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REVIEWS OF Southern Illinois University Edwardsville IN Illinois

Caiden Anthony

Juan Daniel

Jared Canino

Mustafa Genç

Do you recommend the master of business administration?

Amit Mehndiratta

I am SIUE MMR program graduate. Good university, miss those days...

Mr. Sandman

I'm so grateful for the opportunity to have gone to SIUE. The education I received there was top grade and I had wonderful teachers. I also had so many great experiences. I'm so thankful I took the time to get involved in campus life as an RA and also in Baptist Student Ministries.

Emy alr

Keith Lindberg

Did not have a great experience there myself; but some programs there are better than others, I guess.


Bilal Aziz

Love this place

John Brown

Beautiful campus with great bike trails!

Tache Catalin

Cliff Sturgeon

Ben Lipe

The computer system in the financial aid department causes an error and automatically boots my son from his classes this semester. They straighten out the financial end of things but refuse to correct his classes. According to their policies they are not responsible for their own computer system. So my question is obvious; who is responsible? What is most upsetting about the situation is they refuse to take ownership of it. Now my son has to go to each professor and beg them for a spot in their class.

Phoenix Of Light

The campus sexual harassment panel sided with a woman who had been raped by a fellow student only to have the chancellor overturn the finding. This school protects and supports rapists.

Mohammad Ilyas

Awesome to watch this university I love it to study thank u

Damenya M. Howard

Barry McClintock

I loved attending SIUE. I was provided an excellent education from Professors that were enlightening and motivated. The value was excellent, the facilities remarkable, and the smaller class sizes provided focused attention to my learning needs. A truly great institution.

Calvin Stinson Jr

Love this campus. My niece moved in with me years ago so she could attend SIUE to finish her schooling, and get her degree while I lived here. :-)

Terry Smith

Lucy Nichols

Jeremiah Lovett

Judith Hopwood

Graduated from here and would definitely recommend it to others. Has increased in population over the years and as a result has more events

Haley Lunn

Domeana Anderson

School is ok. Parking is stupid. They make you park nearly 3 miles from campus. Then give you a ticket for anything. I parked in a yellow marked lot and still got a $30 ticket WITH my parking pass in the window.

Amy Freiburghaus

Beautiful campus, lovely town, close to a St. Louis if you like the city, and a great education. I received my bachelor's and master's degree here, and really enjoyed my experience here.

Tiffany Scoggins

Clay Zimmerly

Rasmi Amulya Kode

Anthony Klingsick

Best part about their security is There determination to fine you $40 for parking in the wrong lot

Reed Collins



Maria Angeles

(Translated by Google) Everyone who searched I find it makes my life easier (Original) Todo los que buscó lo encuentro me hace la vida mas facil

Charlene Lybarger

I went to the SIUE gardens. They are very nice for photo shoots.

Ethel Cuizon

Mark Phillips

Jarvis Robinson

Nice Campus. Lots of construction

Tom Shelton

Nice size university. Buildings look new. Lots of green grass and tree. Lots of local places. In a great city.

Destiny Albrecht


Ron Bristow

Nice campus.

Terri Borgman

Great place

Antinique Graham

I wouldn't recommend this university to any students who are undecided in their major. You will find yourself running around like a chicken, with his head cut off. Advisers and Career Counseling does a poor job at keeping up with their students. Leaving undecided students to fin for themselves. If you are undecided on which career is for you this is not the place to figure it out. You will be an unhappy camper!!! However, if are sure about your major I would highly recommend SIUE. Teachers are very knowledgeable and passionate about success of students. Networking opportunities are endless and social life is good.


I graduated from SIUE in 2011. I enjoyed my time there. They had a great curriculum and knowledgeable instructors.

ketul patel

It's so perfect everything clean and well organized so its creates nice atmosphere for study

Chase Cvancara

Corry Mains

Went check out the nature preserve nice trails good nature to photograph and a was introduced to a native tree I did not know was here the pawpaw will like to go and explore more. Down side not the best parking

christopher hubbard

Yj Dong

Charles Elliott

Jaimil Shastri

Abass badmus

jamesa brown

My son goes here and he loves it

Dalton Irwin

Excellent university

Zulmai Khak.‌sar


Greg Holiday

Great engineering program.

Cecilia Millan

Arlando Van Hook


Robert Ashford

Service Center is extremely rude, patronizing and condescending, the advisors are high as a kite and inconsistent, and the Bursar's office obviously doesn't know how to treat human beings. Most professors are willing to work one and one with their students if need be which is the only redeeming quality.

Bill Belicheat

well to start it off, the dorms didnt have dish washers. this is all, would rate 5 otherwise


emadj marbley

Càrol A. Jones

Raquel Schuttner

My son graduated last year! Very proud of him. He worked hard to get his degree. He liked all his teachers, he enjoyed school! I did have an issue with graduation! Being a mom of a graduate I would think I could of gotten a seat for the 2 or so hour ceremony, my family had to stand. Was told each student had 6 tickets all I needed was 4. NONE. Obviously it was a free for all!! I was offered a seat down the hall,with the other 100 or so people standing.(no tv, no vision of ceremony) so we stood,in view of ceremony. Was not very organized. You only see your child graduate from college once!!

