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REVIEWS OF University of Illinois at Chicago IN Illinois

Sloniu BRO

Kyler Nye

Tim Reger

Tiffany B

Khurram Ghayas

wek realtin

i was straight a in the a really good scool and fun to be in.i had a major in engeneeering but scool cool

Mandala Ganapathi Reddy

Jenee B

Just passing by

NV gaming Royer

Good cs program

Debojit Kaushik


I am a freshman. So far I like it. The staff is very supportive and willing to help you if you reach out. It is a big school so you have to search for the support.

Zach S

Brendan Ahern

Elite Ambulance

Max Melgarejo

Get the biggest bang for your buck here! I'm in my 5th year of teaching and I can say that UIC prepared me to work as a teacher. Great professors and and excellent education IF you put the work in!

Sukh Sangha

Ishaan Roy

Great University!

Robin Ann

Best decision my youngest made!!!


Marion Jaeger

The Good Food Conference was facinating. The parking lot was open just north of the UIC Forum and was easy to get to the location. UIC did a good job keeping people moving and the Good Food Conference did a good job bringing people in. Bee Keeping was the best.

Siddiqui Junaid

Ahmed Mohamed

Thriving school. I love it here :)

Maria Bucio

Jialue Sun

Melissa Scott

I love my school!!

Alex Dytso

I gave this school a chance and it gave me so much.

Itzel J

Omkar Wable

John Klein

I went to CU Boulder before UIC. I like UIC better.

Sean Atkinson

This place is horrible. I have had swim meets here and it is always a dreadful experience. The campus in Urbana/Champaign is much better.

Amul Choudhary

Nice facilities, great view

Prince Loren G.

Julia Matheson

give me my piece of paper already!!!!

Siddharth verma

Meet Patel

tao wang

ilove it all my life

Sadi Z

martha ramirez

(Translated by Google) excellent university since it is in my community and it has [programs where the community can reach and find its own culture and its impressive art and mural halls. Also, all visitors are always welcome. (Original) excelente universidad ya que esta en mi comunidad y tiene [programas donde puede la comunidad llegar y encontrar su propia culturaa y sus salones de arte y murales impresionante ademas siempre es vienvenido todon visitante

ciro mendoza


Kayla Moore


Muhammad S Siddiqui

Carlos Navarro


Ricardo Coronado

Rebel Love

It sounds amazing hope i enrolled one soon i hope

Yajaira Castillo

Shivanankari Shiv

Love the campus diversity..

Nilkanth Sawarkar

Lyric Vids

Anne Sromek

I love UIC. I was a student here from 1998-2002. The professors and staff are intelligent, kind and helpful. The Hull House museum is great for history buffs. The campus is also surrounded by amazing food - think Greektown, Little Italy, and Pilsen. Possibilities are endless! I am glad to see this is becoming more of a true college campus, though I'm sure it's still a big commuter school, it seems like over the years they've listened to feedback and taken care to add a lot of amenities to the grounds, to help students linger and enjoy the campus setting. The tuition is reasonable for the high quality of education. If you're looking for a school that won't leave you with loads of debt upon graduation, and a school that will give you a fresh perspective on lifelong learning in an amazing urban setting, I highly recommend you consider applying to UIC.

Ricardo César Filippi

(Translated by Google) For its educational quality, professional and scientific training and its rich history. (Original) Por su calidad educativa, formaciòn profesional y cientìfica y por su rica historia.


Sumedh Bhagwat

I'm a freshman here and I absolutely love this place.

Thomas Goursaud

Richa Barua

Located in the heart of one of the world's great cities, the University of Illinois at Chicago is a vital part of the educational, technological and cultural fabric. The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) is a public research university in Chicago, Illinois. Its campus is in the Near West Side community area, adjacent to the Chicago Loop.

agata 22

Andrew Perez

Mat Jimmy

Taso Kokkinias

The campus is extremely ugly, the school has the most difficult teachers. But this place has helped me find friends and is giving me a great education and preparing me for the future. The levels of stress are worth it. UIC has been great to me.

Jasmine Hart

Love this university. Has a lot of cool things and professors are great.

David Guardado

Philip Vernon

Unpretentious! Given the chance to excel!

