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Where is University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign?

REVIEWS OF University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign IN Illinois

Kang Zhou

Okay experience!

Peter Mondi

One of the most prestigious academic institutions on the planet, also a ton of fun.

Google Name

A University of Illinois instructor got in a student's face in 2017 and smashed his cellphone. The university responded by disciplining the student, but not the instructor. University of Illinois-Urbana Champagne student Blair Nelson is suing his school for violating his First Amendment rights.

Dayne Kang

I have so much fun here it's amazing! The student body is so diverse it provides such a fun and colorful enviroment. The on campus food is amazing, Green Street hollllllaaaaaaa. Six pack dorms were kind of bad but hey at least the university realized this and finally they're re doing it. If the sports teams got better and worth cheering for it would be the perfect school. Also, the Delta Sigma Phi chapter is so awesome. They're pretty cool guys.

Kinman Covey

TL;DR: The staff found at this institution (that I've interacted with) are knowledgeable, helpful, and willing to go the extra mile. I'll start off by saying that I didn't attend this school. I did, however, run into a very nasty spider problem in my apartment a month ago. Distressed, I turned to the tool I knew best and Googled ways to identify spiders. Realizing that I was not an expert at spider identification, I wanted to find someone that was. I proceeded to Google "best entomology department" which led me to the entomology department at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Excited with my finding, I emailed their department head and explained my situation. I wasn't expecting much, but it was worth a shot. To my surprise, she responded not even an hour later putting me in touch with their resident arthropod expert! Fast-forward a couple weeks and I had some evidence for them to examine (I caught three spiders in an hour, no big deal). Their expert responded to my email first thing in the morning with some bad news (they were brown recluse spiders, lucky me). But the bad news is beside the point. These people took time out of their lives to lend their expertise to a layman in his time of need. Is that not the epitome of academia? Universities everywhere have something to learn from the staff found at this institution. Flashy websites and notable alumni are important, but providing help through human-to-human interaction is the foundation of a good educator. If I'm not eaten alive by a brown recluse beforehand, I will strongly consider this university for my children.

Leasha Dixson

The best education that state money (and the GI Bill) can buy!

Brian Weaver

Couldn't have had a better experience in my life.

Vanessa Classified

Nice campus, good education!

ernst masseant

Great School


Don't bother applying here. The admissions people are clueless and the school itself looks ugly, particularly the business school. They will lead you on with advertising saying they want you as a student, but in reality they are just trying to pad their admissions statistics and don't care about you in the slightest. They are really strapped for money and it shows in just about every way. They prioritize unsuspecting foreign students who are going to lay down the full admissions price instead of in state candidates who pay the taxes for the school to operate. Shameless moneygrabbers.

Jun Sung Hong

Received my PhD at U of I and couldn't be prouder. Although not an engineering or computer science major, U of I is world renowned for its engineering and computer science, among other things. In case you didn't know, Bill Gates once said Microsoft hires more U of I grads than grads from any other schools in the world. Go ILLINI!

Michael Escardo

I really like to move out florida into Illinois

Watheq Al-Mudhafar

Five points for the amazing campus in everything.

Michael Lobsenz

Great campus in a college town.

César Augusto

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has the third largest college library in the US and excellent faculty. This is the place where living and learning is a great experience.

Zhaoyi Wu

university of illinois at urbana champaign is an amazing place to take a tour. It has the third largest liabrary and 6th biggest recreation center. It has the great buildings and the school is famous for a lot of engineering majors especially for computer science. It would be a great place to start a tour at urbana-champaign

Mohammad Hosseini

A good university. The small city sucks.

Mitchell Whalen

Amazing campus, good people, can't think of a better place to spend my 4 years

Ben Brenner

The campus is well laid out from North to South. There are 3 quads. Public transit is very well run. There is a large campus town area with shops, restaurants, and bars. Parking is sparse and it's hard to drive through. Professors are good the libraries are fantastic. Department management is hit or miss from department to department.

Alaina Balbinot

It's a huge school, and when I first came here, I was worried that the University and the experience in general would be very impersonal; That I would be "Just another number" to whoever was in charge. But I really, genuinely feel cared about as a student. The professors are obviously very passionate and care for their students' educations and their well-being. This place is home!


