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REVIEWS OF Iowa Central Community College IN Iowa

maxwell afram

Professor Heidi Clarck is horrible and the whole school system is a scam. I joined the advanced nursing program and the professor waited until the end of the first exam to tell me to go to the nursing office for the ATI package. The test was on ATI which every thing in the package I received afterwords would have greatly helped me on the exam. She disorganized and acts nice. She gets mad when she's asked a question she does not know. She will always say to things in the slide that has to the with chemistry we don't have to know this. One student stressed for her to still explain the chemistry part, and she clearly stated ; she didn't know. How can you have it in your slides and not have any idea. After all of this ;the nursing department tried to get me to stay. I was uncomfortable in the school. The town is unwelcoming. They now made up a funny bill for me to pay after I withdrew. I will alert any student on any site possible to stay away from Iowa Central Community College and specifically the nursing program. I would give negative stars if it was I choice.

Logan Combes

Love The Friendly People When You Ask The You Are Interested In Their Community College!

gantry wittmaier


Richard Vetter

sami hook

Rosey Bee

Gerald Fulton

Sara Pals

Abdihakim Noor

I like it how it work

Justin Christensen

Cassidy Balk

Anna Ingalls

ICCC is awesome. There are personable teachers, a large campus feel, excellent music and drama departments, and the college is generous with scholarships. I’ve had some of the best experiences of my life here.

Macy Myers

I went to Iowa Central before I ultimately graduated from a university in Texas. I loved it and my mom/ grandpa/ several other family members also went here. I loved the majority of my professors and the campus was beautiful. My only recommendation is that they reevaluate their mascot... they are the "tritons" but their logo and mascot suit is a trojan. Someone messed up a long time ago and it always stuck I guess. Otherwise, this is an excellent starter school for people planning on going to university.

Angie Huggar

If you are of color do NOT go here! I sent my girls, whom are bi-racial, here this school year. They got scholarships to be on the dance team and we were excited to be a part of the ICCC community. We are from MN and were naive to the racism we would find just 4 short hours away. We have dealt with constant racism from the ICCC community. From my girls openly being told by other students that they do not like black people, to my girls being assumed by staff to be the issue when Caucasian students that were racist would falsly blamed them for things to cause hardships for them, they have constantly been marginalized and punished for things they did not do. I wish I could leave a better review as we paid a lot of money for the girls to attend college here, but instead I am hoping that my review will keep others from going through the same negarive experience my girls had to endure. :-(

Lah Norm

They don’t ever pick up the phone.. they tell you your wait time is less then 1 minuet but don’t pick up at all. I’ve been trying to get help for a week now.!


their internet is a joke here and they refuse to fix and they managed to make it 10x worse now that the 2nd semester has started if I knew it was going to be this bad no way in hell would I have stayed #pathetic #internet

Hudson onsare

SoNotZae 1

Una Johnson

I dont like the coaching staff they try to humiliate players on the team. These kids pay for school and they should be able to enjoy every portion of their educational experience.

Berenice Monsalve

My son was there , he said is very good College !!

Julie Cooney

Received many degrees here and now teaching part-time, very impressive to see the growth since I first was on their campus in 1978...proud to be a part of this institution and thankful for the opportunity to study and achieve my goals there.

Matthew Foley

Their MSF motorcycle class was great.

Melissa Kellner

Taylor Thomsen

Roswell Brown

kayte simmons

I plan on going here for college in the next year in a half for medical. I have heard different things about it. please give me your input please. It will be very helpful

Allaina Mcdonnell

Thus the worse school ever to attend with ms. Glorinna and doren the math teacher. Theses bitche.They deserve a negative 100 specially for Miss Teres Yankle she lies to students saying they pass and when the at the end she fails them what type of teacher like that suppose to help . F her and her feed backs... she is the worse teacher ecer. she don't understand her own understandings and gets mad when student correct her. I will be blasting this school online and letting people know not to take online courses or go to this school

greg harry

This would be a great school for someone that likes a college right next to a state prison and for someone that wants to experience what it’s like being in the south side of ghetto Chicago. Other than that this school is probably not for you ..

