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REVIEWS OF Lincoln College IN Illinois

There are blessings in everything

torrent TULLA

Nice college

Brandon Smith

Hello all incoming freshmen to Lincoln college campus. Do not come to Lincoln college if you like clean physicality , and using wifi in the comfort of your room or if you like being treat as a child. The bathrooms in hoyle(girls dorm) are gross and have you wishing you stayed at home same goes for the bathrooms in caroll north and south.the wifi doesn't work in any building but the library, even then you would still have to use the computers in there cause you cant get a signal . Please forget have a genuine experience of college of clubs and nightlife, Lincoln is full of residence of the town who do not like the more African american students at this college. There is nothing to do in this town with the exception of the student center with has enough to entertain an 18 year old person for about an hour. Only place to have a night life in Lincoln is out of Lincoln ISUe which is 30mins in bloomington IL. The food here also is very sad.I should not have to pay for food here and to eat( which is in the 24,000 you pay to come here which is more then most colleges in Chicago land area) food that i had to buy from Walmart. Finally the washers and dryer in all the building aren't very good leave your clothes in the washer they stink like you never washed them (it takes a dollar to wash one load and and 75 cent to dry) , and it doesn't help that you have to wash two times before what you have is clean. The advisers who help pick out classes will not allow you to pick schedules that your comfortable with adjusting to your new life on campus. So parents there are good things to this school and bad but when it comes to the life of the student it more harsh at this school. i am a 2nd year student at this school and have lived on campus for a full years term and now some months i plan to graduate in fall of 2013( just to add some credibility to my name ) In short if you want your young adult to enjoy there experience in college please consider another option.

michelle Johnson

Andres Lopez

Alexandre Ribeiro Brum

Ensino de qualidade. I did the extent of my post graduate studies at Lincoln College and was one of the greatest learning experiences I've had.

Smashie Productions

I felt at ease with the nice young men. :) got good grades

Tanina McCorkle

LaTasha Unseld

Garrad Straube

I have advanced my academic and athletic career. The admissions process was my favorite part. Mr. Baker (criminal justice professor) was my favorite. Nothing better than being taught by someone who is knowledgeable and experienced. Go Lynx!

Jo Karamoko-Cordova

Hilary Corna

Lincoln College brought me to campus to speak on my work with Toyota and my book, One White Face. It was a pleasure to work with Zach Landers and the team! They were professional, organized and courteous. If you have the chance to work with them, I would most certainly recommend it! -Hilary

K. McDowell

Nice place friendly ppl

Jayson Garcia

As a formal student of this college ,besides tell you how great it is , I also want to invite you to apply and visit it. Lincoln College was a big opportunity for me from the start, I saw in it my future, and I knew I could grow here ,not only knowledge wise but also as a person. I came from Miami all the way to here and believe me it is worth it, the time I've been staying here I have realized that its not the institution that makes it special, its the people you are around AND IN HERE you have the best and the most nicest people in the world, from students to faculty . Lincoln college offers a big opportunity for everyone so if if you are interested about this institution , please get more info. DONT MISS OUT. Saludos, Mi nombre es Jayson Garcia, y hoy les quiero hablar no solamente que tan buena es esta institucion pero tam,bien invitarte a venir aplica y conoce mas. Lincoln College siempre se me hizo una gran oportunidad desde el primcipio. En esta mire mi futuro y sabia que hiba a crecer mi conocimiento e incluso yo como persona. Mientras he estado aqui me he dado cuenta que las personas que aqui trabajan , tanto como los estudiantes son muy buenas personas. Sin nada mas que agregar solo me queda invitarte a venir y conocer sobre Lincoln college

Shunitha Neal

So far great experience at open house for my son and I. I felt at ease with the nice young men and ladies that were our escorts/tour guides. Open house was very informative.

Caitlin Perry

Dewi Siti Rahayu

Kevin D Walters

Manpreet Singh

Caleb Vevo

Lincoln College : an expensive high school in a dead town If you ask anyone on campus (even locals) they will say the same

Luke Haruki

Darnell Latham Jr

Maggie Arehart

I met some of my best friends at Lincoln College and the counselors in the admissions office are super helpful when I had questions.


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