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REVIEWS OF Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis IN Indiana

Paulina Gomez

I love love love being an IUPUI student! I’m excited to see what the future holds for this growing campus!

Brock Manns

Amazing school. I loved the convenience and flexibility of class options and schedules for the classes. The class sizes were great and the professors were awesome. I definitely plan to complete my graduate degree here.

Samuel Capouch

I went to college here. Not bad. The campus is undergoing some much needed improvements. I wish they would have been done sooner, like when I was a student here. But it got me to where I wanted to go.

Ellen Ripberger

Itachekal Sapp

Paul Elliott

Good School!!!!

Yarzar Tun

Bob Albrecht Jr

Thảo Thanh

Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis


It's a nice campus.

Sovrim Terraquian

A Taylor

Quite disappointed with the graduate program here. The classes have been filled with undergrads. Cheating has been rampant in classes so far, which is entirely unacceptable for any academic institution. Cheating is the cardinal sin of academia.

ashlee gammon


Michael Downey

Joey Spillers

Hannah Laughlin

Kamella Bieber

A million different things can describe the Campus Center. It's modern, comfortable, warm, spacious, comforting...

Teresa Echeverria

Jacob G

Allison Blake

All I have to say is the housing department is HORRIBLE!! If you plan on attending this school, prepare yourself because they are the least helpful people I have ever met.

praharsha paul Nallamothula

Bennett Reid

Great place great people dope place

Prashanth K

Incredible university. Amazing faculty, staff and university. Awesome!

Kathleen Shea

Kim Howard

The doctors are first rate. Parking can be a bit tough. Ask your doctor if the validate parking if they dont be sure to have 10 dollars for parking

Mazin Gadir

Innovation hub... Great to be there...

Parth Patel

Neil Duff

suzanne orcutt

Josh Martin

If you are thinking about studying engineering at IUPUI, don't! there are a lot of bad professors, it has been hard for me to get a quality education here.

Andrew Roberts

Graduated from here in 2010. Continues to grow and facilities keep getting better. Go Jags!

Yashwanth Kuruganti


Lynn Williamson

BaSanta Aryal

Nice campus environment

Jayraj Ligade

James Miles

pab marmolejo espinel

Brittany Nichole

Love it here and excited to be graduating this May!

Mahamadoun Alassane Touré

Amber Goad

Definitely live on campus if you are looking for the full college experience. I've lived here for 3 years as an undergraduate and the facilities are very nice and the people very helpful. It's easy to find a job through the university and the research opportunities in science blow many other universities out of the water. Scholarships are also abundant if you know where to look and ask around. Professors range from fantastic to poor like at any university. I believe there are over 300 organizations and clubs to get involved in and always neat things like movies playing, dances, carnivals, etc, you just have to know to look for them. The campus is beautiful, especially in the spring and summer when the fountain is going and everyone is lounging outside. IUPUI is what you make of it, and getting involved is the best way to experience it.

prashanth kumar

ricky scott

Its awsome there they are great doctors and nurses

Aniket Shimpi

Ryan Tengowski

Torri Stanley

Charles Zhang

Arul Deshpande

pamela hewitt

lorenza romero

Good College

Rohan Sawant

Just great nice people nice environment!!

Terry Horstman

Sasha Brown

Hideous online learning experience. I had one female professor making sucking noises while telling me to quit when I called for home work help. I complained to the Dean and heard zilch back. Two online professors disappeared... I lost a total of $ 2400 due to these horrible professors.

Brad Mason

AWESOME facility and equipment the LED lighting is phenomenal

Ma X

Joseph Burdette

Sharon Crosby

Kimochi TV

Very Good

yougourta AIT_SAADA

Bad, ..

Mahmudul Hoq

Peter Chapman

Great campus facility in heart of IUPUI campus. Food options, lounge areas, etc.

Ashley V

Lori Craft

Free open parking is few and far between! Make sure you have $10.00 every time you go here for parking garage!! Finding a spot that hasn't been compromised by others inability to park correctly and in their own space is a miracle! Finding a spot to begin with is a miracle!

Payton Shea

I am currently a junior at IUPUI. Year after year I am always excited to come back to school! The campus is modern and in the middle of the city! There is always an event happening somewhere on campus, so you are always having the college experience. I love IUPUI and I think that it is the best university ever!

Tyler Douglas

Melissa Pratt

Hotdog cart

Karl Nkemzi

Carol Lewis

Laura Guerrero


Trent Gast

Justin Gray

A Google User

A state sponsored diploma mill. On par with Ivy Tech. Only a fool would hire graduates from this 'university'.

Алибек Шокабалинов

so nice


Jean Doran

Rooms are nice. Service not so much.

natasha kagimbi

Jai Wallace

Lee Lillee

Mohammad Abdo

Jonathon Humm

Constantly under construction. Hammering and drilling while I'm studying is very IRRITATING. When's it gonna end? Also hours suck

Brad kellsey

If you're thinking about studying engineering go to Purdue

Mike Blackburn

Nice campus, driving is a tad hectic with construction but not too bad.

Karen Whitney

Awesome place for students!

Vincent Morretino

As a 36-year old student who is employed full time and has a growing family to support going back to school to get a degree, I am mostly pleased with the experience of the last full school year. I've had a couple of lousy instructors, but for the most part I really enjoy the instructors I've had. I'm learning a lot of important information that will help me as an employee. I'm growing as an artist, though I am stressed out a lot from my crazy schedule.

Thao Thanh

Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis

Courage Is Standing Up Alone

Rod West

Andrew Newcomb

John Rincon

Andy P. Hoffman

Michael Shapiro

Vincent Denton

By far the best college to go to.

Jose Martinez


Andres Tovar

I love this place!

Jinal Shah

Frederik_Jhousguel love

I'm from Panama ; someone can give me more informartion about of this university?please . I need know about of that university. .

Milla Uusitalo

Kevin F

Prices are too high to go to school. Surprised by the number of classes that are not taught live but instead are internet and video.

Valarie Sawyer

Absolutely love this place! IUPUI is great

Shashwat Chandwadkar

One of the best place to get education,best campus,large campus,it's got a very good setup.

Guo Li

(Translated by Google) = -O (Original) =-O

Jordan Morrow

Ethan De Ruby

Bobby Singer

If your looking for a left-wing brain washing factory, here it is. They also don't make it easy during enrollment. I thought I was paying them for a service, not the other way around.

Chi Mai

Joshua Hammel

People are very nice

Joshua Abraham

Audra McClelland

I'm pleased with my education experience at Herron through IUPUI.

Primrose Gyasi

Babs Jimoh

Di Lu

Excellent place to get food and everything else a student needs.

Vishal Sharma

Carissa Franze

Don't know it is awesome

C Hains

Nice area to take a jog.. unless the cop patrolling the area decides to try to run you over.

Edgar Perez

Good school, It's still not far enough.

Matt Kleyla

Mosa Hakmy

Sean Spellman

It would be nice if we could get decent fast enough Wi-Fi to do our homework on, I would much rather do homework at home to where I know I will have good, fast Wi-Fi and if you want to eat while your on campus, I suggest bringing your own lunch or go get something to eat as their is various options located on 10th St. and Indiana Ave., but other than that the staff and classroom instructors are very friendly

Uno Dos

James Cruz

Matt Fields

Merveil Alisa

Abby Stewart

Lennart Kuester

One of the best up and coming university in the country and already great. Very nice campus in Indianapolis. I can only talk about the IU Kelley School of Business. It has been a great experience, very good education, knowledgeable professors, experienced advisors and classmates that will become good friends.


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