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REVIEWS OF LSU School of Dentistry IN Louisiana

Savannah Taylor

I received X-ray and CT scans. Then I was told I was a candidate for an implant. I paid a deposit of $980 to order the part for my implant to begin the process. The doctor told me that it usually takes 2 weeks for the part to come in. Two weeks go by, I never received a phone call or anything type of reply. I called the office after 15 days after making the paid. The secretary said that the doctor is gone for the week, but I can leave a message. I left a message. Then I called back the following Monday. The secretary said he was in office. I left another message. The next day (3 weeks), I still have no response from the doctor after I came them $980 to order the part. I wait another day. This is 22 days no response at all after paying all this money! I decided to call once again, because the doctor told me it only takes 2 weeks to come in (it's now 3 weeks and a day). I call and talk to the secretary, and then I tell her my story. I tell her I believe I have an issue, because no response after 3 weeks. I tell her I would like to report my issue to a supervisor over the dental department, or I would like to report my issue to Corporate. She says "okay", then says the dental supervisor is pulling a tooth right now so to call back in 20 minutes. I waited patiently a hour passed. Then finally my doctor calls, and tell me he's no longer doing implants as of June. He says he will issue a refund. I am so angry and upset. I wasted months and time with this clinic. This was a waste of money. Now I have to wait 4 weeks on a refund check!!! That is stupid as hell. Why can't I just come in the office, and pick up my check!!! Now I'm set back months on an implant. I have to wait on my money, and I have to find another clinic! Worst customer service. This is not a professional place. Why would you even take my money if you were not going to do the service in the first place. When I cash my check I will lost money.

Blaine Tatje

Wil Schober

Very friendly and efficient, enjoyed being part of the Dental Students' learning process. Looking forward to the experience of receiving my treatment from LSU Dental School.

Cheri Meisel

Due to economics, I chose to go to the TMJ Clinic of the LSU Health Sciences Center School of Dentistry, and was lucky I could get an appointment so soon. I am very impressed by the caliber of the students and of the attentiveness of the attending dentist and the fact that he was so hands on and was very knowledgeable and informative. I also am impressed that I called to leave a message for him several hours after my appointment with him, and he followed up right away with his referral.

Roslyn Brock

Glen Kever

Had a great experience at the school. Very professional throughout. My student dentist was extremely well trained and had a great patient-focused attitude which completely relieved any anxiety I had about going to a teaching environment for a medical procedure. Saved a ton of $$$$, too. Highly recommend !

Peter Craig Tidy

John Trapani

Karen Ducre-Raymond

Our experience at LSU Dental Clinic was best described as pleasant, courteous and professional. As surely as no one likes to go to the dentist, the staff, doctor and the dental assistant made the experience easy and as enjoyable as this could be. From the security guards at the front door, to the receptionists and scheduling personnel, to the medical staff, everyone was helpful and caring. The patient, a four year old girl who experienced some discomfort during the procedure, after it was all done, reached out to the doctor from her mother's arms and gave him the biggest hug. That action speaks for itself. I can't thank you all enough for what you do and continue to do.

Dexter Quinn

Yina Ortega

They do work good!

Akrum Salem

Shannon White

Excellent work by student and doctor. The doctor did a follow-up call and so did the student. Low cost and they were both very pleasant.

Carolyn Davis

LSU School of Dtitry continues to treat me with patience, corteous, and respect. I am not afraid of the students,and it has affordable care.

nikki marchand

Horrible!! I ended up paying $450 for the to pull a tooth out. But the worst part is that was over a year ago, and I am still waiting for them to give me my next app. I called today and they can not find me in there system. So now I have to start all over after making 50 phone calls trying to get my next app!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Howard Couvillon

We have developed a long term relationship

C Charpentier

Love everyone in ortho an peds they are the best

greg white

Great Experience - Costs are reasonable and quality of service is Superior -A MUST DO DENTAL EXPERIENCE -GO LSU DENTAL

Patricia Bode

Marisol Cruz

Kellie Dufren

I wouldn’t have known they were students. Very professional. I had an awesome Sr. Whom presented facts and myths of some procedures. Very informative. I had an excellent experience.

