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REVIEWS OF Triton College IN Illinois

Carla Nieto

The absolute worse experience registering my son for his first year at college. The counselor couldn't even begin to formulate complete sentences or point us in the right direction for the gen eds required for a 4 year university. She looked at us with blank stares and asked us what we thought! If I had a clue, we wouldn't have wasted 4 HOURS to see a counselor to help map out my sons plan. She finally brought up the specific university requirements after I asked her if she had those available. And she still chose a class that was not appropriate for my sons major. The registration process was equally stressful and the man who registered my son literally interrogated my son about his online orientation . Apparently it was flagged as not completed - but my son did complete. He asked my son how many questions did he answer on the test and when my son couldn't remember and looked at me confused the man registering us looked at me and said "did you do it for him or did he do it? Your son keeps looking at you"! How rude that he asked that! I couldn't believe it. He then proceeded to interrogate my son. He flustered him so much. It was such a horrible experience. He truly bullied him and me. I asked him his name and he wouldn't give me his full name. But I did find out his name. And I will be writing a letter.

Mari Barrera

Petar Draskovic

Nice and peaceful, very good for sports activities


Wouldn't be five star if I didn't like it lol.

Hamza Chakir

I have a freind who will study there next week, please help him in his stadies and to get more freinds

Damian Chmura

Anka G

Good location

Lakedra Love

Willy Wu

(Translated by Google) very bad decision on the part of the college to hire teachers from another country that have an accent from their native country very bad decision on the part of the university to hire teachers from another country that have an accent from their native country (Original) very bad decision on the part of the college to hire teachers from another country that have an accent from their native country muy mala decisión por parte de la universidad de contratar maestros de otro país que tengan acento de su país natal

Jason Schauer

Daniel Corral

Alex Leal

It nice place

Bassirou Tandia

Cassandra Moguel Cano


great environment. staff is good.!

Oscar arce

(Translated by Google) Cool (Original) Genial

Isabel Vasquez

Excellent place to study

BigAL102094 Hernandez

Zeeshan Ahmed


Norma Aguirre


Levia Hoppszallern


Cristian Hinojosa

(Translated by Google) I wanted to improve my English but unfortunately I entered level 5 and the students did not know the verb to be and the Mexicans and Central Americans look like grasshoppers do not understand anything and they just happen to joke about everything without a doubt the facilities and teachers and some friendships did not everything go waste of time (Original) Quería mejorar mi inglés pero lamentablemente ingreso al nivel 5 y los alumnos no sabían verbo to be

Susan Cole

Wonderful experience....

Jose Sanchez

Great school, great teachers

Ub forty

Worst school ever terrible professors and the school just extorts

Daniel Guzman

The Staff are Great and really help People Alot and great College.

Princesa tg.

John-Paul Paonessa

Tiffany Hayes

Bombon Tele

Zhainagul Bekturganova

(Translated by Google) Very good college !!! (Original) Очень хороший колледж!!!

Thomas Dennehy

Good community college. The teachers are all very well versed in what they are teaching. In my own opinion the classes are worth every dollar, and the course prices are unbeatable. The campus itself feels very safe, there are police vehicles and police officers present everywhere. I would recommend to anyone interested in vocational training or wanting an economical way to bang out their associates degree.

David Roundtree


Jolanta S.

Paul J Przepiórka

Triton is starting to make things happen again. Some of the best technology programs are taught there, but the motivation levels are still not there from the students and some instructors. Classes fill up quickly, because it's really cheap to go there. Would be nice if the school got its funding from the state based on the number of people that actually finish what they started and got well paying jobs, as opposed to the enrollment.

Emily Garrity

If i could i would give them NO STARS I went to orientation 5 years ago at Triton. They told us they would drop us if we didn't pay our tuition by the dead line. Well the people at the school lied and they have been collecting my tax returns. I wrote to the state and they wont help me either "who couldn't even spell my name right." I have called, emailed, wrote letters to the school for years to get this figured out. All they do is say oh this person can help and pass me back and forth to people getting nowhere. I am now seeking legal help to put an end to this. I shouldn't have to pay for class i never attend.

isaiah flores

Emily Temmer

Maryana S

Chris Diaz

Front desk employees are students who's don't know any answers to any questions. Cheap college

Mister Alumbrados

Great professors, amazing campus, and the most laid back and relaxed student body I have ever seen.

Mariia Pidkaminna

Alejandro Lazos

Richard Baskerville

I have been going to Triton for a year and a half now. The teachers and faculty are good. My only complaint is the students who act like they own the school and do nothing but hang around the cafeteria all day taking up space that people who actually want to eat and work on homework at the same time should be using.

Anna Zylinska

Good school for a community college.

Gilberto Sevilla


Mayhaps the best comcol. Needs a bit more to its atmosphere though, but that's just coming from my bias towards lively college stereotypes.

Michael Duddles

Vanessa Ramirez

I have being in 3 different community colleges and this one is the best one by far!

