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REVIEWS OF Boise State University IN Idaho

Gage Coprivnicar

Nice campus and decent overall place.

Emilee Roan

Yu W o

James P

Boise is a great town, but the university leads a lot to be desired. There isn't much of a community feel on campus, and the academics are just okay.

John Chess

Physics department is worse. There is a professor who is suffering form cancers for several years that is what he tells to everybody to get sympathy and help from people. He never come to work because of his sickness but actually he does not want to work. He spent time at home with his wife. His job is tenured and so he think he does not need to work any more. Stay away from him, he manipulate words very quickly and can easily put you in a trap to give you trouble. He is a kind of psycho patient, stay away from him. He is a liar. He is actually a Muslim. He did his PhD from a Muslim university, but he does not write the full name of that university in his CV to hide that information. He spend several years in middle east before coming to USA. He is basically ruining the department. He publish all his paper in Journal of applied Physics through one conference proceedings which held every year in, he claims that these are regular peer reviewed paper. He is a cheater don't believe him.

Andrew Heitzman

Heather Bueser

Beautiful campus and great business school.

Xiao Li

Denial Not Accepted

Olivia Underwood

As an out-of-state incoming freshman, I have been very impressed with how Boise State has handled everything. I have called the Admissions and Financial Aid departments many times in the last year and they never once made me feel like I was wasting their time. Everyone is very helpful and friendly. The feel of campus and downtown Boise really can't be matched to any other school. Boise is such a safe community and I've enjoyed every second of my visits to the area. I am from Eugene, Oregon and did not have any luck finding a PUBLIC school in Oregon that would cost me less than roughly $8,000+ for in-state tuition (not including the room & board costs). If you do your research, you'll find that Boise State has a very impressive tuition rate, especially if you compare it to many other public schools in the West. Overall, I am very excited to attend BSU this fall and hope my good review and feelings about the school will continue. I highly recommend at least visiting the university and surrounding areas. The river and campus are phenomenal.


Find another school please..

Tearei Locke

Beautiful campus, great school - so much to do!

Nsif Al

Great school!

Cristian Lopez

Good academics with many available resources. Parking is atrocious.

Jack Fields

Great professors, sports and the campus is easy to navigate. Two thumbs up!


Idaho love and genius teaching

Paul Perez

Carson Bodrero

Here is my heisman pose. Me, my wife and brother in law enjoyed this very much. From Louisiana with love.

Nathan Hire


Adam Bloxham

Monika Morriss

If you or someone you care about is considering BSU please take my warning and RUN away. Choose any other school but this one. Especially the “ Passport to Education “ program. It’s an utter failure with only one goal - to take your money and provide nonsense in return. You will leave BSU discouraged, less educated than when you started, and broke. It has been an endless path of regret and hardship.

Dayna Watson

I am a senior at at Boise State. Overall, my experience with BSU has been decent. I have had some good times and bat times over the years I have been here. Much like alot of reviews you might see, this is a commuter school. It is not focused to give you that stereotypical "university" experience. The majority of students, I am included in this category, are non-traditional students above the age of 25. Many people attend BSU to get a second degree, or pursue a new one. I am former military, and am getting my B.A. in English. BSU is the type of place that you will only really get out of it what you put into it. If you are just there, attending class, and not much more, you really wont get anything out of it. But, it is possible to have a good experience here, you just have to put alot of effort into participating. BSU really is nothing that special. From being here for 3 years now, taking classes in most fields offered at the university, it is pretty clear that the funding is not really focused on the academics. Perhaps someday it will, but that is just not the case right now. Many of the buildings and classrooms are very out of date, and have extremely minimal technology. Quite a few of the classes I have been in still have nothing more than a chalkboard. One thing to note, to potential future students, there are very minimal services offered on campus. There are a handful of restaurants and 2 coffee shops. besides the coffee shops, all of the restaurants on campus are closed around 3-4pm. This does come as a pain from time to time, but I would be particularly more annoyed if I had to live on campus. There are very few computer "labs" on campus. And by labs, I am meaning full facility computer labs, with printers, scannors. During peak times, it can be extremely difficult to find a computer. Things can get very expensive on campus. Be advised. Often times prices for food on campus will be at least 25-40% more than the same products off campus. Graduating in a typical 4 year window is just about impossible here. Because BSU hires mostly adjunct faculty, and does not fund programs adequately, required courses in degree programs are only offered at certain times of the academic year, and are not guaranteed to be offered. They are subject to funding and availability of staff, which is continually problematic. Much like many people I know, I just ran into a problem of my own, when I was informed that my senior seminar class would not be offered this upcoming semester due to lack of funding, which will prevent me from graduating on time. Last, the administrative department at BSU is relatively hard to deal with. They often do not have straight answers to alot of questions, but in time they will eventually get back to you. It is always a slow process with them. Overall, BSU has given me what I have sought out to obtain, which I can't really complain about. I will have to say if I had the option to go to another college, I most likely would have. I do not feel that my academic training I have received thus far has been particularly high quality, but probably not the worst. If you are looking for a higher quality institution, I would recommend Oregon State University or University of Oregon, which are not too far away. That being said, I am glad BSU is here, it beats not having anything...and thats about it.

