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REVIEWS OF Purdue University IN Indiana

Rene Hernandez


CG Geek

I miss going here. What a great school. Safe campus. Fun people to be around. Great teachers. Loved it!

Marzell Robinson

Doing research and i got great info!

Frank Salek

Purdue University is one of the best colleges in the country. My experience here has been pretty amazing. The classes here are really hard but its definitely worth it. The professors are all extremely knowledgeable and all the ones I've had so far have been able to teach very well.

Ulises Sirit

Always inviting... Academically and socially

Jack Lynk

Tough classes. Mean teachers. produce great scholars

arun gupta

Wow !

Phoenix 1867

Best university in The Big Ten and flyover country. HALE PURDUE!

Teal Dowd

Great University, with a huge variety of classes to choose from.

Herbert Solomon

IDK I Just made a random review

Leonardo Melo

I'm Purdue student from Hammond, IN. I came to Purdue University in West Lafayette only to visit, and looks very interesting.

Alex Flores

The University looks amazing. Constantly building onto it.


Good Engineering School.

Alex Lo

Beautiful college campus with fantastic facilities, dorms, cafeterias and gyms.

Kent McKesson

My son is now a second generation to get a good education that is also affordable with a full college experience. A very pedestrian friendly campus

Brian Young

I am learning where my pal works

Capri Flournoy

Beautiful campus. It is challenging academically but it worth that degree at the end

an johnny

commend me 610 Purdue Mall

Katherine Effinger

Good school, plenty of student activities to be involved with.

Matthew Lyons

I gradjeated from this (Purdue University) place ....twice....

Luke Wahl

Purdue is a great value with national acclaim but has major issues (pun intended). This is the critical paper taught in COM114. Purdue cost me $54,000, just in tuition, here's what I learned for all that (sadly many take on much more debt). I can say (happily) for you engineers, math/stat, science smart people, you have good odds here. Ignore this wordy mess and apply to Purdue! I'm talking to all like me who go to Purdue thinking it will offer options lesser colleges fail at. I started in Industrial Design, tried Computer Graphics, graduated in Financial Planning: 11 semesters, 55+ faculty. I had things to work thru... don't mind me! Now it gets good as about 35% of the faculty were ideal, what a world class education center should hold dear. Shout out to Mr. Haywood! But Dr. Ma, both Risk Management and Investment Strategies, he never graded HW and made us help with his thesis research in labs. We found out that final grades were RANDOMLY assigned to fit the bell curve. This is hilarious right! Dr. Snuggs needs help too, Ethics and Cultural Marketing classes, graded only on formatting not content. She hinted at unresolved childhood issues and made comments out of place outside of therapy, low standards for a WWI orphanage. It is hard to see your money funding issues you can't fix. Some will say that is life! "College helps you learn responsibility" and how to push thru. That is dumb talk. If I'm paying big money for an education, I better get that big education. If I'm supposed to learn motivation and responsibility from people like that, I am better off doing an online class and saving all that tuition. Purdue seems to be looking for those kids too lazy to get thru online courses but also just motivated enough to walk to a class taught by a pinata. Purdue is like an Apple Watch; sure it's cool but it'll be outdated next year and worthless in three but as long as no one says anything let's keep playing this game! OK issue #2 I recall students acquiring solutions to exams in German and a few other classes. My group's white paper in ENG420 was on cheating. We concluded Purdue (most large colleges) unintentionally are a masterclass to enable kids to get away with cheating. Again, motivated students that put up with lazy teachers? They'll just figure out how to get away with cheating! Many students are now in a GroupMe to share solutions to HW. There's a hidden dirty reality we ignore, like that cheap watch costing $350 cuz it has a fruit on it: cheaters, drinking parties, hazing, suicides, worthless teachers - things we don't want to talk about. Yes, US News ranks Purdue highly (hardly an unbiased assessment according to an Adam Ruins Everything episode) so where are rankings that include police report per student and how well trained a grad feels a month into a new job? Purdue has little real world aid for mental support just as readying for the workplace. Where is the proof my 5 years and $50,000+ were a smart choice? Purdue has built some beautiful buildings since I graduated. But again, forget me! A few Purdue students commit suicide every year. That is awful. Pete is blowing the endowment on new buildings and marketing while a couple kids blow their life each semester. I want everyone to succeed and become the best they can be. As a Purdue grad, I sadly cannot say Purdue is worth its recognition nor is there a guarantee for the career boost one may anticipate. People play this Apple Watch game as each new Gen comes out we blab about how cool it is and shell out $350 for a $15 item. What will it look like for Purdue grads in 10-20 yrs? I see a growing suspicious generation doubting how much they can learn in a classroom compared to on their own. At the least, Purdue needs to ensure classrooms don't waste time, student's psychological needs are met, and education quality is examined and improved for more than those who get a good job and answer a survey. No one should go with the hype to rush weak (another bad pun sorry) into debt cuz friends are. Purdue might be right for you but chances are it's not.

