss. The Pizza is great, but it is usually your main option after 2pm- unless you want a sandwich.

Mojo Jojo

George Banjoko

great school, highly recommended

jasmin devine

Great health care programs

James Williams

Not your average community college, it feels like it could be a private university if they added some dorms and I love the architecture, its very modern. I love it here all of my professors have been great. Just beware of the math department, my experience with math at this school has been a little rocky, I've only had a couple of good professors out of all the classes that I've taken.

Leah Watson

Daniel Besseck

DO NOT EVER SCHEDULE A PEARSON VUE TEST HERE!!! When there was a software error I had to reschedule my test. It was a very difficult process that literally took hours. If you must take a Pearson vue test go to a pearson center.

Anne Tene

Gabriel Espina

It isn't what it seems. The credits hours start off at $550 to $600. The online classes are difficult because they tend to change the coursework towards the end of the semester. No smiles here. My Response from The Professor "hope you enjoyed your class."

Sonia M

Barbara Afoakwa

Susan Kieffer

Great campus. Helpful staff. Amazing resources for students - including but not limited to FREE TUTORS, Free Medical clinic, free exercise classes, multiple computer rooms, free MICROSOFT WIndows for all students and Sooooo much more!

Ines Gelabert

Abdulla Yunus

Marcoveli Badette

Shawnedria Davis

General staff is amazing.

Zohaib Mahmood

Katelyn Bradley

The "advisers" are literally the most pathetic excuse. I cannot get help from anyone. I am trying to enroll and give you money. Why is it so hard?

Vishal Nelson


Eydie Lieberman

You'd think that HCC was a private 4 year college. It's such a well run institution. All ages, alright!

John Smith

Absolutely a disgrace to education. There are so many reasons why the only good thing about this college is its reputation and a few good teachers scattered about. Howard is doing everything it can to maintain it's reputation as being one of the top CCs in the country, when in reality the school is riddled with disconnected, unqualified teachers, unhelpful, misinformed, annoyed advisers, and policies that make you wonder if someone forgot to redline the inter's draft proposal. After four semesters here, one teacher was great, one was good, the rest were a disgrace to the profession and should not be teaching. Homework and project assignments regularly contradicted themselves (particularly within the math department), professors were often just a body filling a classroom with no knowledge other than what was in the book or in the power-point, huge discrepancies between teacher's standards that makes you wonder if the administration is aware of anything at all that goes on, and the list goes on. The funny thing is, I've heard all of the complaints I just listed from every student during every class, as well as from prior students, and yet the school still has an excellent rating. I'd love to actually meet a student who would truly rate the college as a "4.6" because I'm really not sure they exist.


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