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REVIEWS OF University of Louisiana at Lafayette IN Louisiana

Dana Killian

Sar Jones

Ram Sujith Reddibathini

Derek Machula

Malani Hoffpauir

Jojo Miller

Needs to not hire more student staffing in financial aid office.

Michael Escardo

love that school love join that school


Best college in the state.

Michelle Foret

aditya kaveeshwar


I spend 2 years in the Iranian Petroleum Engineering department. Horrible experience. All faculties are Iranian with low ethics in teaching and research.

Mahmoud Majidazar

I attended this university from 1977-1985 and earned two engineering degrees. When I was there, the name was USL , now it is changed to UL. It is a very nice place to be and I spend the best days of my life in that university and the city itself. Professional staff at the university and wonderfully nice and helpful in the city . I will cherish the memories for the rest of my life.

Ikem Haffner

i can't wait to be a part of the Cajuns family as i hope to get the best education can offer at ULL !!! Cheers

Jalen Duplessis

Absolutely a great college with a great campus.

Troy Wingerter


Taylor Disotell

I had class transfer questions so a friend told me to call the head of the department that my major is in to ask my question. The person was VERY rude saying “let me stop you right there” and at the end of the call said “good luck to ya” in a very sarcastic tone and hung up the phone. Now, I haven’t even gone to the school yet and I’m VERY discouraged and considering not even attending ULL when it’s time to transfer.

Zafrullah Asyraq Bin Zainal Abidin

Francisco Camacho

Horst Petrlik

Ronnie David

Jordan Picard

Graduated here in 2014. Nice campus, always improving. Teachers here are hit and miss.

Walker Bell

This university does not protect minority students right to speak out against their oppressors.

Amin Noorani

Anish Sharma

Rebekah Hayes

They claimed that I owed $2000+ for classes that I had never attended. I ended up having to pay $400 for these classes because UL did not purge me for NOT PAYING for that semester. I know this school is crooked and I'd never recommend.

Solomon Yin

Vanessa Paschall

Stephen David Swander

This is an amazing college and it has a beautiful campus!Kind people and atmosphere make you want to stay in.

Yasmina Alami

Kay Mariee

Robbie Watson

I started the online MBA back in August 2017 and things have been great. The online format and classes have been engaging and challenging. The online MBA program is still fairly new, so a few little bugs had to be worked out, however, the Dean and instructors are very open to suggestions on making the program better. I would highly recommend ULL to anyone seeking an online MBA.

jason Smiley

Ryan Jack

Jessie Collins

Because U.L.L. Rocks, and so do the Raging Cajuns! That is why I love this lovely place entitled "The University of Louisiana at Lafayette"

Lawson Evans

Andrus LeCompte

I go here

John Smith

The Conference Center is not a good place to live. It costs more than the average apartment. You share a bathroom with someone else and have no kitchen. Most of all, it's so noisy and out of control and the RA's don't do much to control the residents.

Anwar AL-Marhoon

Josh Escobedo

I emailed the online mba programs department three times within 7 business days inquiring about the program. I have not even been acknowledged or replied to..

Bryon Mayeaux

I bet you will


yes sir

Rahul Patel

The best University in South Louisiana at low cost compare to other University in South Louisiana.

Shae Mickey

love this university


great school, Terrible website. ULINK rarely works when you need it the most. Cant handle the population demand on site.

Rowan Aurelio

Maurice Montes de Oca

Campus always seems to be improving and is definitely headed in the right direction.

Tina Sullivan

Kamron Harris

Amirhossein Tavanaei

Yu Michelle

(Translated by Google) The red brick building, arched doorways, a peaceful and quiet campus I love it (Original) 磚瓦的紅色建築,拱形門廊,寧靜清幽的校園我很喜歡

Khristian Poole

I have to wait I'm only 14

Ethan Ford

Tanisha Ag


Nick Eagins


A lot of pokestops and gyms around,

Elio Lago

Cov Pap

(Translated by Google) Its good (Original) C'est bon

bharath g

Dante Jones

By far one of the best schools to go to for Computer Science.

Debanjali Banerjee

Krishnaswamy Nandakumar

Serves the regional needs of Louisiana very well. Aspires to build a nationally visible energy related program. Has a strong leadership.

Mark Adams

The campus is beautiful and very safe, the people are friendly and hospitable and the weather is nice and warm. I loved getting my education here! The University is great, the quality of education is excellent and the professors are top-notch. There are several programs and research areas that are truly world-class. After graduating, I relocated to the north-eastern part of the US and obtained multiple job offers from Fortune 500 companies. I'm extremely happy with the way my career has progressed and owe a lot to the education I received here.

Pradeep Jk

Bobby Miniex

JP 504

George Hollier

Jeremy Janice

Helpfull and knowledgeable.

Bailey H

Extremely challenging, but relevant courses. They don’t “hand” it to you here. The College of Business is one of the best.

Mahi P

Beautiful place,Loved studying my Masters.Computer Science is awesome .

varun mudimela

ULL is the best!! Done my Masters in Computer Science. Had the most memorable days of my life at this place. Well organized. Profs are top notch. It is SAFE out there. No complaints!

Kate Redford

I graduated in 1994 with a BS in General Business. Moved to Lafayette in 1959. Transferred to Metarie, Louisiana in 1985. Lived there until June 1995 when I retired and moved to Cypress, Texas for 4 years and then married and moved Salem, Oregon. Returned to Lafayette after Cancer Surgery in 2013. Of all the places I have lived, at age 85, this is Home and where my Spirit is most happy and content.

Kenry Tolliver

(Translated by Google) Congratulations ULoL winning da bowl .. (Original) Congratulations ULoL winning da bowl..

