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REVIEWS OF University of Notre Dame IN Indiana

Mark Robinson

Beautiful campus. Definitely recommend coming here to see the fireflies at night and walk the grounds. Staying at hotel will get you access to gym on campus.

Teagan Helmig

this campus is so beautiful. i would really recommend a visit .

Mark Resendez

It was my first time coming to a football game here and it was a blast. The tailgating was awesome, the facility was awesome and the game was a blowout. Great crowd and top notch entertainment during the event. I'll be back again!

Max Bacsovics

Very nice but a little bit to easy for me. At the time i graduated i was nine years of age. Not as good as Stanford, which I also went to, but still ok

Google Name

Covering up morals of Christopher Columbus? “The president of the University of Notre Dame sent an email to all students Sunday night, informing them of the school's decision to cover up an on-campus mural of Christopher Columbus.” More proof our universities are nothing more than liberal indoctrination centers.

Damari Barnett

I'm going there for colloge go irish !

Richard Lester

The golden dome. This campus is large, but still close to downtown for events.

Porch Fam

Beautiful University! Very good school. Go Irish!

Michael Canonico

Food sucks

Heather DiLallo

Love's so beautiful

Thomas Brown

Its Touchdown Jesus, what else can you say?

kyle knesh

Great stadium, terrible for the NHL Winter Classic

Joseph Papalia

I dream of going to this school when I grow up and I hope I will. I can’t what to see what happeneds!

Rebby Mensen

One of the best universities in the world. Just period. And a lovely place to be.

Sam Chitrit

I'm so glad that I am able to attend this school. I'm truly blessed and will always be IRISH for life! If you have the opportunity to attend this school, consider yourself extremely lucky. The community is extremely knowledgeable and brilliant, while maintaining a level of humility that almost does not exist at other prestigious schools. These people will help you up when you are down and push you to go further than you could have ever imagined, all while maintaining a strong emphasis on philantrophy and community service.

Benjamin Chan

Ending birth control. This is what happens with religion

Muhammad Talha Choudhry

Excellent environment for research. People are very nice. Administration is really great. Overall, if you would get accepted, it's mean you are very lucky.

Piglet Bros.

Very nice catholic school! All the people are great!

A Google User

Love the fighting irish since rocket was there The BUS, MONTANA, MINER all the greats.


Amazing campus, just beautiful. The Basilica and the Dome are worth the trip alone.

Noah Hanselman

My mother went there for work for a week and she liked it. It is in a Red Stated and last voted for Democrats in 2008 or 2012

Bryton Woods

I am a very nice person.

David Thiery

Took my oldest son to an information session and learned a lot about the university and had a great time on campus!

Laurie Martin

Beautiful campus, worth visiting even aside from going to school or football games here.

Lance Johnson


Wayne Tucker

Close to I-90. Beautiful area. Love all the big and stately oak trees! Many smaller colleges for local residences. Thank you UND!!!

Lzheng 0626

Yes it is disrespectful to walk out on the VP but isn't it more disrespectful to shame an entire race in front of a entire nation? Respect is to be earned and if it is not earned by the students then why be there to show respect to a person whom have disrespected you culture and your personal belief? Just saying....moral of story a good university teaches kid of moral decision and the decision to walk out on the VP is a very moral one at least to me, child of immigrant. Notre Dame is a pride to the city and the decision is even more of a pride. Stand to wrong accusations and live with pride in you heart.

Harrison Smith

After recently moving to the area, I was encouraged to check out the campus of Notre Dame. Let me say, it's beautiful. And staff even recommended attractions to check out. Being a student at the university must be incredible, with as much as I saw going on in the campus grounds.


I love this place

Gray Nocjar

My dad went to Notre Dame and it’s become my #1 college

Laura Fiegelist

A beautiful campus with a rich history and many enjoyable traditions. Always have a wonderful time there with the family.

Brittany Showe

I got every year for ayop and i love the campus

Francisco V

I agree with the students walking out on the Vice President, I'm proud of them, they are Americas best for showing freedom of expression. The Vice president is an hypocrite that supports a racist administration that marginalizes the poor and immigrants. I'm very disappointed with Father John Jenkins and Trustees for inviting the Vice president.