Karla Garcia

I was really contemplating on going to this school. However, they kept calling me during my work hours. They were very aggressive, while I understand that they were just trying to give me info about the school, it seemed very aggressive. This morning I received 3 calls from them and they were all about 1 hour to 2 hours apart. On the 4th call I finally told the guy to "please take me off of the list" and before I could give an explanation as to why, he hung up. Which was very very rude. So I am glad I didn't sign up. That was extremely unprofessional.

Marla Timm

Purdue's teaching veterinary clinic is top notch!My kitten had a very rare health condition and wouldn't be alive if it were not for the students, vets and vet techs at the small animal hospital on campus. They were all very compassionate and knowledgeable in the type of surgery and after care my kitten would need for his rare condition. He received above excellent attention and TLC for all his needs during and after surgery and came out of there a kitten with a new lease on life! These people are professional,caring, and very well trained in their field.I would highly recommend them to anyone who appreciates excellence in the care of their pets!

Garrett Mathis

Pretty campus. Elliot Music Hall was a great place place for a plenary lecture. Room Lily 1105 was cold and the sound wasn't great, but it worked.

Patricia A. Davis

"Patricia Davis' Mimi, Money and Me is a wonderfully practical, easy-to-read introduction to the issues of personal finance. This book is a valuable resource for everyone, from young adults to senior citizens. Calling often and insightfully on the wisdom of her Mother, Mimi, Davis answers 101 money management questions that we ignore at our financial peril." Dr. Martin Jischke, President Emeritus, Purdue University

Harrison Ma

they accepted me

Michael Lehner

Best university in the US!

oshione garuba

I went there for a degree and got one


Great University and great place...! Both my daughters attended Purdue University W. Lafayette and achieved degrees and I could not have been happier with everything there..... Rated this year the 5th best public university in America, so they must be doing something right..... Great midwestern values.....! The University is located in a nice area, just west of the "banks of the Wabash" river... Since Mitch Daniels (ex governor of Indiana) took over as President, he froze the tuition and hasn't raised it in nearly 6 years..... That is unheard of.....! The dining courts are unbelievable, anything you could want is there, Chinese, Italian, American, just terrific... And as info, more astronauts went to Purdue than any other university and Amelia Earhart even taught there...! Drew Brees, Lenny Dawson, Bob Griese, John Wooden, Bill “Moose” Skowron, Hank Stram, Glenn “Big Dog” Robinson and many other great athletes called Purdue home... The great astronaut Neil Armstrong (first man on the moon) attended Purdue and achieved an aeronautical engineering degree and they have a statue in his honor on campus, as they do for Amelia Earhart... Purdue has its own airport...! This is a terrific learning institution and I highly recommend Purdue but buckle down, because it's not easy...! "Boiler Up"..!

