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REVIEWS OF Illinois Institute of Technology IN Illinois

Natalia Siemińska

Shaan Ashfak

Vishal Addagatla

David Ye

Victor Portals Lorenzo

Wenyang Huang

Quite a small school. Pretty dangerous in the neighborhood especially at night. Small library and fitness room. Some of the teachers are helpful.

Kai Lin

International Student majoring in Electrical Engineering, Never ever come to here. It is a joke.

Christian Mercado

Brian Levy

It's a college?

Kelvin Tate

NV gaming Royer

Great CS program verity of classes

Watheq Al-Mudhafar

IIT has beautiful campus with good facilities.

Michael Lobsenz

Good campus in Chicago.

Henrik Söderlund

Terrible administration!!! Everything regarding course selection, immunization, roomselection and so on has been a mess since day 1...

Trish R

Anastasiya Zozulyak

Sherry Bucaro is the rudest counselor I have ever met. Strongly recommend to all new students to check which counselor they will talk to!

Sebastian Too

Furthering my education here, great atmosphere, very convenient as there's 7-11 on campus and Green Line just ride beside the McCormick Tribune Campus Centre.

Doug Wilhelm

There are a lot of friendly employees of the Illinois Institute of Technology, and a lot of people who care. However in my opinion, these people are outweighed considerably by those who do not care, and are here simply for a paycheck. I had my $350 Trek mountain bike stolen here, and nobody from Public Safety, Parking Services, OTS, or Facilities would look into getting the footage of the incident for me. Not only this, but it took months to receive an answer concerning the footage. Another example is the quality of food. The food here, served by Sodexo, is god-awful. Much of the food is re-heated for reuse every day, and the meat is typically dry / old. The student body had filed several complaints, and though a few changes were noted, the re-use of low quality food over and over still occurred. Additionally, they are forcing all on-campus students, even those living in apartment kitchenette units, to have meal plans. A great example of a monopoly! Students registered concerns for this as well, but nothing was changed. This school is also not the place to make many friends, especially female (at least for an American). MOST of the student body consists of Asian international students who do not socialize with anyone but themselves-- and most of them have expensive cars they drive around campus. I have made a few good friends here, but not like I would have expected at college. I understand it is an engineering university, but... seriously? On the positive side, parking posts were installed for me to lock my old moped to! Only after months of emailing, a parking ticket, and talking to three different offices. There is somewhat of an infrastructure here for positive change, such as with the Student Government Association, but they really have not done anything notable in the time that I have been here. If you're coming here for 'technology' out of high school, as I did with my Information Technology (ITM) degree, look elsewhere.


Akili El Dey


Channy Ke

Kristine Carmona

Yayyy we did it!! The father of my children go here yayyyy.

Daniel R.

Good University

Jakyra Davis

Mohan Kumar M

Good college, it would have been even more awesome if the campus was much better!

Ajay Purkar

I am not a student of this institute but based on information I came across through friends and net browsing, it seems good. Institute has brought new concepts beneficial for students is great part of it.

Lalit Dwivedi

Bryan Cruz Castillo

Arindam Mukherjee

Sailing To Inspire

Don't expect any of your credits to transfer into this school. I was almost done with my Associates when life made me have to move. I chose IIT as the school I wanted to transfer to, of my 36 gen Ed credits, they took none. My 12 degree specific, they took none. Screw this place.


Mourning for my FRM exams

Kevin M Sampson

Professors are great, but note: they are not Teachers. Learn to study. Campus does a lot to get you INVOLVED, so there are plenty of times and events to enjoy

Sandra Kerrigan

My son is a student and very happy there

Prateek Patil

Lucas Morelato

Ihap Hassan Hejaz

ahAmed Basith

it is ver good

Annika Frazier

Premier University in Chicago

promila kharbanda

Nathan Weyerhauser

poovarasan a

Cesar Salazar

do they really charge 40K in fees and titution fees like bruhhh

Daniel Vega

The school is amazing! There are so many resources at your disposal. There are many available computers around campus that you can use for work. The environment is safe and cozy. Overall, great campus.

Yc Tong

Guillermo Cascos

Best university in Chicago

Pranit Raje

Great college

Yuteng Guo

Worst international center ever, never do anything on time.

sandeep inampudi

Bruno Magno

My new university, and i don`t have words to say how i`m feeeling :D The builds are beutiful. just amazing

Arlee Monroy

Abebe Kebede

Christian McNamara

Been trapped here for 5 years now. It's okay.

