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REVIEWS OF University of Northern Iowa IN Iowa

Ben Christenen

I went to college here when I did my undergraduate. It's a very good college for a person who wants small classes and individual intention from the professors. The professors were very good and I enjoyed most of my classes.

Deandre Presswood

Great food court,everything on Campus is no more than ten minutes away from one another, but it’s still big enough to be a beautiful campus ,everyone is friendly, and all the staff care.

Patrick Sedlacek

The transcripts can only be sent via US mail. It took over two weeks to receive them. My small community college sent them electronically and we're received in minutes.

Pasupathy Pasu

Kim Jefferson

I love this school but they should not have cut so many majors

Abhishek Maheshwaran

I will be studying Business Admin for the Fall 2017 semester here. Campus is great and my dorm room is good

Jacob Thompson

A wonderful place for a quality education and memories. Well-rounded majors, competent educators and staff, active student organizations, and a beautiful campus!


Mitchel Christoffel

I had a great 4 years here! Safe, fun, school-pride, wonderful students, staff, campus and fun sports teams! Great restaurants around the area.

David Mahncke

Leslie Jones

I had a wonderful experience here and have always had a position of employment since graduating in 1989.

Larry Otto

Priyasha Mahara

Henry Page

Worst College Ever

Marge Armato

Lisa Pfannes

My son is currently going to UNI and has a beautiful place to live in Panther Village, campus looks Awesome but that is about it. When we went through the financial aid process, there was no help/support with the process. I was forced to borrow money for my kids college as they don't allow him to borrow it all in his name. I am a single parent working 2 jobs and should not have been forced into debt that way. 2nd, my son is struggling and has made numerous attempts to talk with advisor but she appears too busy to work with him. He now feels backed into a corner and feeling very alone. Still trying to make connections but at this rate he will Not be returning in the fall. It's too bad we pay so much money for an education and get no support. Very frustrated parent here.

Chris Robasse

Good professors who presented the information without biased - except for one creative writing prof. Overall a quality school with a beautiful campus and better than average (less expensive) off campus living options.

Joshua Rodgers

Totally dissapointed with uni. I am a alumni and i cant even go into rod library and use a computer. I have to be an active student. I donated money to alumni association and now no longer will. They are just throwing me to the curve.

Matt K

UNI is a great school to receive your higher education. However, if your an alumni and need to pay your U-bill forget about paying over-the-phone or on-line, they prefer snail mail checks.

Kylie Gillum

Ethan Pruisman

Cheandog28 OOF

Charie McMahon

Rodcon! Very fun

Alex Cooper

Just fookin school it. You're here anyway.

Wade Summers

Govin Nagore


J Chapin

Tina Sullivan

David Parrott

Chaoran Jia

Stephen Patton

We had a visit to our design firm in St. Louis of UNI students. WOW, they are so bright and attentive. The professors and the bus driver were all organized and right on time. We look forward to having them as our guests again.

Megan McFadden

I started my undergraduate at the University of Northern Iowa in August 2014 and ended May 4th, 2018. I originally didn't want to go to UNI because my parents pretty much forced me to go here and because some of the concrete buildings gave me the impression that UNI looked like a concentration camp. Yet again, I never found a college that hasn't given me an ugly/prison-looking vibe at first, so take this first impression for granted. After starting marching band camp the week before class started my freshman year, I was completely wrong. Going to UNI won't be some prison sentence. Rather, it would be a terrific experience I would remember forever. I participated in the UNI marching and pep bands for four years, and it was great because I got to travel on two abroad marching band trips (London 2015 and Rome 2017) and learned the inside band nerd sayings towards opposing teams at basketball games. Another major extracurricular I got involved in was the UNI Forensics Speech Team. I spent four years traveling across the Midwest to go to competitions where we used memorized speeches about advocacy to get our messages across. I also went on the Cuba Capstone in May-June of 2017, and it was great because of all the wonderful sights and perspectives we had and also because two of my high school classmates went there too. I ended becoming a Spanish major (not teaching, just Spanish) on accident because I wanted to learn more Spanish after high school, and the classes in their Department of Languages and Literatures were always the classes I kept enjoying and wanting to continue. My advice is to get the English-Spanish Translation minor like I did because it only requires an additional class of intro to linguistics (a TESOL class). I also got a creative writing minor because I enjoy writing, but one thing I would do if I went back and repeated these years again would be to get the interdisciplinary writing major, that isn't widely known and talked about because of its smallness, which is basically the combination of the professional and creative writing minors. Overall, my experience at UNI was spectacular. I got to be involved with the church at St. Stephen the Witness right next to the book store while having the ability to make new friends, see the world, and get out of my personal bubble. I highly recommend going to this university because I clearly underestimated UNI's ability to grow on me, and one's first impressions on a place does not determine the outcome. Rather, it's one's ability to grow with perspective and taste that really defines what someone would experience as a student at this establishment.