Brian Henderson

Great school, wierd town!


Samuel Yemoh

Clara Jones

Keanu Romero

Franchesca M. Cannon

Alex Markov



Michael Larson

ranaya folks

احلام الوردة

Ixzayahl C.

tyler schmidt

Iowa central has the worst WiFi i have ever had in my life, honest to god the worst WiFi. The food is not great, has made me sick a couple of times, but the teachers at iowa central clearly care. It is a great school. But don't expect to have any fun gaming or watching videos because you can't even load Netflix on the WiFi without it buffering!

Searra Kay Flogstad

John Michael Sievers

William Carter

Football team is terrible

Shawn Anderson

Shay Simmons

michael sides

At first I thought that I was going to enjoy attending ICCC, however that was not my experience. I was never told whom my advisor was, I was never given a direct number to him/her when I enrolled in ICCC I was given a lady named "Christine Debusk" however she was not my advisor, she was good with answering simple questions but would always reroute my call to someone "that knew" what they were talking about when in reality they didn't even know why I was being transferred to them. Then I started classes... "ohh boy" I was automatically enrolled in a class called "SDV-118" which is basically a retirement chat forum about how people don't even know how to operate a computer (keep in mind it was a $750+ course, that's non related to ANY degree) you had to post in the class 2 times a day 5 days a week on 2 different post topics which got extremely repetitive considering all the "students" were over the hill students that didn't even know how to run a computer, (You get tired of talking about how to relate to someone else's experience when you don't even know the individual) this course is also non transferable and non credit earning. Then I got to the math class which was actually a decent class, I forgot whom my instructor was but he was really able to help the students in helping them understand the problems that they were having. I then decided that ICCC wasn't for me and that I had had enough. I withdrew from ICCC and started attending a private university in Lynchburg Va when I started the application process the school needed my unofficial transcript from ICCC. I called ICCC and asked them if they would send over my official transcript they said that there were going to have to transfer me to the business department, after being transferred to the business office at ICCC I was then informed that I owed a little over $1,300.00 for withdrawing from my classes. I told them that I had a student loan and all of my classes had been paid for and that I was already getting a bill from the loan company and that I was already paying back the loan while I was still in school at ICCC. The rude laldy on the other end of the phone politely told me that "that wasn't any of her concern that her concern was the best financial interest of Iowa Central Community College" ( If I'm not wrong I was the one helping to pay her salary to be so rude from my tuition) After they FINALLY sent over my transcript ( 1.5 weeks later) I got accepted into Liberty University. (AMAZING school). So in wrapping up in this review, if you want to attend a rip off school that says they're here for their students when in fact they don't even know you from Adam's house cat then yes attend this school, if you want to be ripped off by getting enrolled automatically in non essential classes that are also non transferable and non credit earning then yes, attend this school.

Tam SK

I enrolled myself with ICCC since May of 2012 for AA program online. Even though student adviser has changed 3 or 4 times, they have always called me to see if I needed anything which I never did. Initially, the adviser walked me through the entire admission process on the phone with me. They waived a admission fee for writing and submitting a short essay to explain why I wanted to pursue college education. They have great tech support to assist you with online classes for all your technical issues. Instructors of the classes are so engaged in discussion forums and well structured. Only cons I can think of are that because it is online courses I have been taking, you really have to be resourceful yourself to seek what you need to get through each class you are assigned to every 8 week. My experiences with this college have been nothing but positive. Some classes are more challenging than the others but if you are full time working adult and seeking to obtain degree, Iowa Central Community College is a great place to start your new academic courses. Instructors with this college do care about how you progress in each class and you have to stay connected with them through your own effort. I highly recommend this school.

Master Gelder


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