Shreyas Gaonkar

Elaine Williams Crockett

Great school. Attended both the Urbana-Champaign Campus and the Chicago Campus. Liked the Chicago Campus far better, had all the big city amenities. I honestly thought I'd receive a better education at the Urbana-Champaign Campus, but that wasn't the case! I'm now a retired Federal Government Attorney and a published author.

Ha Ryun Yang

Some student wrote an academic essay on the effects of large breasts on aerodynamics. It was very well-written.


Great school, expensive parking

Dana Morningstar

Emma Kroger

Anna Faivre

Syed Nadeem

Elva Mendez

Very good hospital for cancer patients

Elizabeth Arteaga

Sahil Vahora


Transferring at the end of the semester due to a variety of reasons. Firstly the buildings are falling apart. Everything is concrete! It feels almost like a prison walking through campus During the early fall semester there was a heatwave needless to say air conditioning was a hit or miss. I can recall being drenched in sweat sitting through an hour class with no air circulation. The library has outdated computers. I've had them crash on me several times while working on projects. the help desk is ran by students who have no idea how to work let alone fix computers. Parking. The parking lots sit half empty because the cost per semester is ridiculously expensive. They actually rent out parking space to neighboring establishments because they are so underused. Good luck with street parking unless you don't mind parking by the public housing which is a 20 minute walk from campus. Chicago police will ticket for anything and everything. Administration. I'm a veteran so my financial aid ( G.I. Bill) went through them. They forgot to send my file off so later in the semester my account was put on financial hold. I called and he told me that it just takes time for the government to sort through the claims. I receive an email later that day stating my file had been received. Turns out he forgot to send it until I called him to do it 2 months after the semester began! The admissions office took 2 months to post my transcripts I had gotten from other schools because they "forgot" to post them. Teachers. the teachers are the only good thing about this school. I've met some incredible teachers here that genuinely care about their students. Courses are challenging but not over-bearing and I loved coming to class everyday. The diversity is amazing but I don't really see integration or inclusion the campus is more or less a salad bowl rather than a melting pot. it seems like the state budget for education is going all to UIUC. P.S. if you are black be prepared to be stared at walking through the neighborhood especially by the older residents.

Jojo Burns

This place was such a mistake. I remember being so excited, back in my hometown this school is talked up quite a bit. Good students regret this place, whether or not you have a bad experience might be fully based on luck and timing. Students who don't care will be curved to receive the same grade. If your phd here no one will respond. Teachers not only don't care about teaching, there are few who care about you, and if you care more than other students, they won't like you so much because you hurt the curve of other students who, again, don't care or try. That is the dynamic of this school. They will try to hold you back when you are doing well and curve those who are doing poorly to get the same grade. If you report any of this few peoope will be on your side. There are some great professors here, they will shoot for the stars with you, probably one in each department, but they can't help you out of a rut with others. The undergraduate acceptance rate his higher than peolpe talk about, do not go here if you care. Shoot higher, value yourself. Yes bad professors are every place but friends at other universities do not run into this bias this frequently, and wouldn't you rather get a bad grade at a great school whether it's the one professor or because they challenge you, rather than a bad grade at a school where it's a mix bag and no one likes you if you work hard? The undergraduates have it worse than the grad students so I hope you choose yourself.

Ab C

Alexis Barba

Hammad Ahmed

I commute here and lots of fun people and great environment!

Kris Fuentes Cortes

Good school. I moved throusand miles away from home and I couldn't be happier with my choice. This school offers something that not many other places offer; a world class city. The fact that this school is right in the city is one of the best opportunities ever for a college student

Isaac Mejia

The international community at Illinois has a lot of people. Chinese and Brazilians are really friendly people. In engineering is really popular to find people from India.

George Lellos

Ralph McNeal

Eric Hedrich

Mohit Patel

Mohit Lokane

Zelalem Admasu

Jamal Shoubaki

Senior year Computer Science major. Before coming here, I can promise you the experience will be bittersweet. Everything in this university is an uphill battle (contacting staff, fees, dirty bathrooms, terrible policies). Their faculty is ill-mannered and not helpful at all. It is very clear to see they only care about their salary rather than their students. Do not come here, you will not be welcomed. Quality of education is also very poor, you’re going to find yourself using outside (free) resources 95% of the time to complete all of your assignments.