From a University perspective, I enjoyed my time here as a Freshman. Teachers and classes were satisfactory, and the campus had some great restaurants. That Cracked food truck I'm pretty sure fell from heaven. From a social perspective, this place is pure hell unless you are sold on joining Greek Life. Don't want to join a frat/sorority? Good luck finding some friends. Don't party or go to the bars for fun? Good luck finding anything to do. I transferred after my freshman year for the above reasons.

Aakarsh Sethi

Best college experience I could have asked for.

Nick Cheng

Great civil engineering program!!

David Zhang

Beautiful campus.

Jerry Kleeb

Went here for the NE vs IL football game. Had a great time. Overall the IL fans weren't to bad.

Peter Kaintz

Was there in 1998 to study. A great place to be and study. I loved it.

Anderson Stuart Carredias

Amazing place

Chris Cygnus

The best school in the nation, if not the world!

Urvil Sheth

Beautiful school with a great Engineering faculty. I loved the staff and students and really enjoyed my exchange semester here

Kaleb Herman

This University is not what I was expecting All of the people act like they are having a great time and I'm not? Where is my job? Where are my good grades? Why am I not getting anywhere professionally? I am currently a junior and I still feel like a freshmen! I have looked very hard for one and yet I didn't get one. Probably because all of the white and asian people are taking them. I have such a great work ethic and al these people get a job because they have the money to do it and I don't. The city is horrible if you ask me. People partying like life is good, people that will not stop complaining everywhere, nobody talking to me. The city can't even pay me for an accident that they have pretty much cause themselves do to their unfriendliness to bicycle. One old woman told me I should be on the street. How was I suppose to know to stay on the street? Did she even know? That is not even the worst part. I broke my bicycle, my right arm, and even worse my beautiful teeth and now their horribly cracked with the dentist barely even fixing them. They are still awful regardless of what everyone around me thinks. The final nail in the coffin is the sorry excuse for professors. Some of them were't even professors and sometimes the textbooks teach better than them. I can learn all of this from the internet alone. My goodness my parents were wrong when they thought sending me here was going to change my life. Stay at home where it's safe and go to an online university because this one lies about their students being successful.

Mao Nuon

Note: This is not a review of the school academic standing but more on the campus physical environment. My wife attended this school when she was 16 years old and so I decided to stop by for a quick visit as I was driving on I-70 to California. The campus looks like a ghetto, dirty and old buildings. The streets looked like they haven't been clean in ages. This campus is just plain old and dirty. It was probably much cleaner 20 years ago!

Marrissa Hellesen

Engineering College is great! The library is fabulous and the campus is beautiful!

Michaela Gilliam

I would give this university a five star rating but as a very hard-working student who gpa didn’t fall below a 3.5 should give some sort of awards to students who achieved or exceeded this gpa all four semesters in attending this university. I don’t like to complain, but as an AA student, last semester I achieved a 3.94 gpa, was on the Dean’s List but wasn’t acknowledged for it. Yes, it is on my transcript but my name was NEVER posted on the list for fall ‘18..... I contacted the college of LAS and I received an email which seemed to give me excuses and the runaround on why I wasn’t on THEIR list. Not saying that the university doesn’t have diversity, but they need to do better representing AA who work very hard.

Dennis Loewen


Calvin Stinson Jr

Awesome School!

Emma Drover

Beautiful place, amazing classes.

Viola Meents

Very great handlers of the animals and took time to explain my dogs cancer.They were good to us

Donald Rump

It's HUGE. 10/10

Rev.joyceann Crump


Kennita McDonald

Love This place........

Abid nawaz


D. Yang

Definitely a good engineering school.

Cliff Clifford

new favorite school

najakajuri Barrett

It's my big sister first year of college

drwaqar anwer

Simply one of the best university with beautiful campus

Chengyu Fang

Love the University!

Marie Green-Ylui

I cannot say there is a safe college town Education Department is terrible Not worth

Waggle McDaggle

I live here, it's a cool place.

Carol Kathrein

Granddaughter graduating from here

Kayla Valley

This school disappointed me so much. I went for my MSW and my husband went for his MEng. My husband was never able to complete his degree because in order to successfully complete the program, one must complete a thesis supervised by a faculty member. No one was willing to supervise a Master's thesis as most professors are only interested in Doctoral students. When my husband did find a professor who was willing, the individual was never available for office hours (though he had hours listed, he was never in his office during those time) and would make appointments and then no show. As for myself, I was disappointed in the difficulty of the curriculum. I found it neither challenging nor helpful in the field. Additionally, I have been waiting 4+ months for U of I to submit my transcripts to the state so that I can get my provisional license. This is only personal experience for us and does not speak about the institutional racism or the poor quality of many of the organizations on campus. I would not recommend this university.

