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Where is Indiana University Bloomington?

REVIEWS OF Indiana University Bloomington IN Indiana

Zijian Zhao

David Ramos

J x p

James Walsh

My son goes to this University witch I'm very proud of him,a very impressive University,and very beautiful ,couple more years and I will be a proud father of a doctor,and his sister is a nurse,

Kimequa Davis

Beautiful campus. Great community. Some really outstanding professors.

Jim Rudy

This school provides a sub-standard education while promoting an atmosphere of inequality . They have failed to govern and act in the best interests of each student. I would not allow my children to go to this school!

Yoedha EnHa

Pray for my lovely daughter success here at IU

Kavita Swarup

Very good and try to do more.this is very beautiful and amazing university.

Abhishek Anand

One of the most beautiful campus in the states.

Do Gyun Kim

Traffic can get bad

Abdullah Alsadah

Best campus

Srinivas Rao Upadrasta

Very nice facalty and one of the standard university in the world.

Protap Mollick

Campus is beautiful.

Randall Woelfel

(Translated by Google) Titus (Original) Tite

Walid Al-dheeb

"Leading university education and the wonderful." - _-

Micaela Rocha

(Translated by Google) It is a place of excellence! Quiet, cozy, full of culture, clean air and ideal for anyone who wants to study seriously! As a mother of one of the teachers, I feel enormous pride! (Original) É um local de excelência! Calmo, acolhedor, cheio de cultura, ar puro e ideal para quem queira estudar a sério! Como mãe de um dos professores, sinto um enorme orgulho!

Sion Han

Very lovely looking place with good variety of beer. Variety of food as well. Maybe too random? But it's good :) at least nothing to complain about. Ah well. You can't bring your dog.

Leslie Krock

Celesta Smith

Beautiful place. Just passing through, I got lost here on Google Maps

Katy Frederick

I've been there a couple times to see Assembly Hall, and it is a beautiful campus with nice, caring people. I have decided that I am definitely going there for school.

Saddam Hossain

great univesirty

Fadi Dawani

Such an amazing school with a relatively large beautiful campus! Indiana university and especially Kelly school of business is ranked number 1 in the entrepreneurial field of studies. Indiana offers hundreds of academic programs across multiple campuses and online.

Elaine Loiselle

George Cressy, III

v good.

Rachel Ho

This university is only out for your money. They don’t care if you are a resident of Indiana and have been paying taxes for years. If you weren’t born in the state, they will charge you out of state tuition and completely disregard their own rules regarding in state tuition. Unless you are rich, save yourself the trouble and go somewhere else.

Ryan Elliott

Waste of time

Ravi Jain


Younes Mayouf

Great time, High level Study, beautiful campus

Philip Hawes

The campus is unique, each building a beautiful monument in itself. On the other hand, parking sucks.

Andrew Daeger

Big thumbs Down! I went here for a semester and this school doesn't serve its students but its own wallet! Find another school if you want to be respected by your teachers and the administration. The campus is beautiful, but the grounds keepers are better than the actually school's staff.

Eleanor Ahlberg

Currently attending IU, and have absolutely no complaints. Coming from a small suburb of Chicago, I was the only one in my HS graduating class to attend IU. Just like every other freshman, I was terrified of not finding my "place" but it was no problem at all. The university is huge, yes, but they offer so many activities and clubs for you to join that it immediately becomes smaller. It's extremely easy to find friends because everyone is insanely nice. Even in the worst weather, the campus takes your breath away. Loving it here.

Sara B

No words..not impressed.

Zander Evans

Have many members of my family have gone here, but not to nice

Timandmary McCormick

Dad bucket list and Son loving Baseball Camp

Logan Ray

If you hate education but love becoming the worst possible human being, Indiana University is for you! Stare at pitchforks all day while everyone lies to you because they possess zero actual information of any sort. I studied martial arts …

Haoyu Wu

Indiana University Bloomington is located at rural place. Surrounded by conservative and racist, small minded people. The education is decent, but students are very likely to struggling find jobs when they graduate. I would recommend go to somewhere like NYU or UCLA. Stay away from Midwest.

Ashton Eller

Greatest school and most beautiful campus in the nation. Don't think about going to college anywhere else. Your time spent at Indiana University-Bloomington will be the best years of your life.

Hesham Sabry

Of course, this is the best university and the best college town, nationwide :) Go IU

Dave M56

Great school. Home of the IU Hoosiers.

michelene chastain

Great graduate school.

Nicholas Rocco

Like it

Zachary Kasper

They have great summer classes for high schoolers and middle schoolers

Malintha Fernando

Caleb Mabry

The campus is beautiful. Friend tripped and sprained his ankle and the staff got ice for him. Hard to top that!

