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REVIEWS OF University of Indianapolis IN Indiana

Shannon Harris

Great professors! Great staff! Not overly priced. Very supportive!

Dreama Weber

My son just has just started his 2nd year here. Overall it's been a great choice.

Daineshe Sutton

Over the school is okay . The only thing that I dislike is the Parking, and the student teacher ratio.

Staci Miller

David Schlecht

Mikaela Peters

adam rosichan

Anthony Glidewell

Anand Joshi

Beth Ann White

Clinton Sims

Kyle S

Tammi Kalidindi

Caty Lynn

Kristin Venes

Lolo Lole

I have enjoyed my 2 years here and now i am plaining to move to CA. Professors always say that we are willing to help you if you come to our offices, but when I go to them they do not answer my question from the different aspects. If you do not ask multiple questions, they will not explain everything. Even in class, they try to hide some information from you so that you have to read the whole book to not miss any point. NOT ONE OR TWO PROFESSORS HAVE DONE THAT ( ESPECIALLY CHEMISTRY MAJOR). My advice, be away of this. There are a lot of activities that you can meet different people and learn more about different cultures. Plus, alcohol is prohibited in campus. ** I do not drink at all** Good Luck

Elizabeth Galante

I got accepted to UINDY after careful consideration about the program I wanted to attend. I chose UIndy over 3 other schools I was accepted to. They were not helpful at all after admission about what I needed to do next. The orientation was a joke and not helpful, they basically only addressed the students that would be receiving parental help with the finances and didn't answer any questions about the students like myself who would be doing it on their own, since my parents basically paid for my first degree. I also am supposed to receive half off my tuition due to my father being a disabled veteran. The Advisor I spoke with denied that despite the paperwork I sent her. A few weeks later I received my bill. They want 12k in a MONTH or else I would be dropped from classes. I reached out for more financial aid help and never got any response. Calls were not returned and emails were left ignored. This school was supposed to help me follow my dreams, and instead they crushed them. They killed all aspiration I had to further my education. It is now too late for me to attend any other college this fall and I must wait until next fall now, assuming I will even gain the perseverance back. If you are looking for a good college, I would stray from UIndy. I was left alone in the dark and put behind all the students who's mommy and daddy's will be paying the cost. I will set out to find a college with kind staff, good communication skills and one that will accept my fathers benefits. Do yourselves a favor and do the same.

Halle Risinger

This school is not worth the money. There are numerous problems with the food, parking, communication with offices to fulfil requirements of admission, and various other things. The professors are exceptional, however, not much of anything else is.

Mike Landy

I transferred here after attending Indiana University my first year of college. I felt the college is a great option for students who want more attention and a smaller class size. I always really enjoyed my time at UIndy because of their great and supportive athletic department. The school being smaller gave me more opportunities to fulfill my dreams and do what I wanted to do in college. Like everything, it is not for everyone. I believe it is a great school though and should be considered by all. It ended up being a perfect fit for me.


Jochelle Steward

Matt Snodgrass

Billy Cone

Excellent, affordable private university with small classes for students!

Doris Eison

Garrett Faust

Riya Aleid

This university is discriminating and very biased towards international students me and several of my friends just received E mails stating that they advice us to change majors if we want to be accepted and they do not admit international students to any medical related majors very disappointed it is not like we are asking to be educated for free but this place to be home for education is way Off and should be illegal to prevent services based on race ethnicity or color

Ryan Michael

Clean campus. Parking is an issue but is being addressed by university staff (they're adding more lots and offering shuttles). Safe environment

Jokerz Wylde


Morgan C

Tomasz Heil

David Tshim

ShariLevi Jenkins Jenkins

University of lndiapolis

Breanne Davis

UIndy is a nice place to take a stroll through and an amazing place to earn a degree. As a student I had always wished there were more options for parking but it only takes 10 minutes to walk from any parking area to the other side of campus. Unless, of course you have to park in the neighborhoods bordering campus. Even so, UIndy staff and students have always been polite and helpful. I highly recommend UIndy for anyone thinking of going to a small school.

Ion Sochirca

Small classes, good proffesors willing to help.

Angela Blobs

Tyler Kehrein

Keegan Ridgway

Sunny Israni

Adam Stone

Ryan Pehlman

rene ibarra


Im happy with what UIndy has done for my son so far. He's happy, and most of all I feel that he's very safe on campus. That's is in some ways just as important as the degree.

Deepayan Sen

Mark Lopez

Thomas Finch

Lisa Birkbeck

Cary Hanni

Best kept secret in Indiana

Good Trav

Luke Haruki

Damodar Goyal

My son admitted this yeas in the university.

Ross Johnson

Fantastic college, great choice if you're considering going here.


This school is not worth the money you pay to attend. The professors do not teach and the advising is horrible. I know this isn't high school, but you basically teach yourself at this school. If you ask for help the professors pick and choose who they want to help. I sent a lot of time in tutoring labs and was still told wrong. The advising does not communicate with each other when a new change has be established. Not happy with Indiana schools at all! Best of luck to other students!

Joya D

It is not a challenging school and the majority of the student body is into cliques, like in high school. Most of the students there are superficial and stuck up. The school is very expensive and the campus is beautiful, but it is not worth the amount of money that you have to pay in order to attend school there.


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