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REVIEWS OF Iowa State University IN Iowa

Moisės Cicler

This is a great place... I'm from Mexico and I have a nice experience with nearly all guys from this school... I love it.

Steph Ann

I cannot say how much that I love Iowa State University. The professors have all been incredible and are extremely smart, compassionate people. There are so many opportunities for students to pursue their dreams both academically and any hobbies that they have. The campus is also extremely beautiful and is rated one of the top 10 in the world.

Josh Emerson

Somto Ekechi

Ian Timberlake

Junior Lang


Jonathan Linsner

Dave Bettner

I'm a 2nd year student at Iowa State. I love it here. I've never second-guessed my time being here.

max siu

OK ranking with a cheaper prices

Evan Wright

I went there for 4-h and I loved the excperience

Rod Rosburg

Beautifull campus


The best university ever. I cannot believe they're being taken out of the Big 12

Atul Chitale

It is truly most student-centric university. The programs and the faculty worked towards one goal that was to make sure students actually learn something new in their respective field. I graduated this spring, and I can say that I will never forget wonderful time spent in Ames.

Ellie Smith

John Lawson

Great experience. Horrible debt

Melanie F


Nima Safaei

excellent for student life

Yuan Yuan

(Translated by Google) Iowa State University is located in an Ames, Iowa public universities, land-grant university, called the Iowa State University of Science and Technology. The school formerly known as the Iowa Agricultural and Mechanical College of Art, was the first to Morrill Land-Grant Acts created university. Iowa State University in agriculture, engineering, marketing and domestic leading position. (Original) 愛荷華州立大學是一所位於美國愛荷華州艾姆斯的公立大學、贈地大學,全稱為愛荷華州立科學與技術大學。該校前身為愛荷華州農業和機械藝術學院,是第一座以土地撥贈法案而創建的大學。 愛荷華州立大學在農業,工程,推廣和家政居於領先的地位。

Syed Saiful Islam


haoxuan Nie

sai nathan

Colton Kennedy

The education was good, but they are a bunch of money trolls after you graduate.


(Translated by Google) Lee Teng Ki was also studying agricultural economics here! It is a story of 1951! After returning to Taiwan I was a lecturer at Taiwan University! Mr. Li Denghui was studying agronomy here, too! Talk in 1951! One after Taiwanese returning home became a lecturer of Taiwan university Lee Tengi sensei 's research farm economic theory! 1951 year talk! Taiwan times Kokugo denomination completion Taiwan University Lecturer! (Original) 李登輝さんもここで農業経済学を研究されていました!1951年の話です!台湾帰国後は台湾大学の講師になられました! Mr. Li Denghui was studying agronomy here, too! Talk in 1951! One after Taiwanese returning home became a lecturer of Taiwan university 李登輝先生在這裡也被研究農業經濟學!是1951年的話!台灣回國後變成了被台灣大學的講師!

wilson David

loved it

Mingxin Li

Awesome College of Business! Great MBA program that offers lots of opportunities. Very nice faculty and great environment! I enjoy studying at ISU and am proud to be a Cyclone!

Ben Hertz

Classic picturesque central campus, phenomenal educational institution. One of the highest value to cost ratio schools in the United States

Angel Eyes

went there to see a robot competition the campus was amazing.

adam vieau

Jacky Mak

Came here for the ootm event and I like campus here :)

Eric Brown

Great University!

Not An Argument

Iowa State University doesn't recognize the 1st amendment.

Daniel Frey

Love it

jodie williamson

Overwhelmed with the lack of assistance on welcome day. Parents are expected to know how to get from the stadium to the dorm of their child and then back to the stadium via cybus apparently without any of the workers being able to tell them where the correct place is to catch said bus. Spent three hours being sent from place to place. Only redeeming quality was the move in crew they rocked!

Dheeraj Nalluri

Tahir IsALamb

She's there lol thats why it be amazing u know what im sayin bruv

Rahman Saad

great campus , great people

Bob Fisher

Amazing university with fabulous professors. Have enjoyed every minute working with students.

Prashanth K

Incredible university, faculty, staff and place. Awesome!

Joseph Smith

Derrick Coble

Some of the best years of my life were spent in Ames. Awesome Genetics Program!! #Cyclones

Daniel Hoppman

jiao yuhang

two and half more years at Iowa State,major in computer science, i don't know the rest of my college career can be faster or slower. but i will enjoy it for sure. i have already met so many good friends, some of them are going to be graduated at this coming summer, and no matter what they are going to do in the future, we may never forget the memories at Iowa state.

Sutariya Hardik

it's okay

Damaris Norwood Norwood

I loved Iowa state University

Easton S. Brunner


Changun Gatwech Kuichluoch Kuichluoch

Iowa university is brilliant future for study ,best campus in the world .Am so interested to study in this university wish God to get for me opportunity!!!!

Jelani Robinson

Jacob Gockel

I knew for a while that this was the university that was right for me. Now that I am here, it's even more evident. Diverse and challenging courses, capable professors, many help and rec centers, food options, a beautiful campus, friendly and safe students and so much more.

