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REVIEWS OF The University of Iowa IN Iowa

Ted Lapis

First class tour by former faculty makes for great stories!

Christy Cox

The conference in England 2018 was amazing almost fourteen thousands people were there.As well the marathon went great from all over the world with multi talented, brilliant, educated, and open minded people. Well we decided that the Olympic will be in Japan and next we think would be in France we would decide soon. I have met several the most amazing leaders who made me stronger. Can't wait to complete my graduate school. Still in Europe, and now am in Paris thanks to Tony Robbins and thank to God.

andy klein

Great university, all the teachers are great and the IT program is one of the best in the Midwest. Helped me get a high paying job in Chicago!

Addison Woll

Brian M. Wall

Sharlene Neuzil

cheng luan

justin kite

Greg Zankle

Riley Steward



I will never forget this place. Iowa city is very nice and the people there very cute. The university has wonderful stuff

Courney Raes

Sandra Dubon

Alyssa Edfors

Eddie Maschek

Ryan Daly

I used to think the University of Iowa was a sort of local haven for sane people. But now the regents have selected a seriously unqualified man, a businessman, as University president. A businessman whose only accomplishment is that he likes money. He will run the place like his own personal piggy bank because he doesn't seem to understand that there can be no real value created without innovation.

Savannah Kastli

Mark McKnight

Huanhuan Liu

Dan Stutting

Fantastic university in an incredibly diverse city

James Teng

Wonderful school! World class education!

Vinny Furino

Alexandra Finks

Terrible experience, WORST.

Benjaminjv Jorquera vega

(Translated by Google) Potque is too beautiful (Original) Potque es demasiado bello

Trà My Nguyễn Vũ

Roshan Tomson

Michelle Kelly

I love this hospital. It is one of the best hospitals in the world. My son was born here and I wouldn't have him today if it wasn't for the quality of care he received here.

Rachel Huntley

Love UI!!

Carl Ice

Not liberal enough!

Jintao He


Shari Schroeder

Always in my heart. Love the school, campus and town.

senarathge chandrasena

alex sa

bad student service , they do not care you at all!!! only care about take your money from your wallet! Business under program do not deserve the money i spent! Teacher do not care about the student. they only please you when they afraid of the feedback from students. Waste time and money. CANT find a job in a big city after your graduate!

Julie Chapman


O Union

Steven Haynes

As many many many have said parking is probably equivalent to purgatory. The way the valet people park cars around the entrances make pulling up to the entrance and dropping someone off problematic at best. The hospital staff as a rule is …

Kristi Endelman

The Hampton at Coral Ridge has exclusive discounts for University of Iowa employees!! Super pet friendly! Located along bus route!

Tony Wang

nice place to enjoy your undergrad life

Quinten Kilborn

Suyun Zhao

Amazing university!

Nick Sparr


Good study for smart people

Jim Vernon

Outstanding. Best in country academics athletic medicine arts writing law enqineering smaller. nd


Jeffrey Bodensteiner

Great college campus to explore and walk through.

Tyson Braun

World class in many ways

Marlin Mueller

Nilantha Bandara


i love my university!!!

Join Chang


Harry Plendl

Matt Uhlman

Lovely campus, easy to walk and public area. The pentacrest is hard to beat on a nice day! Art scattered throughout as are Herky statues!

D pat

Robbie Rounds Jr

YiChen Sun

Michelle Stokley

Nicholas Meyer

Zach Cretsinger

Fantastic Doctors, Physicians assistants, and staff! I was however very, very disappointed that while walking to and from the hospital, we walked on the sidewalk on hospital property and the fence between the sidewalk and hospital were lined with hospital staff members smoking right next to the "no smoking" signs. I was there for my wife who has stage 4 lung cancer, she never smoked a day in her life. Having to walk past dozens of University of Iowa hospital staff members smoking on the property while leaning on the fence that had signage stating that this is a smoke free facility. What a kick in the gut for my self and my wife with stage 4 lung cancer having to breath that 2nd hand smoke for a block and a half. I expected better. Absolutely disgusting and to be in the medical field and subjecting patients to 2nd hand smoke is a joke.

Robin Harrison

Obgyn they made me feel very comfortable. And safe.


Great place to learn.

James Hlas

Jaden Wadas

Jack Buren

Erik Piehl Sylvén

Darren Clayton

Tanner Stotts

Love the university.... however, you are just a number there

Gabriel Conley

Best school in the state, both in my opinion and as ranked by every ranking system that there is.

Rose [ Neko, Fox, Death]

They are amazing

Martinciano Martinciano Martinciano

chanakya kumar

Max Van Inwegen

Jaxsen Vestal

Ms. Hayes

The Physicians and Clinics are real Great but the hospital is horrible..

Shayne Gelo

Alejandra headley

Mc Brown

Connor Duggan

just just

Abdullah Al Mamun

Todd From Iowa

A SMOKE-FREE campus that is littered with cigarette butts. A medical university that ignores the Iowa Smokefree Air Act. Here you can visit the hospital to improve your health and your chance of acquiring lung cancer. Call the police department and ask them to do their duty of enforcing the laws.

