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der Geschäftsführer

I called looking for some info about a class I enrolled in. I first gave some background about what's my call about and the individual on the other end basically gave me an eye roll, followed by information in a "duh" tone.

Joe Jonas

Horrible! The social life at this place is non-exsistant. Some professors/instructors (whatever you want to call them) have absolutely no soul, like this one in the English department with the last name Wisnewski, he flat out told me that my paper sucked when I worked extremely hard on it and I thought as well I did a nice job on it. Also got a beef to pick with parking. So students as you've heard spend of time finding a spot. However, the instructors get primary parking right in front of the building. Um? Hello? Who pay's to go to school here? Not them! They get payed by the school so the least they could do is give students the better parking. I know at my job, the employee parking is further from the building than the customer parking. Because the customer's are the one basically paying us, if it weren't for them, I wouldn't be working there, and it's no different in this situation. If there were no students at Harper the school would close. Going back to the professors like Mr. Wisnewski, they think they are better than everyone else, and have their nose up in the air. Honestly you people need church. I was taught in church growing up that God made us all equally. No one is better than one another. The students aren't very friendly either, this place is actually very just depressing. As you can tell I did not enjoy my time here. Don't think I ever want to step foot in this place ever again either. Bad memories

Danielle Cantrell

Sooooo much better then CCC schools. A little tedious, they don't save much info and can't help you if you don't have a student ID, but they have yet to loose my transcripts or grades. So we're good. Iva also never had a "bad" teacher here.


Stephanie Estrada

Worst experience at this institution! Registered started classes and everything then decided to change my tuition rate the last day I could drop my classes and when I went to find out what happened I was told “ just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean we'll change it”. They were completely unprofessional and rude given the circumstance! They seemed to feel entitled to everything even the air they were breathing. In-district or not, there are other lovely choices in the surrounding areas.


Awesome teachers, who seemed to actually enjoy their work. Good stepping stone for an education, don't let anyone belittle your decision to come here! Campus is nice and once you get the hang of the insane parking lot everything is easily located

Jin Hyun Yang

The registration process is slow in general, but there are many nice staff. The problem that I'm dealing with right now is the ESL department. Every time I spoke with the ESL adviser, I heard different things. The system changed somehow after I spoke with the ESL adviser... The ESL adviser said that I had to take ESL programs to take EGL101 at Harper College. So I registered for EGL101 & two other courses at a different school, and registered for one course at Harper. Then later while I was taking EGL101 at the other school, I tried to register for EGL102 at Harper. I thought the ESL advisor told me that I would be able to take EGL102 at Harper if I’m taking EGL101. However, the system still blocked me from online registering so, I visited the ESL advisor again. This time, she said that I needed to bring the official transcript of EGL101. I knew the course would end much later so I registered for EGL102 at the other school again, then I tried to register for other courses at Harper. But for some reason, the system blocked me from registering for the other courses that do not require English. I called and ended up talking to 4 different people. The last administrator found out that it was from the ESL department. The administrator lady told me to ask them to remove the block. She said that I should be able to register for the courses that I was trying to register. So I visited the ESL adviser again. She looked uncomfortable... This time, she said that I cannot register for any course at Harper until I turn in the transcript that shows EGL101 because their system works that way. But I am registered... because I was able to register before I visited her for the second time... I ended up registering for all courses at another school for this whole year except the one course that I already have registered at Harper. Today, I met an adviser at Harper to make sure if all the courses I'm going to take at another school would be credited the same way at Harper (I need to come back to Harper in order to get the in district rate) The staff that I have met so far said this case is unusual. I know it's unusual, but I'm too tired to be upset. For me the ESL department is the only issue. The administrators, student staff, and the adviser I met at Harper were nice and professional.

Lara Alabi

Terrible experience!!! Its better to find out all you can, about an instructor if you're african/foreigner before you start the class especially the CNA class because some CNA instructor appears racist. If you have your doubt about an instructor stop the class get your refund and go else where. Because they make you pay all over again each time you change an instructor for the same course. Nobody cares at this college if an instructor is giving you a hard time.

Damian Chmura

Jonny March

Frank Eyeson

Bob Gaudio

Great school. Magnificent online prep. Wonderful facility & maintained very well.

Rida Mirza

Айжан Байгабылова

Nidya Marin

Harper it’s an awesome Community College Jack Lloyd is an awesome advocate person for Harper. I have been going here since 1990 for diferente courses. Great college

Filip Zigic

I got my associates degree in 2018, the two years I spent here were fantastic!