Chu Xinqi

Very Very good!

Dj Romeo

Best academic place ever.

Sandra Huang

This university is a pretty cultural-friendly and safe campus. The staff I have encountered here is pretty nice. UIUS has been known for its major in computer science, information and engineer major. The students from UIUC who I have interacted with are pretty professional and nice. Recommended this school if you want to study a major in science.

Hugo Boss

Great school!

Mohammed Shahin

The University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign (also known as U of I, Illinois, or colloquially as the University of Illinois or UIUC)is a public research university in Illinois and the flagship institution of the University of Illinois system. Founded in 1867 as a land-grant institution, its campus is located in the twin cities of Champaign and Urbana. The University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign is a member of the Association of American Universities and is classified as a R1 Doctoral Research University under the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education, which denotes the highest research activity.In fiscal year 2017, research expenditures at Illinois totaled $642 million.The campus library system possesses the second-largest university library in the United States by holdings after Harvard University.The university also hosts the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) and is home to the fastest supercomputer on a university campus.

Xiao Chan

Feel shame for some professors

Nicole Ball

I am blown away by the online doctoral program and very grateful to have chosen to attend their program. I have found the professors and TAs to be outstanding and supportive.

Rene Miranda

Beautiful campus

Adi Malik

Fantastic school.

Daniel Virtue

Great school that prepared me for the future. Lots of fun too.

CM Sheoran

Great campus

Sean Cochran

The university of Illinois is a beautiful and wonderful place. The main drawbacks are the aggressive panhandlers on green St and the state of Illinois budget impasse.

reynaldo borbolla

Great place, great prestige, great reputation

peter coonie

Interested to study here...

Guadalupe Guzman

This university has a good campus, good social structure as well. Quad is pretty beautiful and amazing view. The buildings are pretty spread out but you can still find your way around campus. Also have a nice library and dorms.

Riyuo Fenkelrin

TERRIBLE university. Teachers don't teach, homework without solutions, indoctrination to the fullest degree.

Nicole Smith

The move in process is a bit crazy, the area does look a bit sketchy. But I suppose they can't really do anything about that. So just be smart and careful. The surrounding streets are poorly marked and sometimes you find yourself going the wrong way. The dorm rooms are surprisingly small. So pack essentials only.

A. K.

This is my second year here. So far I have had an okay experience with the school. I find it urking that many courses require "special" webaccess codes that are not needed since there are free alternatives that many schools use. In addition, you are charged 5 grand more just to be in your college. And don't get me started on transfering into a college. It's horrible. You need an impossible GPA to transfer! I'm in the college of engineering and my GPA is no where near what they ask. The school can be extra af imo, js.

Connor Bartel

Go orange and the blue!!!

terry levin

Fantastic school and campus too


Will you accept me? lol

Randy Rice

How does one not rate their Alma Mater a 5? A terrific school, great atmosphere, this place was home for many years...

Gilbert Leon

Great university, in Illinois

SangYoun Roh

One of Best public school in US

Michael Tritthart

Pretty impressive campus.


A party school trying to pass as reputable. FacilIties were great but curriculum barely kept me awake for most classes. I should've gone to Arizona State University instead for better weather.

Henry Yang

Awesome school with prestigious reputation, faculty and alumni ofc.

xiaoqing he

Wonderful place to learn and live!

Hermes Cañizares

Every time that I go to Champaign I visit this wonderful University. I love it and I would love to study there as a foreign student.

Ramit Arora

Attending University of Illinois was by far the best decision of my life. Most awesome place to study, to party, to make friends, to get exposed to industry and if you are in, there's enough entrepreneurship opportunities too. I would say I owe at least 90% of my success and 95% of my friends to UIUC :)

Blake Halper

Horrible school

Aditya MkP

Its one of the best in the world (y)

Doug Pride

Very pretty campus

Arthur Talpaert

Top of the top.


Great university

Greg Stickelmaier

Outstanding university. Never regret having gone there. Although the athletics and post collegiate network support should be much better given everything the university has going for it, the education, experience, atmosphere, and friendships were the best.