Yousef Nassr

We like your university because it's a good university

Leane Chaffee

A great school, a beautiful setting along the Boise River, and BLUE TURF! Stop to see where the legend of the BLUE began.

Bianca Bagdon

Hated this school every time I had a question about something I would be redirected to a handful of people and would finally get an answer days later. They didn't accommodate to the students they are just trying to make their money and go about their day. The student account center workers clearly hate their jobs and don't like interacting with people because every time I'd go in there I was not treated nicely. I took chemistry courses and biology courses. The biology teacher really wanted me to do well and helped as much as she could. My chemistry teachers thought they were too good and every time I went in for help they would say oh well you should have learned that in chem 101. Yes I did learn the concepts but wasn't ready to take them to the next level hence why I went to get help. I had to drop a chemistry lab class because of work reasons and was frowned upon by the teacher and wasn't treated nicely in the lecture. I ended up dropping out of Boise State completely and will finish my education somewhere else that wants me to have a good experience. This university is only in it for the money so beware if your looking to get a good education from teachers that actually care about you.


Good school. Great tuition prices compared to anything else for a four year degree. Campus is beautiful. Culture is building up to great things. The faculty is mostly helpful and knowledgeable about their subjects. Admissions office is to be desired.

DarkLady Yaygog

Bobbi Schneider

Jonathan Zinnel

Neven Skoro

me like

Keith Hilliard

One of the best state universities in the nation. Beautiful campus

Nick Brady

Josh Hull

Boise State gives you what you put into it. I am now in my fourth semester here, and BSU is definitely on the upswing. They are implementing new buildings for academics every year and plenty of apartment housing is sprouting up nearby campus. It's obvious the football team's success has some to do with this. As far as night life goes, meet the right people and it's absolutely there. Oh, and downtown is a blast. I enjoy feeling safe and getting the university experience here. I am also out of state and tuition is extremely cheap. Overall enjoying my experience.

Harish Kumar

Gud study campus

Ivy Gimmel

The teachers and departments are good. But the administration and councilors are absolutely the worst run organization I have ever dealt with. Expect to be screwed over when you go to this school, no if's and's or but's. They are uninformed, unorganized and will regularly lie to you just to make it easy so they don't have to work. The councilors will ROUTINELY screw up your plan to graduate on time, NEVER believe them. Its a good school for learning, but just expect something to go wrong. ie.e They lost my tuition 3 times one semester, even after i walked the check in personally.

Andrew Mecham

Ashley Duvall

Having entered into my final year at BSU I can say my experience has been so rewarding. What a blessing to have found such an amazing school!

Jim Lyons

Don't miss the Blue Turf!

T Caodo

Братья Долина и компания.

incredible campus

Jeff Umperovitch

nathaniel eggleston

Guillermo Díaz

Fahad Alajmi

Jeremiah Sprague

Nothing out of the ordinary, what you would expect from a university.

