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REVIEWS OF Oakton Community College IN Illinois

Munkhbat Mijiddorj

I am very thankful for being a student of Oakton Community College. When I first came to the country as a new immigrant 8 years ago, I started taking classes at Oakton. It really helped to improve my life with a better job. Great teachers, clean facility, affordable price. Now I am taking advanced level of classes at Oakton to continue my career.

Albert Nguyen

This school is very nice. Plenty of computer labs and tables to study. It can be a bit loud. The tuition is very high for a community college even if you are in district. Most teachers are great. The financial aid office is frustrating though I can't even count the amount of times i have had to go in and tell them I am in-district student then show id and proof of residence.

Cindy McSmith

Stephin George

It's a wonderful collage to start our life!!

Osman Rahim

Great place

Hamza Waseem

Joe Orsini

Rafeh Qazi

Arianna Roldan

Better than UIC

torrance mcwhorter

Teacher's are horrible staff mad that they have to help you, non profit my butt! I was charged for a class I never took! And did not give the money back to financial add they keep it, and I ask the lady in the office why she did that, the best answer she gave me was that her mom was in the hospital? She want me to stop talking about something I caught her up in, I have met some of the most races teacher's in my life here! Is not about the homework or test at this school, is about if the professor likes you or not?

Simba Consuela

This may be the hard truth for some to bare. None of the credits are transferrable from Oakton. Any student going to any other college after Oakton must start out as a freshman. The Oakton transcript is a joke. Oakton will only waste your time. They have god-awful professors and faculty members. You won't learn anything except that you chose the wrong college to attend. If you go to Oakton, the best thing to do would be to drop all of your courses, and start out as a freshman at College of Lake County or Harper College, or basically anywhere. Their motto is lucidly appropriate, "Start Here, Go Anywhere". Yea, I'll say. That's for sure because you will go anywhere, and you should go anywhere.

Debra Kb

I have taken three classes so far in Oakton. I had one great instructor, one not so good: but the worst one I have had is Monte H. Dobzyn. 1) He is authoritative and wouldn't allow the students to express their thoughts 2) He becomes angry when you asked a question and can sometimes humiliate you 3) He uses a military style to run his class 4) He doesn't prepare PowerPoint, slides, or any materials, he expects you to absorbed all his dictations 5) He has no regards for students, hence no students/professors connection. By all means, this is the class to avoid if you want to pass and do very well. He teaches Microbiology (BIO 251). If his spot is the only one left during registration, there is no point to be in a hurry, wait and register another semester or switch if you already mistakenly register for it. This guy will ruin it for you because he tried it with me, because I spoke out to challenge his disrespectful attitude towards students. The fact that Oakton is still harboring such professors is quite a surprise. Maybe the school have a motive for it. My final advice? Don't take Mr. Monte H. Dobzyn class if you want to do very well in Microbiology.

Joe C

Cheeky Nham

National Able Network uses Oakton Community College in Skokie for free as a staging area for their for profit and for BS donation and funding scam. The information about funding and support is at their website. It's all a scam! They are privately and publicly funded and supported by unknowing fools. For instance, Luis and the National Able Network will waste your time. And in the end you got no job training, no job, no career, no direction, no life. They make you buy transcripts from whatever school(s) you went to before and don't even use it constructively. Luis and NAN like to waste your money and time. The investors and capital venture are fools who support National Able Network in the form of donations. Public organizations and local government supporting them are the very same fools who don't know about National Able Network and how they are a total joke. I know because I wasted six months of my life with National Able Network all for nothing!

natalia horchina

Perfect school, good opportunities!

robert mama

sean long

I know the people who go to Oakton, and I wanted to see them again.

Tony Jiang

It took so long to apply to summer classes. In the end, I couldn't even register for the class I want because the online calculus class only took 22 students.

Dylan Arends


Raymond La

Sarah Winston

Free tutoring in the learning center, all ph.d. educated professors. Internships for your field, up to the highest level of math and its all there for $100 a credit hour if in district. Whats not to love? This school is the reason why I work 35+ hours in district.