William Chang

Purdue is the fourth most international university in US but is also probably the top 3 most racist school in US. From top to bottom, from faculty to students, you can literally hear racist remarks while in class! If you are international students please don't come here, you will be miserable and indirectly attacked everyday from either professors or local students, from outside or inside classroom. Purdue has this many international students is because it desperately needs tuitions(which is lot higher) from foreign students to sustain itself. So Purdue wears a mask pretend to welcome these people. In fact, Purdue just wants to get your money and doesn't care if these international students are spat by local students while walking on campus or ridiculed by professors while in class. AVOID.

Claytin Pinon

It was a good time and greant senary

William Teat

Demands loyalty. Delivers top-notch education. Ensures fun times. Prepares for a successful future! I love Purdue!

joseph gardner

This place is the worst university any one could attend they are the devil! jk im just a man offended by yall banning the word man that's dumb.

Benjamin Rich

I couldn't have asked for a better college experience. 'Nuff said. BTFU!

Drew Campbell

Best university in the country

BF Wilson

One of the best universities in the nation. The Boilermakers pride themselves on the successes of their collective works.

Prashanth K

Incredible university. Awesome! Wonderful. Great Mechanical Engineering department and faculty and staff.

Aubrey Backscheider

Very affordable and challenging curriculum. Loved every minute here!

Ramachandiran Rao

Just spread good things about University.

James Oldiges

Beautiful campus. Awful nightlife.

Kaitlyn Hutsell

PURDUE IS THE BSET I WENT THIER FOR A CHIRSTMAS IT WAS THE BEST!!!! The wens basketball is the best to watch.

James May

An incredible engineering curriculum with devoted staff, students from all walks of life, and the experience of a lifetime.

Isah Aminu

The teachers were nice but all the classes were like a mile away and so confusing to get to your classes. They don't really support sports.

Tasnim Jui

My dream collage. Going to Purdue this summer for the Summer Biology research program, very excited for that. I visited Purdue more than 6 times.

Michel Heijnen

Absolutely the best place to get a degree! Great facilities, plenty of opportunities, and amazing people. Boiler Up!


Nice university campus with lot many facilities for development of students.

Beth Ballard

Such a lovely place to walk around! I was there for a high school graduation and it was worth it i didnt get to hot or anything and outside is beyond beautiful!

Ata Ur Rehman

Ideal place for knowldge seekers..!! You will get what you desire. Having state of the art research facilities. A lot many opportunities available in every field of study.Its an epitome of discipline, hardwork and determination. One of the best Engineering and Business schools in USA even around the globe. Come and taste the favour of knowledge and enjoy :)

Joe Scibetta

Life changing, thought provoking, and enabled me to grow into a successful engineer.


CraftsMANship is no longer supported

Jaya Sharma

Great University...

Andrew Labig

Next time you give me a 4 hour exam, you should give me a break.

Trent Apple

Purdue is truly one of the greats. Wonderful campus. More importantly, it is a well known name and has a solid reputation. The quality of education is unmatched!

BaSanta Aryal

I went to visit, since i heard the university is best one among other indiana universities.

Rebeca Dominguez

Boiler Up!

George camp

The word purdue offends they should change the name of the college.

Zhang Xiang

Best University for research in my heart!