Jennifer Smith

It takes awhile to get into the program, but once you do and get assigned a student dentist, you go to 2 appts. a month and they do good Work. I have been there 2 different times, and both of my student dentists were awesome, and they always home a dentist watching over them making sure they are doing their work correctly. Not to mention they are very knd and generous and have the best of the best in dental technology to enable them to use the best techniques to help you to get the best results,

Keah Moffett

MiMi Ortiz

Was refer to the Dental school through some acquaintances because I was worried about my dental health and the highly costs of it. I am petrified of the dentist and everything dental related. I went there and my whole body was shaking but I was determine to fight my fears and stay for what ever treatment I was going to receive. My student (Ross) was extremely relaxing and gentle. He explained what he was doing or was going to do next and I guess because he saw so nervous he was "You're doing good, You're doing alright, ect" I was shaking however, he made me feel so comfort . I would recommend this facility . Everyone I encountered was very nice . Even thou this is my second visit I will go back. My treatment was around $800 for 6 cavities filling , 2 extractions and my deep cleaning , there's something else but forgot. I recommend this place 100%.


Great service

George Latour

The attention to detail is second to none. They do absolutely excellent work! Courteous, helpful, and extremely competent. No hesitation at all in rating them all 5 stars!

Angel Noir

Eric Ruiz

Carol D

The best place to go for dental treatment if you don't have dental insurance (and if you do!). A bonus is you are helping the dentists of tomorrow experience the array of dental issues they'll see in private practice. Chandler DeJean is the most caring and professional student and I trust her judgement with my treatment. Thanks Chandler! I wish you the best of luck in your future!

Margie Mckel



Pathetic phone system. It either rings busy, or they do not answer. Tried the general number and 8572

Gretchen Cucurullo

Excellent,!! I am amazed at the exceptional care provided by the students! I have been treated numerous times by a Dental Student (Matthew Henson) I leave each time knowing I have been seen by a caring,gentle & very knowledgeable young professional! In all my years of receiving dental care,I feel more comfortable & well cared for after a visit with Matthew!

Juliette Dauterive

I love the LSU Dental School services. I am sure that I will get top-notch treatment at reasonable prices. The staff members are all very nice and friendly, too.

Rudolph Carter

I give five stars for the excellent service and professionalism I received from LSU School of Dentistry, especially students Jeffery Toler and Emily Allen.

Melissa Makepeace

Betty PaulEarls

Anna Lellelid

I thoroughly appreciated my treatment at the LSU Postgraduate Endodontics Clinic today. Dr. Berg treated me respectfully, professionally, and kindly. She answered my questions and explained the root canal procedure with such confidence I felt more relaxed about it. I want to get all my dental work done at the LSU dental clinic.

Richard DiRosa

Yeni Galindo

Joseph Jesse Smith

Khdeija Elvil

Student Malaika thank you very much

Linda Keen

Least painful, most pleasant dental treatment I have experienced.

Francisco -Altenio Diaz

Great experience at the facility. Students, staff and teacher were so friendly, great place for dental treatment

Paul Albares

Everyone is pleasant and professional. I couldn't ask for more. I would not hesitate recommending family and friends. I came to LSU at the recommendation of a former patient....and I am happy that I did.

Lawrence Hebert

Hard to get in, but very much worth the wait... I will never go anywhere else again. Thank y'all very much!!

Isaac Sparks

Real nice place

Tammy Bell

My first time here was in (2012!) As far as extractions this was my first time EVER, experiencing "PAIN FREE," dental work!! Before LSU SCHOOL of DENTISTRY, I was terrified of Dentist!! I'm returning again early February for the second time, I have complete FAITH, in these STUDENTS and DENTIST

willie edwards

Because he is a young Age Raper doing his best at his thing!!!!!!!!!

Ralph Swody

I would highly recommend LSU School of Dentistry. They are upfront about all fees and what is required of you as a patient. I was treated with respect and everyone was pleasant.

Elizabeth Chavero

Bo Bogopane

Robin Causey

Cher Oats

Great pricing and excellent care. After applying to become a patient there is a screening process and then you are assigned to a student in 1-2 months. The care is excellent and they review all your needs and possible avenues for care. Great training program and excellent prices for the service you receive.

Random Stuff

Helmut Ermlich Jr

Great staff and the students were fantastic. Prices were excellent. Will refer my friends to LSU for their dental care.