Gabe Ballinger

Breath Taking campus, much prettier than others we've been to, and rich in history

Cary Welch

Wow this is old and big wow

Ashton Sommers

It's great, I've been here

Alper Aksac

They have really beautiful old style campus.

James Parker

The campus was beautiful and I just found the people there so welcoming. The peace and serenity at the grotto was remarkable. This is truly a place to build a better relationship with fellow man and God above.

Jin H Mun

Absolutely beautiful campus. Always pleasure to visit this prestage catholic college. Many iconic architecture structures including Hesburgh Library (Touchdown Jejus) building , Golden Dorm, ND Football Stadium, Cathedral...

Stephen Trindade

My daughter will start her freshman year this fall 2017. Go Irish!

Mariana Farias Anguiano

Beautiful campus.

Anthony Catalano

Gorgeous campus with so much history. You could just walk around all day seeing everything.

Tristin Bishop - Student

Never been there . But it's my favorite college and college team. My great great great uncle was a College football player for them. He was apart of the 4 horseman and his name is Elmer Layden.

Anne Roat

What is not to like? History, beautiful campus, friendly people.... Be sure to spend time walking the campus.

James Smith

It's a beautiful campus compared to the town,, South Bend is kind of depressing

Patrick Broderick

Wonderful university that delivers one of the best educations in the nation. Well rounded individuals.

Alicia Matsushima

Notre Dame has the best law school in the world. They have a London program where you can spend your entire second year of study. The experience was life changing. There is no better place to be. It has been almost twenty years since I graduated and I have no regrets. I have been blessed to be a part of the Notre Dame family. PROUD TO BE ND.

Mark Monroe

Best decision of my life other than my wife!

Jam Bor

This is a beautiful campus. You must see the Basilica and the Grotto. With two lakes on campus. The best thing is the nice people, from students and faculty to security. It is like a giant family. Everyone should come for a football game. The tailgate lots are awesome.

Matt Quinn

Very cool school


Great architecture, and friendly people.

Elizabeth Echeverri

My daughter is not a legacy and does not have any connection to Notre Dame and got accepted! So do go ahead and apply even if you are not a legacy!

Denis Ellis

If you think you are not good enough for Notre Dame, you now have the motivation to, Go For It, and bring out your hidden self!

Tim Davis

An awesome and historical place to visit.

Funsizëd YahYah

I would love going here

Adam Ardolino

Great place to live and learn.

E Money

Finally made it to South Bend, Indiana. I've followed Notre Dame since a youth, have some family that also went to school at ND. I always follow the Shamrock Series so I've seen the great Irish play in Boston & San Antonio. Also seen them vs USC in Cali. This year I said "I'm going to the house Rockne built!" Went to the Ball state & FSU games in South Bend this year and I must say It was the most awesome experience ever. It's been on my bucket list for awhile and now I've seen 2 games at this historical site is a great feeling. The campus is just as advertised, got so many great pics and memories.

Phil Friesen

This is a first-class institution. We're not Catholic, but since we were in the area and a friend had attended the school, we decided to visit and walk around the campus. The campus itself was absolutely gorgeous. All the buildings blend well together and the architecture is beautiful. We were amazed that one of their libraries is also a museum, where we saw dozens of Rembrandt prints! Who does that?? Notre Dame. People were kind and helpful. We were complete strangers with next to no knowledge of the school beyond their sports teams. The school has real class and we detected no snobbishness.


This is a very historic Catholic University. The chapel and the grotto are just beautiful. A must see for anyone who has a soul.

César Augusto Izaguirre Paz

It is an amazing place, its Gothic architecture is just gorgeous. One of the most beautiful campus I've ever seen in US or Europe.

Michael Bruno

Unbelievable! Absolutely beautiful! Must see!

Brendan McDermott

Great university, very welcoming environment

David Pilcher- Drone Man

Awesome School! I've seen a whole floor at Breen Phillips Hall attended by students devoted to be Attorneys. Now fifty years later some are retired Judges. The students that attend there are the sons and daughters of our Nations Finest Leaders. My Grand Daughter will be there, and beware! So walks the Lord! All others need not apply! And you know who you are!

Mary Williams

The university looks beautiful.

