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REVIEWS OF Indiana State University IN Indiana

Vince Anderson

NOT WHAT IT USED TO BE!!! Good reviews here are from the 90s grad classes. Management doesn't care about the student body in the least, the entire front office will make your stay there impossible, and much longer than necessary. The professors don't care, actively avoid changing anything to make up for their own mistakes, causing a great disparity between grades earned and awarded in many classes. If you value you your time and your money you won't attend this university.

Brad Suter

I would give it a 5 star if the res life wasn't a joke. But they charge up the ass and take money from you. When stuff is broke such as the air conditioning they still charge you and say oh well we aren't giving an money back. Stuff leaks all the time, and blame it on the train. They send someone out to talk to us about the problems but Dodge's Questions left and right. After your freshman year either get a house or stay in the UVs. Overall great school but the residential life is a joke

Alec Willis

Sampson Levingston


Benita Maxwell

It's a great school, friendly staff, my daughter is now a sophomore and she really loves it...

Raimo King

Donald Koss


The campus does offer a decent amount of opportunities for activities that are non-class related. There is some cultural diversity here, but there are SO many Saudi Arabian people here. With the current view most Americans have towards these people, I feel that there are too many here. I've personally had to block several from social media, because they find lists of current students and try to friend other people and are very pushy about hanging out; it's quite unnerving and uncomfortable. And the women are wearing full traditional dress, face covered and all except for the eyes. There are also tons of people from Indianapolis and Chicago in attendance here, making the white/black population about even. Many of these people are extremely rude, loud, and obnoxious. I suppose you can find this anywhere, but you see this absolutely everywhere around campus. Also, don't bother attending any dances or homecoming type activities on campus; the entire event becomes a big ghetto bash and there's no point even going if you're white. The food selection is decent, but it's pretty much your standard cafeteria food in the dining halls - you'll never need laxatives while you're here, I'll leave it at that. I have no option but to finish at this school, but the gpa needed to get in here isn't really high. I'm hoping that businesses and corporations don't look down on this school for the sake of graduates trying to find decent jobs. The classes here are good and I have learned a lot in my core curriculum courses, but I can only say this for my area of concentration.

Morgan Norton

Cody Logsdon

I wish I could give less. This college only cares about money!!!! Please do not go!!!! Crime is terrible, 40% graduation rate and if you become one of the lucky students to make it, it's due to the VERY POORLY trained professors there. It's a IVY TECH with dorms. I graduated there and felt as if I learned nothing and very un-prepared for my career. Better off at a knockoff IU college.

Sasha Wagner

Jeffrey Zinkan

Eric McCutchan

jonathan daiv

Shane Litz

I loved this school. School of business is great, especially the accounting program! ;) #gotrees

Ken Norris

Lynne Sharp

I love isu and I have a boyfriend to I have a son William to

Steven Rockwood

ISU serves it's students well, it is a very modern, has all the amenities, including the sports, religious, on Campos groups stiffened can get involved with, as well as the programs that can take oneself as high as one would like to go, counselors are their to make your dreams reality. Even if you are not getting your GPAs and what is needed to achieve your nectar step in taking that step into another realm and 3 or 4 more years of already being in Residence on Campus, or living in a small apartment with friends in a rented townhome and you and your fellow students being up at all hours of the night, coming amd going, some to jobs, because their was no family help in achieving your dreams of attending ISU, or any College... Some families just can not afford or Eben decide to own up some sort of savings account back in the days when you or I were only in Grades 1, or even Middle School, there is tons of good in that though as like when going through College having a part-time job opens up a welled new area of life when it comes to downswing the countless years studying your heart out, serving patrons, while your books are under the counter and pulled back up onto the wicket counter where your customers come and go, it also breaks the monotonous feeling of everlasting time, whilst completing your 4, 6, and even 8 yeasts inside this places hals and classrooms, it probably will keep you a little more grounded and level-headed when a party is about to abrupt on a Thursday night, and you know that you would have liked to go but work was on the calendar ... stick to positive thoughts, get involved in as many activities on campus as you can possibly handlebwhilst getting the grades that will allow you to advance, and possibly get that job which out of all I have just said will keep you out of the most dangerous part of the College scene! Being dragged into the vicious circle of revelers, and Party Rockers who will fall behind in the end, in some way. Most not completing their studies and dropping out. Not a good way to go, so keep buzy with many pisitive activitirs throughout your College career and nothing but good will become of yourself. A friend who is now a Dentist once said ' I never potatoes, maybe had the occasional drink, but had my nose In those books because I knew at the end of all this training, class work, clubs, teams that I was on would keep in the straight-and-narrow path... .. . Now look I have a beautiful wife, 3 gifted children who can all go to college of they when the time comes, and now it is my time to party, but half my friends in year 1 weren't there by year 3, and then on graduating day, even more were not there to get a Diploma of any kind. All because of whwn their actions really matters they weren't up to the task of completing anything and the reflectiion of what their hopes, dreams, and aspirations were once to be, we're lost in the wrong crowds' .. .. .