Gardenia Moon

best place f'er. basically saved my life with an emergency root canal. Grateful as can be. 5 stars, and a few moons too.

Mark Whatcott


Shane Riley

dishonest took my money i'm in great pain they made an appointment ( said you needed a referral ) so i provided one when i got there i checked in and they told me to go to the third floor and pay my consultant fee i did then an employee came out and ask me why i was there? couldnt find a referral ????? i.m out $50 and in great pain do not go here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jayson Sims

Great personal service!

Terry Lee

Ashle Bernette

I had a wonderful experience there, even though I did not have my oral surgery I still would recommend going there to anyone.

nasir shaheer

Reggie Hayes

Pat J. DeLavallade

Jerri Callahan

I have been a patient for 2 yrs. great work. Excellent student care.better than an office. The green rubber tent sucks. But is necessary

Review Queen

Worst experience ever

Francis Russell

It was not what i expected the work fast and I'm very please with service

maritza rayo


Richard Williams

Scheduled me for about$ 3000.00worth of work...did a deep molar cracked exposed nerve .....they argue and complain about students needing perfect appt.adherence....and used to be next to free in Seventys and early 80$$$$...refused to finish my work because my cell ph.# changed...and they say that their ways are sooo rigidly inflexable that they kick cancer patients out of progressing care...your taxes at work here

Christian Trimas

I was diagnosed with hsv1 and had a oral surgeon at this place lie to me about being able to cure it just so they could get paid off off the oral biopsy.... I'm pretty sure he knew it was hsv before even needing to biopsy. Bye bye 300$ for no reason. Crazy part another set of doctors at jefferson community health center lied to me after testing positive and I did not know how to read results which is why even went to lsu in the first place. They didnt even wanna prescribe meds due to me having medicaid. I paid 250 for std testing and because I was spending money that company gave me verbal confirmation about it being hsv1 which matched the same results as Jefferson community health center that told me I didn't have anything. Money wasted to liars. I'm being petty and exposing doctors for what they are. Medicaid fraudulent people with licenses to kill you... That goes for big pharma too.

Olivia Jordan

3-4 weeks to get approved for a refund. 90 days to receive refund. This hospital is a joke.

Angela Mabes

Thanh Mai

Florence DeSalvo

Awesome student/staff experience. Very personable & professional!

James Manthei

Lisa Suarez

LSU Dental ROCKS! Professional, clean, clean, clean; caring professors and students; fair prices!


LSU 7/23/18 LSU School of Dentistry 1100 Florida Blvd New Orleans La 7/23/18 Compliments to: Mr. Brandon was welcoming and unfailingly polite, friendly, and mannerly. He was courteous, well-spoken and gentlemanly. He demonstrated excellent communication. At different times he was efficient and helpful. When managing my concerns and issues, he drew on the knowledge and skills of his training. He was very patient after he had a grasp of what my concerns were, he did some troubleshooting. I was very pleased with him. His personal interest in my care was optimal, meaningful and unexpected. He was obviously committed to ensuring that I would be satisfied with my visit and experience at LSU School of Dentistry. Mr. Brandon provided me with matchless service and good humor. I can confirm that is LSU School of Dentistry is committed to providing their patients with the highest caliber of service, an act that demonstrates a genuine desire to satisfy, if not delight, a patient. Respectfully Submitted G. Hall

Cayla Lennox

I'm getting my braces there and its beautiful

Desert Boy

Malaika And Levi Thank you so much for your help

lp black

I have been a patient for over thirty years. Most of my experiences have been good and the doctors are very lovely, I have nothing but pleasant things to say about them. The building has never not been under construction, in the last thirty years I have gone I have never seen it fully in tact and there is always loud noise and areas you can't enter due to danger. That being said, the only really major flaw of this place is the lady on the fourth floor reception desk. I have had countless interactions with her and every single time she has been nasty and a terrible, unsettling attitude. There are plenty of people who would love to take her job in a heartbeat and would be much more willing to be nice and friendly, or even just not completely foul. This lady has enraged me on several occasions and I really wish they would replace her already with any of the thousands of unemployed people that would bend over backwards to do her job. She is truly the biggest downfall of this clinic.

Garcia Gaming

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