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REVIEWS OF Indiana Wesleyan University IN Indiana

Rebecca Anderson

I graduated couple of years back, today i received additonal charge for $2000. I called its admin charges.

Lisa Edmonds

I had nothing but love for the college that I earned my first degree from, but now, I loathe them. Just as I was getting my credit debt cleared, here comes a bogus $2,481.87 collection letter from IWU, which was immediately forwarded to a collection company! I could not believe it! Yes, I attempted to go back for my Bachelor's, but once I was told I couldn't get any more student loans, that stopped all that. I took no classes, received no textbooks, ordered and received no syllabuses. Nothing! Still, after almost 3 years, here comes this headache!! Three years!! I am just so over IWU. And to think I used to use their license plate!! SMH

Drex Morton

Skylar Pickett

Ender Paz

Greg Gerardot

Clay Crofford

Amazing college and loving staff!


Great campus

Kelsey Lanham


Be very careful before signing up this school. The staff members are very unprofessional and unreliable. They are very lazy and delay the process for your transcript paperwork. All they do is getting your money. This school is definitely a scam.

Whitney Norman

Ryan Enochs

Best 5 years of my life. Made great friends, mentors, and memories.

Melissa Ray

This school is a money scam. They overcharge and do not communicate if financial aid has run out.


Tim Prentice

My academic career at Indiana Wesleyan was challenging yet supportive by the faculty. I love being part of this university and I'm proud to have graduated what's my Bachelors of Science.

Kelsey Stump

Gina Bertolotti


I completed my social work degree here, they are CSWE accreditated which is great but there’s pros and cons. The professors I had where knowledgeable, professional, and didn’t view you as less than and was always willing to help. I completed my degree online and for the majority you could call the professors directly or they would respond via The University’s email within 12-24 hrs. Okay, so that’s the pros, the cons are most definitely their financial aid department. This department must be ran by some miserable individuals because there is no empathy or understanding. If you owe anything you will not pass go or collect nothing. I understand that’s the norm but it’s the way they respond to you via email or by phone, there’s no understanding circumstances, it’s all about pay me! They also messed up my financial aid, they informed me I was in the clear then ended up having to beg for 4000 dollars so I could get transcripts and diploma all last minute. Would I recommended this school yes, does the financial aid dept need a attitude adjustment yes! But there are professors here that actually sit in each of the students chairs and pray for each student! That’s what drew me there and that’s what makes it IWU!! They do a wonderful job implementing Christian values into their coursework but just ensure you pay very close attention to your balances and how each semester/quarter falls cause it caused much stress when I found out I couldn’t test or get my documents when I was informed I had a balance.

Alex Gergely

Kat Delta

Horrible experience. Was working with Troy Hatfield for admissions to get another degree from IWU. Troy convinced me that I didn't need another degree that it would be better to get another minor (his idea, not mine). Started process back in August 2018. On 10/3, Mr. Hatfield had me complete the Master Promissory note and continued the charade that I was getting financial aid, that everything was in place and I was 100% ready to go. Was told I'd start class on 10/8 as I was auto accepted being a past student. 10/8 passes no updates, nothing. No updates from Mr. Hatfield, except for on 10/25, with a request to call him back, demanding that I log on to my portal and complete finical aid paperwork. I told Mr. Hatfield back in August that I didn't know my old email / user name / and or log in and he told me it's no big deal and it would be taken care of. Mr. Hatfield and I have numerous exchanges about me not being able to access the portal and my need for my financial aid. Apparently, I did not make it clear enough, that I did not have the ability to attend school with out financial assistance. On 10/25 Mr. Hatfield had email communications with me letting me know that my aid was awarded and to expect starting class on 11/5. On 10/31 I talked to another admission officer who informed me that Mr. Hatfield was incorrect and a minor would NOT qualify for aid and that I would have to pay 100% of my cost up front. I was very clear with Mr Hatfiled that I need aid to attend school. Now here I sit 3 months later, not enrolled in school, no acknowledgement from Mr. Hatfield that he screwed up and to add insult to injury I now owe the school for a book that auto shipped to me. So sad that one inept employee can have such a negative impact on your school.