Ben R

Great experience during my studies at ISU. Beautiful campus and nice area.

Akram Bhatti

(Translated by Google) Bobs (Original) Boby

Gavin Nop

Great staff, in the math department at least. I wanted to do research and was doing fairly well in my classes, so I sent an email to 30 professors and got 10 offers. Be wary of not being able to understand the foreign teachers though.


I from korea. Borton.deonte ♥♥♥♥

Matthew Carroll

Beautiful campus and very nice staff.

Christina Creel

harsheev desai

Beautiful campus, kind and helpful people.

Former UU

This university means so much to me both as an institution of higher learning and, of course, as home of the Cyclones!

Zach Weske

Gorgeous university and a great tour

wang eric

A great college

Patrick Galland

I start School here fall semester 2016 as a transfer student from CA.

Rick Peake

Best school around! Go Cyclones!!

Michael Holz

ann Stephen

I really love the place !! :-) :-)

Anon Trew

Great campus with nice bus facilities.

Jose Manriquez

Gabriel Conley

Not a place you'd want to go if you value education and are interested in something other than farming or engineering.

Randy Rivera

(Translated by Google) #lukeskywalker #nevergiveupkids #whersthekidsyousonofabitch #metoo (Original) #lukeskywalker #nevergiveupkids #whersthekidsyousonofabitch #metoo

Lucas Fernando

Excellent University!! I really enjoyed study there, they have a great structure, good professors (at least in the Chemical Engineering Department), good research labs. I have nothing to complain, except the food at the University Restaurant..

Fuad Alnamy

I'm coming

Shyam das

I'm writing a report of this in basketball! It's in green park if your curios.

Tim Shey

I thought Iowa State University was a very good place to go to college. I graduated in 1995 with a BA in English Literature. Iowa State has a beautiful campus.

Wayne Glass

As a recent alumni, I am so, so, so thankful that I chose Iowa State University to pursue my Masters in Education in Student Affairs. #GoCyclones

David Gatto

Beautiful campus. Good living.

aortic Alex

Beautiful college and nice people around. Easy to get to any place

Tulio Diaz

My son is a Cyclone!!! Great University.

Arefin Bashar Arif

Just great and awesome architecture buildings.

Aaron Lorch

I absolutely loved attending Iowa State! I graduated in 2013 and have enjoyed being a fresh alumn thus far. It became my home for a time, my educational institution, and my pride. If you're a high schooler considering coming to ISU, I strongly recommend a college visit and then this school for continuing your education! Enjoy your adventure at Iowa State!

Bruce Hallman

Wyatt Scheu

ball hard

Sudhanshu Sonwane

Awesome campus! Excellent facilities and professors. Great for basketball lover. Very friendly people.

Jamaliah Mat Sarib


Sunjay Joshi

Krishnaswamy Nandakumar

One of the finest, rising public Universities in the nation.

Charlene Ivery

Visited Iowa State to attend Black History event. The speaker was very informative and I learned a lot about e-trade transactions between US and Africa. I am looking forward to attending another this February Black History programs

Michael Coleman

I am a contractor with ISU. I have been on numerous college campus's and Iowa State has a very high interest in seeing that the students here advance in their chosen field. I've yet to see any college match the care that ISU gives the families that attend here.

Cal Tornabene

Beautiful campus

Upender Kalwa

Tim Schweiger

Nice but kinda pricey

Wesley Pahlke

Very un professional email i was sent was written by a 10 year old

Emily Walker

Great College of Business. Awesome student environment, big enough to venture out with the ability to have that small family feel!

feras hassan

Go state! Amazing for international students, awesome campus!

Brendan Sigale

Good feel on campus.

Udhara Kaluarachchi

Very beautiful place.

Blake Busbice

George washington carver went and taught here

Emi Ayana

Very difficult to pass 300 level classes when you have depression and anxiety, even with help from disability services.

Asten Rathbun

Pablo Teni


yash kanitkar

College of Design is a great place to be with amazing people and a very open minded culture. This being a research university, the opportunities are everywhere you look for it. They host international students very well.

Teona Datunaishvili

I just visited my friend proffesor here for two days. The atmosphere felt like it is a place where you cant do anything else but sit and learn. I believe it is one of good universities

Emma Smith

Awesome.. I will be there in this university till 2022

Brylee Landers

So far I'm loving it

Lindsey Wirth



Nice large campus with plenty of scholastic offerings. Knowledgeable and helpful staff. Most classes are small enough to get to know the instructor and all are small enough for Q&A. Could use a few more public/commuter parking spaces.

S Chandani

STEM Excellence

Wil Q

Beautiful Campus, offers a variety of majors and a multitude of colleges. Very helpful faculty and always friendly people on campus, very welcoming and open environment. Large expansion occurring throughout campus in the engineering and sciences. Definitively recommend visiting in the fall when the leaves are changing or in the spring when all the flowers are in blossom.