Erfan Ahmadi

i can say my life wouldnt have been the same if it wasnt for this school. An amazing school,

Akatakpo Ericson

l love my school because the professors are great. the best part about schooling in IIT is that its Eco friendly. all assignment and paper works are done online. l took all my lectures online and the online classes are awesome.U can also see all lecture videos on your portal as many times you want. Dont miss this pick because the alumni community is the best place to get your dream Chicago job.

Fabio Ricardo

Great university and well located campus

Bala Koppella

Fabulous college campus and the architecture of the buildings is just amazing.

Arturo Rinaldi


Fabricio Marin

[EDIT] changed from 2/5 to 3/5 Over 40% of the courses under the undergraduate course catalog (for electrical engineering) have not been offered since 2008. 400 lvl courses still feel too "fundamental" or "introductory" to the profession unless they offer lab sections or term projects with practical applications (which aren't many). I can't speak for all IPRO classes, but the two I took were kind of a joke. For a tech school, there seems to be a lack of accessible power outlets in many of the buildings, but they do have these huge beanbags which are great for powernaps. Most of the professors I had were amazing and very helpful. With that said, two were of little help and condescending. There's a very good amount of student resources. I especially liked the prototyping space in the IIT tower and the shop training sessions. The current grad students said they're having a good time but a working professional (not at IIT) advised me not to go there for graduate studies. [Edit 10.4.18] I'm nearing my graduation date and my overall impression of the school has not changed much. It's headed in the right direction but I feel is still lacking. For ECE majors, there is not a single PCB design class due to it being a liability apparently. circuit board design is probably one of a the most basic and valuable skills one can a aquire and hardware design doesn't seem to be stressed as much. Advising sessions were not that helpful in my opinion and we were only allowed a few minutes with our advisors. I got more help from my professors and former students than from my advisor. The only reason we need to see them is for our class registration pin. I think they should give more of their time towards freshmen, transfer and foreign students who are new to the profession and need more guidance. Career fairs are good, but strangely scheduled a few days before midterms or exams. There are other opportunities to gain experience on campus such as robotics club and a couple other organizations, so that's cool too. School can only do so much, students should also show initiative by taking on independent projects or ask to work on a project (expect no payment). Professors should consider taking students under their wing if they show diligence. What professors and grad students should NOT do is ask undergrads for help on a project and not offer some form of compensation. Higher education is expensive enough, asking an aspiring electrical engineer to work for free or offer to 'pay in experience' is borderline insulting.

Dr Kumar

Now I am liking this institute because I read about this institute in book of nepoliyan hill..

steven gluzband

Dindu Divine

The Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) was founded in 1890. After 100 years of development, it has become a powerful comprehensive private university with a doctoral degree. It has been elected by the USNEWS and Princeton Review. The top 100. The number of graduates trained by the school has become the top 15 presidents, vice presidents or managers in the United States. The school is located in downtown Chicago, with an elegant campus and state-of-the-art facilities. It is ranked 6th in the most advanced teaching environment in the United States by Forbes.

sanjay k

Mentioned in think and grow rich book! The story of institute !!!

amir mohtat

Great for those looking to start a career in Illinois ! Great for self starters and fast learners. Keep in mind that this is a technical university with a very modern urban campus, very different than your traditional scientific university.

Mike Brenyo

I majored in Aerospace Engineering while I was here in 2004. It was an extremely difficult experience. The professors don't really teach the material. You're left to figure out everything on your own. They don't really help out during office hours either. That is, if they even have office hours. The entire campus is also run down and falling apart. The level of depression and apathy from the student body is overwhelming. I know this school has a lot of prestige, but I tend to think this is just luck considering the condition of the school.

hangtang tu

Love it!

Matthew Spero

From the perspective of a 4th year undergrad, here are some key points for those considering going to school here: - Costs me about $2,500 a semester as an average Illinois resident and an average student with average scholarships. - IIT offers co-terminal programs (shared credit requirements) that will allow you to quickly get a masters degree in 4 or 5 years for most programs. - Most classes do not use large lecture halls. - Compared to Joliet Junior College, IIT has been significantly more difficult - but also rewarding. - Dorms are terrible and overpriced, but make for great bonding experiences. - There is a recycling bin on nearly every corner. That made my day! - Most professors are terrible teachers, but good people that will do their best to help you when you put forth the effort. If not, there is "free" on-campus peer tutoring via the ARK. - The student body is very diverse - you meet many interesting individuals. - The campus feels safe late at night. - Both Metra (rock island) and the CTA (red+green line) have on-campus stops. - If you put in the effort, IIT's career help services are helpful. - Graduation requirements are straightforward and most of the academic councilors are very too-the-point, helpful, and kind. Personally, college was a mistake for me because I could have studied the exact same things on my own without dropping $20,000, but IIT made finishing the mistake bearable.