Nicholas A.

Gavin Kabak

Aina Daniel

Antonio Segovia

Aneta michniak

Jana Banana

Best school ever

Cathy Charity

Kelly E

It's been 18 years since I was at this school and now I'm a current student. I think it's unfortunate that they're cutting so many corners. They keep increasing the rates every year and I don't see any change. The quality of teachers have gone downhill and the school is severely dated. I've had two teachers so far that I basically had to teach myself the class. One was specifically too busy talking about her personal life and the other was a very intelligent person however he would go in circles teaching and sincerely just can't teach. When you have half the class getting a D or an F on an exam 2/3's of the way through a semester - that can't be good. Most people I spoke with after the class was over refused to fill out the questionnaire because he such a "nice guy". I'm not going to school to meet a nice teacher I'm going to school to get a good education! I have used 2 counselors, they have been pretty much useless. Some of them aren't even aware of what classes I had to take for a program. They had to go on the computer like I could online. And one specifically was trying to tell me I need to take add'l classes that were unnecessary for my program! Parking - that's a joke! The bathrooms - no matter which when you're in - always has an issue, not to mention they look like they're from 1984. Harper College CFO... you may want to take a walk through Elgin community college. Apparently they are using the tuition in a better way. (At least visually) Shockingly I would've guessed that school to be a lot worse than Harper. Such a shame. The only positive notes I have to say about Harper is the fact that they have a fantastic nursing program ( however, why is it a 50% dropout rate ?!) And I had a fantastic Anatomy teacher that is retiring this year.

John Thomas

Fantastic institution. You simply will not find a better post-secondary education institution for the affordable price that they charge.

Abdul Nabeel

Patrick Tufts

I've had a great experience at Harper college all of my teachers wanted me to succeed but in the end you have to want to succeed. Work hard, show up to class, study and you should be great. Had a few bad teachers but overal great school!

Linda Hernandez

Gary Guzman

Liz Truelove

Harper is an amazing school with top notch teachers and programs. Everyone is there to ensure your success! Highly recommend

Michael Donaldson

Mike D was here!

Ergo Dreams

Mario Angel

Sophia Jordan

Good books


I took some classes from Harper College. I definitely recommend you to go there and enroll. NICE teachers and very helpful not only teachers have these kind behaviors but also staffs have these good behaviors. If you’re struggling about taking step to enroll don’t waste you’re time just go there and you’ll agree with me.

Major Motz

Andres De La Rosa

Fred Lever

Nithya Rajan

Great conference center. Clean, beautiful, good accoustics in the auditorium.

Jalen Little

Harper is a phenomenal institution!

Paul Dipping

Went here for a whole year last year, was not a fan. The parking as you've probably read about is just awful, I feel like I'm at Woodfield Mall on Black Friday everyday or trying to find a parking spot in downtown Chicago, once took me 45 minutes to find a spot, and I was late. Second I find the slogan of the slogan kind of funny, Start. Finish. Go Forward. The reason I find it funny is because if you suck at math, like me. Then you're basically screwed, my field involves no math at all and they want me to start off in the 50's math. That would literally take me like 4 or 5 years just to get an associates, not worth it considering those semesters are not gonna be free. Plus the math lab they have some of the people in there have no patience, I wasn't understanding something and this lady got mad at me. When I signed up for the math lab they told me it was a show up when you can type of class, so a couple times I couldn't make it cause I wasn't feeling good, and another day I had a doctors appointment, I come back and they tell me I failed the class, I was so pissed I stormed out of there with dignity. Still angers me when I think about all the work I put in there and still got crapped on. Now I'm not trying to bash Harper and say that everything sucks, cause there are some good professors there that I had, but a few I really got a bone to pick with. Another big thing is social life at Harper is terrible. No one is friendly at all, I've heard college is a great time to make new friends, not here, most of my friend's went to universities like U of I and the all the people at Harper already have there own friends from whatever district 214 or 211 school they went to and don't even look at you. I actually got very depressed I remember last year just thinking of this place. Also half of the school is outside, which isn't bad if you live in California, but hello? This is Chicago? One thing is for sure this place was not for me, I think I'll try someplace else like CLC

