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It's hit or miss with the staff. I'm transferring about 60 credits in from elsewhere and just needed residential credits to graduate. I've been trying to get a degree audit since I started in March. I took 6 credits in the spring, am taking 3 now and 6 more in the fall. I can't get an answer as to whether I'm in need of any credits in any areas to graduate because the registration office is laying down on the job. I never had this problem at any school I went to, and I've lived and gone to school a lot of places. When I asked for an audit, they told me, "You just completed your first semester with us. Transfer credits are posted after the students complete a semester with us. Look for those to show this Summer or next Fall." I already completed a semester. This should've been done by now. This is how people waste thousands of dollars on classes they don't need while still coming up short for their program. It's a bad policy and they shouldn't do that. No other colleges affecting anyone I've spoken to about this problem do that. If you're a transfer student looking to transfer in, take a few credits and roll out, roll on down the road. MCC won't do this to you and they're right across town.

Misty Nuckolls

As with any school, you'll get out of it what you put into it. For the motivated student, it's a great value. The childcare center is insanely affordable, and provides great quality education for young children. For the most part, instructors are knowledgable and helpful, but of course they aren't going to hand out the grade you want simply because you demand it. No one at the college has a magic wand they can wave to make all of the red-tape hassles disappear, but if you are patient and polite they are more than willing to help you navigate their system.

eddie dean

It sucked i'v been trying to get ahold of some one any one for that matter and no ones ever at there desk iv been trying since 5-18-15 left voice mails and all still no response back i'v call all day today 5-21-15 and no call back i cant even get ahold of a secratery

Amun KC

Looking forward to taking classes, however I find it impossible to reach someone who can answer basic questions for me.

Margaret Claypool

Naldo Restrepo

Liz Hicks

Letap P

Cameron Mirrione

Kayla Padelli

I took mostly online classes in 2012 and thru some technicality I was administratively withdrawn without my knowledge even though I completed the work, has this happened to anyone else?

Kriger Breaad

Every night in my dreams, I see this college, I feeeel it. That is how I know it goes on (after I graduate). Far across the distance (I’m in Minnesota now) and spaces betweeeeen us, it has come to show it goes onnn. Near (it’s in Kansas) Far (I’m in Minnesota) Wherever you are (in Kansas) I believe that my degree will go on Once more youu opened the door (to education) And you’re here in my brain and my knowledge will go on and onnnnn.

Kyle Heikkinen

Poe Chi

Allison Bettis


Best college ever

james regina

Judy Hendrix

The people. It is a beautiful campus, well attended.

Hadi Mahdi

Christienne Lewis

Jamie P. Ensign

Megan Justice

Vince Mannino

Brett Barnett

Jessica Her

In general the staffs at the Registar and Finacial Aid desk are terrible.....I literally spent my entire summer going up there because they couldn't find out what was wrong. (No one should have to do that!) The entire school is a mess.... the staffs don't know what they're doing. They never pick up the phones and are lazy.


We have had 3 daughters graduate from KCKCC and they loved almost all of the teachers.* One of our daughters received 2 degrees, another went on to a 4 year college. It is an affordable way to get the first two years completed, before going to a 4 year college. Or get an associates degree. Two of our daughters took the Digital Imaging courses and loved them. Tom Besgrove is admired by both of them. Check with the 4 year college of your choice on what courses they will accept from KCKCC however. Some colleges will accept all of them. Some will only accept some of them. *(Except for the Women Only Motorcycle Training Course taught by Teresa, all other instructors for the Co-Ed Motorcycle course were very nice to our daughter when she was taking it and came over and helped when they could, but Teresa was a bully. If debating on whether to take the Women Only because you think it will be a gentler, more patient instructor, you would be wrong like we were. The Coed instructors were kind and patient. We did email the President and she called my daughter the next day and made it right. We are very happy with the follow-up.)

CandyMichelle Johnson

I love this place for writing courses. Check out new audio books at the bookstore. Monkeys In The Wall Stalked By A Serial Stalker and A Damsel In Distress episode two by Sean Diddy Combs

Hsa Lah


Elizabeth Rico

(Translated by Google) Very good (Original) Muy bueno


Great staff and easy process. I earned by degree here without being charged a fortune like state universities.