Sumit Tamgale

C. Daniel Thomas

I'm so over this school. It was a bad decision to come here. Not because of my grades those are fine however the administration is horrible and if it were possible I'd lobby for most of that RGL office to be fired and replaced with unbias individuals that actually care about students.

sriram vishwanath

Ritu Raj

indian institute of technology

Darrell Austin

Xinyuan Jiang

The community in the south of Chicago is too dangerous to live in. IIT public safety don't care at all about you stolen property in IIT structures. I've been trying to meet with a director for the third time on my case now and each time she had an excuse to put me off. There are nice people working here. The professors are good on average. But I will stay here no more for graduate study.

Chris Lewis

I graduated at Herman Hall and I love the campus!

Madeleine England


Maria Martinez

Although this may not seem like the greatest school on earth at first glance, it truly grows on you. It is a great engineering school with challenging courses and a perfect fit for those looking for more one on one time with professors. It is a pretty small campus which can be great for some people. If not, you can always go into the city as there are hundreds of things to do.

Mohannad Safadi

The school is great. There is so much opportunities to get involved and grow. The class sizes are small, so you really get to know proffesors. All professors are distinguished proffesionals in their areas before coming to teach. There is a lot to learn. Plus, the general body is all international. You meet so many people from every country across the globe. The instituion pays for a lot of event for students too. Overall great school just make sure to take advantage of the opportunities being thrown at you.

Patel Harsh

Fernando Pranckevicius

A school that cares about their students and will work with them in order to help them anyway they can. Extremely competent staff.

Sir Cartier The third

Jerry Xu

I love my college, location is OK and education is good

Phuong Pham

Hongyang Li

I appreciate that I have made a right choice to study in this college for master degree. All in all, the school has a pretty studying atmosphere, everyone in here is friendly and helpful.

Henrique Savelli

Pretty good university. I love how it is organized and people who studies here.

Moksh Budhia

Really nice place

Radhai Krishnan

Rohan Kodali

Great school but in a run down area. Therun down area is better however compared to North Chicago and Waukegan. Those towns are the most ghetto places I have ever seen in the Chicago area. The look very awful when you drive by. Those towns do interestly preserve quite a bit of history though.

Vedant Godhamgaonkar

Parsaoran Simanjuntak

(Translated by Google) Nico aditya simanjuntak ST, lectures taking two ice programs at Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago USA in the field of civil engineering, during 2015 to 2017. Previously, he was an ITB alumni, civil engineering and experienced in the domestic and foreign companies. (Original) Nico aditya simanjuntak ST , kuliah mengambil program es dua di illinois instititue of technology chicago USA bidang civil enginereeng,selama 2015 sampai 2017.sebelumnya dia alumni ITB,teknik civil dan berpengalaman diperusaan dalam negeri dan luar negeri.

Jesus A.B.

Katja Martini

Legendary architecture school. Still feeling proud to have attended it as my alma mater. Thanks IIT.

Maulik Panchal

Shan Huang

Kunal Singh

Best place to chill

Jernej Mirt

Cool campus, cool staff!

Michael Olson

Only spent my freshman year at IIT but it was an amazing (if grueling) experience.

sunitha naren

toni foti

crown hall like the cathedral in munich

Ramond Salako

James Nas

Niv T

Rename this institute into IIAI: Illinois Institute of Adminstrative Incompetence! This collegae is an administrative joke! Researchers and even professors don't get paid because this administration is embarrassing all along the line! Student employment lost my tax forms through their careless behavior. And when it comes to money this administration tries to trick you as often as possible. Submitted checks of $10,000 for covering tuition get lost and are entered in the accounting system with a $2,000 value. When it rains outside, the shabby basements turn into rivers and the cockroaches need to find a new home. Save your money and patience! There are saver places to go!

Bala Krishna

wonder full edcation degnity of humanbeing and moral scince

Arif Lutfi

(Translated by Google) Hopefully on this campus I was able to reach an engineering degree at the college (Original) Mudah mudahan di kampus ini saya bisa meraih gelar insinyur di kampus ini

Sai Charan Sundar Somarouthu

Key international Enterprise technology solutions

Jermaine witherspoon

Great view friendly people.

