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REVIEWS OF Fort Scott Community College IN Kansas

Tommy mcneil

Fscc will enroll anyone.. they even grant scholarships for thier weak football program to those who assault girls . Henry hieman and his mom operate on shady tactics while the school allows violence against my daughter. I had to pull her out of school for fear of his aggression. Shame on fscc and the p.o s. Henry hiemann


I'm in my second year of College in the Harley Program and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Only reason I came back is because the dealership wanted me to graduate. The instructors are great, but there is so much other crap that you have to put up with that doesn't make it worth it. The director doesn't know anything Harley-Davidson, and doesn't help you like he is supposed to. I was enrolled for a class that I didn't need and ended up spending over 500 dollars between the book and gas to get to class. I have been promised many things and have found out through my time being here that I will not be able to do these things. Most us second year students are fed up with the college. Long story short just spend the extra 15 grand to go to MMI and be done in a year. I can't talk about any other programs for I am not in them.

Joshua Budd

Great school. I enjoyed my time there a great deal. Every instructor was very helpful and respected students. It is very easy to get time one-on-one with them which I've learned isn't necessarily so elsewhere. They also offer free tutoring for every class(Mr. Dobbins is the best in the business). The advising office helped me out on multiple occasions and I was even able to work part-time for the college. I met a lot of great students, faculty, and staff while being there and was sad I had to move on. As with most things in life however, you will have to put out some effort to find success. I would strongly recommend this school to everyone!

John Carter

Lindsey Wade

I graduated form here last May. I had a really good experience, the staff was friendly. The classes are small. Overall I had a great experience.

Hannah Jackie

Thiago Amânçio

(Translated by Google) Very Good 7 (Original) Muito bom

Sam Christy

Hands down, best decision I’ve ever made was picking Fort Scott. The teachers are hands down amazing, all staff in any department you go to - dining, fees, bookstore are all super friendly. I came down and was on the rodeo team as well and I’ve never had a better head coach at anything. Rayray

Although there are students that don't understand that when a program goes through changes you have to deal with the changes to. I'm at the age where if you want it bad enough it doesn't matter what happens,promises or not. I'm talking about the Harley-Davidson program. It's your best bang for the buck. The instructorsare the best out there. Yes the Harley program has done some changes. Any time the technology changes so does a course. I would recommend anyone that is interested in Harleys check out this program. Not every course is perfect. Nothing is perfect. The Harley-Davidson program is going to be bigger and better than ever. I know when all the bugs are worked out MMI, WYOTECH and many other schools will not be able to stand by this course. I can't talk for the other students but I will say this is the best course for Harley-Davidson. Please come check out the school. Look at what they have to offer over the other schools. FSCC Harley-Davidson is the best by far.

Jaclyn Hill

I am a fourth semester nursing student. My experience at Fort Scott Community College has been a great one. I have received a great education and created some great memories along the way!

Bobby Brannan

Zero stars would be more accurate. Classes paid in full and receive collection calls 2 years later. Even with the original receipt I cannot get any help. Class was decent but "professor" was inept at best. Save your sanity and financial well being - find somewhere else.

Kait Redd

Evan Smith

I was a first year student at the harley schoo and at the time i was a student the leadership was in definite need of some assistance. The teachers Mike and Dale are Awesome they are great at what they do. Since my time at the Harley program it has since changed hands and is now in the hands of those who truly care about the students like the rest of the campus. If you were to have asked me last year i wouldnt have said this but Go FSCC!

Andrew Miles

beautifully twisted

This college is awful. There are a few decent instructors but there are more crappy instructors then anything. The business office is awful, financial aid office is anything but helpful and are more concern with helping the student athletes then the other students. Speaking of the athletes, they have first dubs on classes and the instructors must let them sit in the front two hours and the other students were told that we were not allowed to sit there. Do not go here if you can avoid it.

Ralph Martinez

Gladys McBride

Robert Moya

Last day of Commercial Truck Driving School.

Mary Lou Orr

Valetta C

I am a current sophomore at FSCC. The instructors, staff, facilities, and programs are, in my opinion, well-organized, clean, and held to high standards. All colleges have flaws, but in my opinion, FSCC is a very nice place to get a higher education at an affordable cost. I have earned a 4.0 in both semesters I've attended here. The advisors have been very helpful, pointing me to classes I have very much enjoyed and helping me keep my goals in sight. Several student-centered events, occasional free food and beverage tables, a fully equipped and staffed testing center and learning lab, plus free faxing, copying, printing, tutoring and internet access in the MILL, along with Xbox systems to play in the Student Union, and laptops for loan from Advising, help make this school very student-friendly. Instructors do everything in their power to help students who try, succeed. Make no mistake - this is a small town's college. Students who come here expecting big city amenities and entertainment will be disappointed. Do what I did while attending school in Chicago - walk to the free attractions (park, open air concerts, etc.), use coupons for free/discounted movies and dining. Bring your own games, game systems, books, laptops, etc. Put effort into your school experience. So many unhappy students I see here barely seem to try or care. They are unhappy because they are not carried by others and entertained, or because the food is different from what they are used to. I have eaten in the cafeteria on a hamburger Friday and thought it was delicious and filling! This is the economical choice for a higher education and you get what you pay for. So if you want Ivy League rooms, food, and services, pay an Ivy League price. If you want a good education with friendly, helpful people, and are willing to live with a small room and fairly ho-hum food, you'll pay a whole lot less for the same degree. Highly recommended!

Linda Metcalf

if you want a college which commits fraud and want to wonder how 10 year old courses are still accredited AND want your school to control YOUR federal money GO to Horton high school aka fscc. IM A CURRENT STUDENT!


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