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REVIEWS OF Wheaton College IN Illinois

Angel Hernandez

Look up the controversy going on with this university before you attend.

Karl Nielsen

Adam Erickson

Your handling of this entire assault case has reaffirmed why I am no longer a Christian. Thank you!

Luke He

timothy hutchings

It's reported that five football players kidnapped, beat, and sexually assaulted another student. Their punishment was to have to write an essay. These are not the acts of Christian students or a Christian administration.

mh patter

CCWK Cheul Woo

My wife and I visited Billy Graham center. It was an amazing exhibit.

Jared Carlson

Jonathan Hook

I am extremely disappointed at Wheaton College's actions regarding Professor Hawkins. Even though I received both a B.A. and an M.A. from Wheaton, I absolutely abhor the spirit of divisiveness exhibited in its decision to suspend Dr. Hawkins. It is attitudes like this that fuel right wing hostility, whether it be in Christian, Muslim, Jewish or other communities. It is great that Wheaton replaced its Crusader mascot with one less aggressive and violent. However, this current step places the institution squarely back in the camp of the conquistadors and crusaders. We should be in the business of building bridges, not burning them down. You should be deeply ashamed and chagrined.

Ryan Santos

This is a great school if you are a rapist and don't want to be prosecuted.

Tommy Hekma-Wierda

Couldn't have asked for a better 4 years!

Ellen Egerton

Lily Chorlian

Nakola Cameron

Nathan Taylor

Isaac Kawate

Professors are great.

Leonard Blair Jr.

Fantastic programs and something for every student. There's smaller communities that help students find a community that fits them and that they can be comfortable in. Beautiful and (mostly) up to date residence halls. Great professors that care about students. Wonderful athletics. Tons of connections with powerful alumni. Within walking distance of the Metra which makes access to the city of Chicago a possibility at your feet.

Jonathan Eisfeld

Great Exhibits!

Steve Bartman

I tried going back to school here. They declined me. Unbelievable!

Pete Lammers

Christopher Lim

Wenjun Wu

Nice school with excellent Teachers and students!

Amy Flood

Most awesome college experience from 1979-1983.

Wesley Newton

Carrie Lawrence

K Seeker

You claim to be a Christian College but you allow a man from Emory college to preach hate against white people. You actually condemn Ryan who is a brother who seeks true unity among all race! You are a sorry excuse for Christian college. May God REBUKE all of you! I will NEVER send my kids to your school as long as the current administrator are still there! You bring disgrace and shame to the name of Christ.

gяαcє v. ωαяиєя

Ray Chang

Mikhael Cometa

Dylan DeHart

deb o

Vivi Love

Absolute trashfire of a school.

Jazlynn Gonzalez

Roosevelt Wilson

Matthew Powell

"Five football players from from an Illinois evangelical Christian college are facing felony charges after a 2016 hazing incident left one of their teammates restrained with duct tape, beaten, and half naked with two torn shoulders." "While the 5 suspects are now facing legal justice, some are wondering why the school took so long to act. The school sat on the allegations for over a year and only meted out a punishment that involved 50 hours of community service and an 8-page essay explaining their actions."

Kwang Cheol Kim

Denise MacKay

Wow! You all must be really fearful of judgment day now.

Ben Parks

Michael Pietkiewicz

Grace Ko

Daniel Miller

Awesome place! Just know that the Blanchard Hall Building is not the place to go on your first visit! Go to the Welcome Center or Todd Beamer Center!

Seth Burkey


Andrew S

This school openly denounces homosexuality and discriminates and punishes those who exercise their right to sexual orientation. This school is a cult.


Had to drop a class last minute and they wouldnt give me a full refund even after they said it was OK and the prof gave them the OK too.

Bill Kanda

Jon Wheel


Mike Guinane

Get rid of the coach, athletic director, and every player who participated in the horrific scandal - jail time MUST be served. In digust

Mingxuan Du

Paul Helsel

Does not protect victims of rape. Would give 0 stars if possible.

Drew Hannay

Shirley Capes

Dan Garner

Go here if you like being raped or raping people without facing any punishment.

Isaiah Thomas

BTS Films

Philip Fillion


Nicole McNevin

As you've probably noticed, most of the recent reviews of Wheaton College have been related to the controversy regarding Dr. Hawkins. I would just like to say that, in spite of all of the negative press Wheaton has received in the past three years, I have grown so much in my faith and awareness of how God's world works. I pray that those looking in on us, whichever side of the current controversy they adhere to, understand that our campus, though broken, flawed, and yes, ignorant in many ways, still strives to represent Jesus Christ in all it does. And personally, I cannot imagine having chosen a better institution at which to work toward my undergraduate degree. In the mean time, your prayers and/or understanding are appreciated.

Ruth Fu

Great professors and cohort! As an international student I appreciate what I've experienced here. Wheaton College is a place that really cares about God's kingdom and his people!