Bret Harmon

Horrible place to work. They let an 8 year Army Vet with young kids go two weeks before Christmas. Merry Christmas to me. The people who work there are deceivingly selfish and only care about their self and their job from my experience. Typical back-stabbing, snakes.....they have many double standards here and people who do crooked stuff. My family and I worked at Bradford woods for many years and I grew up a IU fan and now I can't stand Bloomington or IU really. Thanks IU, your basketball program sucks now!

James Watkins

(Translated by Google) Show up (Original) Ji

Joshua Theroux

Jose Ramirez

I met bunny there, and was a great school experience.

Noura Almuhanna

Great School!

Jeffrey Smith

Great school and beautiful campus!

Zach Rubin

I love the campus!

Todd Boyes

Indiana University is Simply the Best!

Mark LoGiurato

Great campus!

Matthew Musante

Took the tour with my 17 year old daughter. Beautiful campus. Quiet feel. Could be updated a bit inside the dorms and buildings. But a great looking school nonetheless.

Matt Solovy

Great school

md ripon

Sam Weinberg

I am not and never was a student at IU, but I spent several days there during an international competition that was welcomingly hosted by the university. The campus is WONDERFUL!!!! So beautiful and peaceful. The dorms were not of the highest quality, but fulfilled expectations. The food was alright and there are multiple restaurants on and off the campus. The auditorium is exquisite and very qualified for its purpose. The faculty and staff at IU were welcoming, although one employee at the cafeteria was unable to answer whether their generic version of Jello contained animal gelatin.

Joseph Glotzbach

watford for the win

Biak Mawi

Lee Ho Young

(Translated by Google) It is best to be in a big city, but the campus is organized and the buildings are really good. The weather was nice and there were many local markets around. (Original) 대도시에 있는것도 최고의 장점이지만, 캠퍼스가 organized되있고 건물들이 정말 이뻤다. 날씨도 좋고, 주변에 local market같은것들이 많아서 인상적이였다.

Scott Linne

great university

Danny Rodriguez

ethan hethcote goes here so i must like it.. 5/5

Tony King

Great college!

Jacob Darling

Awesome campus and great school!!! Go Hoosiers!

Natalia M

It's my alma mater, so I'm biased. However, I must say that campus is gorgeous and very student-friendly. There are areas to rest and relax. Wonderful wooded areas and picturesque locations along Jordan Creek to chill and hang. Buildings are very beautiful, and full of history. A wonderful place to go to school.


I only had 1 legitimate teacher, but even they were awful. The rest were graduate students who couldn't teach and didn't seem to understand how important syllabi are.

Tyler Lipa

Indiana University is a special place for me. I've been a student and an employee during my time in Bloomington., IN. Despite all the ups and downs I have truly fallen in love with IU. There is no campus like IU anywhere in the United States. The majesty of the limestone buildings and the constant sense of activity when school is in is unique to IU. All I recommend is to question your reality at the University. You are one of tens of thousands and you have to look out for yourself. Take your time going through school, and don't get caught up in projecting the power and majesty of the IU campus onto yourself. It is up to you to make your own way. The university will help you, but don't rely on it to define your career. Always think critically, but do so with a smile and an understanding that person-hood can get lost in the shuffle at an institution as large as Indiana University. Tyler Lipa B.A. Journalism '16

yougourta AIT_SAADA

Great !

Jim Walls

The Most Beautiful Campus in America.

Dulanka Nishadini

Really! Of Coruse Fantastic

Abner Lopez Sales

Parking sucks fr

Brandon Super

Very beautiful and historic area.

Xy Ma

Beautiful campus. Love the limestone buildings especially, makes for a lovely aesthetic.

Doneasha Young


Ryan Hawn

A world class institution for the arts and sciences.

Anthony Almond

Beautiful campus

Steven Abram

Very simple to use aaa as any 5th

Bin Liang

Justin Jones

5 stars all around. The education, location, student body and the extra curricular activities are all amazing and can honestly say that the years spent in Bloomington where truly one of my favorites... If you do decide to attend, you WILL NOT be let down.

Teofilo macadar jamuy

(Translated by Google) Beautiful place. Fresh air. Beautiful campus See the forests and loose animals. I went for a walk only. The university is very well maintained. It is beautiful. It is worth studying in this place. Out of noise and stress. (Original) Hermoso lugar. Aire puro. Hermoso campus. Ver los bosques y animalitos sueltos. Fui de paseo solamente. La universidad esta muy bien cuidada. Es hermosisima. Vale la pena estudiar en este lugar. Fuera del ruido y el stress.