John Hsieh

Every fall, I am reminded as to why Iowa State University is ranked as one of the most beautiful campus in the country. All the fall foliage makes me want to keep snapping photos like an incoming freshman visiting the campus for the first time. Some of the best locations for looking at fall colors are: 1) around the campanile, 2) central campus (near Pearson Hall), and 3) along Osborn Dr. If you want to avoid getting judged by others for taking pictures, there are plenty of photo opportunities at Reiman Gardens. However, be sure to take those photos quickly as peak fall colors only lasts for about a week.

Wade Klooster

I had a wonderful adventure during my undergrad as a Civil Engineering student. I graduated in 2015 and feel that the CCEE department did a great job of preparing students for the work force. Although, I thought many of the general education engineering classes were too large. An added plus was the beautiful campus, along with how easy it is to walk around.

Adam Katch

Great game day atmosphere. Crowd is a factor. GO CLONES!

David Sparks

Just DROVE BY...Gorgous Campus...I really did not have time to use up looking for a course or two then...IOWA has the greatest nicest people I ever met...I can tell you that for certain...!!!

Zachariah Paul

Without any bias, this University needs some work on its diversity. Be on this it's a large campus that can be very confusing for a newcomer. Sports why's this University is on the up-and-up, however they are always still getting owned by the University of Iowa, which as a University of Iowa student, warms my heart to no end. Hurricanes and Cyclones don't touch down in Iowa, only the Hawkeyes. Go Hawks!

Devon De Jong

Excited to spend the rest of my college career here. Love it. Sexy campus, great/nice people, crazy student sections at the basketball and football games and great professors.

Haley Brenneman

Met a lot of cool gals

hassan elamin

The most helpful staff and faculty I have seen in my life, love you guys

Mr buck Ever

Bill R

Great school, but for 30k a year my wifi is complete garbage. I can hardly do my homework online.

Caleb Neff

Coco V.

Beautiful school, amazing people, plenty of opportunities. The only problem is that the acceptance rate is too high and the school/city cannot make the changes needed with adjusting to a bigger school.

Olivia Hilby

amazing my sis goes here

Nick Steffensmeier

This is a great place to go to school.

Jamie Strong

goasfaras youcansee

Thank you from for great service to our nation community!

Mike Stewart

Love my alma mater!


I love Evan...

Ángel Maria Gomez

Eduardo Saucedo

(Translated by Google) The preparation, moral, civil and academic, acquired during my time at the University of IOWA SRATE, forged me to achieve a personal and professional life decexcitos continuous. Thanks to all my teachers and classmates Eduardo Saucedo and Mester (Original) La preparación, moral, civil y académica, adquirida durante mi paso por la Universidad de IOWA SRATE, me forjó para lograr una vida personal y profesional decexcitos continuos . Gracias a todos mis maestros y compañeros Eduardo Saucedo y Mester

Zarrin Minoosepehr

The campus is really beautiful.

Vincent Avornyo


Nick Pappas

Possibly the most beautiful campus in the world.... The actual university establishment is pretty good too. Highly recommended.

Ryan McGonegle

Luke Haruki

At Iowa State University, Dead Week has become an official University-recognized event. Student organizations are not allowed to meet. There are 23/7 mandatory quiet hours in the student dormitories (the non-quiet, 24th hour is dubbed Rowdy Hour).

Scott Penick

Jackson Miller

Great place to study anything that you desire! Your adventure starts here for your future career!

Michael Morrison

Beautiful campus setting that I only grew to appreciate after graduation.

Cody King

To all high school seniors looking at colleges, tour Iowa State! Iowa State was pretty low on my college list but I decided to tour it anyway. Coming from Wisconsin, my first thoughts were it was a college in the middle of no where with an easy acceptance rate...sketchy. But the moment I stepped foot on campus for my college visit I knew it was the place for me. It's a division one school but the beautiful campus and friendly staff made it feel small. Iowa State was the only college I applied to and I am more than happy with that decision. The professors and advisors truly care for every student and want you to succeed. For the university being in a such a small town, there is so much to do at ISU. From intramural sports, clubs, going to sporting events, joining greek life, exploring Ames, there is so much to do. Go cyclones.

Ron Engelke

Haden Hall

Great Place

Diane Needham

Carl Chapman

Good library, wonderful faculty & staff. (I'm most familiar with the Computer Science department.)

VALE Valenzuela

(Translated by Google) Beautiful building in STORM Lake, Iowa (Original) Hermoso edificio en STORM Lake , Iowa

Adam Glassner

great university!

Arlen Burroughs

so nice

Juan Pearce

Engineering department is highly up to date.

Roberto Cortes Ortiz

Go Cyclones!

Jerry Wang

I take part in the Odyssey of the Mind here.

Tom Wu

great university

Caleb Urzua

2 many liberals!!11!!1

P Princess

Ahmad Alhammadi

Iowa state is a great university for college students to begin their real life.

Courtney Beringer

There are lots of opportunities for leadership and research. Iowa State has improved in diversity over the last 2 years but International Student population has decreased due to political climate. The tuition increase made this year pretty tough in terms of paying the bill though.


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