Shashwath Kumar

The university is very cool. Ppl were very friendly. The university is very much respected among corporate sector

Lisette Washington

I earned my bachelor's degree here this past May, and I am very proud to call myself an Illini. The University is nothing less than amazing with all of the great opportunities and amazing people you will find here. I wish I could relive the time I spent here-- it was the best experience of my life.

Jacob spenadel_4179929

My sister is a junior in school this year

David Jin

Fantastic school. The concept of being an ignored undergrad student is overblown; teachers are friendly and willing to help you out. The campus is beautiful and particularly nice during the non-winter portion of the term. A pretty lively college town feel, and the school spirit is appropriately strong. Challenging and humbling, yet enlightening, I can attest that the school of biology does a great job of helping you along. Dorms are satisfactory, and food is not a problem. Green street offers plenty of options if bars or eating out is your thing. For a more traditional college town, it succeeds well.

Michael Mulholland

I am proud to continuously state I am a University of Illinois alumni. Received an excellent education, while experiencing the best student life experiences offered by a first class institution.

Jin Zou

Top public school for engineering! Based on 2016 U.S. News & World Report (USNWR) "America's Best Colleges" report, UIUC's undergraduate program was ranked tied for 41st among national universities and tied for 11th among public universities.


A VERY impersonal school. You are a number to be processed and a check to be cashed. I would not recommend this school to anyone unless your sole purpose of attending is for partying and Greek life. In that case you are in the right place!

Vaishali bhagat

Amazing studious atmosphere. One of the best place to study..

Brendan Sigale

Pretty bad campus. Had to pay metered parking for a visit and they gave us the wrong time estimate, so we almost got a ticket. Tour guide also was pretty bad.

Jack Brown

Really nice campus and friendly students.

Venkatappaiah E L N R

My nephew studies in this great University and his great satisfaction drives me to like the University, to the ultimate.

Katie Cubberley

Cammy Carrico goes to University of Illinois.

William Alexander

There is not a better place in the world 2 watch college football or basketball than the house of Paign, Memorial stadium home of the fighting Illini in Urbana Champaign....go illini......I-L-L


This is a great campus. I have been here several times. It never gets old. It is just a great campus that always exceeds my expectations for a university feeling as you walk the halls.

Yiming Wang

This is one of the best school in the world

Sage J

Cold institution that doesn't care about the community it grew out of

Gabriela Espindola

Beautiful campus. Many things to do and places to see

Chenzhao Yu

did my undergrad here! Love it!

Michelle Plunkett

Love the School of Music!

joe caruso

Awesome place to get an incredible engineering education.

Mohammad Usman

Great university

Pamela Greer

In spite a challenge every now and then, I love Illinois and the 31 beautiful years (and counting) I've been able to live and serve at my alma-mater.

Saji Mathew

One of the finest universities

Melody Su

#1 Party School!

Neal Overbay

U of I has been a phenomenal university from an academic and social stand point. While I've only been here a little under two years, I've been able to see that my professors are engaging and passionate. Go Illini!

Bruce Burch


Sree Lakshmi

Love it

Lisa Chen

Enjoyed every year of college here. Excellent academics taught by some of the brightest professors, smart fellow classmates to keep me on my game, and much diversity and activities.


great university

Adi Borra

GREAT Campus, GREAT people, couldn't have spent my six years (Undergrad and Grad School) anywhere else.

Melvin Morenz

No camera as advertised !! What's up with that ?


Fun place and pretty good school but the football and basketball teams are trash and the track doesn't even have any bleachers.

Damontay Chamble-Liddell

the best school ever that i went to for a feld trip

Sophie Chang

UIUC has a nice campus. I particularly like the greenery and greenspace around the campus area.

Xiaosheng Wu

One of the best Engineering Colleges!

Bassel Abu Jabal

Smart students, world renown faculty, and great campus. Worth every second and every penny.

Alonzo Rushing

great school

Ivan Dozier

As a Native American alum, I am disgusted with the way this school treats its student body and Native History. At every turn the University seems to ban tradition and settle for group-thought and mediocrity without debate. There is no intelligent discussion here, only emotionally-driven propaganda where opinions are taught as fact by biased faculty. There is no room at Illinois for an individual, no place for someone who wants to learn about new ideas and concepts that may challenge their beliefs. This is not a place for intelligent people, but the sad thing is, it used to be. A degree from the University of Illinois has become a guarantee to betrayal and disappointment as an alum. I grew up adoring this place, and now it disgusts me

Vishaal Mali

The university is decent, but the town is worse. Mean and horrible townsfolk. Be better, Champaign!