Andy Liu

Valerie Halim

My first choice and my only application to University. Wheaton College, Illinois has produced many graduates who went on to enhance Christ's Kingdom. That inspires many, including myself, to follow the footsteps of God's faithful.

Emma Herrmann

I love my school.

Eleanor Walsh

They have no right to call themselves a Christian College. How did they allow the players involved to still attend classes and participate on the football field. NCAA should investigate and all administrators and coaching staff should be terminated immediately

Amy Pollitz

Jose Hernandez

Nick Varberg

Smart student body, professors care deeply about their teaching and scholarship, plenty of student involvement opportunities, and, most importantly, people who strive to serve Jesus.


Peaceful atmosphere and wonderful buildings

Susan Vitello


Simon Shah

Katie Simpson

Salim Fayeq

Darren Stokes

McKenna Biedebach

Country Steve's Channel

Adam O'Neill

I love this school. I have never been so challenged academically, spiritually, and relationally. Be ready to work hard but grow in your faith and walk with Jesus Christ! For Christ and His Kingdom!

Ceemf Europe

Research center

Brad B

Ericka U.

Tim Maruyama

Amazing cafeteria, really nice facilities, nice staff, and overall great campus. Lots of good things to say about the college.

John Babrick

Lotsa white people here! Love it!!!

Ty Warner

Grant Hensel

Jordan Christner

Quentin Rodriguez

Beautiful campus, welcoming and friendly students and staff, and the sports facilities are second to none. Coach Stremler and Coach Patricca were great!

Soonmin Kwon

Blessed people.

james robbins

Jared Solis

Irving Ruiz

Great school and has awesome professors that really take the time to get to know you and help you with any work.

Ray Prestridge

Loved it!

Samuel Heath

Best Christian College on the planet.

Emily Faith

Gwen Farber

Jackie Nelson

Aranje Sripanjalingam

Amanda Temple

Devesh Parekh


Ben Capobianco

Allie Day

Top notch university, through and through. Loved my entire recruiting visit with Coach Stremler, Coach Paul, and the entire softball team. Everyone is classy, respectful, and humble, and you definitely get what you pay for on both the academic and athletic side of things. The sports facilities are amazing, and the opportunity to learn from professors that have the highest degrees in their fields is just something that you can’t pass up. You also get the opportunity to continue your relationship with Christ, which is invaluable. I loved Wheaton, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to challenge themselves to be the best that they can possibly be. Plus, if you are blessed enough to get the opportunity to play sports here, take it. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance that I wish I didn’t ultimately decide to pass up.

Johan santiago

CJ howland

Ted gates

janine kostro

Nguyen Kha Ho

Great place to study about God and His Word

Will Spiegelberg

Honored to have attended & be graduated from this school. Great experiences with fellow students, faculty & the learning experience.

John Wike

The worst.

dt. haase

So grateful for this place of Christ-centered learning and living. Check out the new admissions building (as of fall 2017) if visiting campus (across from the football field).

Supreme Court

Horrible administration

David Choi

Jeff Shumway

Gorgeous... just by the looks, it conveys great knowledge... very historic... stunning architecture and impeccable landscaping

abrar abduljaleel

Lily Huang

Chris Stackaruk

Great experience here.

Austyn Bailiff

Beautiful Christ centered place to learn and grow. Highly recommend. Humble and kind staff. So grateful a place like this exists.

Ayame Jay

Mark Thomas Witte

Amazing school where all the faculty and staff truly care about the students. The campus has a great historic feel and is worth touring if you are in town. Consistently ranks at the top of lists of Christian liberal arts colleges.

Luke Haruki

Max Denton

Kwangmin Joo

The place where God's will for academics and professions is being fulfilled.

Beckett D.

Lau Rol

As with most colleges today, Wheaton is a far left, liberal college. This school claims to be "christian;" however, the values taught here are anything but.

Chad Ryan

David O'Reagan

It's a great place with great people. I love it.

Alex Recker

Meh. Alright.

Steve & Angie Anderson

The most academically rigorous Christian college.

David Yao

Rudolfo Villanueva

Ok so I haven't been inside only saw pictures and for a high school field trip they told me I have to go..... So can you guys tell me what's like????

Darcy Kallus

My daughter attends college here and I couldn't be more proud. I especially love how university leadership stays to biblical values despite secular scrutiny.

Joe Grotto

Impressive school and cool location. Heard strange things about it here though...

Welson Cesar

Top-notch scholars as professors, classes that stretch my mind and challenge me to know the Bible better each day. That's my experience with Wheaton College graduate school so far.

monica martinez

Daniil Kulikovsky

Great place!


So filled with joy and love for Him! Amazing place ❤

Mike Wilpizeski

Shame on you! Christians, Jews and Muslims are all people of the book. And we worship the same God.

Frank H.

Thank you for Standing. Numbers 6:24-26


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