Darpan Rathod

Great place for education. Very helpful professors and staff. Made real good friends and memories here..

orlando rodriguez

Deepak Sharma

Sri Vadrevu

How come no one has reviewed this?

Estafan Kiang

I had negative experiences and I am glad I got out . Many people (MEs) I had talked to, said the same thing that they couldn’t wait to get out of UIC. Buildings in the campus (east) from 2012-2016: old and lack of maintenance. They were waiting for the state fund to fix that UH, so they built a fence around it to prevent falling rocks from the building. UH was built five decades ago and it has already falling apart now (not sure if it is fixed by now). College life from 2012-2016: it is not the traditional college life since it is a commuting school, ranked 3rd place national-wide for school with the most commuting population. It is comparable to a community college, where everyone left the campus around 5 p.m. each day and it was completely dead during the weekend. Even if you live in the dorms, you don’t get a life. The campus is diversity yet it is also “segregated” by groups. Dormitory (east side) from 2012-2015: I had been to pretty much all the dorms (east, south, and west) and I had lived in CMS,CMN,CMW, and CTY altogether for 3 years. Whenever it had a heavy rainfall, there was flooding coming down the roof (my CTY dorm in the 1st floor near by the stair had flooded a few times). You have to make sure to record any damages there; sometimes you have to get the missing furniture. Mostly in CMW, people partied in the dorms (loud music and drinking), drunk in the bathrooms, smoking and doing drugs, committing harmful pranks (pooping in the shower, clogged the toilets…etc.) and we all got fined $0.5 one time for someone pooping in the shower. It took them a week to clean up the feces which they could just pick it up and threw it away. I hardly got any sleep there. I switch my dorms 8 times because of my roommates (completely strangers) and the living conditions, and there was a limit (2-3 times per semester). Each time I had to go to the west campus and waited 1 week to switch the room. Moreover, the RAs and RMs were completely useless, they didn’t try to socialize people or be any useful. Café (east side) 2012-2015: It used to be mandated if you dormed there. The food was greasy, especially the burgers and fries were over-cooked in dirty oil (as if they were leftovers). There were fewer choices during the weekend. Clubs 2012-2016: I didn’t know what they were doing when I was there. I joined the engineering honors club, Tau Beta Pi, no projects except a few meetings and activities (wasted of $100). ASME just started to do some meaningful projects before I left. Robotic club, O.K. they used old technologies to beat UIUC, not something very proud of. The commitments of the engineering clubs in UIUC are just completely opposite of UIC. Mechanical engineering 2012-2016: the program was mediocre, nothing to expect. The courses were not that tough, but cheating was a problem. If you have some short of connection (i.e. joining an engineering club), you will know that people are sharing the old exams, projects….etc. One guy in my CME 201 class, even bough a solution manual and spread to the class. I was the last one to get it when the TA felt sympathy to me and he gave it to me! Even the top students I knew were committing cheating. Some were sitting in groups or way behind to accommodate cheating during exams. Some professors changed the exams and some didn’t even bother with it, they only changed the numbers not the content. My senior design project was completely lacked of communication, the team itself since everyone was busy on their stuff. Engineering Career center 2012-2016: no help from there unless you know them well. Resume checking? Basically proof reading. One time I asked them how to get internships, they responded to me that I need to learn more English. After UIC 2017: it was annoying. They kept calling and sending letters to me for donation. Especially in May, I had received more than 3 calls. When I finally picked up the phone, the guy on the phone insisted me to donate: how about at least $100 and how about I sent you in the letter….etc. That shouldn’t be the way they treat their alumni.

mithalesh kumar rai

Mark Anthony Mutuc

Dominique Lee

Renuka V

Ulric Chaiyaperm

Great school. Great students.

cheryl washington

Jacob Levine

It gets just job done, but that's the best thing about it.