Jay Smith

Hoosier racism runs deep! The type of racism that exists here is very subtle and covert but it pervades all aspects of life on this campus. After a kind of 'southern hospitality' wears off, these people will show you their true, insidious nature. Rich white kids from other states and rich kids from Chicago dominate the social scene on this very elitist campus through Greek life. The Greek community(honestly resembles a gated community like a lot of people here are from anyway) is undeniably the center of social life on campus, especially this campus because of it's sheer size. If you are not in it, you will miss out on everything until you turn 21 since there is absolutely nothing to do in or around West Lala because this school is in the middle of a giant cornfield. This mostly upperclass and white Greek community has a strong racist/elitist undercurrent. If you are non-white, you will be watched carefully. If you are non-white and you say or do anything against the mainstream beliefs, you will be a target, these people do not want to see a non-white with any kind of social or political power. And if they do let a non-white reach that status, you can bet that that person is more or less a lap-dog for the whites, a kind of "house-ni**er". This can be seen in who they select to join frats and sororities. They need a token black guy and a token Indian or Asian guy just so they don't seem racist. They will let someone join who is not too smart or someone who is easily influenced and will follow their orders and they only let only one of each join. This way they can dominate campus life. One of my black friends that is in a frat is only there on paper so they don't seem racist; he is never invited to any of the events and when he used to be, he was given the duty of being either the doorman or the sober driver but if he got lucky, a bartender. He told me that to them he was just a "house-ni**er". If he was talking to some white chick or for that matter even an asian chick, some brother that liked her would barge in and redirect the conversation to himself, either to get the girl for himself or not allow my friend to have a chance. If you are a domestic minority in a frat you can expect to face occasional hostile attitudes and behaviors, and passive aggression such as ignoring whatever you say and talking over you for no reason whatsoever. Ironically, if you show any attitude, signs of protest or other frustration; they will not like that you took offense and label you a whiner. There is an epidemic of constantly harassing minority students inside and outside the classrooms by students an professors alike. Now this is really tricky and hard to prove so I will give you a hypothetical scenario. Imagine there is a single black male in a classroom of 30 students. Today you are reading part of a story about slavery in America. The professor will purposely ask the only black student to read the part of the black man/slave. As he reads you will hear people snickering and giggling in the back of the classroom yet the professor will not say anything about that. Everyone would know what is going on but no one would be brave enough to mention the elephant in the room. And even if the black guy complains, it will be dismissed and forgotten because the professor can simply deny responsibility by pleading ignorance. And if something is done, it will not be a serious consequence, probably just an email telling the professor not to do it again. Other examples might include professors asking minority students rhetorical questions to the point of gaslighting. This is actually well documented by someone who answered a Quora question All in all, Indiana is a cesspool of ultra-conservative beliefs, proudly Republican politics and all the bigotry, prejudice and racism that stems from that. Having been to other parts of the US, this place is only in it’s infancy when it comes to race-relations. The only university I can think of that is more racist than this one is the University of Alabama. Just google "purdue racism".

Brayten Yoder

This is a great college. I'm not even out of high school. I'm not even in high school.

Kerry Z

I got a good education at Purdue and have been successfully employed since I graduated. I'm a little stunned by some of the other comments I read. Some people complain that there is "racism" against foreign students. I can guarantee there is no institutional discrimination; Purdue has the highest percentage of foreign students than any other US university. If you meet some people who you think are arrogant or unfriendly--guess what--that's life. There are different types of people at Purdue; Indiana farm types, Chicagoans, pre-Vet majors from the Northeast,etc. You are sure to find a group of people you click with. I just wish the football team was better. Draft Drew Brees!

Naganachiketh Chinnamuttevi

My friend broke his ankle and the people here were nice and gave him ice.

Ryan Craig

Making the best boilers since 1869

Kay M

This school is preditorial and they’re using the influence of the internet to hide their deception. Due to their deceiving ways and my ignorance at the time, I’m stuck paying thousands in student loans with nothing in return. They take your money and you get little to nothing in return. It’s best to do your research! Also keep in mind that Purdue is the NEW name that KAPLAN university now uses. The mention of Kaplan University speaks for itself. I highly suggest you save your money and trouble by researching them EXTENSIVELY. MAKE SURE their credits/degrees will be accepted by other colleges and your future employers. There are many people who graduated who ended up in debt who now have degrees they can’t even utilize which then puts them in a worse position they were in before they even applied for college in general! Take heed to the warnings previous student have provided before you fall victim as well! One of the biggest mistakes I ever made for myself which will now take time and money to fix. Don’t be like me.

Carrie Fischer

College visit to a beautiful midwestern school,really impressed with effort taken to introduce potential students to current students in their chosen major/schools. Purdue’s approach to their learning communities looks very promising. Seem to be very good with supporting first year students into a rigorous learning path. Purdue is payed out well and easy to navigate even though it is very large. Amazing athletics also!