James Woodson

More from day one!

Skylar Otam

Peggy Cox

stephen webster

Worst academic experience I have ever had. Inattentive instructors, out of touch faculty. Maybe I just got every bad instructor they have. Who knows, but I feel as if it is an institutional problem not just a few bad actors. There football team's lackluster performance is a perfect example of how little effort gets put into developing the students. Maybe this is the end of the road for some of the faculty, perhaps their choices in life is either work here, or at the paint department at Lowes.

Jeffery Isle

Just a really good school

Kristen Frazier

Caitlin Laughlin

Tushar Mukhi

Joseph Haney

John McDonald

Katie Kazol

Oluwafemi David

DanTDMFollower 100

Easy to get around parking is hard to find, friendly staff, lots of things to do and see

Mike McElhaney

Go Sycamores! .....................................................................................................................................................................................................

Yu M

Becky Webb

Pau Khup

Jacqueline Neice


dbrown 125

Denise Jessie

My daughter is the 2nd child of mine to go to ISU. She fell in love with the campus when my son started there and knew that's where she wanted to go. She got off to a very rocky start. Not even a month into school her Granny's health started failing. The week her Granny came home on hospice, we decided to pull her home because we knew it was going to be quick. She had 1 professor give her a hard time. She made it through that death only to return to her room mate being not very nice. She has recently dealt with the death of her Grandfather only 4 weeks later. Again she returned after being home for a long weekend to her roommate being even worse. This past weekend her roommate essentially told her that her family was visiting for family day and would be in the room. My daughter replied so is mine. Her roommate pretty much told her she needed to not be in there. Total BS! We had already checked into moving her rooms at the begining when this started and was told it wasn't possible. As of today it is finally possible after we told the school either she moves rooms or she is leaving school. No one should have to live like that. It's a form of bullying, and this school just sit back and let it happen for 2 months. This on top of somethings we were told in orientation, that turned out to not be true and during the illness of my mother in law I called to talk to someone higher up about the professor mentioned above, and to this day I am still waiting for someone to return that phone call.

Travis Bonnett

The person who reviewed ISU before me apparently does not know what they are talking about. As a alum and native Hautian, I believe I can be both objective and proud of ISU.Like everything else in life, ISU as well as other colleges are what you make it out to be. If you want a big school with a huge campus with big 10 sports, then by all means go to IU or Purdue. If not, if you want a small to medium state school where you get a good education; an education where you get what you put into it, then by all means go to ISU.


Ginny Lewzader

Monique Hun

Ryan Beirl

Shelley Easter

This is a really great place. My daughter is starting in the fall. Everyone is so nice.

Bruno F.

Emily Romero

Beautiful school, close to a lot of businesses, restaurants, and hotels.

Kanukollu Shalini

Tom Curtis

James Williams

There are so many young, virile men here that enjoy being tutored. I really explode when I get to experience that hunger and need first hand. I am mentally and physically drained after each tutoring session to these fellas!

Kristen Hoskins

ISU is great and I love it. As an art major I have found that there are lots of resources and my teachers really care about what they are teaching. My only problem with my experience here is that as a commuter, I am forced to spend a fortune on a parking pass when there is rarely good parking available. One time I literally used a quarter of a tank of gas looking around for a spot. The school definitely needs to consider making room for more parking or lowering the price of their passes.

3D power 51

Nathan Zebrowski

tom hayes

David Sprong

Ahmed Aldousari

Great school!!


Devon .Thomas

This "university" does NOT care about its students AT ALL! They will give you a problem like "a class might be dropped because of x", tell you to fix the problem, and then charge you money for the problem THEY gave you. Construction goes on all the time and doesn't even compensate the students afflicted by it. I would not even rate it a 1 star. It is not worth the waste in time or money even thinking to apply here.

Jack Thomas

Andy Schippers

I would say I am a little older than the majority of the people posting here given I graduated with a BS degree in 1970 and an MBA subsequently. Although somewhat dated I thoroughly enjoyed my time at ISU and over the years have continued to reflect fondly back on my experiences while there. While now retired ISU afforded me a very good life, a great career in business, and most importantly a beautiful family for which I will be eternally gratefully. At my stage in life I have learned much and one thing is that you get out of life what you put into it. For you younger graduates a word of advice, you will encounter many nay Sayers along the way in life who will criticize everyone and everything while never for a moment looking at themselves. Where ever and when ever you can avoid those type of people, they are not the ones that make the world a better place. ISU was and I suspect still is a great school and all I can say is take ever opportunity you can to get the most from your time spent at ISU! THANKS ISU

DianaCarole Hart



Ericia Wisdom

Aly Pearce

Very good college

Little Cloud

Marsha Sheets


KL Woodsy

My experience has a distance learner has been really good so far. I attended ISU on campus many years ago. I came back to complete my degree as a distance learner. I live 800 miles away from campus. Working online has been a real treat. If you're not tech savvy you need to be. It can be overwhelming to jump head first into the online learning environment. I gave 4 stars instead of 5 because some of professors outside of my major were not great. I'm an ACE major which includes a lot of HRD classes. I loved HRD (human resources development) so much that i'm getting my masters in it. I have found the majority of the staff to be high touch and involved in student success.