Kyle Morrison

So jelly of this CS department.

Jacob Spenadel

i love illinois so much

Regulus Riddle

Home for many years, my best memories will stay here forever. Always a proud Illini

Trevor Budd

This school needs to respect the constitutional rights of their teachers. Give Steven Salaita his job back, you should not disrespect your teachers because of their political views.

Paulino Montes-Solla

Very good university with an amazing study and research environment... Located into the small cities of Urbana and Champaign is an important focus of knowledge of the Illinois State.

Terry Bialeschki

I had worked at the U of I for 30 years was a great experience !

Cary Miller

I did my undergraduate studies at this university. It is an excellent academic institution. The facilities are top notch and the instructors among the best. The colleges of engineering, psychology, and library sciences are among the best in the nation. The colleges of law, business, education, veterinary sciences, pharmacy, and chemistry are also very good. The university boasts a two time Nobel Prize winner in former researcher John Bardeen. For the sports minded there are many facilities available and an abundance of intramural programs. You can enjoy big ten basketball and football games. The university has one of the largest, some say the largest, fraternity and sorority populations in the country. You can have fun here and still obtain a quality education that will be respected everywhere.

kavya kuntumalla

Beautiful campus

kaarthik shanmugham

An inspiring journey, moments that will last forever

Christian Ornelas


O M-G. C.

Quintessentially Collegiate.

shubhang goswami

Couldn't be a better place to study. The second largest campus library, phenomenal research and inspiring alumni. So lucky to have studied from here. Stay true to the Orange and Blue.

Hassan Barzani

After my visit here at The University of Illinois at Campaign-Urbana, I’m very disappointed. This has to be the worst college campus and College town I’ve ever visited in my whole entire life. Surrounding area of the campus are so sketchy and people are very shady as well. No one is helpful. Hate the rude attitudes for no appearent reason. Please go somewhere else Folks!!

Jeffrey Smar

Already miss it!

Yang An Tang

Beautiful campus

No Thankyou

I lived here for four years and went to school here. This place has an amazing amount of opportunity and is a cheap place to live. Now that I've moved, I see college kids having to double up on rooms to pay rent that could afford you a one bedroom here. The students in Illinois seriously underate this place because they are afraid of seeing their old highschool classmates. Trust me, you wont. The downside is that this is rather expensive for a public university. So if you go here, you should take advantage of every opportunity you can. Otherwise you'd be better off going to a smaller, cheaper school.

Collins Bugingo

Very nice place. I rode in and around the campus with my advisor. The place is peaceful and clatter free. With a clean city and beautiful people

Ken and Alicia Lund

Beautiful campus with a stately quad, nice academic and living facilities, and great sports facilities.

Robert Zeh

Great university and a beautiful campus.

Rashmikant Gorasiya

I want to study but economic problem

Liam Kennedy

This sucks


My understanding is the University doesn't acknowledge freedom of speech. I understand that they engage in identity politics, and victimization, and bullying, which is ok, if it follows their agenda.... I guess they must be leaning way left politically, because knowledge doesn't seem to be their focus...

Collette A. Kensinger

Although I haven't been there. They( one of the vet's, and students) come to our zoo(Miller Park Zoo).

Chris Brown

good univerisity research information

William Hodgett

the whole experience was one big blur.


Big place and fun to get lost in.

Meng Chen

impressive!excellent Uni

Evy Chrysanti Ridwan

I earned my PhD degree in EdPsych October 1993. It is a great school with excellent facilities as well as very supportive professors. It is an excellent university where I learnt a lot to support my career

Jason Cadell

Going with a group to check out the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Champaign, IL 61801 was a real treat for all of us. Great campus and a wonderful school if one's lucky enough to attend school here.

Chris Combest

I loved my time here as a student. The town is good and the student life is nice as well for the size of the city.

Kurt Randazzo

Marvelous university. The academics speak for themselves. Phenomenal research, undergraduate courses, and academic atmosphere.

Ying Huahua

My friend Sue took me there the day before yesterday seeing a basketball game between UIUC and University of Michigan. At last, UIUC won. 73:70. The buildings there are amazing. It's a good place to learn and study.

Stephh Colsefni

I love everything there is offered here! The art museums and classrooms are so neat and exciting, even the cafeteria was beautiful in terms of architecture!!! O:


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