War Monger

They couldn't find a spot for my son in 4 years to take 1 class to finish his degree. He got frustrated and decided not to pay $30,000+ dollars to attempt to get into this class a 5th year and transferred elsewhere, they delayed sending his transcripts over 3 months so now he has to wait to finish his degree until January. I told him at least this way he can just laugh when they call asking for his monetary support as an alumnus.

Luke Camery

The School is wayyyy over priced, nothing to do on the weekends....believe me.... Go to a state school... LOL

Rose Smith

I have enjoyed my time. The schedule is accommodating and you are able to complete online entirely also. I have meet with compassion and helpfulness from all staff I have encountered. Update: 08/19 I should clarify I am an online student. Also I have been seeing negative comments about student financial aid. I don't know how their experience was different from mine but I had to read some things online and I think I even took a quiz and then sign a paper saying I did this in order to receive my financial aid (in addition to some other things) They have been very upfront with me about all my charges and everything about how it works was stated very clearly in my materials. When I have had questions about financial aid or how it works or payout or the process in general (or questions about ANYTHING) they have always responded right away with clear language. I am sorry other people are having a hard time with their financial aid policy but I have never felt like anything was hidden and I would go so far as to say *some* of these might just people who didn't read the info or just didn't understand how things work.

James Evans

Brayton Smith

First of all this campus is nice but there is absolutely nothing to do there. They overcharge, pretend to be Christians, treat you like you're five years old with all of the rules, and the students and faculty are the most judgmental people I have ever met. Spend 35 grand somewhere else is my recommendation.

Tony Lunsford

Wonderful place to go to school. Solid Christian foundation and teaching, high standards, professors are experts in their fields. Very caring staff and helpful with any student issues. Would rank it higher if there were more stars! Would highly recommend to anyone who wants to learn at a higher level than most colleges teach. Graduates are well prepared for life and employment when graduating of IWU!

Jeff Steig

Jackesha Whittle

Great school so far, Christian based!!


Most people I've met from here are rude and inconsiderate to others. I saw a group of them at nearby restaurant degrade and mock people that came in that were probably locals from the area. The worst part was when I confronted these "people" they laughed and said, "These people don't compare to us and just look at them, they deserve it." So be warned when meeting people from this college.

Hawkins S

Where's the toilet???????????

aaron flowers

Natalie Smith

Maylinn Phillips

If I could rate a 0 I would. This school is no different than any other school out there, don't let the "Christian" beliefs sway you other wise. Nothing but money hungry and greedy with some of the most outdated and overpriced classes I've ever seen.

Tom Taylor

Jade Schimanski

Austin Melms

I love this school, plus we're #1 in the state for nursing! Despite what people say, financial aid is super helpful, and helped me pay for college! Don't let the price scare you.

J Long

Rhoda Baker

I love this University

Davis Clark

Impressed with diversity of student body. McConn coffee better than Starbucks.

Hannah Schroll

Cody Matney

Spent a year there for undergrad. Was a awful experience. Unfair childish rules, and awful food service are the biggest things that stand out in my mind.

Amy Emery

Eddie Goble

As others have stated, IWU comes across as mainly interested in your money. I was forced to purchase their overpriced materials, when I never agreed to do so. They even charged me 58% more for a Bible!!! Classes have been mediocre at best so far. Much easier than my undergrad education from Purdue. Not sure if I will continue here.

Nicole Mavety

The advisors and the financial office never returned any email or voicemails to call me back after a month in a half an advisor called me but at that time I found that they were being unprofessional so I found a better school to do my studies at which is way better because when I leave my advisor or my financial aid rep and email or voicemails they get back to me within 2-3 hours. DON'T ATTEND THIS SCHOOL!!!!!

Riley Lanning

I am in the online program and it is amazing. I tried going to a school near me, but after I paid the acceptance fee there was no communication or help on what my next step is. I missed the deadline because I wasn't familiar with the process of setting everything up and getting ready for classes and was told I had to reapply and go through it all again next semester. Indiana Wesleyan, even online 100s of miles away, has communicated every single step of the way. After I complete one step they call me to step up and figure out the next. Teachers are very helpful, patient, and compassionate. I love that the program is one class at a time to help focus on learning the information from each class. It is an expensive school, but worth every penny as far as quality, communication, and staff!

Craig Taylor

Our son attends IWU. The campus is beautiful and everyone is very helpful. He's having a great college experience.