LaShea Morton

I went to this university years ago- didnt care for it too much- so i finished my degree elsewhere. My issue is with the controllers office and how rude they are. Every time i call i get someone that just seems like they hate their job.

Sanu Prajapati

Phyllis Armour

Julia Renee

I got a degree in Communication/Public Relations here and graduated in May of 2017. Overall, it was a great experience! The only thing I didn't like was that I didn't feel challenged very often. I think that the COMM department needs to make some updates regarding social media and modern technology. Other than that, my experience was great.

Kevin Davies

Plenty of racism & protection of abusive students. No respect or support given to faculty & staff. Avoid this sinkhole.

Aaron Hemker

Very nice town and crowd for graduation

April Harris

HORRIBLE!!! Staff unwilling to help, they shift you all over the place. Financial aid office will not get back with you. Go to IU better service and they get things done for you ON TIME!!!!

Melissa Phipps

Kyle Travis

Tamicca Dawn

Lizzy Herron

Star Pash

Parent of ISU student ~so far she is absolutely loving her experience. She is a freshman & lives in student housing on campus. After visiting campuses of 2 other schools & ISU, we all agreed that ISU was the favorite. They have been updating the campus grounds along w dorms, buildings, state of the art classrooms etc.. It's a pretty campus, that has an quaint feel bc everything isn't spread so far apart, which is a definite perk by many ways. Very surprised reading the comments about the school not caring, I'm sorry that was ur experience. As for my daughters we had a 2 major issues, one b4 classes even started and then about a couple weeks later we had another problem and both times I couldn't of asked for anything more. They were very caring, understanding & fixed the issue on the spot!! I still feel like I should send Ty cards to both departments.

L oops

Landon Patterson

It was amazing and i liked the camups and classes aswell

Kevin Flowers

I am an 2013 graduate of Indiana State University and the experiences I had were great! the opportunities were not limited for me. To make a long story short my professors and mentor's prepared for the real world and that's life!

Frankie Clark

Xavier Batty

This school isn't any different from any other, its all about what you put into it. I've known people to drop out and I've known people to graduate with a 4.0. How bad do you want it. Don't blame the city of Terre Haute for your failure. We all have adversity to overcome its apart of life.

Adebayo Adebanke

Drew Lima

teetirat srisaan

I was graduated here 32 yrs ago!


Mr. Lloyd

mohammed ISU

Tim Balz

Shelbi Cauble

I always wanted to go to this college to make everybody in my family proud.

Cooper Keys

Javi Z

Don't go here!! Other people reviewing this college probably attended 5-10 years ago. I attended for one year (sadly) for the Fall semester of 2013 and Spring of 2014. This place is a joke. For $20,000 and such a mediocre education, it is definitely not worth it. Everyone on campus. including professors says "ISU" stands for "I Screwed Up." This means that this was their last resort since this university seems to accept anybody. In English we literally had a whole class period discussing why ISU sucks. The professor even chipped in. A guy got accepted who had a 1.8 GPA. My adviser lied to me in order for me to stay for the Spring semester. Her exact words were "We try to keep the good students here." They all probably leave! The only reason I came here was for the free laptop. If you were an incoming freshman and had a 3.0 or higher they gave you a laptop. Nobody takes pride in this university. During homecoming week there were events that nobody attended and people didn't participate in Spirit Week. Everyone walks around with different college attire on. If you have a car and want to go here I feel bad for you. Parking sucks and it's usually half a mile from your dorm. The food is terrible, the professors don't seem to care about their job. The WI-Fi signal in the dorm rooms suck! How is anybody suppose to get any work done if I can't connect to the Internet?! I stayed at Erickson Hall, the newly renovated one. One professor that attended ISU said that his degree looks like crap since it's from ISU. Not all the professors were like this, but the majority were. They are also rude and seem like they don't want to help. Another professor was always telling us to ask him any questions about any assignment. When I had a question he said "Figure it out yourself." I'm not kidding. And it was during his office hours so it's not like I was holding him up from anything. Another professor flat out said that the people who come here were all the ones who can't get into Purdue or IU. Terre Haute is a crappy place. All the people seem to be unhappy. Downtown Terre Haute (if you can even call it that) is vacant. There are buildings that deteriorating. The bus drivers are rude and always late. The only good thing about Terre Haute is China Garden. China Garden has the best Chinese food in town. It's cheap and they deliver to the campus!! Remember this is just MY EXPERIENCE! But if you do go here remember about China Garden!!

shabbir ahmed

I like

David Schimmel

karamela al

carlos posada


Alright college with a multitude of options. Rec center is good. I wish the history department had a larger budget, as well as clubs

Sotiris Hji-Avgoustis

Asem Alkahtani

James Nguyen

Good college!

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