Jonathan Ruiz

I went to this school after leaving from my four year college just to save my income and somehow, this school did helped me succeed easier after getting my Associate's Degree in Computer Engineering! Both main campus and the technical education center campus are welcoming regardless of what field you're studying for. Whether you prefer day courses, online courses, or night courses, the time and budget will be worth your time as long as you maintain things properly. I hope that in the near future, there will be better services and new expansions being developed for the students of tomorrow.

Faith Johnson

I love the game room, and the classes aren't that hard. It has a very laid back and friendly atmosphere.

Richard Norman

The KCK Community College is a very good college to go to. They have a Wellness Center, where students can go and work out. It is open to the public also. But they pay by the semester. There are a bunch of senior citizen's that goes to the Wellness Center. And they have Stretch, Zumba, Mind Fit and other exercise classes there that people enrolled there, can go to. The staff is very nice and professional at what they do.

Brad Thurau

The school is a joke. They are under probation for accreditation which means the school can't get it right. If they lose accreditation that means your degree is worthless so why risk attending?

B Garcia

Melinda Strain

Timothy Taylor

The school is what you pay for. Some things could definitely use some improvement. I had to pull out of my fifth class, which I didn't sign up for, 2 days too late to get a refund. I wasn't even aware that I was in it till I saw an email about late assignments. I paid the amount they requested after they said it was my fault, at which point they sent me a check for that same amount and then told me that I owed it to them again. It just seems to me as if the entire process is just overcomplicated. I was furious when they signed me up for a class without informing me. I got over it, but when your going to school with a GI bill you don't have the luxury to go back and forth with classes like that. I had explicitly told them that with work, school, and family I couldn't manage more than 4. My experience with the school other than that instance has been well. The instructors have been great and the classes have been educational. The buildings themselves are "rustic" but the staff works within those confines to create the best experience possible.

Matthew Bevens

My wife and I took classes at this college needing something that would fit around our work schedules. The reason they get two stars from me is because of the availability of classes. The following are issues that we experienced here: 1. Professors were non-responsive to emails in three of our classes. 2. After having an issue with one of the professors, we emailed the dean of students and never received a response. 3. After not receiving an email response, we tried calling multiple times and were either told to leave a message (none were returned) or there was no answer whatsoever. 4. We signed up for the payment plan. After the automatic withdrawal ended, there were still fees on the account with no further explanation. 5. It's a community college and I understand the classes won't be as difficult as a four year university but the classes were not structured in a way that challenges the students to fully understand the material and expectations were not clearly expressed.

Benson Karanja

Zach T

Frank Burnside

Fantastic schooling and development for those who put the work in.

shoua vue

This school is always saying that its the best school and etc, but in reality I have spent so much of my time here to only find out that my diploma has a hold on it because now they say I owe this and that. When I graduated I paid my dues and made sure there was a ZERO balance. and now half a year later after graduating they are coming up with all these bills for me to pay.. LIKE REALLY!!! and then the commercial on t.v. is like they are glad to go to this school because they don't have to worry about debts, like yeah right. Every since I went to this school I've always had bills to pay and even had to pay parts of my own tuition and books. Not only that, but the employees at this college is so rude, talking to you and giving you attitudes over the phone and everything like they know it all!!! DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME AT THIS COLLEGE. Its Best to go straight to a 4 year college because I also found out that most of my classes won't transfer too!

Eddie Grable

Sheanna Avery

Its not even WORTH it. This school cant even keep staff let alone a dean..... SAVE YOUR MONEY AND RUN AWAY

Angela Kanak

In the nursing program here and never had any problems with the school. They have always done right by me.