Heather Fang

All the professors are great, beyond qualified, and wonderful people. Most of the students are mediocre or dumb. SIUE is very cheap and has a high acceptance rate, so I guess my expectations should not be high.


Top 40 Master's level institution.

Chrissie Watkins

Liliana Garcia

parand gholami

Joshua Weidner

I shared concerns some concerns I had with SIUe and a person reached out and took the time to respond. No one is perfect but the way an organization handles a problem is way more important than the problem itself. SIUe definitely does its social media management right.

Jeffrey T. Took

Overall, my education and experience at SIUE was fantastic.

Ben Minnis

Great campus

Zack Lannan Fitness

Eli Irvin

Good university but professor's can vary.

hariharan S

Mary Witte

john betts

Beautiful campus dorms are nice in size and the student population was a great mix of all types of people

Adriana Marian


I'd say, "I do!" to SIUE many time over. I really love this school.

Christian Cotter

Jazzmyne Robinson

Kelsi Mann

Melissa Ray

Great school; had some wonderful professors in the physics department. I always recommend this school to my students.

Matthew Martin

Sui Chen

I did my undergraduate and grad school at SIUE. I am currently working full time at another university in the Admissions's Office as the Director of International Recruitment. I came back to visit my friends, host families and some great professors in Edwardsville in September 2016 and I left a proposal letter to the chancellor about increasing the international students enrollment for SIUE. The secretary took it and said she would give it to the chancellor. I have not heard even a single word from either the Chancellor or the secretary. I enjoyed my time at SIUE. Being an international student myself in the past I would be happy to share ideas and thoughts with the school on how to increase the international students population, but I am very sad that no one even bothered to acknowledge or reply about my proposal letter.

Ben B

Andrew Lopinot, the supposed counselor that is suppose to help students is lousy and does not do his job like he is suppose to. This man is a terrible person and should be fired. THIS IDIOT NEEDS TO BE FIRED!!

Andrew Petroline

Fantastic university and my Alma mater.

Reese Cupss

Teachers really dont teach i learn more from the ta and other students

Torey Leasher

Wonderful university. School of Business has excellent programs.

Andrew Lexington

SIUE is one of the worse decisions anyone could make when attempting to seek an institution of higher learning to invest their future in. I would never recommend this place to any decent individual as this place is far from a safe and engaging institution. While attending SIUE I suffered a tragic assault while living in Cougar Village which is SIUE's on campus housing establishment. I had attempted to make contact to housing staff and administration multiple times before and after the horrific event occurred. I was neglected at every attempt by staff including the on-campus medical staff whom were just one of the departments I showed my bruises. This is because SIUE was not and is not concerned with the safety of their students above keeping their name and financial profit clear of the dangerous reality of what they are harboring there on their campus; crime. When I attempted to seek assistance from the on campus police I was faced with thug tactics in an attempt to quiet me from pursuing any type of public legal retribution against my assaulter and the school in the end nothing was done and my assaulter like so many criminals on SIUE's campus was left free from punishment for his actions allowed to attend classes and also to continue to live in on campus housing. I must say that this is far from an isolated incident. While being persecuted on SIUE's campus with discrimination, prejudice, and an overall hate by those whom would see me quieted and marginalized. I was approached by students and staff aware of my situation that brought to my attention that SIUE has a successful track record of quieting victims of horrendous crimes with their neglectful, unethical, and in many cases criminal responses to those sensitive matters that occur on their campus. Again, all in an attempt to save their name and profits. SIUE also boasts a very low academic standard. This is because of their desperation to receive anyone who can bring them a profit. Many of SIUE's instructors are not PhD's and are using academic itineraries that are more than a decade old and do not correspond with the expensive text that students are required to possess. Individuals, in many cases must take classes multiple times in order to ascertain the material they spent so much money to be taught effectively the first time. Because of this students drive themselves into unnecessary debt that leads them to have to leave with no degree and an ever increasing collections account which SIUE personally handles in an attempt to extort horrendous amounts of ever increasing interest from students who deserved better in the first place. Please be warned that SIUE is not what they will attempt to persuade you to believe it is. I fell for their marketing attempt, propagandized into believing that the small campus in the middle of the "quiet" country would be the right place for me. Well I learned very quickly that SIUE is writhe with crime, drugs, and sexual prowess. And, I hope that by writing this review I may help parents and/or potential students to avoid what will most certainly be a very bad choice for not only their wallets but most definitely their future...

chef big dog

If you type in some of Rack City it comes up with this

Sienna Lukes

I took my sister to college and her dorm was big

Justin Deterding

A beautiful school, that's provides a quality education at a reasonable price.

Alan Hosbach

Michele Froehlich

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