Indiana Daily Student Marketing & Design

Indiana University offers a wide variety of classes in many subjects taught by very knowledge faculty.

Kevin A. Gettis

Beautiful Campus!

Satdeep Gill

One of the best universities in the world.

Aditya Kushwah

Hà Nguyễn

(Translated by Google) so beautiful (Original) đẹp quá

Mitchell owsley

We took a tour around the school and I have to say I was impressed.there a lot of history behind the university.

Caitie Perry

My Sister go’s here and she loves it it is so AMAZING love the history

Stephanie Ritter

Very good school with a lot of choices for kids to find what they want to do for a career.They make sure they have the best of everything including research too.

Wilfried Viebahn

Thomas Hart Benton murals of Indiana life for the 1933 Century of Progress Exhibition in Chicago

Zach Ohrn

Bump P Johnson

A Google User

It's my alma mater, but it's nothing short of a diploma mill. A notch above Ivy Tech at best. Purdue is a MUCH better choice for a state funded school that has in-state tuition.

Kane Ferreira

im in indana


this is the best college!!!!!!

Cam C

If you are plannimg on going to the Kelley school of business or the Jacobs school of music it may very well be worth your time. If you are looking to go to the college of arts and sciences (CASE) run now and never look back. I made the mistake of being optomistic and waiting too long so now I'm trapped in an infinite cycle of never being done with required classes that seem to have nothing to do with anything, will take up years of your time, and most only exist to drain student's money from them. Beautiful campus though it's awful in the winter 2/5 would not recommend.

jordan burgess

IU Sucks

John S

Country living Bloomington Indiana supports Trump !

Mengyang Wang

My home

aimee mormance

kim sangsik

(Translated by Google) University where our senior graduated (Original) 우리 선배가 졸업한 대학

Andrew G. Bernhardt

The only reason I give this four stars and not five, is because it's not Harvard or Yale, or Ivy League. This University is awesome, it's the number 1 party school, and the number one research institution! Loved it! BA Economics, 2003.

Luqman Alhashim

I love IU. Very diverse in a liberal college town.

Thomas Nguyen

It has one of the most beautiful campus in the world's universities.

Chris Pansing

Brendan Sigale

Very pretty campus.

Roy Mwendwa


Muhammad Ahmad

Not too shabby

Uhcakip Exe

It's amazing

KellyT's Southern Indiana Life

Love the campus! So much history and beauty. So many students are willing to help for anything you need. Everyone seems so nice, even the squirrels. Food on campus is good too. Would recommend a walk around the campus.

Nick Arpa

Was raped, not a lot of fun

Yoshi Tsuji

Great business, music, and environmental studies. Beautiful campus.

Chen Yang

The campus is like a piece of art. Thanks for having me!

Souleymane Sidibe

Best time of my life so far...

Ike Pratt

Come here if you have a very specific thing in mind that you want to do, like Kelly or Jacobs. I got admitted into the Global Studies school and I absolutely love it! Lots of amazing opportunities and intelligent people. I don’t know what I’d do without that though. If you come here exploratory (or otherwise), don’t just sit around waiting for something to happen. IU is a big place with lots of opportunities, so you should find something to commit to. Otherwise you’ll be bored out of your skull. Unless you’re a party animal, then you’ll be just fine. This might not be relevant to everyone, just my thoughts.

Victoria Foxworthy

I like the BB team

Wen Chuang

Indiana University has the top notch IT facility as well as research-oriented faculty members. It is a great choice for graduate school.

Dominic Gaida

(Translated by Google) A wonderful campus! (Original) Ein wundervoller Campus!

Jay K

Will be in my heart forever.

Max Mayfield

Beautiful campus!

Taro Ikushima

Good quality of faculty for Business School. Bloomongton is a nice peaceful town.

cowboys 74

I love IU campus

giwang indriyani

One of the greatest university in USA. Indiana University has a big location for their major in university

Jessica Ortega

I don't recommend sending your loved one here. If you define a friendly university as giving out parking tickets then having no understanding then this is the university for you. I know someone who broke down on the highway and it costed …

Enrique Gomez

(Translated by Google) Beautiful construction, large and beautiful gardens. A place of ten. (Original) Hermosa construcción, amplios y bonitos jardines. Un lugar de diez.