Soleman Hashmi

Ali Nasser

Elise Mae

Daniel Monarrez

Great place where I'm from black hawk 60110are college drop they at never in the mood for this schools lazy bums doing nothing low lasting jobs buying cars payments that's now independent colleges get pro jobs its better than a high school diplomas instead of an expensive university its easier to be a powerful adults have rights to learn whatever they want above and beyond saving money for all parents retirements tuitions scholarships fafsa all in districts who are enrolling are welcome anyone who are passing dorms outside of all universities want to complete their degree as college professional this school may have bachelors degrees leads off to adulthood independence its going to be a four year masters and of course ten year school five courses counts to win survive take challenge a point of view decide a university complete this school become a winner inside out as independence confidence comes by best teachers try and black boards works no phones allowed in this campus their are police security cameras no tech allowed just teachers and books are important phones off no socially medias your caught by the schools or after schools

Aranxa Godinez

VERY FRIENDLY STAFF (including very knowledged students in staff) and VERY NICE CAMPUS

Vincent Joseph

Harper College is one of the best community colleges in the whole United States. I advise almost all of my students to attend a community college for at least a year before going to a university. I would enjoy taking classes here for the rest of my life. This college is by far better than many four year colleges in the state. Make use of this great institution, and you can get a lot out of it after putting in the effort to engage with the professors.

medea Gogoladze


Mohammad Ali Barghamadi

Sahil Sharma

Albert China

There are in other Community college's that only offer an associate's degree. But in Harper college they offer many Bachelor's degree programs that, suits your needs & wants.

Yanira Sanchez

Paul J Przepiórka

Went there to get my AAS in Electronics Engineerig Technology. Great campus, with plenty of parking and safe walking areas. Most buildings are connected in case you go unprepared on a cold or wet day. Dr. Edner is the man too, I hope they stop raising tuition though. Make connections with U.S. based employers for careers in technology industries.

Bakhodir Yarashov

Maegan Pounders

Cassidy Kubis

Annie Z

For some reason, majority of the professors at Harper are very anal about attendance. Although I understand they care about the success of their students, college students should be treated like grown college adults. It should be the responsibility of the student whether to attend class or not. It just bothered me that they would count attendance as part of the students grade. Also, some professors here aren't all that great so I recommend using the site ratemyprofessor to wisely make your pick . Some professors are harsh when it comes to grading. You need to be careful who you pick or else your grade will face the consequence, or you will end up wasting money and time because you will be forced to drop the class.

Michelle Davidson

Maggie Madden

Harper has exceeded my expectations in every way imaginable. I came in with a sour attitude, anticipating to hate my experience at Harper because it wasn't a "real" university. I can say with absolute certainty that this school is well worth your time and money. Their student organizations and sports teams (which I am a participator in both) are extraordinary compared to a lot of other community colleges. So many students will say that the social life is nonexistent and the campus is dead, and to that I pose the question, "are you actively seeking out connections?" I can assure you that anyone who wants to get involved at Harper will be able to find at least three things that interest them here. All colleges, Harper included, are what you make of them. I'm only halfway through my projected Harper experience, and I can already say that I've had some of the best educators possible, made lifelong friends, and received way more than what I paid for.

Josue Villasenor

New 40 year old student. Everyone has been very helpful, from admission, counseling, veteran services, teachers to police and testing. Not a single complaint.

John E

I may change my rating depending on the following: I am a veteran of the US marine, 1992-1996, & taking full advantage of my CH 31 - VRE benefits. I had a class schedule up to 02Jan, wed, in which I got my books because I needed the section codes. Today I learn my schedule got dropped I called the necessary pple VA Laison Ms. KELLY and my VRE laison at VAMC - Jesse Brown (he got double redundancy of my enrollment and acceptance into Harper). If your a vet, look somewhere else. As it stands I have NO CLASSES.

Лева Агамян

Sagar Dobariya

Mrs Duga

Andrew Fonseca

Love the classes if I can even take them. The counselors are useless. I come in yo register for classes and they tell me I can't even talk to a counselor without making a appointment 2 months in advance. Sure I can register online but that's pretty hard to do when you don't know what classes you need. The counselors are USELESS.

Erik Nelson

I've been here for 2 years, so I know a bit about this place. the majority of my teachers have been fantastic. a couple of them have been the best teachers I've ever had in my academic career so far. outstanding. parking is HORRIBLE. you have to leave 15 minutes earlier than you think you should... just to find a spot. they are building a parking garage (which costs over $130/year). although it should clear up the free lots. make sure you're residing or working in district. out of district tuition is insane. otherwise, it's been a good school and definitely saved money without sacrificing education quality.

leo aguilar

(Translated by Google) A crop I would like to learn English and more better than Harper College as I can embed grasias (Original) Un cosejo me gustaria aprender ingles y mas mejor que sea harper college como puedo incribir grasias

Sam Gundling

The professors there are awful, everything was awful except for speech team.