Brandy Mullinax

Great time had at this beautiful University!! Worked all night then drove from SC to here and it was definitely worth it. There is so many beautiful things to explore !!! And of course Notre Dame football!!!

matt petree

Beautiful campus. Great stadium. Nice town with lots of places to eat. Well maintained campus.

Scott Smith

Game Day Rules!!!


Beautiful campus!

Peyton Helton

i couldn't find the hunch back so...

Sandra B

Excellent one of the best

Lavill Jackson Roundtree

the girl i like goes her take care of her

Steve L

My daughter is a sophomore there. She got a full scholarship including tuition, books, room/board, and transportation to and from California including a trip home at xmas. I feel like I won the lottery.... GO ND!!

Eduardo Popoca

For being able to stand up for what they believe

Richa Barua

Notre Dame is one of the few universities to regularly rank in the top 25 in the U.S. News & World Report survey of America’s best colleges. So one can think of taking admission there even by closing their eyes because they are best in every term.

Jay Wyatt

Pretty campus with very friendly squirrels.

Jack Lafferty

It is great...JL

marilay oliva

i wanna go but im too stupid. the coffee is al gae


Great beautiful spiritual campus

Belle b

Amazing university I'm in my 3rd year I play for there lacrosse team

Jake Gaus

It is the best collage. Next to nother Illinois huskies.

Анастасия Федорова

The school is fine- a lot of families pay tons of money for a degree. At the end of day, it's a private university with a lot of wealthy students.

Michael Orpurt

Great people, beautiful campus.

Kevin Large

Home game vs. the Universiy of Virginia, at The University of Notre Dame du Lac.

Master Spankme

Loved campus was given key ring

Matt Begley

I love the boathouse and the dock, St. Joe's lake rules (I heard there was a cake)!! And I love the Rad Lab!!! And don't forget the Mail Center!!!!

Bill McGuyer

Best school!

Peter Newbegin

They never let me play football, even though I had more heart, grit, and determination than anyone they'd ever met.

Marc Williams

Get the best from the best school

Alyssa Farrell

Beautiful campus, wonderful staff, and everyone is so friendly and helpful. Wish I was lucky enough to attend this school!!

Showy Anti-hero

Their football team is doing better this year, but if the students can't stay and honor the VP, whether they like him or not, is just wrong. They may not like him but they shouldn't have walked out on him. Adults should be mature enough to not do things like that.


Best campus in the world, a must for every bucket list!

Tomasita Oshiro

Notre Dame is a great school, and because they are part of Questbridge, a remarkable scholarship, my daughter (not a legacy) is enjoying a top notch education that we otherwise would not be able to afford.

Shumon Hossain

Beautiful campus and a great university.

Jose Abel

Great experience visiting the university amazing faculty.

Chris Morrison

Beautiful campus

Chris Sanchez - Clear Vision Media

Must experience for everyone. Regardless the of the reason this is a beautiful campus and lifetime experience.

Louis Rosen

Awesome University, Facility and hosting the USGA Seniors Open 2019.

Cun Wen

The most beautiful university I have ever been to. I always consider Notre Dame as my second hometown, at least my U.S. hometown. When you visit ND, you must check the church. Catholic Church are phenomenal, but this one is definitely the best of the best.

Sid Singh

World class campus!! One of the best I have seen around the country.

Bo 77777

Beautiful, Thank you. God bless.

Artis Dobie

I love the way Coach Lue Host taught the game of football.

Luke Lauterbach

Wonderful place for a conference. Campus was beautiful, and the staff was very friendly. The library and the art museums are must-sees for first time visitors!

Jesse Suter

I've really enjoyed getting my bs in mechanical engineering at Notre Dame.

John Hedges

A culture to become a part of not just a place to wander through


The campus is the best part of this area.

priyatosh chaudhuri

Breathtakingly beautiful campus of education, administered & being managed by extremely talented faculty & students.May God Bless this institution to become the best.

Richard Nye

Working with the education faculty at UND is just terrific. Extremely knowledgeable, professional and experienced. UND is an outstanding Catholic, world class university. R.Nye, Veritas Christi Catholic High School

Renata Hickey

A unique and architecturally historic University to see. They are very receptive and friendly to visitors. (1) We inquired about their acceptance requirements and they kindly provided us with a Notre Dame bag that included their catalogue and information. Very highly rated education system. (2) Their awesome book shop houses two floors. It is stocked with Notre Dame accessories, quality apparel and gifts. It also houses a coffee shop with specialty latte and cappuccino type drinks. (3) An interesting football hall of fame corridor. (4) Their Woman's Basketball Team games are a delight to watch, at a very minimal fee.