Benjamin Raymond

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Vanessa Jackson

I signed up to attend IWU through my job. I started in March of 2016 and I must say I am pleasantly pleased with the overall learning experience. I am seeking a BHA which I should have completed by the fall of 2017. My classes have been visited by the chaplain several times, we pray before each class and we are offered personal Christian counseling when and if needed. The classes are definitely college level and through my job the discounts are good. Therefore I would give the school a 9/10 rating.

Steve Repka

They do not do a good job of explaining their financial aid policy. Then when a student leaves the school, because they felt the education they were getting was not up to par with other programs, and that student checks with financial aid they do not explain that you owe the school if you withdraw, even without scheduling classes. It seems they take aid out in your name and then pay the government, if you quit the school you then OWE the school, even though you are under the impression you owe financial aid, not a loan from the school. I quit and they never told me this, now years later I am hearing from a collection agency that I owe money and I never heard this from IW. Bad business practices and financial aid, isn't really financial aid. The education is not widely recognizes, and they do not teach practical knowledge that helps in the real world.

Kyle Arosen

Spent an amazing four years here. Great place.

Nya Reng

I think Indian university is an excellent school

Pete Hill

Katelyne Daudy

Worst school ever. They will take your grant money and then tell you that you have been removed from the class because there was 'no known submission' and that you need to pay out of pocket to get back into class. They are a scam. I will never go back to that school. Their classes they make you take has no educational value at all. Their classes are completely pointless and their credits are non transferable to any legitimate school. Too expensive for a useless school. God doesn't like thieves or liars.

Jenna Luna

People need to back of with the bad reviews because me and FCC went there for CIY and our stay at the dorms and it was amazing, great food, and also I luved group time, plus games. So people need to give it better ratings it's a Christian college and people don't much of these in America anymore so plz be polite and if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all!

Grace Nicosin

Came for never too young. Had a great experience! All middle schoolers should have the opportunity to go. There's also one for high schoolers

Jon Groves

Joe Royer

Ronceta Woodfork

Renee Mallett

Great Christian college!!!

Tiffany Bergamino

Great school with a beautiful campus!

Nathaniel Lampman

Just Brooke

Megan B.

IWU conforms to my very busy schedule. I go online, as a working mother of 3 and it works great. The staff is usually very helpful, and the workload is appropriate. You get what you put in, but it makes it a lot more attainable. Your degree will not be "handed to you" but it's not bad at all. Online classes are 5 weeks at a time and they truly fly by. I would recommend this University to my friends and family.

Jenna K Johnson

Precious VanBuskirk

Jacob Bowdoin

Beautiful track facilities work well for large competitions.

Tina DiBiase

If you are on the fence about whether or not to attend this university, all I can say is, don't worry, you're making a great choice if you pull the trigger! As an adult student that had been out of school for many years, I can tell you that it was intimidating going back! My experience in the RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing program could not have been any more positive. They practice what they preach; no pun intended : ). I worked hard but learned so much and was supported the whole way through. The professors really want the students to succeed and are willing to put in the time to make sure that you do.

Jaimie Grindle

Beautiful college

Nicholas Jordan

Sarah Anderson

This university has the academic prestige of a middle school. If you want to "continue" your education instead of staying stagnant, I suggest you look elsewhere. The community is in an echo-chamber; you are required to go to mandatory "chapel" sessions three times a week which are politically fueled and created to lead the student body into one singular way of thinking. The community is fueled by hatred of minorities and diversity. There have been many hate crimes on campus directed at minorities which have NOT been addressed by the administration. You are not allowed to BE A PART OF THE LGBTQ+ (you literally have to sign away that you won't partake in homosexuality), you are not allowed to drink, smoke, stay out past curfew (what are we, 11?), you cannot have the opposite sex in your dorm unless you are being physically watched, and there is a dress code. The food is limited and unhealthy (no vegetarian or vegan), and the University actively hurts the surrounding area. Avoid.

Jacob Reinking

After graduating I moved away from Marion and ended up coming back because of the community that IWU has built within the city of Marion.

Tony Myles

Such a phenomenal school with amazing educators and a rock-solid faith base.

