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REVIEWS OF Bluegrass Community & Technical College - Cooper Campus IN Kentucky

stephen woolums

Allisson Willoughby

Whitney Joelle

It's like trying to get a hold of the pope when you need assistance. When you do get someone on the phone, it's a representative from the student call center, which about 95% of time cannot help you. They give incorrect information, will tell you they don't know or transfer you to someone else who cannot help. Also, even instructors rarely email you back. It's very frustrating especially when you can't just walk into the campus for assistance. For example, I emailed the Dean of the Mathematics for some syllabi needed for my new college to evaluate and she confirmed she would send those over. That was a week ago and I still did not receive an email. Another example, I have an Associate in Science with BCTC, I also have enough credits for an Associate in Art as well. First off, no one advised me of this. Second, I can't get a hold of anyone from the Records office. When I call, the phone line says the press a # for such and such, when I press the number (any number) it says "This number is not recognized", which forces me to contact the Student Customer Service line who will then submit a ticket and a week goes by and no one follows up. For these reasons alone, I would not recommend anyone attend BCTC unless you can walk in there when you need help OR if you have hours to spend trying to get assistance.

Breana Yount

I have contacted this school various ways and never get a reply! I was enrolled into classes at one point and they took me out of my classes with no reasoning and they are still trying to get to the "bottom" of why that had happened! I tried enrolling into this semester and have been trying for at least a month and a half now! Pathetic..

Eric Stoner

I am a prospective student. I called their admissions office to ask about classes they offer and this woman on the phone couldn't be less interested. She was very curt and quickly tried to shuffle me off the phone to the website. If this is the way their admissions program works then I don't suggest ANYBODY attempt to take classes here

isaac boll

The admission gods are a distant and unreachable people. Guarded by a moat of subjects who simple dictate their utterances and present the hoops to jump through to those with careers and full time jobs who quest for further education.

Kameswari Hampapuram

Boris Busbaher

Thomas Mellow

Cheap tuition and fees, good instructors


Ally Gaunce

Staff is under-trained, provide little accurate information, and give minimal to no help. Teachers are great but can be a little disorganized. I hope things will change in the future, we deserve it for the price we pay.

سالم العنزي


The advisor is totally useless and rude. Doesn't bother to answer emails till a month later with an attitude. Admissions loses transcripts then stops answering emails till after enrollment date has passed. If you want to ruin your semester then enroll here, if not then stay away.

Star beam

Jack -

Yuning QIAO

I am a student in Bluegrass Community & Technical College.BCTC is a great school to help me to achieve my goals. There are many helpful teachers and many tutors to give students help outside of the classroom at Bluegrass Community & Technical College. There are also a lot of resources available, such as open labs and free computers to help make sure that students are able to have the best opportunities to pass their tests. I feel that Bluegrass Community & Technical College cares about their students and their successes, which makes it a great community to learn in.

Shannon Durham

Lets start with the teachers and work our way down. I take cources online, this semester I had two teachers that were absolutely amazing, quick to answer questions and make instructions very clear, they would allow students to work around their busy scedule, two other teachers were very entitled, somewhat rude in conversation and claimed no blame when an error was pointed out to them, literally their job consist of setting up a web page, and grading test, most of which are pre-made, so the fact that I put myself in debt to pay these people to be rude to me is mind boggling. Tuition, the prices arent to bad but not to great, $2500 a semester is a bit much for a community college though. Now the worst part, figuring out what classes you need for your chosen major, speaking with anyone that you think can help you and all the lost time you will spend writing emails and on hold for phone calls. First advising, I believe advising is a myth, it took me 6 months to get enrolled, 3 of which were me trying to figure out what classes I needed, I have currently been waiting on a return phone call or email from my so-called advisor for a week now, meanwhile classes are filling up, prolonging the wait list for me to graduate, so they get another $2500 out of me because my required classes are full, calling almost any number to will generally send you to a student specialist, who are payed to jerk you around and give you a number to call which is the number you called originally, and good luck making an appointment. Finacial aid office seems to be the only people that have their s**t together, quick easy info when you call them. Realizing that my advisor is useless I tried to enroll myself in classes I thought I needed, went thru and found them, to end up on a screen, telling me I cannot enroll myself. All and all, school work is easy, most class formats are easy to navigate, but god help you if you need any sort of help figuring out your future in this school.

yeaples kenny

BCTC has its problems, but the classes are excellent as are the vast majority of teachers. I've read the various bad reviews here, and they mostly boil down to: nobody held my hand the whole time. If you are interested in your own education, take responsibility for knowing what classes to take to get your degree, and stay out of financial aid trouble, you'll be fine. But if you want to wait until the last minute, blow off class, then let someone else tell you what to do because you have no clue, then you may not get your degree on time (or at all). But then, college really isn't for such people. If you want a good affordable education, and you are willing to take responsibility for yourself, BCTC is a great place to learn and an excellent jumping-off point for a 4-year degree in Kentucky.