Bharath Kumar ravula

Good Intruction andy FRIEND where studying in your college

Matt Solovy


Kenton McKasson

Sometimes when I say I went to Purdue people get confused. They think its Ivy League which says something about the quality of education.

BA Pope

Finally, we're returning to the one of the "Best Bang for the buck" educations in the world! Excellent experience in an excellent environment. Hammer Down Boilers!

Friedrich Prinz

Best university in the US! This is the place to be if you are young and smart.

Anna Magner

The application process was much more smooth, easy to understand, and better than IU's. Campus tours are great and the campus layout is fantastic.

Manav Mittal

best university for construction engineering and management...

Priscilla Alvarado

Burke Ramsey - A KILLER was allowed here?!!

nanshe inanna

uni might be good but the most boring campus and town i’ve ever been.

Jay Wyatt

This is THE Indiana state university. Great state school with the prestige of a private school and they have the best damn band in the land.

Su-Jin Kim

Purdue campus, seminars and students are great. I love Purdue.

Anon ymous

Racism! The campus is plagued with subtle forms of racism, especially targeted toward foreign students and other minority groups. Purdue University is located in the backward state of Indiana, infamous for it's anti-gay religious freedom law, that allows businesses to reject homosexual and non-christian/ethnic customers. The hatred and ignorance against foreign students arises from false arrogance that America is the world's greatest country and everyone else is just inferior. Read a book, the greatest countries are probably Norway and Japan; I am Srilankan, so I have no bias toward those countries. Facing these frustrating social situations, many foreign students tend to develop mental illnesses such as depression or anxiety. Nevertheless, the school also has many fantastic people, advocating for equality and inclusion. Many of these people belong to liberal organizations, international student clubs and ethnic organizations. Luckily, I have been able to create a good group of friends (almost all foreigners of course). I used to have more white friends in Sri Lanka than I do in Indiana, USA. Fortunately, most of the important people, i.e professors and smart students have the ability to treat people equally. But in general, Hoosier hospitality applies only to a certain category of people. Apart from the unnecessarily hard task of finding a good group of friends, the academics are great! I am in a fantastic major that is very interesting and challenging. I just have to ignore the occasional side eye I get for being a brown man.

Vaibhav Kumar

Cause a friend of mine's there!

Matt Kerner

The only thing more frozen than tuition is walking to class in January

Kishore Prabhala

I got admission in February 1978 into BSEE and started my first class on 22nd June, 1978 a Summer school, English 101 and CS 220 FORTRAN with punch cards. Excelled in circuits, Transistors and thrived on Digital Logic Design taught by Prof. David Meyer. Loved 382 control system, took two microprocessor classes. Nuedeck taught me Semiconductor technology. Lived on Wabash Avenue, moved to close by and amazed by ATM machines, Ross Are Stadium. Watched Mark Herrmann leading boiler makers into foot ball greater heights and Joe berry Carrol played basketball superbly. I still have two great friends there. Gave me foundation of my life, especially Professor Michell taught me philosophy so eloquently, Kaplan maths. This photo is my graduation if BSEE a class of 1981, May 16. This photo was on in Junior year 1980 in front of Electrical Engineering building on left side, Mechanical engineering in the back.

Akash MondAl

So nice

Miguel Acosta

Great but not 1st.class majesty

Jack Empire

Better than IU ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Shawn Pahl

Best university in the US. Amazing educational establishment to get your Bachelors or Masters Degree. I use my education from here daily. Boiler Up!

Griffin Goodman

They want to fine you for every little thing. They don't want to except some transfer credits for "you" even if a different person that when to the same college transferred the same course and they got it. I thought Purdue was going to be great by thing after thing keeps happening with the school and my respect for Purdue is gone.

Noah Duffer

I love this school and my favorite college

Carol Schulzrinne

Presbyterian youth triennium held at Purdue University. Worked out well.

