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REVIEWS OF Butler University IN Indiana

colin walsh walsh

People are getting so mad over this years graduating class dedicating itself to resisting the president. This seems like a good thing to me, shows that they aren't afraid to step out of the norm, especially in the state of Indiana. Should be proud of this class for using the opportunity to speak their minds.

Anne Gross

Brandon Joseph Hebert

Chris Boudoures

Bethany Davis

It is so pretty.

Jason Brown


Awesome view on campus, definitly will come again!

Emma Lewis

My cousin goes there I think i want to go there wait i said the same thing about ball state!!!!!

Mary Raber

Kenneth Kendall

Lambda Chi '66'. Captain cross country and track team '66'. Following Butler Basketball since '55'. Walked the bulldog on sidelines '64' as frosh pledge. Go Dogs.

judith stewart

A class to teach how to resist our president? Are you kidding me? We don't need more hateful rhetoric - we need meaningful dialog. What a shameful decision by those in charge!

Thomas Roach

Jordan Brown

I have goon to see what it is like! the tour was amazing if i were you i would go

Kenny Gill


Go Bulldogs!

Dee Jay

Steven Meuleman

Ryan Elliott

I'd tech here is amazing!


Matthew James Davis

Great school except how they treat Employees. I was let go because I said I would beat up an active shooter. They said you are supposed to hide and call BUPD. Now I can't even go see my daughters play Violin at Lily Hall because I'm hit with a no trespass order. I think it would be encouraged to have Employees wanting to keep people safe and care to stay and sacrifice.

Randy Nara

Hshjkddisg Jsbjsjdjj

Xanie Adams

Grant Kirsh

Excellent school

Otto Man

Sabaea Pipkin

Joe Killion


Scotty Langhan

Ceridwyn Snow

Ashton Eller

Nathan Loper

Travis Lewis

Butler commits itself to being a "community that cares" however this is far from the truth. Being a current student on campus I have come to realize that if you aren't in Greek life or athletics then no one on the campus cares. You are ostracized from social events and even clubs. I wouldn't have came to this school if I knew that Greek life either made or broke your social life. The advisors for the most part are unorganized and don't care about their students. The professors like at any other school could be great or terrible it just depends. Construction is always a factor and parking is far from most of the residential buildings. The food options besides scottys are all terrible. One of the few good things about the school is the basketball but the student sections aren't that energetic. Hopefully if everything works out I'll be able to transfer schools this next year. I knew coming in that most colleges are liberal but this school takes it to an extreme and if your viewpoints are different from everyone else's then you get targeted by almost everyone in class when having class discussions. Almost every college has drinking and I understand wanting to keep kids safe but the BUPD on campus are getting kids in trouble for minor drinking violations that on almost any other campus would not be a factor. I advise you to not go to this school unless you know for a fact that you'll be interested in Greek life, extremely liberal beliefs, and boring parties/strict campus police.

Alex Jones

Chris Butler

Great college grear people

Sarah Seabolt

Incredible business program and a very welcoming student body.

Shawn Harper-Hall

Great campus with everything in walking distance.Wonderful sports program.Has The Metro as well as Scotty’s right there as well,if your hungry check them out.

Nancy Smith

Lovely campus complete with Holcomb Garden, an observatory/planetarium, Clowes Memorial Hall (to catch a show or recital), the Irwin Library, places to eat and get a coffee/beverage, take a walk or run, or just plain ole people-watch from one of the many benches throughout the grounds.

Ron Adams

First off, the campus is gorgeous. The attention paid to student needs is excellent as are the facilities. The professors I have met have been most impressive as have those working in athletics. Brad Stevens, the basketball coach, exemplifies the true spirit of the campus. He is a local product whose work ethic, values, and foresight reflect the "Butler way." If you are looking for a mid sized university which cares about the total development of its students Butler is the place.

Ryan Rhoades

Great students. Great professors. Administration is awful. The campus has shifted to a focus that is no longer putting students first. Very sad to see where my former university is headed. Completely unrecognizable from when i was there. Class of 2014 graduate, currently being harassed by Credit World Services as i finish paying my tuition.


A great institution that has given me so many great things. I do not go here but I visit quite often. It truly has a community of care and people really care about each other. I think that this is an amazing university and I highly recommend it to everyone.

Josiah Sheffstall

My Name Was David Bowman.

It's disheartening and highly disturbing that an establishment of higher learning would find it acceptable to teach malleable and impressionable young minds bigotry and fascism.

LilTwan 21

Brendan Sigale

Good vibe on campus and everyone was very friendly.

Tyson Domer

Denise C

Karen Elsby

Thomas Hermsen

Abigail Cummins o3o

Beautiful scenery. Very neat ♥

Maxwell Martinez


David Meek

Ryan Henry

Disagreeing with a President is completely justified, but an entire class dedicating to resisting a President? It sounds like Butler is just taking kid's money. What career would that class prepare you for? That's right, fast food. Butler isn't doing any favors to their students. I will no longer be supporting or donating my money here.

Terry Thompson

Ashleigh Rybolt

BA Textile

Michael Flannery

Raj Brid

Best univercity

Udo Schröder

Jordano Huxford

Harrison Lingren

julia De Leon

Violine Jean Goetz

My Grandaughter Is Very Thankful To Be Swimming For Butler University. She Is Looking Forward To Her Academics, Meeting & Making New Friends, Community Outreaches & University Sports.

Suzume Hayashi

Jay Chauhan

My family attended Butler and we visit it regularly. The campus well kept and the administration is doing everything to make this university world-class.

Melania Thompson

Noah Troxell

Debbie Moore

Tom Hahn

Everyone feels welcome at Butler. Scotties on campus is GREAT.

T2's EpicTravel

I visited this university campus at 2014. It's an Amazing campus with better educational environment.

Tony Carson

Mark Keller

Greatschool great campus great basketball


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