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REVIEWS OF Southern University and A&M College IN Louisiana

Ayleisa Gallow

Jon Mooney

There #1

Walter G. Jr.

Lynrick Pleasant

Great University to be inspired!

charnay Goodman

chantelle williams

ernest johnson

Jasmin Thompson

Dondra Phills

Best school for preparing me for not only the work place but real life. Wouldn't go anywhere else.

Debra D

I met my husband of 35 years on this campus.

Rosebud whodat

I'm so graduate from Southern University. With out the education I received from the university I would not be where I am today. The Army ROTC program was the best and now I'm retired and working in the cyber security environment. The only thing I did not do while attending the school was pledge Delta Sigma Theta. It's in my heart and will complete this journey in life.

Shirley Duplechain

My Uncle is going to be in Southern University Hall of fame. Yaaaay!

KJ Jacobs

Donavon Valetine

It cool place to stay

Byron Hunter Jr

It's a wonderful school

Anna Hawkins

Great university

Tyren Asataa Penny

I love that my son enjoys this school but I find it an extreme problem that the school's clinic close at 5pm. My son is having extreme pain in his stomach right now (8pm) and has no choice but to remain in pain because the clinic is closed. Why not have a 24 hr clinic for cases as such? Why do these teens have to suffer in pain or resort to calling an ambulance? I truly feel this should be looked in to ASAP!

Danielle Jackson

Kendrick Williams

This an very great HBCU to attend and visit. Southern has a very good College of Business, Engineering, Nursing and much more. College is what you make up it and you have to branch out for help if you need help and people would gladly help you. I learned that my freshman year at Southern.

Virdell Thomas

Herman Walker

love the band

Tyler Gibbs

Honestly I've seen a lot of bad commentary about this school and I would just like to address the fact that this is like any other University where you must get involved. There is a lot to do and many activities SGA and other organizations host throughout the year. Like any other HBCU the workers do run on CP time so you must be persistent and serious about the work you need to get out the way and most professors are willing to help if you look like you're trying. I sadly had to leave me first semester of Freshman year during the Fall of 2016 but I proudly wear my material any chance I get. Don't look into this school for negative reasons and give negative reviews back.

Brandon Dix

Proud alumni, great friends, the dorms could use some TLC but I would send my child if I lived in Baton Rouge, LA

Lil Toad

Best band ever

Ashley Fiest

I love my HBCU!!

Ariel Bray


Dee Wil

Needs improvements

Annie Collins

Frederick Crook

valerie vaulx-leonard

Faces by Amber_

Chelsea P.

I love SU but there are better schools out here who care more about their students success don't go here unless you can deal with what comes with it.

terry sanders

LCPL Owens

Asia Williams

david adams

Southern university has one of the lowest graduation rates in the entire nation and receives one of the highest per student rates of federal funding. With a amazingly low 6% graduation rate over 5 years, Yes I know it looks like a error but google it, less then a 6% graduation rate.... Why should tax payers pay for a 94% failure rate....... Amazing

Denise McLaurin

sheena thomas


Obama’s forgotten Son

Greatest band ever! quality education! Best nursing!

The Potat

Marissa McKenzie

I went to Southern University for their nursing simulation today. I had $5 to eat due to the fact that I accidentally left my money on my dresser. I was sitting down eating a candy bar when a woman came up to me and asked me if I was hungry, I had told her that I was fine and that I had accidentally left my money at home. I moved to sit with my friends and another woman came to me with a bag of Chic-fil-a and had told me “this is for the young lady who left her money on her dresser.” I realized that the lady before was a worker at Chic-fil-a (manager, I believe). I got up and thanked the entire staff because I couldn’t believe that the manager would go out of her way to give me food. Amazing staff. They were so kind and I’m just amazed. The simulation was amazing as well but this just made my day.

Kendra Rogers

Hindi Al-qahtani

Chiemenam Azubogu

Harish Kumar

Lakitta G


Dorothy Sloan

D C Bell

Kemion Wilson

It is an awesome college great band

Felicia For Real

Great university!


I have several problems and concerns with this school. How do you have a power outage for 5 days with no resolution or answers? What do you do with the students who can't go home, stick them in a dome ?!? You can't be serious, you wouldn't do it to you own kid. For the money you all are charging these children your streets and facility is ran down and out dated.This leaves me to ask, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THEIR MONEY???? Don't worry I'll find out. Angry Mom

Arthur Ricks

The WORST and when I say worst I mean WORST FINANCIAL AID DEPARTMENT ON EARTH.STAY AWAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. THEY WILL SEND YOU PERSON TO PERSON AND ARE VERY VERY CONFUSED. if you can go to any other college or hbcu take advantage. I am a senior and they have not process things properly from the beginning. It has put a bad taste in my mouth about hbcu experience. Go Somewhere else. My initial plan was to get my Ph.D here now I wish I could of transferred daily . STAY AWAY AWAY AWAY AWAY AWAY !!!!!!

JC Gaming

Well the human jukebox is the Best and they have the best nursing program

Joseph Richardson


Tyra Da'rae

Miguelito Jolie

Proud student

Walter Brown

Pam Pinkney

Yaszmine Foucha

I had such terrible experience,the administration is terrible.and the housing department is petty. You will recieve no justice on this campus if anything happens to you. I loved the teachers though. If you do attend i would say staying off campus would be the best choice. It offerss a really good education if you can get past them stealing your money and treating you like less of a human being when i comes to financial aid and the rest of the administration. And not to mention the dorms are filthy and horrific if you care about having a really homey environment and being around staff that actually cares and has to offer great programs go to ULL or another institution southern is butt.

funmilayo adedeji

Allyah Martin

Great history big pond

Shainetria Anderson

It is a great experience ... at first I didn't like it, but honestly it grew on me and I will cherish this experience.