Mickey Mullng

I went here for my first semester. This is the best campus! The teachers are amazing and the students are super friendly and nice. I had a class at Skokie and so many people would withdraw because the teachers were so bad. Also, people weren't as friendly at Skokie.

Sandro Antelidze

Cecko Here

I go here not because I'm in college, but to just study and stuff. The staff are friendly and I can't comment on anything regarding academics. The only problem (no comment on actual learning) is the washrooms. The hygiene is a bit poor and there's rarely warm water which they need to fix. Regardless, 5/5 stars!

v c

Hi Nalini,i want to join in oakton community college.. i have a the Masters degree from community college is equally valued as any university or college degree across the world?

fahad binnouh

Sharon Young

Not happy with Oakton's financial aid department. We have loans but the don't want to use it. They want you to pay out of pocket. They lied to my daughter and told her she doesn't have enough dinding. I called FAFSA myself to discover $4000 of unused funds Why? Because of this she is behind on her first day. With no help!!!! We did our FAFSA last year to make sure my daughter had the funding she needed. Not sure what she should do next! Smh.

Astle Mathews

Andrew Duback

I was able to explore different interests and different courses throughout my four years here, while working part-time. The teachers are mostly very flexible and work with you to make sure you absorb the most material possible. Lots of people hate on Oakton- a lot of people don't know how hard this staff truly works to provide a learning environment for their students. I was also able to participate in a lively, wonderful and growing student life. I participated in the Habitat for Humanity club which brought me to work a year of service with AmeriCorps in the city of Chicago with Habitat for Humanity. The opportunities are endless here. Seize them and get involved with student life. Show no reserve, there are plenty of people who are a lot like you. You will make friends and you will definitely gain something positive. So much to this school. Don't underestimate it.

Alexander Ponce Gonzalez

Angelica Owusu

Joe L.

I see the positive sides of Oakton and yes I am trying to be as fair and objective as possible. Oakton has its perks, but I speak on behalf of the computer science department. I have been very disappointed with my computer science experience at oakton as well as their online classes. First of all, there online courses do not contain lecture videos. They also create a poor communication environment with faculty. Second, I have had some bad experiences with faculty at Oakton and to say the least I am shocked with some bad professionalism and as a result total neglect at teaching. If you come to this school to learn computer programming, consider going elsewhere. I highly recommend you scope out computer technology faculty before you sign up for courses. There are some instructors that don't even speak English. I'm serious...

Giancarlo Teoli

I spent two years here and was very impressed with everything that was offered. Go to Rate your Professor so you know exactly what your getting into if you need an easier teacher. You get out what you put into your education. You can't complain about the tuition. Even if it's triple the price because your not in district, it's still affordable. School loans are a result of the government, not the school. Oakton let's you spread your payments over the semester on your credit card so you don't get nailed for extra interest. Try paying for a university and putting up with way larger class sizes. The Learning Center is phenomenonal and it's FREE. You don't pay a tutor $30/hour. I'm just sorry I missed the new Science building they're building now. I'm sure it will be amazing.

Kays F

Patrick Callahan

Good education at a great price

bhawana Khawas

I waited more than 1 hour for academic advisor no response !! Staffs don’t care if someone is waiting for. Worst experience in my life.

Pawel Madej

Nice campus. Good school.

Aladin Bihorac

This school is great! The professors are amazing and tuition isn't to expensive! Also, the classes you take at Oakton will transfer to any university/college. This is a huge deal if your thinking about transferring.

Michael Min

Lots a great memories here!

Rony Thomas

I take classes here often during the summer. I would recommend this place if you want to finish your gen eds and get an easy A in all your gen ed classes. Most of the classes here are super easy and you can get an A in most of the classes easily, just by doing the required work for the class. Some of the online classes here are super easy because you can find the answers to the exams and quizzes online.

Myrna Mawete

Mike S.

Worst college experience ever! They drain your wallet dry and just don't care. I'm a very good student and i was a victim of severe verbal abuse by a professor and I did everything in my power to withdraw from the class to not hurt my GPA and I got denied twice. Or people who have financial problems and are denied FAFSA but people who have money are approved. All in all, if you want to go to a school that cares more about your money than yourself then this is the right place to go!