Jin Cui

I receive excellent PhD education at Purdue University. Professors are kind and wise. They do not only give me advice on research and course work, but also give me wisdom on life and social. Staffs are kind and helpful. I still enjoy good time at Purdue now. It is never wrong to pursue high-level education. I like Purdue very much. All Hail Purdue!!!

Loa Hayes

Purdue is a great college and it has a fantastic academic program


I loved my time at Purdue and wouldn't trade it for anything. The campus is beautiful, great neighborhoods, and everything is walking distance. There is a feeling of intellect and tradition around the Purdue campus. Purdue has a great reputation outside the state of Indiana. I can't tell you how many people think it's an Ivy League school. The only negative I had was having Math teachers from different countries who's English was not up to par. I know Math is universal but on the first day we had to remind the teacher how to say 'seven' in english. My third semester I went to my acedemic advisor and told her I have to have an American born Math teacher. She told me she could not divulge that info about teachers. She let me look at the list of teachers and pick. I looked over numerous Asian and Indian names until I came across the name 'Johnson'. I said, "Johnson! I want Johnson." Finally got in A. Boiler Up! Hammer Down! Class of 2003

Carlos ruiz

The people here were great and welcoming to visitors

cynthia s

Purdue is the best school I could've spent my college years at. Not only had I a happy life there but it also prepared me amazingly well for the real world. Boiler Up!

Arteee DG

I came for a college visit. It is a very beautiful campus and the food was delicious. My only problem with Purdue is that they have almost no information specifically for their Vet Technology program, which is what I am interested in. Hopefully, I'll be able to find out more through other methods.

Minghui Jin

I love

Pontiac Firebird

I am an alumnus of Purdue as well as several other top schools across the country and my experiences at Purdue stand out for many reasons. It is truly a world-class engineering school with all the benefits of extremely high quality student peers, excellent faculty, and superb facilities. In addition, a really unique aspect of Purdue as an engineering university is its College of Technology, which provides students a more hands-on education and complements the broad offerings in engineering. Likewise, the College of Agriculture complements engineering in unique ways. The work ethic that Purdue instills has been quite valuable to me as I have advanced in my career and is not the same as in other elite institutions. There are numerous activities on campus to be involved in that cater to a wide variety of interests. Purdue is an excellent place to learn and grow if you value hard work can have fun while doing it.

Steve Guilford

Purdon't come here.

Andrew Higgins

First of all prestigious place of higher education exact quote from a Karen an admission counselor is nice way of saying expensive. Don't have specific experience in the field why would I want a degree if I have specific experience in the field. That could have been handled better there are no such thing as prestigious places of higher education it's money for colleges realize that and be nicer

jordan burgess

Been going to Purdue. Very great for Pharmacy, it's rated high for pharmacy, highly recommend

Christopher Simmons

10/10 would get a degree.

Sarah Kirtland

Only came here for a visit, but the campus was beautiful. We especially enjoyed the fountain!

Rafael Martinez


Hu Shi

A great place to study engineering, world renowned in Engineering and Agricutur

Babulal Patel

Best for engineering and job search

Mason Waters

Good school

Mahim Hossain

This place is so nice I like it very much

Chris Pick

Great location.. Love the diner on lower level


This is one of the strangest university I have seen. They sent me a non_degree admission while I am an international student. I agreed and asked for an i_20. They said there will be no i_20 for the non-degree admission. How can I even stay in the USA whithout an i-20!! I tried to contact the department and it's like talking to a stone. They don't even answear. I was applying to the civil engineering dep. I don't know about the other dep. But C.E staff are very rude and arrogant. Thanks to GOD that I have other admissions our I could lose my future.

Manas Paldhe

Excellent university. Great faculty, great infrastructure. Worth every penny spent.

Brian W.

Go Purdue! Big school that has something for everyone. lots of groups and activities to make the place seem a lot smaller.

Roy Li

Extremely high education quality at a relatively very affordable tuition.