Cortez Moore

Greatest school every!!!!!!!!

Thomya Young

Jules Domengeaux

My daughter is a freshman at this school. It was her dream to attend Southern, and it was my dream for her to attend a HBCU. Unfortunately, neither of us have appreciated the experience. She is closing out her 2nd semester there and the school has been consistently letting her down. The plumbing is always backed up, the lights constantly go out, the ac and heat have gone out on several occassions, any and all processes involving moving in and out of the dorms are terribly unorganized. My daughter was told she needed to move out on the day she had a final. Its been awful. I expected that when I sent my daughter to school it would be as close to home as I could make it. I made sure she had everything she needed, all the school needed to do was to do their part (provide housing and education). Although she has managed to survive these past two semesters academically, she has suffered and I believe her grades could have been alot better if not for the constant troubles with the functions of the school

michaela thomas

Allegra C. Will

A great University. I'm a 1991 graduate. Also me people. Great instructors. Wonderful place to attend football games. Go Jags.

Trenidad Hubbard

Amazing university!

Sandy Rockwell

Courtney Martin

Southern University A&M College is nationally ranked in the colleges of Engineering, Business, Law and School of Nursing. This HBCU has a deep heritage in the African American community, but shows no hesistation in competing against all colleges throughout the nation to engage students and present the best opportunities for academic and career success. US leaders, athletes, businesses, entrepreneurs, and industrial systems have roots at Southern University. This university is known for preparing it's student for the realities of life and the faculty and staff pride themselves off of introducing the tools to conquer the battles through education.

stacey j

I love Southern University! I grew up loving it because my mom and all of my uncles, aunts and cousins graduated from and it is where I WILL graduate from. I cant wait!

Julia Johnson

Mary Perkins

Kenneth Hawkins

wild& peaceful

Rakesh Kumar

hello, iam rakesh kumar from india. i want apply to your university and can you tell me the ielts score and Gre score and i completed my Gre exam with score of 293 and my ielts score are awaited. so can you make sure that ielts and gre is enough to apply your university. iam want do my master in your university so please reply me whether ilets is enough to apply for admission in Southern University Baton Rouge. Thank You.

Need 4Speed

Ashley Levy

Anthony Dukes

one of the worst experiences I'm leaving when the semester is over.. I came and I still haven't learned anything! Only thing good is the band so many people are leaving next semester I am paying for books I can't even get! I'm paying for cable that don't work this is the worst HBCU!!!! It's all a lie

sch wagg

Thanks for showing my baby Dad a good time while working there. K bye.

Adia Rascoe

Karla Marshall

I am only giving two stars because Southern is an HBCU that does cater to and represent the black community. The experience with the administration, however, is awful. Every time you try to get classes, records, or financial aid corrected, you get the run around. They always send you to different departments who in turn, send you back to the department you originally contacted. Financial Aid is the most unorganized and unprofessional departments I have ever come across. They always try to pass your issue off to the Cashier's Office and they're rude and lazy. The registrars office is a hot mess--for lack of a better phrase. Some professors are nice and fair while others are rude and inconsiderate. Most people you come across make it their daily goal to avoid doing their jobs and don't even try to seem caring of a student's issues. There are better, more professional HBCUs who frankly, have a much better reputation and gives you a much better education. I am truly saddened that a great HBCU has become so unprofessional and unbearable because of it. I will not be attending next fall.

Xaundra Washington

Lesyle Gant

I attended Southern many years ago as a commuter student. I had a positive experience. SU's instructors offer you one-on-one interaction because they genuinely want you to graduate & succeed in life. I learned many valuable life lessons on the professional and personal level. You learn a lot about Louisiana history, specially the role Creole culture has in the Louisiana African American community. I wouldn't trade my experience there for anything!

Robinson Grice

Great place to fill up your memory bank.

Brandi Maten

Attending and graduating from Southern University was a great experience. I am thinking about getting my Master's from SU.

Kourtney Jackson

C.J. Gilmore

The only HBCU to have branches in other cities...that's a 5 star rating by itself

Ja'Nay Batiste

No Youtube

Alright I'm about be getting close to being there just 2 more years of school to come to the school. So now peace be with me.

Ray Howard

I attend in 1978, while were there the school a lot to me. I wish i could have taken school seriously. Now i want to start a $500.00 dollars give away to better students school supplies.

Karchema Porter

1 year 2018-2019

Edward Brown

Southern is one of the best Historical Afro American College in the Nation. I love southern! It is a experience that every young man and woman should Challenge.

Demea Jamison

Zerrick Carr

Ilexis Brown

Patrick Batiste

I love my university! The HBCUs experience is unparalleled and cannot be understood while looking from the outside.

Nathan Little

274- Ifjg

Gerard Reynolds


full of hoes


Quinton Collier

I love the band here its like no other

Egracelyn Mayo

Nikhil Damodaran

It's a feel to go To this university. People are cool and a lot happens. No specifics.

Kristen Smith

Oneal Pigott

Southern University. Nuff said

Monica Haynes

I absolutely love this school..

Aristide Phillips

It gave me an opportunity to get a quality education...




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