Jafar Baig

I graduated here in May 2017 with a degree in Law Enforcement. I must say I preferred the Des Plaines campus a bit more. Overall I enjoyed all the class experiences from early morning classes to evening classes. I love Oakton and miss everyday of it. Met some cool people and teachers. I'm grateful to finally have a college education.

Grace O'Kerns

musa Hamisu

Julie Frantsve

Ok I

Sam Erens

Really great community college actually. Good fallback school.

Balafama Sofimieari

Vanessa Tomczak

Stan John

Really good college...They have really good professors and bad once too(not a single college has all good professors). Go to Rate my Professor before getting into a class. The college is excellent if u love to study. Really beautiful area....:)

Deron teng

Parth Savsani

Best place to start my college Ed.

Khishigbaatar Lundeg

Yasin Shahid

Paulina Topor

I've had nothing but awesome experiences here. Everyone was always helpful.

black man

Gineesh Pillai

I take classes here regularly over the summer and the professors here are really nice and knows how to teach as well. Most of the gen ed classes are pretty easy and you can easily get an A in the class as long as you go to class and do the work required for the class. I plan on taking more classes here during the summer as it’s cheaper than the university I attend and it will allow me to graduate a bit earlier as well.

Bryan Garcia

Manufacturing Technology is a complete joke. The teachers are the worst I've ever had with no drive or vocation to tech whatsoever. The only thing that worries them is that their precious CNC machines are used as little as possible and with the simplest programs. It is a waste of time and money. From my experience I would tell anyone considering this school to look elsewhere.

Tamara Islewa

Alex White

Hailey Jiyoun Jun

Nalini J

Very nice community college with great collection of art pieces. Good instructors as well.

Misha Ahmed

Good experience with small class sizes.

Colin Burgee Burgee

Harry Springer

Piotr Pacholarz

Konstantinos Kouantas

Brad Flaminio

Thao Ha

Ruth Ayalew

Richard Wendy

christopher rosenberg

Good college

David Gonzalez

Catheirne Jurek

Lubbi A

The worst college that I have ever seen. Waste of time and money. The people are rude and mean, and complicate everything ten times more. Take classes anywhere else and you'll be good. The enrollment center is not at all helpful. They don't care about your struggles at all. The teachers are not good and most of them are racist.

Tatiana Vilmer

Good teachers. Price is ok.

Alina Parshyna

Love coming here. Professors are amazing, everyone is so helpful! And the area is beautiful. Nature, wildlife

saretha kaitschuck

Luke Haruki

brad young

Maxim Bushko

I don’t quite understand how ? HOW CAN COLLEGE AT THIS LEVEL HAVE POOR WIFI CONNECTION? I was born in Ukraine, and even though we had 1G internet in 2006, it worked better than Oakton”s internet in 2018!!

Anthony Boyev

Oakton saved my life. I graduated High School only barely, was extremely troubled mentally and barely functioned. Over the course of the last few years, I sought help and got it, but to make things better Oakton itself helped me. I have met almost universally wonderful and almost bizarrely supportive instructors. Two teachers in language, an art history professor, and an English teacher helped me turn my life around completely. Thanks to one of the language teachers I was able to get into a study abroad program with a different college and study in Kyoto for a month. I'm now in a good position to apply to a two year college. My life turning around owes a great deal to this wonderful institution.

Alena Zhirova


Sasha S

Sumera Habib

Peter Knuerr

Beautiful campus nice walk

Derek Hawley

Affordable, but not high-quality. Over the year and a half I spent here, only three of my teachers seemed actually interested in teaching. The 101 classes are apparently all taught by the same people regardless of the subject area, with the result that I knew more about psychology going in than my Psych 101 professor did. She was clearly learning out of the textbook and trying to stay a chapter ahead of her students. There are a few teachers who actually care, but only a few. Ask an alum for recommendations before registering. The only bright spot is the arts program. The teachers there are fantastic, and the quality of curriculum is high. OCC would probably do a lot better for themselves if they shut down most of their other departments and rebranded themselves an art school.

Lauren Salas


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