Benny Vimes

Abhijeet Ambekar

Great school and wonderful people

Jorge Alcantara

Seems expensive, but it's easy to get financial help to stud on it. I'm in process of finishing mi MS in ECE, and the teachers are the worst i've ever seen (in terms of boringness) but even though i know it's just in this master. I recomend all the instalations and extra activities, as long as working on campus. If you are going to study here i strongly recommend you have a course on CHinese and Hindi, those are te most spoken languages in the area ;)

nishant mehta

Ranking of college is not so good for MS in Comp Science but still since its in Chicago, good job opportunities. For an Indian, its one of the most easiest application to fill. everything to be uploaded online and send documents only when selected. You can do it yourself. No need of transcripts. Have to upload all the marksheets instead. Including the ones of fail and ATKTs. Recommendation form is online. Many Indians studying here. So good in that way. But feel its bit overpriced. Jain/Hindu temple is quite far, takes about an hour to reach via car if you live on campus. Cold weather and windy city. Apply here as safe option.

Fabius Smith

Jay Joshi

Raul Ferreira da Silva Junior

(Translated by Google) Wonderful place that stimulates scientific research, interaction and human and technological development. I spent a fantastic month of my life at IIT - Chicago! (Original) Lugar maravilhoso, que estimula a pesquisa científica, a interação e o desenvolvimento humano e tecnológico. Passei um mês fantástico da minha vida no IIT - Chicago !

Mikel Polena

Mani Ghaedi

Great school

Ijr sra5el merino

Eva Magnus

When I was accepted to the School of Applied Technology, I received a letter from Dr. Ali Cinar, Dean of the Graduate College, saying that the Information Technology and Management program was student-centered, but I found it was not. Many of the professors do not have office hours, and there are no tutors available if you need help. On the other hand, the Computer Science Department does have tutors. Some of the teachers are just there to collect a paycheck. One of my professors took sick halfway through the semester, and was not able to come to class, but uploaded incoherent videos instead. I asked the ITM Department for a substitute instructor several times, but that never happened. Most of the students are from other countries, and for some this is their first experience in the U.S., so they don't want to be contentious, even though they're being taken advantage of with the poor quality of education.

Khashayar Namiranian

Sunny S.

Test awesome

Christian Laurie

(Translated by Google) Excellent institute! (Original) Excelente instituto!!

Joshua Guberman

Despite slim course offerings and lackluster academic advising services, I truly feel that the education I'm receiving here is of the highest quality. Believe it or not, this is a great place to study the so-called "soft sciences."

Maryn God


Erik Johnson

Ali A Gaming XX

Tiago Kevin Patrick

I would love to get my Undergraduate degree over here - this university is super awesome!

Andy Barding

I was asked to supply items for the IIT and their senior director (Major Gifts and Gift Planning), Dean Regenovich, has NOT paid nor responded to my requests for payment. Avoid this facility like the plague.

Adrian Peralta

IIt rules

Yuqiang Zhang

Mohammed Ali Corvette

Benjamin Lance

Absolutely nothing to do, and I've learned very little about professional world.

Ligory Antony

Larissa Melo

Excellent professors and infrastructure!

Rupali Soni

Hao Pan

Pavan Bawdane

Jaeide Jawahill

This is a wonderful located in the near down town Chicago area. It is far enough outside of the city such that, the it is away from the hustle and bustle of the city. yet close enough that if you ever need to enjoy the city life you can access it in 5 to 10 mins. The classes are small and campus is safe to walk around at any time of night. The classes are also small do that professor and staff are dedicated to the students. It is a wonderful environment where you will get to know the world, with out ever leaving the campus. And being located on a city like Chicago which is a global city were you can see the world. You will get a world view on life with out every being on a plane. In conclusion the school is worth it. :-)

Raphael Scott Jr

Attending their in the fall

Bartosz Grabinski

Nice campus to walk through.

Kun Joo

Tian Mei

Yuul Selv

Backwards just as all such institutions in America.

Lili Kang

Caterina Lázaro

IIT is a great university with an awesome main campus. It's more that just a place to go to study; there you can also find a bowling for the afternoon or a gym to workout and there is always people around

Suzane Carneiro

It's a good technical school, but they're far from having a great administration

Charmayne Duerson

Great school!

Gabriel Gomes

Jeff Aigner

Yes you should go here

David de Paula Santos

Awesome place!! I wish I could go back to study my PhD!

Guilherme Moura

I had a great experience at IIT! I strongly recommend it!

Gui Nunes

Amazing School and Staff !


Best engineering school in Chicago. This school gave me the opportunity to excelle in the field of engineering. If you are applying here you should look up scholarship. Not a school for where you should waste you time. Work hard and do more things than just your HW and projects and get involved and you will enjoy IIT and Chicago both.

Willie Sprowls

Yogesh Padmakar Diwan

Marcelo Botrel

Best college ever! They got the best professors in my field of study. Civil Engineering is awesome!

changhui kim

You can buy some sandwiches or burger in the Mtcc building centercourt .

Austyn Chesser


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