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401 Rosemont Ave, Frederick, MD 21701, United States

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REVIEWS OF Hood College IN Maryland

Pamela Wells

The technician that came out was great. Really knew what he was doing. He came out on a Sunday without question to repair my door that had buckled and it didn’t cost me an arm and leg. I will definitely refer them to my friends and will use them for further projects.

IsrarTajeka 555

Awesome institute

Pankaj Kumar

Very nice city

Josh Kelley

Went here for my masters in computer science. All the teachers and staff were friendly and great to have there.

Careless Latino

Zachary Alexander

Wolffiez -Factions & Raids

Hoods are on cars

Ashley Miller

Ramsey Saah

Ram G

Ausome administrative department

ashwin g

Please start Data Science Course also , It would be helpful .

Martha Lundberg

My daughter has been a student at Hood for 3 weeks now and loves her teachers, classes, and the campus. She has made important connections with other students and is looking forward to a great education. Will post a more detailed review this Winter.

Chris Smithton

It's great achool


Sarah C.

Love it!

John Lawrence

James Gatz

Claims to be all about free speech, proceeds to censor any conservative ideas and leans so far left it isn't even funny.

Mancil Gray

Came to this college for a basketball tournament. At $350 per team and $20 per person to spectate you would think they could afford decent nets. The basketball nets were barely hanging on the hoops.

Rich Kozak

Lillian Carden

A cute, small campus. I only visited for a one-day training, but I thought the campus was really pretty and the cafeteria was good.

Wyatt Greaves

Master Shot1911

Complete and utter libtard Ville. I mean these people were completely insane always without fail you would be sanction for hate speech if you said something like "Islam is a religion" all you need to know is it's your average liberal yes most definitely liberal Liberal Arts College.

Eric Gyamfi

Chris Morales

Great place to take a quiet walk or relax on the lawn. Also check out the Wisteria gazeebo!

Erikk Savage

Excellent school, great staff, and a grounded outlook on the world. Worth visiting.

Brent Gragg

Beautiful campus and great atmosphere.

Stephanie A

Since I'm actually an alum of Hood, I feel pretty confident giving a review. The campus is indeed gorgeous, especially in the spring. If you are traveling and want to take a break to stretch your legs you can't do better than here. Although the front area (the lawns in front of Ad (the Administration building) will be quieter on weekends and on holidays, be sure to go around to the Quad. And don't miss the Pergola in the center of the Quad - in the spring it is covered in wisteria and lovely.

Phil Haddad

Trish Lee

Parin Kumar

Rupesh D


Isaac Razvi

Took music lessons here.

Jennifer Holliday

I had wonderful professors and really improved as a writer. Going to this school helped me to earn my first job in education.

Eduardo Vioque

Really nice place, you can study in the huge green grass areas. Really good ambient.

Daniel Watson

Sara Illig

Administratively this school sucks. The only reason I gave two stars as opposed to one was for some of the killer staff members. Not everyone, but some of these professors really love what they’re doing and teaching which makes classes and the school more enjoyable. But after graduating from here I still would not recommend you waste your money here. Tuition is expensive, school population is small, the dorms suck, food is nothing special, they don’t recycle, the best part about this school is it’s location.

David Williams

Nice campus. A bit dated but still very nice. Several buildings have been renovated.

Mr. Outlet

Justin Harris

Christin M

Friendly staff. Well informed and helpful.

Sir Steve

With the censoring of free speech I would have to eliminate this college as being an acceptable institution for my children's education.

Dorette P.

Small and cosy school. Beautiful campus. Really good price. Its advantage is definitely the small size that allow proximity with the teacher. I am an internal student and I felt greatly integrated.

Traves Brix

I have heard that this particular school of advanced learning is censoring freedom of speech. However I do not know how true this is, I have watched videos talking about this school and it has been given a bad reputation and the videos have persuaded me (a conservative) to rate this school 1 out of 5 stars Thank you and have a nice day

james chadwick

i came in with a hoodie and they confiscated it for the annula fund


It was very awesome all is good in the hood! AMIRIGHTSAN

Chip Boy

censors free speech and free expression

Olivia Nighs

They are censoring freedom of speech.

Cynthia Olmsted

Angel Serrano

Horrible double standard school that can't even keep to it's own beliefs of freedom of speech.

Jim Bruno

Nice college with great facilities

Monalisa DeShazo

Leonel Lopez

Zarina Abramova

A .Alserehe

Random internet user

Where da hood, where da hood at!

Jon Butler

Small class sizes and they work with you to get teh education you want ... I had a great time attending

ofunami oloriegbe

Like home

Laura Espinosa

Marcony Taracena

Bryce Widener

I find it funny that they find a poster created by conservative students that was 100% factual to be a code of conduct violation but they don't find a student wearing a bandana over his face and attempting to vandalize the poster as a violation. You people really have your priorities mixed up. Next time you preach free speech you should actually practice it. Hypocrites

Laura Watts

I earned my Masters in Thanatology (death, dying, and bereavement) at Hood College. The campus is quaint and beautiful, professors are open-minded, knowledgeable, and experienced, class sizes were small, and I was always treated with kindness by faculty. It is also a one of the best-priced grad schools you’ll find!

moin kadri

Demetrius Young

I went here personally , its an okay school , a bit on the expensive side though. I think unless you can fit into the clique you'll be fine but I couldn't. Lots of cliques while I was living on campus both in Coblenz and Smith halls. Always empty on the weekends and its 75 - 90 percent female, but its very hard to date when most leave campus. Food is good and Chief Jason is the best. All in all its what the student wants.


college in the hood b like:

Tammy Rhoads

beautiful grounds , surrounded by a beautiful a quaint town ! love it here , really hope my son attends this campus

Amanda Watson

I love the dining hall services.. Ms. Donna and all staff are very pleasant .. Very helpful and hard working

Brad Zimms

Campus performance is held back through political problems. Education is sub-par for the price.


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