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REVIEWS OF Bossier Parish Community College IN Louisiana

Shaun Kidd

I'm currently a student, and I can say without a doubt this institution changed my life, and the faculty works alongside me so I can tackle the problems of both today and tomorrow. Thank you BPCC.

Françoise Sop

Ja Johnson

Jawuan Taylor

For those on a budget or those not really seeking to go to a 4 year college BPCC is a great community college to attend. If you are seeking to go to a 4 year college but lack the funds BPCC is a great school to start and transfer from. The staff here are always looking to help and really want their students to pass. There is also subway in the Commons area for college students seeking a mid day snack. At the rate that the school is growing I wouldn't be surprised to see Bossier Parish Community College become Bossier City University.

Akita Brown

The staff was fast, Informative, polite and helpful!

Desiree Swanson

antonio gallegos

Robert Woodard

Javonte Choyce

Its a very friendly establishment. From the staff to the students. Everyone is helpful and ensures they get you what you need. No one is left without help.

thao Dao

Don Gardner

Teachers were good other staff is horrible they just want your money

Angela Th

This fall semester will be my 1.5 year at BPCC. I understand that prices may go up but I am disappointed with all the random fees I am being required to pay. My tuition this semester for 4 online classes totaled $1667.52. That is already an inflated price over the last two semesters, Fine. That I will accept. However, once they add all of their random fees (some sound like repeats) my total came to $2,025.52. This includes a $48 Building usage fee, (remember I said that I have all online classes)...... Guess what, I haven't even purchased ANY of my books or my vehicle registration tag.

Freddreka Ross

This school add fees to everything. Very money hungry.

Jadarrien Hardison


This school is absolutely terrible and hard to work with! They will literally take your money in any way they can and do not care about the students or their needs. I would like to inform that Bpcc was recently audited by the government. This school is absolutely trash and has one of the ugliest campuses Iv ever seen.

Chris Rondeau

Great place to work. Our faculty are here for our students. BPCC is a nationally ranked community college.

Jessica Pickett

As I read these reviews, these people obviously have never checked into tuition for any four year schools. I think the price is amazing considering the economy. Yes maybe there are some crazy fees, however go to any other school and you will have the same thing. I love the one on one that the teachers are able to give! I actually learn something instead of just getting by. GREAT COMMUNITY COLLEGE!

erica wade

I went to BPCC for one semester and hated it. The teachers I had didn't give clear information and I was lucky if any of them knew what they were doing while teaching. The campus is really nice and clean but the people are not friendly. I had to transfer today and I talked to 3 different people, 2 of the 3 were very rude. The other person genuinely wanted to help me and was interested in the wellness of my future.

Tauna Balthazar

Christ In Bethlehem

Akina Helaire

3 Cousins

Madalynn Bolton

Awesome place

Braxton Trull

Impossible to get people on the phone.

Rachel Brown

Annika Pratt

dalton cherry

This is the absolute worst college in history. I started at BPCC two years ago after i graduated high school (circa 2017) and let me tell all of you, BPCC has the worst teachers over there. They don’t even teach! I only had one good teacher during my time over there, just ONE!! For the people who are thinking about signing up for college, do not i repeat DO NOT sign up at BPCC. Thank you, good morning, good evening and good night.

Ashley Griffin

Audria Jones


The staff at BPCC is BEYOND incompetent. I used to have AWESOME professors at this school but I completely agree with the other reviews, most of the staff at this school does not care about the success of their students. I felt harassed by the staff, and ignored when inquiring about an important issue with my transcript. If you continue to stay on top of your e-mails, or visit the college daily for almost a month to be passed from Dept. to Dept., the staff will be very rude and hateful towards you. They are lazy and are only there to make money. Classes at BPCC used to be fun and a great learning experience. Some professors will give you a C or a D because they are jealous or for whatever reason and it is perfectly fine with this school, even when you have a 101% A from your assignments and bonus work. The staff does not care. I would also recommend that an attorney actually look into the issues in the Disability Department. Good luck dealing with them even if you just have ADHD and proof with Dr’s notes! You must have this to test in a quiet environment or you will be stuck in a loud one. Every student deserves the opportunity to test in a quiet environment! They are all hateful and HORRIBLE ! I feel awful for people that actually have a REAL disability that are not able to stand up to the harassment and fight for themselves at this school. The main lady in this office needs to be reported to the state. Bottom line, spend your money elsewhere! NSU actually cares about their students! I will be attending there next semester rather than allowing BPCC to throw my funds in the garbage. I would also highly recommend another school especially if you work! They do not care at all! If you do attend, be sure to check you student account for triple charges on everything! When you find it, you have to fight for a month to get it half-way fixed! Still waiting on a refund after two months! This charge was totally separate from financial aid! Disgusting excuse for a college. This school needs to be audited for everything!

Jayden Lyman

Tikeshia Francis

New started

Ethan Hagan

Great College, especially for those wanting to get into the work force as soon as possible. Many helpful instructors & staff willing to go the extra mile to make sure you pass, and have whatever skills you need to be successful whenever you go in the future!

Vibing With KeUndra

Kimberly McKinney

BPCC is a diverse institution of higher learning. They have a large variety of degrees, programs, and trainings. They give access to education for those who may not normally be able to have this opportunity.

LariNeisha Kemp

Wil McDowell

BPCC enabled me to change my career from electrical construction to software quality assurance, so I'm happy about that. Also, looking back now, BPCC is a very good value for the price. The instructors are experienced in their fields and are also trained at teaching (I think). Every course I took taught me something that I could bring with me after the course was over and that's what matters.

Atalaya hall

At first this was a amazing school! But with me being so close to the finish I have ended up with the worst teachers! Dr.Cain was and amazing teacher but I can’t say the same for the rest of the staff!! These teachers show that they are just there for a job! Not to really help the students get an education!! GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!


I have had nothing but wonderful experiences at this school. I've gone to three different colleges in my life, and I can say from all that experience, this is hands down the best school I've been to. Now I can't say that all degree programs are great because I personally am only taking communication classes and art classes, but I haven't heard anything horrible from anyone else either. I really feel they're the least money hungry college I've been to because they actually CARE if you graduate or are doing well in your classes and your well being in general. Most schools couldn't care less if you flunk out, they have your money and are happy about it. But here they follow up on everything and are very pushy (in a good way) to get you to talk to your advisors and counselors to help you through anything you need help doing. I'd highly recommend.

crissy mcmullan

Wild Sharday

Corey Schlesinger

audria jones


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