Alma Medina


Studied English there, it is a nice college!

Jesline dias

I go to Harper College for playing tennis. College has 10 to 15 tennis court this gives enough room for mini people to play in a single time. The courts are maintained really good

Mike Tuegel

Sahar Pirzada

Kyriakos Iatropoulos

Ольга Макарова


James Richards


The T-Guy

Not dazzling but good education. Many profs work in the real world, not a pie-in-the-sky fantasy world.

Ish Kibble

There is a lot of buildings which can confusing. The new library is pretty neat.


Dimitri Goncharov

Matt Winn

I had a great experience during my time here at Harper.

Emmanuel Vazquez

Nicholas Peter

Sasha Chumakova

Jeni Poncin

Their OneStop and Financial Aid office is terrible. Every semester I have issues. They claim they need information from me that the Department of Education denies when I call them. I am also a veteran and have so many issues with that as well. They file all my information without giving me any information on the whole process, Kankakee Community College did a much better job informing me of all the steps and what I needed to do and look out for. At Harper they do everything for you and just tell you to wait. They do not give me the option to verify on Wave Verification online, but did everything themselves and had checks mailed to me. I know a direct deposit would have been faster. TheI online courses frequently have issues or the teachers have issues and they aren't solved for the whole semester! Aside from physical aesthetics what is my grant and pocket money going towards? This school is getting too big for their infrastructure to handle and don't work with students to solve dilemmas. I hope I can quickly transfer or quickly get out of this school. Edit My husband still goes here and still every semester they "ONE STOP" office still is like a 12 stop office. They just don't have their stuff together. My husband has to prove residency and one of the ways to prove is school transcripts (which he's been in school every semester for 6 semesters... but of course they can't figure this our for themselves). Also we didn't finish or correctly fill out a loan request. We asked them just to remove it since we won't need it and now they want us to completely re-register it stead of just deleting it from their system really? How is that easier for your clients, yes the student's who are paying for your service. Now I have to go it AGAIN. I'm glad I transferred to BY FAR my favorite college CSU Global and even Kankakee community college was leaps and bounds better than this school. The teachers are good, but their admin is awful just awful.

Demitirus Pierce

syed noman

Sander Cohen

Hate it here. Parking is terrible. Teachers suck. Campus life is non-existent. Nothing to do here. All people do is show up to class and then leave when their classes are over. Nothing exciting happens here. No sports. No interesting clubs. Nothing. Don't apply here.

Mark Stumbris

Really needs upgrade in technology dept.

Angel Reyes

Awesome school and cheap !!

Cory Hicks

Erasto Ferrer


M. Hoagland

Dianna Barreto

Izidorius Laurinaitis

David Powers

Greedy and horrible college. If you can save yourself the trouble, go elsewhere. They care not about the students but only about money. You're just another number to them especially as an adult student. Oh and they will raise tuition costs every time

Luis Arce

Jim Petykowski

Great school to begin your life with.


I have had horrible experience over and over here. The admissions office is very unhelpful and rude. You have to make sure you look into every teacher before deciding to take classes because most of them don't know how to each and you don't learn from them, though I finally have found some semi good ones. The parking is horrible, specially now that it's under construction, and the police offer no help for directing traffic. The police don't help with parking either. Like any college, books are very over priced, and not to mention the price of classes continues to go up.

Janella Punzalan


(Translated by Google) Oh Hye sweetie.- (Original) 혜원아 잘 다녀와

Aaron Arellano

Sergi Castells

Kyla Walsh


Sue is a great career advisor. I would like to recommend her to the students who are looking to meet a career advisor. She gives you a real advise. The office is located at I117.

Kristina Dvorak

Chelsey Wood

Andrew Kovacik

Probably one of the greatest Community Colleges in the entire US! The price per credit hour is so ridiculously cheap. Currently enrolled in two classes. 6 total credit hours. $800 you do the math!

1 Bun

Olesya Shtogrin

Asif Ansari

Jessica Jimenez

I tried registering for a summer course only and they made it so difficult. They allowed me to register & pay for the class only to tell me a few weeks before the course starts that they were sorry but I did not meet the prereqs for the course... even when they had told me before that I did! Super annoying & staff is so confusing/contradicting and not helpful.