Briana Abreu

IMPOSSIBLE to get in contact with the registrar office. If it is urgent, good luck.

Bubby Green

I'm an incoming freshman and start next week, so I can't really vouch for the educational experience just yet. However, I have to say some of the staff really should be working at TJ Maxx or somewhere else because they seem irritated when you bother them to get information. Don't get me wrong, there have also been some who are absolutely wonderful to deal with, to the point I'm seriously thinking about sending them flowers. It's just a real hit and miss depending on who you have to deal with. One thing that keeps sticking in my head is when I took the online orientation, there were so many typos and grammatical errors it really made me wonder what I'm getting into. But, maybe that's something I can change while I'm there to make it a better place for the next bunch to go to school there. (Gotta stay positive, right?) Some tips if you are planning to enroll here: 1. Don't waste your time calling. More than likely you'll be directed to the Web site, which is quite unorganized. 2. Don't expect a return phone call, and count yourself blessed if you do (I've been waiting two months for a return call from two different offices). 3. Do your homework about the school. You will largely be left on your own to figure a lot of things out, which isn't really something to be unexpected of college-age students. Go over the Web site with a fine toothed comb and bring your A-game when you enroll. It will go much smoother. 4. If you have to deal with an employee that seems irritated to deal with you, make them do their job and smile while you do it. 5. Register for classes as early as possible.

Megan Charles

I think like any other school, BCTC has many benefits and drawbacks. When I went there, I found the professors to be fantastic (both online and in person). Many were understanding and helpful, which was great as I worked full-time while in college and often times needed to either move ahead in the work or turn something in later than expected. Either way, they were more than fair and accommodating. The tuition is not cheap. Sure, it's cheaper than your average University, but what they end up charging you when they try to keep some students behind another semester here and there to fulfill additional requirements is outright wrong. Many of my fellow students complained most about the lack of guidance they received, or inaccurate information they were given about their degree class requirements. We would be told one thing - this is what you need to take in order to get this degree. When the time came to collect on said degree, they would change the terms and insist you needed to take something else in order to fulfill the requirements. Then some other red-tape would come into play later on. I knew many students who fell into that trap and ended up attending a year longer than necessary. I'd say for meeting your gen-eds or focusing on vocational-training specific programs (dental hygiene, nursing aide, etc.), than BCTC is more than suitable. I would be remiss if I didn't caution students on the guidance and financial aid. Know what you need coursework wise before you start - AND know what it is going to cost you. I can't speak to their current operation. I can only hope the aforementioned departments have improved in the student experience.

None Availible

They wont accept me. There administration department is incorrect. All they do us read scripts. There not very smart and there very rude.


Cheaper than your typical 4-year university. Small class sizes. The professors and faculty are generally nice. Getting help online or on the phone takes a long time.

Chris Mall

Currently a student at Bluegrass and the classes are great. Transferring to the University of Kentucky after 2 years at BCTC, and it's been smooth and everything has been great.

Sammy Faris

Shelby Oldfield

Touchdwnking T

The staff are one of the most unprofessional staff ever, they act like they don't want to be there and they be little other and look and treated you like you're worthless. The phrase you get what you pay for is true here i have seen better manner from fast food worker the women at the counter are super rude and the professor are very bad everything i learn i had to do it at home the proffesor offer no help. worst college ever, you can get a better education from a middle school

Mary Bond

Pathetic. Does anyone at BCTC answer their phone, respond to emails or voice mail? We have been waiting for a response for over a week. They pass the buck and nothing is resolved. Wound up visiting their office in person last summer because no one would answer and will do the same tomorrow. Stay away from them - it is not worth the trouble.

Supriya C.

BCTC has been an amazing experience for me, its the perfect transition from the high school environment to the 4 year college one. Of course it has its problems like every university, but you will get what you put into it. I was accepted to Columbia University (Ivy league) straight from BCTC. The saying "start here go anywhere" is unbelievably true. Of course I took advantage of every opportunity given, became a Presidential Student Ambassador, attended SGA meetings and then became a Senator. Was a tutor here along with being a member of PTK. I was an average High school student, I came here and buckled down and achieved pretty amazing things. My professors were some of the nicest and brightest people I've encountered, sit in the front row and go to every class and it's impossible to not learn. The class sizes are intimate which is an amazing way to foster learning and understanding. I have had so many classes where UK students failed in their 300 person class and came to BCTC for the small class sizes and cheaper tuition, and they loved it. I was able to get 2 associate degrees in 2 years here. Nobody needs to be like me to get a lot out of this school, just go to classes, 100% ASK when you need help (I bothered a lot of people to get where I am lol), and keep an open mind with getting involved in the school. This was an invaluable personal and academic growth experience for me, I think I am probably a slight anomaly, but BCTC had the nurturing environment that allows people to strive. Help is given to those that ask for it .... ;). It's cheap the education is good and they want you to get involved.