Clarence Hernandez

john vuhl

Felina Romero

It a wonderful place. Beautiful scenery. There is animals wondering around. squirrels

Omar Aldelemi

kelsey rankin

Kim Will

Went for the nail tech course. Can say going to KCKCC changed my life for the better in a year my life has turned around. Should of did it years ago. All the staff is super friendly my instructor was the best shout out to DeShawn!

alani omolara

can b part of d team

Les Riley

I was a student in the mortuary science program and entered the program with a 2.7 gpa . Rick Sprick is a passive aggressive racist and Wiley Wright is one in the same. I constantly asked for help and eventually was sabotaged as most black students are who go through this program. I was stereotyped and given many F’s. I don’t recommend this program to any black students pursuing the mortuary field. Both instructors are racist and unfair and outdated, staff needs to be revised.

hakim abdelli

Lucas Mapes

Gamer Assassin

Main campus is okay main tech is okay but automotive class is 1/5 Star teachers don’t teach there’s nothing to do so yeah

Jonathan Burrion

Maggie Collins

Waleed Al-Shaikhli

KCKCC is the best place to start. The price per credit hour is very reasonable , a transfer transfer to almost all area universities is smooth, and the quality of teaching is excellent. The Vocational programs from what I hear aren't bad either.

Brandon Schuster

Banana Hodes

I’m a sophomore here and I love the learning atmosphere. Most every teacher I have had takes their job seriously as well as the students’ needs. I am very happy with the school, and although it’s not huge, I really prefer the intimate setting and smaller class sizes. It’s financial aid and student advising services are really user friendly and streamline. Great choice for anyone wanting to earn their associates or get certified in something. Glad I chose KCKCC as my learning environment!

merary_798 magana

Jacques Misseck

This School sucks it doesn't matter what department you're calling they will never answer the phone. The automated system will direct you but they will never pick up the phone to address whatever you are calling for. I will give a zero star, but I can't.

Justin Nash

It is a great school I went to study Electrical Technology 11month program. Passed with a 3.66 for the year and passed Journeyman Electrician test prometric. Apply your self and get your money's worth. Great Staff and Instructors very positive School had a great experience.

aisha musa

I love my kanssas

Austin Swanson

This school isn't the best one out there but what you get is great. The price is really reasonable and I've never had a bad class. Some instructors are better than others but that's the same as any school. The office workers can occasionally be a little rude but they get the job down. The advisors are hit or miss but I've had decent luck with them. One issue is the school is a little difficult to navigate your first few times around so be sure to check a map. Overall it's a great school and doesn't pretend to be something it isn't.

CreShawn Owens

They literally close early on Friday's which makes it difficult to get in contact with them. If I call before 5 because that's what time they close, then there should be someone answering the phone it's that simple. Guess I'll go with a different option.

Brent Corkins

If you show up for classes at all, and decide its not for you they still charge you 10% if you show up for two and decide they charge you 50%.. Dealing with Depression and Anxiety and realizing that Work/school/life balance wasn't going to mesh, I now owe KCKCC $545 for two days of classes!

Katherine Gillespie

The worst staff I have ever dealt with. Every single thing from my transcripts, to my financial aid, to my book order has been screwed up and nobody wants to take credit or offer a fix. I go from one office to the next, one inbox to the next, trying to get help and get answers. If you're enrolling in this school for online classes and plan on getting financial aid... DON'T BOTHER. They do not care about their students plain and simple. You are a paycheck to them nothing else.

Jeremy B

Have only been to the Field House, but it is a pretty nice facility since they upgraded the bleachers. There is plenty of parking and the facility is easy to get to from I-70.

Kelly Williams

Horrible school period. It is very run down, has bare minimum resources for students. The hallways are dirty and has no seats available. They don't even have a computer room and oh man their classes are very outdated . The school is expensive for it being a community college, the area, and the shape its on.The staff are a joke they are useless, rude and unprofessional to say the least. This school will give you the run around from one office to the next. They don't have their ducks in a row that's for sure. The financial aid office is just horrible, they always need this and that and can't seem to get things correct and then you still end up having to pay out of pocket for some of your tuition...ridiculous. There is no "dean" on campus so when and yes I said when because there will be some kind of problem you cannot go and talk to him/her about it. You have to get the secretaries number and leave a message...really defeats the purpose. I would not recommend this joke of a school to NO ONE!!!!! You can go to Johnson County Community College and it's WAY BETTER! Seriously people this is a HORRIBLE school. Just DON"T do it. BTW ONLY GAVE IT 1 STAR BECAUSE I HAD TO OR I COULDN'T POST...But I wouldn't even give it that 1 star actually.

Daryoush Hosseini

Cameron Black

Nick Foster

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