Marguerite Zigmant

Dr. Alton Dubois

I was a professor at Harper for one semester...although the parking is insane, he school does try and provide an excellent education at a reasonable cost. The supports for professors adjuncts is excellent; the IT, the Coordinators, the Deans...all are exceptional and focused on developing a good program. However, from a teaching point of view ( I had over 22 years of teaching before retiring and adjuncting here) the students lack a might have been simply in the class that I taught.....but they seemed less than prepared to go to college than other first year students that I fact, there was one student who said that he did not know how to write a simple introductory , 500 word paper, on why am I taking this class. I have read the other posts, and it seems that it is an individual case...however, I had about 15 students in this class and there were only about 5 who actually were academic able to handle the introductory work load. I have not taught there since that experience and do not care to; I have had similar experiences at another community college? Sometimes it's the administration and all of the "hoops" , other times it is the lac of motivation and abilities of the

Sandra Sanchez-Cruz

Asif Mirza

Josiah Hall

Northwest Suburbs

aaron gbaryea

Sergiy Ryzhuk

Навчання - світ!

kamila dubose

This is one of the worst school ever!!!!!!! Don't try to apply for fin aid. You will wait for ever and than they drop you from the classes you need. I've heard every excuse on the planet. I was told "sorry it was an error" so what they told me they sorry if I waited to take one class 3 years. It is a waste of time. Very few teachers are good, mostly just busy work for a piece of paper. As far as dental hygiene...... yes, program is horrible. If you have any other choice run!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angela K

Horrible experience! I do not recommend applying here. Admissions, registration, the business office, all terrible and unhelpful. You are forced to register online, which costs $25 to create an account. Then after you choose your classes, you only have 72 hours to pay your tuition in full before you are dropped! If can’t pay, you can apply for Financial Aid, but only after you have selected your classes. And that process takes so long (I am still waiting after 4 weeks) that your 72 hours are up and your classes are dropped. Each time you are dropped, there is a $15 fee! If you try and set up a payment plan, they charge you another fee of $35! Absolutely ridiculous! If you try and call and get help, you are just redirected to the online system. They wont work with you. Very useless staff and quite rude. They act as if you are a nuisance to them when you are just trying to get help. My experience was so awful, I dropped my classes altogether and have been waiting for over two weeks for my refund! Each time I call, the staff has an attitude with ME and they keep telling me the same thing! “Your refund should be processed within a day or two.” Its almost like a scam. All I wanted was to return to school and receive my associates, but Harper has completely turned me off to that idea and now it is too late to apply for summer classes anywhere else. Very disappointed. Awful staff, awful school.

Maya Cabrera

Its not the worst.

Nickalus Zielinski

Luke Haruki

BARB Walker

The tutors are a damn joke they get paid to help you but they're to damn interested in their own selves and their own subject matters that they don't want to help you I'd rather go on YouTube than ever go to them for help again .


It's awesome school. Never before never after !!! Pretty great professors and staffs and beautiful, comfortable facilities.

Taylor Pink

Great college ! Quality education best if the best ! They almost have everything except a program or resource center for homeless students

Audriana Moreno

Very few professors are good here. Spent two years here and I honestly got a lot more done at the previous campus I was at

Angelia Shelton

jack murphy

great place

Roman Kovtun

Good college!

Karen Lebuhn

The student body is a diverse, curious and gifted population, with dedicated professors who are passionate about education. I attended 2 four year colleges in the 80's and 90's ....and have had my best classes at Harper. Some of my Harper professors had their Master's from Northwestern University, University of Chicago and other superb, accredited universities. They were supportive, available to all students and although I am an 'adult learner' my friends were of all ages, ethnic background and gender! Do not hestitate to enroll at this fine academic institution.

atif abdalla

Veronica Krill

Andrew Bohnenkamp

As a visitor, it was easy to navigate around campus

Ricky Sanchez

anna R

przemyslaw lakomiec

Nour S

Art K

Horrible, teachers doesn't teach or know more whats in the textbook, some come to the class completely unprepared , doesn't know material. A lot of extra charges to the courses....

Jake Merel

Go Hawks

Grace Givan

Аndrijana Radovic


Daniel Niewierowski

Generally very good

Shipra Rajput

Jimmy W

Little stacked but lots of fun!


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