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According to News Center Maine, they consider the “It’s Okay To Be White” signs to be symbols of white supremacy. Uh no. It is FREE SPEECH. Flip it, make the sign... It’s ok to be African American. It’s ok to be Hispanic. It’s ok to be gay. Because it is and it’s ok to be white. Better yet let’s drop all the groups and labels in our society and just be human being. But no. We have to attack free speech, censor, ban and create division to further an agenda.

Shaun King

EdgarAllen Moe

Removing free speech is bigoted.

SM Biswajit

Jin Wei

Gorgeous campus and wonderful people!

Jacob Russett

Dinos Lefkaritis

Jacques Vroom

Scott Collins

Thanks for sharing..


Gorgeous campus would love to be able to afford the tuition costs. This might be the best school in the area, I walk through here to enjoy the duck pond sometimes. I occasionally utilize their running track. Friendly people here from what I've experienced.

Abdallah omran

It was my Dream

Cube baba

Rose Aboah


Anais Gonzalez

Flora Chan

Jee Hye Kim

I loved my experience at Bates, and I would choose to go to the same school if I were to travel back in time. I spent hours and hours at the library browsing through interesting books to read, and most importantly, I loved the people working there. Professors are excellent.

sam kieley

Well balanced education, athletics and community.

Zachary Farhm

A great place with great people

Andrew Segal

Austin Thoren

Erekle Antadze

Ivy Nguyen

Dana De Nault

Outstanding small college education.

Christopher Segal

Wonderful school. Intelligent, warm and supportive

WelcomeTo MeTube

One of the healthiest campuses on earth: intellectually, socially, creatively, nutritionally, and athletically. Inclusive campus culture ensures a positive experience is within reach for everyone who seeks it!

What eva

Karen Greenwood

Jaylene Joseph

dragonfly chabot

Good collage to go to but not cheap because it is a private collage

Antonio Melgar

James Mcafee

Jack Kirby

Overpriced, understaffed, lacking in rigor. I graduated from Bates in 2005 with a degree in psychology. My entire time there I did not have a class with under 30 students, and never had a class discussion of any rigor. The administration is vindictive and arbitrary. As when they denied my friend graduation based on a single transfer credit - he was able to graduate after retaking the exact same course "pre-approved." As when they encouraged me not graduate, because I was behind 5k in bills after paying 130k. I graduated a semester early, to get out and save money. There is nothing you will learn at Bates that you cannot learn from reading free or inexpensive books and articles, or in MOOCs. The pedigree of the degree is only relevant in Boston or the northeast, and then will only help you get a job if you know someone. Think long and hard before you spend a quarter of a million dollars. Any startup will hire you, with a $100k investment in their company. You could spend 4 years at a startup with that investment, have more accomplishments, be more hireable, have more real skills, and save $160k. Do not waste your time and effort on a education model that has been outdated for over 20 years.

Bedras Kirkorow

Isn't remotely worth 70k a year. A recent study by the New York Times found that the average salary of a 34 year old Bates graduate is just $55.900, among the lowest in the NESCAC. Also, only 8.1% of Bates students move up two or more income quintiles (and far less than 1% move from the bottom to top income quintile), making Bates one of the worst performers among the so-called 'elite public and private colleges' in both categories. Bates' alarmingly low endowment, one of the lowest in the NESCAC, is rivaled by some boarding schools with half the size of its student body. Office of Admission got rid of the supplemental essay to artificially deflate our acceptance rate and then had the audacity to claim that Bates is becoming more selective. Think long and hard before throwing over $280k down the drain, especially if you intend to major in English or social sciences. There's nothing -- NOTHING -- you will learn at Bates that you can't learn at your state school or even by taking online classes. Don't bank on the Bates reputation helping your job search. Very few people have ever heard of Bates outside of Boston/New England. The career center is severely understaffed and short on funding. Do a thorough research before even considering applying. You may well find this place to be a waste of your time and effort.

Ajay Nishad

Damon OBrien

Adrienne Biskaduros

Yousef nsn

(Translated by Google) I have beautiful memories here (Original) لي ذكريات جميلة هنا

AESOP Coordinators

I go to Bates and I like it a lot. I like the people. I have a lot of good friends there.

Qi Qin Mai

Wade Rosko

Bates is home. From the moment I stepped on campus my freshman year, to now I have found myself in a great community that is passionate about education, athletics, and friendships.

Sabrina Aponte

ahmed Ali

Joe Schmoe

Quang Nguyen Phuoc Minh

(Translated by Google) Nguyen Khoi Tuan's son son di hoc (Original) Truong con trai Nguyen Khoi Tuan di hoc

Edward F Boyce

Ryan Sparks

I wanted to respond to Mr. Kirby, who is clearly on the way to hacking life to the very apogee of capital. I very much agree with his obvious and vast knowledge in regards to the nature of the evolution of education and the function education should perform in the future course of our society. Ultimately, why have powerful experiences with pure, unadulterated intellectual and emotional value when you could be at a start-up making money hand over fist - or sitting in your room in nothing but your boxers staring at a screen at 2 AM working through a "class discussion" in a MOOC? Clearly, the value of an intensely intellectual community meant to encourage critical thinking skills is of value to no student and should be shunned in favor of technical skills in a justification of ROI for everyone. Additionally, if we abolished private high schools and even junior high we could both save money and get 12 year olds pitching venture capital. Think of the IPOs. I very much enjoyed my time at Bates; ultimately I needed a place to mature in my critical thinking skills, though it should be obvious from the above I have probably not matured enough...

Onyu Jung

Michael Angelo Porfido


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