Supriya Shrestha

Manoj J

Jacky’s Vlog

Hamza Hassan

Rudrabhatla Sahithi

Kokeya Vaughn

I luv this school

Chicano Latino

Dennis Minz

Laure Pauwels

nana bear

For the last 5 years I've never as any problems with UIC. Now that my son is back in school, the children and adolescent center is giving me major problems for a simple solution. The school nurse requested a letter stating that my son has an upcoming appointment in regards to his upcoming physical next week. As advanced as the technoloogy they are using at UIC is, they can't e mail the school nurse with an appointment reminder or anything. Only thing they can do is mail. Needless to say, my son is missing his first week of kindergarten because of their policies. I don't understand how or why they can't fax or e mail a letter stating that my son has an upcoming appointment. I am VERY disappointed with this hospital now and will be changing doctors because of this issue.

Sarah MushroomKiller

Caleb Chandler

Teaches that geometry causes white privilege. Yep it's one of those pathetic colleges.

Luke Joseph

Dan Kork

UIC is a University with 5 star professors and a -4 stars administration. Your first question when looking up the university should be the low graduation rate of 58% (2014) or the fact that students transfer OUT at a rate of almost 41% and this is due to the administration literally frustrating students into leaving with their bureaucracy and overall unwillingness to help students through the maze of logistics that they created (subsequently understanding it about as little as the students do). The buildings are all extremely old and are in the brutalist architectural style, which if you know what that is then you know the buildings are all modeled to look like prisons. 100% concrete with windows two inches wide. No, I'm not kidding. The buildings have been notoriously known to be depressing and confusing to navigate. Just adding to the overall atmosphere of hopelessness. The administration could not be worse. They're slow, unkind, unwilling, seemingly uncaring for students which is their entire job. It's as if they're all not being paid. When their students are literally paying to be there. Which is a disgusting attitude to cary both towards students and just in general as a professional. Their counselors are on a revolving door as they can never seem to hire any worth their salt and the administration doesn't care because they use them for themselves as scapegoats. If you see yourself having to deal with a dean or advisor at any point, just do the transfer papers instead. They're easier to get done than whatever it is you're going to them for. The professors are the polar opposite. They provide an above average education and are very accommodating. Helping students, with their very limited powers, wherever they can as they understand this sentiment about the administration and immediately empathize with the students when approached. Understand that this university provides a good education, but you better hope that the attending student doesn't ever have to deal with the administration as they will ultimately come away defeated, discouraged, and seeking alternate options (see graduation rate).

Zeeshan Khan

Piotr H

Amar Farooqi

Love this university. Has a lot of cool things and professors are great

Chiew Albany

Asian students club at UIUC

Shaheer Mirza

Bryce Alan

Lots of great profs and great research opportunities; I just wish they had cleaner and newer buildings that make the campus not look so bleak

VonDukes Scouting

Jasurbek Rasulov

Jennifer Gaytan

Bae Ben The Bull

I'm t


luz carmen gentry

Finding d right parking lot was a pain. Especially in the rain on a Saturday.

Bueno prince

pragya sai

I liked this place because it is very clean.....And the best thing is that the peoples are very friendly

Iryna Vasus

Don't go here.. Yes it saves you money but you will be sad..

Nick Gordon

Current student here and it's great. The staff and teachers are really nice and the campus is really nice too

R. Stasik

Nice campus

Mohd Rehan



Dave Melkani

This place is for retarded people

Joanna Zak

Devi Arch Theide Arch

Tim Smith

1 % satisfaction rate.

Curtis Moran

Great school right in the heart of the city. If you are looking for a college experience in the city with reasonable in-state pricing, you can't beat UIC.

Division LEAGUE

Games Kane

This review is only for the UIC's application system and the school's admissions officers. Nobody keeps you updated about the application except their computerized application system. I applied for a graduate program and received computer generated form emails about a "missing" item which I resubmitted. However, I later discovered that the problem was not that it was missing (which it was present in the application in the first place), but that the item was in a format which they did not accept. Had they told me in the first place that the format was incorrect, I would have sent them the item in the correct format and saved myself all the wasted time having to wait for the next application cycle to re-apply. I provided the Admissions department a constructive suggestion to update their form letters to provide more accurate information. However, the admissions officer I spoke with would only defend the inaccurate form letter placing the blame on the applicant. If it wasn't for the high quality program and faculty I want to pursue classes with, this experience would have turned me off from this school completely.


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