Miguel Vazquez

Amazing experience i went there for a retreat and stayed there for a week and met alot of people

Victor Del Valle

Best catholic school in the country!

Stan Rozenblit

Nothing like the Golden dome!

Victoria Foxworthy

It's a good football team and us a good college

Willie Thomas

Do not....I repeat DO NOT go to South Bend without a visit to Notre Dame campus! It's a lot of walking so try and go in the spring, summer or fall. You can even buy a meal in one of the dinning halls ( ND is voted #1 for their dinning hall meals). Check out the Grotto, The Church, The Stadium, New Hockey Rink and go inside the Main Building (golden dome) and see what the dome bottom looks like from the inside! So much more to see also!

M Gicale

BEAUTIFUL! It's an amazing school and one of the best! Go IRISH!

Curtid Newcomer

I would loved to have free parking for tealgateing

Bruce Richmond

Great education and university

Im Average

Honestly an amazing University with rich traditions and being devoted to excellence. Very surprised that I got accepted despite not being a legacy. Overall an amazing experience thus far going into my fourth year in the business program. The only down side being the "ragers" haven't been nearly as good as some places such as UofI or Bradley University.

Pete Mitchell

The greatest university in America. Go Irish!

Bert Ji

Rated as one of the prettiest campuses, make sure you take the time to appreciate the campus to the fullest while you visit. I also hope you made plans to attend one of their football games, because it's a lot of fun!

Jeff Furtaw

Go My favorite sports team ! Go! Score a goal...unit...basket! Do good in the skirmish! Defeat the opponent soundly!

Suzanne Powers

My Daughter Caroline attended Summer Scholars, and thoroughly enjoyed her experience taking Astronomy from some of the most notable professors in the world. What an amazing opportunity! I am grateful to the community of Notre Dame for giving Caroline Powers this amazing experience. Thank you

Cruise addiction's

how was my time at Notre Dame we beat Michigan the day of my birthday 37 to nothing I mean a great time great people I was with we beat Michigan I said nothing's better then beating Michigan when Michigan loses right that's a good time especially when Notre Dame beats Michigan I can't stand Michigan so yes we had a great time

Sue Davis

It was magical. The campus is like no other. Everyone is so nice. They make you feel welcome, show you everything, and it's just the best. The Football Program is the best.

Paul Carlson

Sadly a pillar of education like Notre Dame educates students who disrespect the Vice President of the United States of America. If Notre Dame had any fortitude they would take away the diplomas of all students that showed disrespect.

Melissa Karim

It is a rumor that The University of Notre Dame is a 'Class University." With these Notre Dame students walking out on the Vice President, it shows "Poor Taste and Manners!" Every person that is in a hiring position should "NOT HIRE NOTRE DAME GRADUATES." In my experience of hiring college graduates, if I saw a resume from the University of Notre Dame, it would be thrown in the waste basket. Duane Wilson, Oklahoma City.


A dream come true stepping on the grounds of NDU!!! From my humble beginnings in a small town of Milbuk, Cotabato, in the southern part of the Philippines where I grew up looking up at the local Notre Dame of Milbuk High school, ran by the Catholic Church, I dreamt of going to that school when I get to high school. Fate brought me to many different places, far from Notre Dame, until I got here in America, and worked in Indiana, where the biggest Notre Dame campus is located. I read about this place when I was young and I finally made it here! Not as student though...but that doesn’t really matter now. I have fulfilled my biggest passion which is to take care of other people, as a Registered Nurse...

Agatha Veronica Thompson

My former Parish Priest is currently studying in Notre Dame, Indiana!

Kelly Burrows

Absolutely the best looking campus we have visited so far. I would love for my daughter to attend this great university.

Luis Trevino

Notre Dame students are doing well by walking out on Mike Pence. One shall not simply respect a person for the title or position he is at. I take off my hat for those students who had the courage to stand up in favor of what they believe in.

DC Harmon

Don't bother wasting your money applying if you're not a legacy. If you have a 4.5 you might get deferred or waitlisted. It's the reality.


