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REVIEWS OF McCann School of Business & Technology IN Louisiana

Luke Sims

Great place to start school to work in the career your look to pursue.

Lauren Benney

Alexa Chance

Great school! Great faculty!

Molly Pham

This school and the staff has ben good to me. The career service is superb. They will make sure your resume got submitted to hiring places and help you get your interview. Classes are doable, you just have to stay organized and keep up with your schedule. Instructors are willing to help you through. I did medical assisting course in 2014, graduated in 2016 and they got me my first job for a clinic in town just 2 months after graduation.

Ariane Jackson

I haven't been on campus but online sucks. The online instructors don't care if you live or die. You explain to them whatever issues you have & they still fail you. The online advisers are no better.

Jon Keller

I have been seeing the commercials for this school for a while so I thought why not. I came in took tour and given the smoke and mirrors talk. I have attended real colleges on real campuses not ones ones on a strip mall so that was first part that threw me off, but when I walked in on my first day and the used car salesman they call a career counselor yells at at me like I was back in the army "hey are you a student here?" and I replied "yes sir I am." He then yells again " get that hat off your head!" I look around for a sign saying no hats. I complied but I am thinking who is this guy? the next run in with this clown I stopped in to to talked to the other "career counselor" who is very very nice nice and i told him the parameters of which I want be placed state wise,again this other idiot pops up with his two cents. I told him I did not want to work in the place he was suggesting and he said what do you want to be unemployed? I told him i will never be unemployed and went back to my conversation with the other gentleman. What a tool! The Director of Education is not not much better her name is Elizabeth Brady, all she cares about is filling seats with quantity not quality, she is consistently interrupting classes for the most petty things. She can't run the school let alone a classroom. and when you need help because those idiots over in financial aid have screwed your VA up once again, what is here suggestion take another class and pay for it out of your pocket, and go 4 nights a week from 8-10pm when you already have 5 classes, yeah that makes sense. When you try to transfer credits they will transfer unless you need a class to fit a schedule, so she wants you to pay for a class you have already taken plus pay for it again. WOW! just WOW! The instructors in my program have been good. and very understanding, but the Admin sucks! Like Capitol Hill they all need to be fired and a new set of Admin that knows what the hell they are doing be put in place!

Yolonda White

I love this school

christina walker


Djmalik Oreoblast

You’ll do better going to Delta Community College than here they take majority of your money from financial aid and you only get $500 back if you’re lucky. All of the teachers aren’t certified they just assign anyone to “teach” plus they try everything they can to hold your diploma over your head I wouldn’t recommend anyone to this school not even my worst enemy

Resean Reed

I really wish I could give this school zero stars!! If anybody review is positive about this school they either never experienced it or works there! PERIOD!! I'm shock its still open! This school is obviously stealing money and everybody is complaining! Nothing is being done! They treat you like you will be gone after the 1st financial aid check anyway.. It's like administrators are told to enroll students or be unemployed... It will depress a person and ruin their life after seeing what they are allowed to do... BTW NOBODY TEACHING SEEMS QUALIFIED!!

luvnmy 3

Do not go here they are very helpful until they get you in and you owe that student loan back I promise you my first two instructors where new to the college and were very helpful, my first term I did great then I got some instructors who were not helpful the majority of them are not one class I felt the instructor had her favorites who she helped the classes aren't long enough to help you if you need it. The instructors just sit there then my pell for the 2 term must was stolen because I didn't receive it and it was close to the 4t erm before I found out I suppose to been sign some documents and I signed them and still haven't seen it no one notified me about the problem but they blew my phone up to get me in and dropped me quick they only care about making that money off of you.

Dajva Daniels

This school in my opinion is stealing!! I say this because after missing Pell Grant money for months (still haven’t recieved it) they are giving me the run around. McCann financial services says that its the department of education holding pell grants. After giving the department of education a call they said everything is clear on their end and to check back with my school. They got the right one if they think their going to mess over me!!!!!


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