Mario Ong

Top uni for engineering studies.

Vincent Fuller

Lets See Here, What Should You Know? Whats it like to go to Purdue? Some Lectures Are Useful. You Will Want Khan Academy and YouTube, Most Of The Time. They do whatever they can to passively weed out students every semester. How About Social Life? The Student To Undercover Cop Ratio Is 1:1 ... They'll pose as fellow students and even have student IDs, apartments, dorm rooms, entire Frat Houses...Ewww

Paulo Façanha

Purdue is World-famous for its Engineering School, consistently top-ranked by the main reviewers in the USA, UK, and China. Vet Medicine, Agriculture, Business and Chemistry schools are also well-renowned globally. Costs are below the average of top US public universities. Very open for international students and definitely not for lazy people.

Priscilla D.

The campus is beautiful and the students were friendly and readily available to offer help in terms of navigating the campus. Also, great food!

Brady Solomon

The environment here is wonderful! Love the poeple. It gets crazy for football and basketball games. Recommend it to anyone!

Paweł Pawlukiewicz

Feminism and sexism overdosed...

Jessica P

Went for a campus visit in October. The weather was BEAUTIFUL and there is a very cool atmosphere.

jim yeh

Boiler up!!!!!

Devon McDonough

Ever Grateful, Ever True!

Linda Rainwater

Almost as good as IU. Of course they have different outlooks and goals. They could really spruce up the campus with more trees.

Bob Liu

I was frightened to see the dinning cost here is even higher than most of Bay Area


Lincoln was the biggest leader for the enlighting age. He helped to establish a lot of university in the US. And also Purdue University was established like that. After that Purdue University graduated many famous people like Neil Amstrong. You will be able to prefer Purdue University if you want to go a University.

Alan Chen

A place full of memories


My son recently transferred to Purdue university as we heard it is one of the top university in the world we hope for my son and other students in this university to succeed.

William van Hoek

Ray gonna make his big entrance

Yuesong Xie

Did a phd degree here and enjoyed the time here.

Y Hao

Real Racism everywhere:D I am sorry but get used to it

Andrew Gregor

Purdue is extremely challenging, and that's a good thing. The engineering programs in particular are rigorous and rewarding. The professors are fantastic, and the facilities are always being upgraded with new tools and resources. The campus is beautiful and contains many libraries, study rooms, and common areas. Dorms are basic but well-equipped. Literally hundreds of groups, programs, and activities are waiting for you to explore, and the community is vibrant with events, shows, and sports. Purdue has much to offer, and I'll never forget my experiences there.

Rob Pietsch

Great times. Great school. Great programs and facilities. Got 2 degrees from Purdue almost 30 years ago. Boiler Up !

Blake Hurd

I earned my Bachelor's degree in 2016. Purdue Campus: Purdue's campus is very beautiful in the Spring as the tree and flowers are blossoming. During the fall and winter, the weather tends to stay at a chilled temperature or lower. The school's building theme is brick. Classes: Classes are academic rigorous for the most part. There are some classes that are GPA boosters, but don't expect an acceptable GPA with minimal work. Most classes you will feel like a number rather than an individual which is why I gave Purdue University WL 4 stars. Night Life: There is no lack of night life. Plenty of restaurants and bars to enjoy. Purdue usually hosts an event every weekend ranging from comedy clubs to musical concerts.


Banning words? I wonder when they will start burning books.

Harshini Patel

I wanted information about the online course and the person on the chat Michael didn’t answer my question, but rather started giving opinion about the program from the state where I live... The person should be answering the question rather than giving opinions to other... I saw many advertising online so thought to ask it... but the respond made me mad... I would honestly not give this college as recommendation cause what is asked and answer is the waste of time...

Mason Smith

Dude Purdue's campus is really lit and nice. The basketball team is really good. Boiler Up!!!!

sagar verma

Very big place

Elizabeth MUA

The only reason I'm here is my allergies are bad every where else and I pay in-state. Purdue doesn't care about you and just wants more money. It's over priced to live there and there's nothing to do. Kids are rude and teachers are very unhelpful.