Raven Alexis

Really disappointed in my education and experience. Most classes are lectures read word for word from powerpoints. "Advisers" are just other professors that do not make any attempt to reach out to you...and they change often. I've had 4 different advisers in 4 years. (as well as they often sending you somewhere else to ask questions). Housing is horribly overpriced. Maintenance in the winter is awful about clearing snow and ice. I really wish I would have gone somewhere else. I commute to avoid being on campus.

Johnny Diaz

From the way I like it. I want to got to college there. because its closer to my town.

Joan Sprieck

I am proud of the young men on the basketball team for their courage and strength given so honorably today. I'm glad the outcome was so positive and exciting for you as well as your coaches and supporters. You are good examples for 1. students who are graduating this Spring and planning to continue their education - hopefully at UNI - and, most importantly, 2. much younger students who may view you as a good person to model their lives after. Yes, you are models. What you did today was a beautiful and rich example of what young AND old are looking for today: a way of life that brings joy and positive feelings to others as well as satisfaction and pride to yourselves. Yes, I AM proud of you as individuals and as a team. We may never meet. It doesn't matter. I simply want you to understand what ALL you accomplished today, what you have been doing, and what you will CONTINUE to do without ever thinking about it. You are sharing yourself AND future as well as giving us, your "audience", hope for tomorrow when our present appears bleak and frightening. Good luck as you continue this present quest. You are certainly earning the opportunities that lay before you. Enjoy your journey. You certainly deserve the rewards that have and will develop from your efforts. I am but one who appreciates whatever you do. And I thank you.

William Zak

Slacking Veteran

Kelton Gourley


Elise Maschino

I am doing a presentation on UNI and i agree with a lot of your posts! UNI is great for students care, lots of fun, and the best college in the midwest! ( not to mention the 4th in student studying abroad!)

Dalton McDonough

very safe and wonderful place to live

Erik Zaragoza

Juan Fernández

Stephen Paul

Too expensive and doesn't provide students with applicable employable skills after graduation. Low graduate employment six months and one year after graduation. Good luck graduates!

University of Northern Iowa GeoTREE Center

Paul Conley

Peter Wyndham

Great school. Professors that care.

Doug Parker

Sheriff Jorkeh

Dylan Weigel

Russel Karim

A great place to receive your degree.

Sienna Silba

Willie Thomas

Everything was mouth-watering delicious. We can't wait to dine there again. The Aku Matsu was probably our favorite dish we tried. It was all so incredible.

Emily Brockelsby

Steve Reed

Great campus...wonderful setting...what a university should be!

Stephen Holding

Snows a lot. They don't mention that in the literature.

xoxo jeslynrose

Campus is beautiful and everyone is so friendly!

Libby Carter

Fishing with Josh

Best school to go to

Maheshwaran Venkataseshan

An university where I noticed that the staffs are committed , professional and focused on their job. One should be lucky enough to study here. A peaceful ambient and great weather conditions

Nathan Flaherty

David Lin

Isaac Vos

Elias Riley

renee schultz

Vicki Adler

Tom Foolery

Jackson Miller

One of the best Universities in the U.S.. It feel like home here.

Josh E.

Great university! UNI - University of Nothing Impossible!

Minhchau Chau

Sana Shoaib

Amjad Abushqarh

Sam Filippelli

Matt Ott

Jay Tyler


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