Theresa Robert

Veronica Hamilton

This school has so much potential but their online transition to teaching program has an incompetent field placement coordinator. When you sign up for the program you will be asked for your three placement requests. This does not mean anything. The school can send you up to 50 miles away from your home address. If you try to make a request through the field placement coordinator you will be sent information from the student handbook which states that you could put your program in jeopardy if you try to secure your own placement. As an adult I thought this program would accommodate adults but it does not. Having to travel over forty-five minutes several times a week does not accommodate adults that have children and obligations. Out of four teachers I have had three that were most wonderful. One was a nightmare and I almost withdrew from the program. She was more concerned with how she was addressed than providing the students with accurate assignment information or any help during the eight week class. The program coordinator, Ms. Penny, is very dedicated. The counselors are wonderful. This is an accurate review from a current student that is attending the online transition to teaching program in Ohio.

Ryne Bessler

Laura Merchant

I had the ideal college experience at IWU. I double majored in Computer Graphics and Illustration and completed my degree in four years. I had a great time making lifelong friends and participating in campus activities. IWU has a strong spiritual emphasis on campus which helped me grow exponentially in my Christian walk. All of the professors I had were genuinely interested in the lives of their students and would go out of their way to help me and others to succeed. They were honest and upfront with deadlines and expectations. I was challenged academically and spiritually at IWU and would recommend this school to anyone seeking a private Christian education. They only advice I would give is to be mindful of what you want to spend on an education as private schools like this are expensive. I do not regret my student loans but they were very hefty.

Heather Coppel

We brought our daughter to IWU her Junior year and just fell in love with the school & faculty. Then we returned again her Senior year and we can't wait for her to start. She is so excited. They have a fantastic art program. When looking for a college she really wanted to go to a Christian school and major in Art and they have both!! We would encourage anyone to check out IWU if they have the major you are looking for and if you wanted to grow your spiritual life.

Kim Hernandez

My son just gradurate from Marion High School and he is special needs but we had a tour of the school and chapel it was good to he very excited to start and God is good all the time so I believe they will him become a who he need to be in 2yrs mom is so sick with health issues I can't him as much as I would love to be there all day but my son is really trying to step up and be what ever they do for him this is the last chance. I have and voc rehab center is next

Nate Diller

IWU is a good school when it comes to their education in medical majors. Others majors I have heard both ways. Also faculty are get friendly and helpful. The issue is the cost here. Its great if you have money to blow (which I don't). It is expensive and the financial aid isn't that great. Also Once you commit to IWU you are stuck. Your credits for the most part will not transfer if you want to switch schools (State schools especially). So you would be wasting any money already invested as well as tacking on a couple extra years onto your education. Another issue is what I like to call "Mother IWU". You have very little freedom especially as an underclassman. If you want the "making your own life choices" kind of college experience steer away from IWU.

Brianna Powell

Laura Lee

This is the worst , most expensive school I have ever been . I would advise anyone to not join this college . The staff is rude the lady that signed me up for classes lied to me . I would never recommend anyone to this school . I am making this post 1-4-19 this school is the worst do not sign up there sooo expensive even with the so called discount . SMH NOT A CHRISTIAN COLLEGE

Doreen Armstrong

Just a great school

Ashley J

Amy Hughes


Dezzie V

Rude staff and will try to scam you out of your student loan.

SM Olivieri

Teachers take the time to teach and explain.


Michelle Abbott

I would urge you to avoid this institution at all costs. Poor class strucuture, generally discontended uncaring teachers, course content makes no sense when compared to the textbook and homework. Signed up for Legal Ethics and received a $200 used text book sold as new that was completly riddled with pen marks, and 3 colors of highlighers and typos. The text book was Legal Terminology which did not match the class outline. The class was poorly written and the assignments were not correctly laid out by teacher. When I asked questions I was reprimanded for asking. Teacher was unresonsive and hostile and actually texted me "I am busy with court". I was suprised then why she was teaching as on line course if she was a court practicing attorney. I can only assume financial gain and no attempt to care for teaching. I am sorry to say I can not recommend this school to anyone. I was a hobbist going to learning in a few topics that would enhance my work. I was really shocked and felt very sorry for what was established here as 'education' and how hurtful it would be to those who were paying very good money for an 'education' and were treated this way. The school has no method to take action for oversight for an instructor and they are pretty much allowed to do as they wish (or not wish) with little effective oversight. Avoid

New Bean

It's a really nice school to go to

Luz Delty Gonzalez Carrillo

Keegan Silveus

'twas cool


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