Ivanna Lyta

Regina Turner

Jessica Raa

If you’re looking for a world class education at an affordable rate this school is for you

Alan Montero

Yahya Najjar

It's a great community college. Very affordable and the quality of education is excellent. They really do care about their students.

Moe Ail

(Translated by Google) Good (Original) كويسة

Sweet Potato

It's a good college which offers a lot of different degree programs and certificates. However I am disappointed how the 2 year medical programs are designed. If you get accepted into the program(radiology,nursing,ophthalmic technician etc.) be prepared to go to school 2-3 times a week and participate in the clinical rotations also 2-3 times a week (it's a free labor, you will spend hours at the clinical facility not earning even a penny). This is insane! How I suppose to work when I have to sacrifice my almost entire week for school? Don't these people who designed and approved those programs have no idea that a lot of the students have to work and pay the bills? Redesign the structure of the programs and give people some flexibility.


I like this college because I seen other community colleges and the website are hard to move around. I was all new with the college and there web site was fairly easy to access. The teachers are good, so far. They label there building and also have a map on the web site. Their own police is always patrolling the parking lot.

ron samson

Counseling office is a joke. They like to waste your time.


Elena Smoukova


Miss this school, teachers and staff were all very helpful, can't wait to go back soon.

Tristan Melchiorre

Community college..

killa Garciia

Jignesh Patel

lizette guillen

Elias Lopes

bdominant snowboarder

Great community college!

Oleksandr Labchuk

Ashley Aquino

Seriously, this place is the worst when renting and/or purchasing books. They're extremely overpriced and are completely rude. The staff here doesn't know what they're doing. I called and asked them if they do refunds and the lady who answered the phone said "no." I went in person with my mom and they kept trying to give us a hard time about doing so. I can't emphasize enough how Triton's On-Campus Bookstore lacks good customer service. I almost paid $300 for books I bought at the Off-Campus 5th Avenue book store for $150; AND not to mention that at 5th, they're a much friendlier business to work with. They're also very understanding if something happens to your rental. I recommend them over the campus one ANYDAY!

Breena Love

Cassy F

kay garrity

Awful Counseling Dept- They have a transfer agreement with 4 year colleges,however every counselor we spoke to would not sign it. Also after taking a higher level bio class they insist you take a 100 level class. Triton is only interested in one thing- your money. There is no support services for students struggling-unless you are a minority then you have access to TRIO.

Indigo Baine

I chat around

Ricky Roush

Triton College discriminates against white people and won't allow them to participate in school sponsored activities.

Tyree Hawkins

I cant wait until powrr 92 is going to be there.

Bill Peterson

Denis Osman

Daireon Williams

Jacob Santos

Lee Williams

Great environment teachers are awesome and I've meet a lot of great people

Ato Killer

Not enough staff help! they give you classes that you ant afford then tell ya to pay it. Thats nonsense

Francisco Buenrostro

David O’brian

I’m never had a more frustrating school experience. No one in the school management is on the same page. The counseling office is a joke. I don’t know who employs these people. If I could, I would give 0 stars

Arenique Green

z Zibzab

This college doesn't want students to succeed and purposely makes it difficult for students to graduate. As long as you're in the system, they're making a profit from you. So they'll make it harder and harder for students to thrive. Dont go here if you want to save money and become successful in your career.

Luke Haruki

Greg Martinez

The school overall is good but the triton counselors are terrible. Not on the same page whatsoever. One says to bring information in because the school needs to see certain classes, purposely take off work to bring it to them, only to find out that the information is irrelevant. And then another one says something different. Ridiculous

Cecily Vizcarrondo

I've been going here for 2 years about to graduate at the end of this year and I didnt understand their residential policy because I didnt have the documents I needed i had to speak to the welcome desk and I was upset because they were not clear the first time I called a months ago. So the woman who worked at the welcome desk was explaining everything but i was making my point that I dont have the documents and she called me a name. The woman was Dr.Turner. Im so upset I've been going there for awhile, I absolutely love my teachers and never had a problem until now with the a welcome desk employee. Very unprofessional and I felt disrespected. I left a message for her superior, hopefully I recieve a response.

t narksi

Why does there need to be security in the cafeteria all the time ? That says more than enough about the students they want at Triton.

Mireya Zarco

Bre Sherman

Andrew Alarcon

Great campus, beautiful and overall nice school.

Nick Mikhail

The Office

Terrible Service. Lost transcripts several times. Messed up financial aid. Administration is completely disorganized.

A Google User

The staff is so unhelpful. I dread speaking with anyone in the financial aid office. As a first time student registering for classes, the counselor told me that I was making her job difficult because I had to consider childcare hours while choosing classes.

Reggie Smith

Lidia Druga

Alexandra Jenkins

Nena L'more

This is very outstanding school! Very friendly staff, and for a community college it has a university feel to it! I encourage people to attend this school!

The Kennedys NYC

Ryan Keating

Helen Rozanski

Your vending machines suck.

CC Craft

I just talked to the rudest ignorant lady in the presidents office named Caroline and she needs to watch how she talks to people. I realize her life might be miserable but that's not a reason to take it out on anyone else. Fix what's wrong within.

Alex B

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