I ♥ Lou Holtz & Joe PA!

Rakib Ahmed

Mind blowing campus

Kindra M

Grew up always going to their football and basketball games, always a good time, good atmosphere, beautiful campus to walk around and learn about

Paul Perrin

This is an absolutely beautiful campus that is worth a visit for the following reasons : 1) The architecture is outstanding, spanning multiple styles while also preserving a unified feel. In addition to the rightfully famous Main Building and Basilica, some of the noteworthy buildings are built in a Gothic style that is reminiscient of the cathedrals of Europe. 2) This campus is dripping with tradition, most obviously in its football program, but in many other areas as well. 3) The green space of the quads and the lakes gives the campus a spacious feel and makes for a pleasant walk. 4) entertainment opportunities in the form of sports and the performing arts. If you are passing through South Bend, so yourself a favor and take some time to visit.

Paola Cruz

Beautiful campus with amazing architecture and landscaping. Their cathedral is breathtaking. They have lots of events going on during the week, and they even have a mini “night club” on campus called Legends (there isn’t much to do outside of the University besides a couple of bars and restaurants nearby).

Chien-Wei Wang

Best University in Indiana.

Michael Forr

The most gorgeous college campus in the country

James Burns

Well kept outstanding academics an football as all orbits sports has rich history

Debbie Griffith

It was embarrassing having your graduates walk out on the VP of the United States. Did you not teach respect? Honor?

Teresa Henning

Was given key ring loved campus

Charles Alkire

Legendary and beautiful. Not much else to say other than it being the best campus on earth.

Evan Clawson

This place over cooks food

Jimmy Anh Truong

Great school with the beautiful views of Campus. The golden Dome was magnificent and located in the middle of School campus. Right next to it just yards away there was a basilica where they have masses for students daily where students could find their inner peace during the trouble times or just came in for the prayers. Behind the church you could find a river that connected to St Joseph ‘s river that ran along side of streets in Southbend. This campus was so big compared to other school in the Area . Sports at this school were outstanding and popular. The fighting Iris football team was the most admired and very popular around the nation and locals here. The faculty’s members , and students here were very humbled and courteous.

Arun Immaneni

Heard about this University in College Football made me curious to visit it. Was not disappointed when toured the campus visiting the main building, the basilica and the Grotto of Lady of Lourdes. Beautiful 18th century church with beautiful interiors. One can find a lot of history of the roman catholic and the saint relics inside this basilica. The gold dome is also nice. The campus is not as huge with ancient buildings like Yale University or Harvard but it has its own charm with a modern touch. The football stadium is huge with many football grounds around it. No wonder they always win the Heisman trophy. If you are passing by on interstate 80/90 in Indiana make a point to visit for a hour or so.

Josh E.

A great university with Catholic roots. They have exceptional academics and athletics. Even if you grew up hating the Irish, you should see their campus at least once.

Natalie Garcia

Beautiful campus

GT Cheung

Visited there in May. The most beautiful, serene and heavenly campus even been to.

James Jones

Beautiful well kept campus with many activities. Every year they are adding or updating something on campus. Faculty and students are friendly too! You can spend hours walking around to see everything. I suggest watching a play or concert in Debartolo performing arts center.

Vermont Hippie

Alot of historic places it's nice to read about them my favorite places are the grotto,st.Mary's pond and the book store all super relaxing places.

Domingo Chavez

Incredible university and so beautiful.

Dominic Di Franco

The campus is beautiful also the basilica is breathtaking definitely a special place

Jamie Egendoerfer

Go Irish!!!☘️☘️☘️

Asara Eslofe

Academically outstanding, dedicated to social responsibility, well-rounded intelligent students, rich traditions, beautiful campus.


One of the finest universities in the world. A low-profile rank with the strongest alumni and the best faculties.

Laura Zakrzewski

Beautiful campus!


How in anyone's right mind can people be a Noter Dame fan if you can't buy cotton fabric to make something special for someone, to show your creative interest in the team ...doesn't make any sense...I know I'm not a fan for that reason.

Randy Miller

Best university in the land

Jacob Hovey

Once of the prettiest campuses I have ever walked through. I highly recommend coming for a visit if you are driving through and I will be back this fall for a football game!


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