Cindy Memo

They communicated the wrong address to higher one so i never received my refund and my check.I have called them over 30 times and they all act like they do not know what to do about it .Now I am suffering because of a mistake they did.VERY TERRIBLE SERVICE

Sarah Elhity

Cooper campus is the worst. Every time I have to go to meet with someone they are rude and act like it is an inconvenience to them. Horrible customer service!

Luis Edwin Rivera Rivera


Xin Lu

Keiyera Thomas

Worst experience ever !!! All they do is send you emails after your phone calls and send you straight to surveys ! Comeplete run around and they are very unhelpful ! I applied and had to ask to be sent my acceptance letter again as well as not receiving any of my student information . I made numerous attempts to take classes and no one helped ! Very rude everytime I called .

Jessica Durham

I enjoyed my time learning at BCTC. The faculty are wonderful and very helpful. My favorite aspect of community college was the honors society, Phi Theta Kappa. This is a great springboard for any college career or career in general.

Destinee Haynes

Worst experience with a school ever. A lot of people pick them because they’re cheap and you get what you pay for. I had one meeting to register for classes. No one met with me again or tried to communicate with me. I was never assigned an advisor once class started. I did online classes for 2 weeks and did not like them. Professors were difficult to get a response from. I withdrew from class and apparently missed deadline by just days which I was unaware of. My Pell Grant was taken back all but 180 some odd dollars because of this, meaning I now had to pay the rest of my account. I called to discuss payment plans I could afford and they weren’t good enough for them. It was then turned over to dept of revenue who gladly accepted the payments I offered bctc before. Over half has been paid off in just the past 6 months. I called to discuss a meeting to potentially try to go back in the spring and was told I would not be allowed to attend because of the partial balance regardless of me still paying on it with no late or missed payments. Horrible experience. Do not plan to try and go back at any point in time now. Waste of time and money for classes I didn’t even do. Definitely research and spend the extra money to go elsewhere if you can.

Lee Burghardt

My son was enrolled in Bluegrass Community and Technical College to receive education as a Diesel Mechanic. He moved to Kentucky in July to prepare for school and find a place to live. He was told via email, he needed to pay his tuition by July 16th, which he made sure he did. On August 13th, he was sent an email from the school to let him know the 2 classes he was enrolled in for the Diesel Technology program were cancelled. He was to begin classes on August 15, just two days after they told him via email. He went to the school to to visit with the Academic Dean, Bonnie Nicholson who told him that she was aware the program would be non existent this past spring. She said they admittedly dropped the ball, but couldn't explain why no one bothered to contact us prior to him moving from Nebraska to Kentucky. She also couldn't explain why an email was sent in July 2012 to him regarding payment for his classes when they know this program was not even happening back in the spring before he graduated from HS. On August 14th, 2012, I placed Phone calls to Augusta Julia - President of the College and Bonnie Nicholson, Academic Dean - but I have not been contact by either individual. Let me tell you, it also takes an act of congress to get a refund from the school. Very poor communication, inconsiderate and very costly for us. He will now miss out on 1 semester since all schools have already started. I can't even begin to tell you how unimpressed I am with this school. Unprofessional!

Amaal Ali

I'm have completed my associate digree at BCTC and I was able to take all kinds of courses that are required in UK for my bachelors digree, and to make sure that I won't have problems tansfeing all the credits to UK my advisor worked with my so patiently to check everything for me. it has been a great experience. The tuition is very cheap, and as other have stated, nearly all of my instructors are UK instructors and carry the exact same course work to BCTC.


Adam L Berryman G

Serria Zulu Bravo 1 Team

Bikash Khaniya

jimm brooks

worst school ever. teachers where never there and the offices NEVER knew anything.

bolly holly

Andrew Snowden

I'm have almost completed my degree at BCTC and it has been a great experience. The tuition is very cheap, and as other have stated, nearly all of my instructors are UK instructors and carry the exact same course work to BCTC. As a veteran the VA reps they have are considered a 3rd party, but I have never felt it to be that way. Very helpful. As for the negative reviews.... If you have financial issues, it is typically your own fault. A college is assuming you are an adult and understand how to take care of your responsibilities. One user said the school isn't accredited? Not sure where you got that info, but it is very wrong. The school has a very close connection to UK and actually have direct transfer options for 4 year degree students to most large colleges done in house. I would recommend anyone at the very least to do your Gen ed courses here and save a lot of money.

Hesan Haghnazar

Save yourself. Just go to a regular college. This place will force you to stay behind to finish their "requirements" You might fall 4 years behind because of the beaurocracy.

Bubba Hotep

Affordable and a recognized institution.

Victoria Joseph

Was a waste of time!! They are careless to their students and are money hungry!!! Wouldn't recommend BCTC to ANYONE!!!


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