Barnard Mondal

Many organizations to get involved in and lots of professional opportunities. Thank you Purdue!

Alex B.

Purdue is an amazing school. Great campus, great academics, great people. Boiler Up!



Kearstynn Goulette

Best school ever! BOILER UP!

Rosli Nordin

Always the best!!! Spent 4 years of my life here, as a student. My most unforgettable and memorable experience in life. Hey....if you are currently here, do enjoy your time.......every moment of it!!! I did!

Mitch Lewandowski

Had a wonderful time at Purdue university with my daughter for father’s daughter day really enjoyed the game and the band They really bring a sense of school spirit

Grace Williams

I'm a transfer student who has just received a reply email from the admissions office from an email I sent in JANUARY. I paid $60 application fee like anyone else. Plus my high school and college transcripts fees, $25 in total. It's fine if their requests are reasonable, but they just asked me for my high school diploma from my JUNIOR HIGH as if they don't read English at all (my junior high offers 7-9th grade education). I'm insanely pissed right now. As an ESL (teach English as second language) teacher, I'm deeply offended. This is the services I get for paying $60. When I don't even qualify for an international student visa, I'm still being discriminated against. (Permanent residency status)

Ana S

One of the best

Thomas Hilton

It's a beautiful campus, and worth spending an hour or two walking.

Mike Chornesky

If you are in engineering, agriculture, or applied sciences, this is a great school. Talented professors, nice campus, modern buildings with all of the amenities, a nice place for you. If you are in liberal arts or the humanities, avoid it. Those in liberal arts disciplines will be shoved in the oldest buildings on campus and crammed into intro courses with professors whose intellectual resources are consumed by research and faculty politics over teaching. These courses will be filled with hundreds of other students, many of whom are from outside of your respective departments and who will not care about the subject at hand beyond getting the grade and the credential. At other schools, this diversity would create an interesting and collaborative learning environment; at Purdue, the liberal arts exist and continue to be funded mostly as lip service. The current President of the university is a political hack who was revealed years back to be at the head of an effort to suppress the teaching of a historian, Howard Zinn, whose work is recognized as important by most actual historians. He undertook this effort while serving as the Governor of Indiana. This outlook has continued during his stewardship of Purdue, as he has diverted resources away from the humanities and focused it on the construction of new, lavish facilities for other disciplines he and his toadies in administration care more about. This is a broad problem in American higher education today which transcends Purdue, but Mitch Daniels is currently trying to stand at the forefront of that movement. Its result will be nothing less than the destruction of American higher ed. The less said about how they exploit international admissions and the English as a Second Language test required to attend the school, the better.

Salman Bashir

Best place on earth for spending your life. Period.

Nabeel Farooq

Great campus, great academics, great people

Nitish Jaiswal

Great public University. Amazing people

Mary Olayode

Its a Really great university

Vishwak Jay Pugalendiran

It's a good place but not that great in terms of teaching and campus facilities

Oluwatoba Omotilewa

Fastastic faculty and great students!

coffelt25 Tommy coffelt

My family help started Purdue and small towns the beton county and worked the processor keys my great grand father made the first computer there love you guys good luck and my grand mal at Earhart Hall My mom McCutcheon Hall and Fowler House All my family sometimes work at Purdue and they were very very hard now my wife's uncle James Dominic works there just as well that's my wife's uncle good luck to all the students thank you

Oswaldo González

Proud to be a boilermaker. Campus is great.


Purdue! Definitely a future college for me!:-)

Jake Merel

Great school, awesome atmosphere

Sahil Pattni

Beautiful atmosphere, friendly people, great education. Easy (relatively) to get into, hard to graduate from.


For all the schools I've attended, Purdue is by far the best. As a graduate, I miss here always.

Nicasio Mireles

I didn't even go

AVER Music

Amazing University.


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