Luke VandenLangenberg

Great campus surrounded by corn! Football games are a sight to see!

Jagd Töpfer

Brandon Dudley

got a bill for taking my autistic son in which is all they did was ask us parents questions. Did not get any help. Waste of time and all about money. would not recommend. I wouldn't even give one star but to post this I had to.Go to texas university if you want a good college.

Ryan Hall

michael warburton

Zachary Gillum

Nate Soriano


Sean Ren

Parking is a drag but I love U of I and this amicable college town.

محمد العطوي


(Translated by Google) For those who want to study, you are here. For those who want to know America - you here. For those who want to get acquainted with the people and culture of America - you here. Here is created the environment for creation and creativity, science and language, It is necessary 12 000 USD for study. Well and still, to live, while you will find work! (Original) Для тех, кто хочет учиться - вам сюда. Для тех кто хочет узнать Америку - вам сюда. Для тех, кто хочет познакомится с людьми и культурой Америки - вам сюда. Здесь создана среда для созидания и творчества, науки и языка, Нужно 12 000 USD для учебы. Ну и еще, чтобы прожить, пока найдешь работу!

Michael Cheung

Jerome Wang

Went there for Odyssey of the Mind World Finals competition. The dormitories surprised me- they are real cosy. My complaint is that the food in the canteens are horrible- the food they served was so bad my entire team survived on salad, and maybe pasta here and there. Maybe they were trying to clear their spring stock and waiting for their summer food stock. Generally the experience was ok.

horse life

Jordan Frost

Great school with a beautiful campus!! Freaking awesome football team!! Go Hawks!!

jimmy bui

great school

Septiani Kartika

Brendan Sigale

Good atmosphere on campus.

seiarra neff

Katie Cubberley

Alex Ziemer is a freshman at University of Iowa.

Rachel Weyers

Go Hawks

Sarah Stueve

Craig Ash

Top notch Facility and training... Though a "party central"...

Carter Oberbroeckling

The best school ever.

David Rosazza

Patty Stanley

Loved my time. Great campus and fantastic education!

abhinav prakash

Justin Choate

Jon Fash

Having had done my undergraduate at 3 different colleges (2 universities and 1 community college), and done my grad work at UI; I can say I have a pretty experienced opinion and UI is the worst college I've been to. It's essentially an adult day care for parents of rich, snobby adult students who act like teens and only want to part.



Bradley Weber

Go hawks!

Ben Hartzell

Nebraska is better

Elias batista

Ezpzgod Fortnite Gameplay

Great school nice sports team and great academics

Mohamed Gasim

Very Nice Building

Aria Ashman

Puskar Rokaya

A beautiful place

Trang Phan

i want study in the university of iowa

Juan Manuel Amatta

LOWA is a very good city. It's any sailor's dream to get here. Although I am not a sailor, nor a captain, I accompany the next organizer of the FIFA World Cup in feeling. A beautiful place to spend with family and pets. BUY ME A CAT THAT IS CALLED SAND

Eshu Oleron

Most helpful and kind admissions staff I have ever encountered. Big thanks to a Paul, Andrew Wade and Dr. Vargas from Immunology, so patient and very helpful.

M Reaves

Sprawling campus that straddles the Iowa River. The athletic facilities are excellent and the students and alumni fans are quite hospitable.

Michael Sondergard

Iowa's first and finest university, the Hawkeye State's flagship center of academic excellence. A proud liberal arts university that has pioneered many areas of study and advanced research of benefit to all of humankind. Home to multiple …

Duo-Ren Cheng

Beautiful campus

hassan elamin

Racism every where, so sad

Cole Guerrero

Wilber Alfaro


Sydney Smith

Dionne McInnes

Donnie H.

Unsatisfied with the level of diversity here.


Soji Orebayo

Anshuman Sahu

Sean McDonald

Bruce Redford

Iowa City has very little cultural interests

Robert Brown

Go Hawks

Luke Haruki

Andrew Adrian

Worked five years. Got a PhD. Got a job. Reasonable quality education, but subject to the same academic problems that most universities have.

Amit Nepal

Margaret R

Owynn McNutt

i like turtles

Amandinha Ferraz

Josh E.

A great university and I was born just miles from the campus!

Anthony Ryan


Iowa is the best


Vanessa Koontz

Ahmed Ali

Qinchuan Wang

Kossi Egla


Jonathan Köhler

Very Good Food in the Cafeteria!

Nick Souza

It's kinnick. 5 stars!

Hoeyun Kwon

Love Singing

Newly explore the path of success and discover and invent yourself in genuine ways.

Kobi Reese

Danilo Pianini

Tray M.

Cormick Currans


Jorge Zermeño

Great Memories during my training in Periodontics at the Collage of Dentistry in 1967 to 1969.


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