Crawford Gossen

Mike Herget

Kathryn McDuff

Get ready to work your butt off if you plan on going into the engineering (some great research opportunities**), nursing, or sciences colleges. Transportation services is a real pain. New union is beautiful.. the campus, overall, is beautiful. Size of school is big enough, yet small enough - perfect, in my opinion. Scheduling classes my first 2 years was a pain - REALLY do your research on the professors you choose, sometimes it's worth waiting an extra semester to get that good professor. Lafayette is truly a diamond in the rough; great culture, friendly people, local music (festival international!)

Craig W. Beebe

Jake Dupre

Great campus

Derrell Sam

Pandorica Cosplay


Jaimie W

Loved going to school here...graduated in 2002. Spent some of the best years of my life here.

Destiny Mulqueen

I came here straight from high school. I had a high ACT score, and had fallen in love with the school, so I came here from out-of-state. I joined an Living-Learning Community, but because so few people are in them, I was matched up with a horrible roommate. She constantly yelled at me for trivial things. It got so bad that a month in, the Area Coordinator for Coronna AND two other RAs got involved during an intervention. They set up weekly meetings between me, my roommate, and our RA. It was supposed to help, but ultimately the behavior did not change AND the RA stopped showing up to the meetings. I then rearranged my room so the bed was in the middle (still in my half) and didn't leave my room, failed my classes, and the RA did nothing. I'd called the RA hotline numerous times, but no one documented anything so my case was empty. Needless to say I left after that semester, and someone told me in the housing office that because of the abusive roommate, I would get my security deposit back. Nope, I got a bill for $250 that I wouldn't have received in the first place had the Residential Life staff been competent at their jobs. EDIT: Also, if you live in the newer rooms, buy cleaning supplies because the maids that are supposed to clean, don't.

Whitney D Buckley

Love the place and people!

Simon C.

I enrolled in the ONLINE RN to BSN program. I completed my first class. When I went to schedule classes in the following term, I was told I needed to submit immunization records. Really? I live 3 hours from campus and plan to never go there, not even for graduation. I am an ONLINE learner. Nevertheless, I played along and sent in my records. It cost me valuable time because I was forced to sit out a term over this. Fast forward to the next term, the "hold remains" despite having faxed/submitted my records 3 months ago. I have documentation to prove I submitted. It's a hard to sell to a nurse of 19 years that immunization records are needed to access the school ONLINE over 300 miles away from campus. You would think that an institution of "higher learning" could think outside the bureaucratic box. Seek your education elsewhere.

Kris Ri

Francisco Farrera

I will be attending ULL in the fall semester. I went to my campus tour on May and the place is breathtaking! Everyone is amazing and I couldn't ask for a better education. I am an international student, and I people has been very welcoming.


A Libyan citizen , graduated from your university in 1980 , and earned a in Agronomy , College of Agriculture .


Melissa Burckhartt

Mia Lia

I toured this college several times before applying and being accepted, only to find myself in a nightmare. This college is NOT kind to first-time-away-from-home freshmen. Contrary to the campus tour, it seems most care is lost for the students once enrolled. I was given mostly uncaring professors (one of the classes I was assigned to was under a professor that did not even exist at the school.) I remember going to my math teacher during her office hours for assistance (very politely) with a problem and her response was a shrug followed by "I don't know" and ignoring me. Possibly I just received the most awful luck as I only had one teacher who responded to my enthusiasm for learning positively. I threw everything I mentally had at these classes but the professors (that an adviser had signed me up for) put in NO efforts to teach me (with the exception of the one I mentioned.) Maybe in my later years this would be alright, but as a freshmen I was not in my element yet. I attended a required speech, only for it to be announced that they were attempting to "weed out" students. If you weed your entire the garden the flowers will die, but the weeds will come back. With just a little positive enforcement I know I would have done well. I will never appreciate being sold 'snake oil' on the tour. Being told that this is a nurturing school only to be informed otherwise upon paying money to enter. In addition, everything on campus closes at 5pm (the same time most classes end,) including tutoring and food chains. The grocery store is quite a drive away and anything to eat near campus is bar food or fast food (after 5pm.) I know plenty of people that did attend and enjoy themselves but they were all locals to Lafayette or non-freshmen.

Joshua Soileau

Briana C.

B Nelson

Proud Ragin' Cajun!

Gwendolyn Denise Tate

My son is looking to attend this school and to major in visual arts. It looks like a great school. He plans to attend in 2017. I will tour it soon

Alex Frederick

Eddie Hollingsworth

Teresa Reed

This is where my son will be attending as a Computer Science major in the fall. We've already attended a tour of the campus which was very informative and breath-taking in its beauty. The surrounding area of Lafayette is also breathtaking and also a part of our family heritage as both bayou cajuns and prairie cajuns <~ this area is considered the "prairie." My son's great-grandmother, who was from the Lafayette area, married his great-grandfather, who was a bayou cajun. The history and culture is still rich in the area. I think it will be a wonderful and learning experience for him on many levels but you don't need to be "Cajun-French" to get a great education at a great school and taking part in the tour will fill you in on a lot of information on how much that have to offer scholastically even though they are a smaller school. :)

Michael Dambold

Fantastic place. Oak trees lining every sidewalk, gulf breezes, great people and amazing food. Classes are clean, teachers are fantastic. Go for a walk on the grounds if you visit, and see the azaleas in bloom.


Toured several colleges this summer with my daughter including several top rated like Berkeley-U of L staff were the most welcoming of all the colleges-Made my daughter feel very comfortable-The visitor center staff and students made such a great impression with our family-The campus is beautiful and easy to walk around-We even were able to talk with the professors of the majors she is interested in-They were very informative and helpful-

Ella Turnley

Love it!

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