Jerry Fisher

Best university. The campus is so beautiful. You don't realize how few trees you have around you until you've lived in Bloomington... so many trees and flowers everywhere--it's like living in a garden. And castles everywhere...the limestone architecture takes you away to a romantic time and place. You don't see cookie-cutter houses and mall parks everywhere. It's a little pocket of Indiana that is nothing like the rest of Indiana. The student population of Bloomington is the majority, which makes for intelligent neighbors. Also more young people than old, so there's a certain energy and vibrance about the city.

Anwar Ahmed

It's a very big university and dream destination action of education for Indians. God atmosphere high grade education good residence n sports facilities

Richard Young

Great and Beautiful University! Especially the Music school is TOP 3 of United States!

Suhail Purkar

Beautiful campus.

Extraordinary Male

Ur mom

Harshit Shrivastava

Home of the Hoosiers!

karen migdal

Kudos to IU for hosting a memorable and wonderfully executed Commencement today. The speakers were fabulous and their messages and words well received . I am especially proud that the university has such fabulous staff on hand to facilitate parents and families with disability and you should be proud of your

Aaron Arney


Calico Jack

IU is ranked in the top ten for many majors. My years there were my favorite years of my life. It's such a beautiful city, with so many trees, flowers, gardens, and limestone castles everywhere you look. There's a romantic feeling in the air and a youthful energy about the city.

Charger R/T

Beautiful campus!!! Nice people!

Chris Snyder

Great computer science, biology and infomatics program. Loved it there graduated 2013

Tim Horn

Katherine Reyna

The Indiana Daily Student

Mitch Hider

Always fun

jalin huang

great place


Too many people get kidnapped from that campus and never are found. Along with organization by the policing in that county period.

Anna Carolina

Good while you are there, not so good after you graduate. If you go, the only schools worth going to for jobs are The Kelley School of Business, Informatics School , and Speech and Hearing. Degrees from those schools guarantee jobs. However those jobs will probably be in Midwest and Chicago area, with such uninspired behemoth companies recruting for run-of-the mill ( non-fast track) positions at Ernst and Young, Deloitte and KPMG. (The top Big 4 PWC does comapratively little recruiting at IU) - Consumer Goods are also big on campus- Coca Cola, General Mills, Monsanto, Kellogs, Altria, etc. But who in their right and ambitious mind would want to work in in a dull accounting or consumer goods company? The College of Arts and Sciences career office is a joke. And the business school only allows their career services to be used by business students. I only went to IU b/c I got a full-tutition scholarship and now regret it. I should have paid a ;little bit more and gone to a top school in New England/ Northeast, since it is very difficult to get a fast-track job at a blue chip firm with an IU degree without proper connections. If you are dreaming of landing a job at such blue-blood firms as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Lazard, Bridgewater Associates, General Electric, McKinsey, BCG, Bain Capital, CE Shaw, Bloomberg, Perella Weinberg, Warbug Pincus, Brown Brothers Harriman, Citadel, Evercore Partners, Apple, Amazon, Berkshire Hatahaway, Blackstone, Blackrock then look elsewhere. These firms sometimes do come to IU, but they hire about 1 student, who already has connections to the firm in some way. Even for a genius at the top of their game the climb to a job at the top firm will be an uphill battle to someone with an IU degree. Average students with average ambitions will find the school comfortable and will be happy with a boring, run of the mill midwestern job.

raunak thakur

जेम्स डेवे वाटसन

Rodney M

Monty Hitchcox

Today was the first time I had been in Assembly Hall since the renovation. WOW, good job IU. Today the Womens Basketball team played Michigan State and it was nice and loud. I personally can't wait to attend another in the Hall. Good job Hoosiers

Pavan Kumar Vangara

Historical and great buildings.

Fatima Hall

Thadeus Staples

Wonderful university to attend. I love Indiana University. My only regret was not going there all 4 years in college (transferred there). This is easily one of the most, if not the most, beautiful campuses out there. Staff and students are all friendly and the Big Ten culture is great! GO IU! Go HOOSIERS!

Lucas Tusinean


Billy dontspieonme


Denise DeMars Sergent


Chad Wagner

One of my life's biggest regrets was attending IU. Almost none of my course work prepared me for the professional world, and no connection I've made in the university has helped. Campus was beautiful, but that didn't end up mattering later in life. I graduated a generalist, which hasn't done me any favors in the tech world. Maybe things changed in the last decade, but if I could turn back the clock I would have attended Purdue instead.

Lila Abada


Tyler Hagan

Good geology school

JacobSm 19

Not impressed, campus just didn't do it for me.

E Hoosier

its great

Diego Duque

I love my university!!!!

Seth Brown

It's IU baby

Matthew Bradford

I'm so lucky to have grown up in Bloomington and to have gone to this wonderful university! Such a beautiful place filled with really great people!

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