Fabiola Castillo Hurtado

BSU felt like home away home. The student community made my exchange experience unforgettable and the teachers were exceptional. I couldn't ask for more.

Korey Hadley

Bronco nation

Gina Kristie

Boise State Univeristy is a nice college campus, with great landscaping. It is easy to navigate and has many activities and events that one can attend. The professors and great and the staff is helpful. It has a nice library and activity center. The University is home of the Broncos footbal team, and BSU is famous for their blue turf on the football field. I recommend this University to locals and anyone looking for a nice college town type atmosphere.

Mike Shoe

Boise State University I what two going to BSU

carlos mendoza

sultan alanazi

Jerry Kovach

Edgar Palomares Velazquez

the school sucked

Joshua Hull

Graduated in Business Marketing and got a great job at an agency right out of college. Great preparation, professors that care, great outdoor opportunities, within a mile of downtown, and in one of the greatest up and coming cities in the world!

anonymous c

the math department is terrible plus it's really boring hear

angel valdez

Dylan Germain

Hate Boise state

Ozzie Rosario

Eder Acevedo

The blue field was awesome!

Brett Hill

No one is going to Google Maps to read a college review, so I'll rate this from a visitor's standpoint. This is a beautiful campus with modern buildings, clean walking areas, and a close-to-nature feel with a greenbelt snaking through the back. The facilities themselves (conference areas, indoor activity centers, etc.) are excellent. Parking pricing is a mess. I am a BYU grad and am used to a bunch of great, free parking, at least on the weekends. I was surprised to find $4/hr visitor's parking and $10 for everyone else (I'm a current student there). Their library is very small, and is difficult to navigate for lack of effective signage. The signage on campus is beautiful, but also hard to know your way around for an outsider. The student building employees are very helpful in answering questions. They have extensive hours at the help desk.

Garvin Mitchell

Aziz Ali

Ms. Mesmarian

This is where I studied engineering and English for three years.

Ruben Rodriguez III

Taylor Homer

Beautiful university, beautiful city!

Ryan H

Kevin Passmore

Dawn Erland

I have yet to find an employee or faculty member that genuinely cares about helping anyone succeed here.

Oscar Cornejo

Jacob Floyd

Such a beautiful campus.

Cynthia Harris

BSU is my late father's alma mater, and it is also that of my uncles who are happily-retired in West Boise. GO BRONCOS!!!!

anon roger

Osama Al Ghamdi

Worst educational institute at all. If you are planning to go there, simply,just don't trust anything that they say unless they give you a letter or a proof that will help you later to sue them when they miss you up.

Blaine Cooper

Great up-and-coming university in an awesome area. Having lived in this valley my entire life, I've been able to witness first hand the growth of the university and the city. New academic buildings are going up all the time. The university has also added a significant number of graduate programs recently. A great place to be.

Isai Morales

Phill Micheals

Tanner N.

Very unique campus with a positive vibe. Would advise visiting it

Stephen Phillips

Too many adjuncts and expensive for what it is. Nevertheless, some nice academic staff and friendly student peers. Very safe campus.

Tatsang Wang

I have gone to BSU for a year now, I think it is pretty good, the tuition fees are cheaper that other college. The campus is good and pretty. Im in art department, so far all of my instructors that I met are good people, and I think the classes I have take were somewhat intense, but bearable, unless you are nerd student who wants straight A+. It is really depending on your major and whether you like it or not. Above all, I will give BSU a thumbs up. Decent college.

Jessica Prien

Great resource for Treasure Valley

Goofy Mom

Went to see the smurf turf. Until you see it in person, television does not do it justice. It was an awesome thing to see and while there I went to the gift shop and got me some Bronco stuff.

Rashed Rdam

Kevin Wolters

Utah State is beautiful this time of Year & the Peeps are really nice!

Brian Ledezma

I can’t wait to start applying here next year!!!!!! I have heard so many great things about this school and I certainly hope it is worth it since I am coming all the way from Virginia.

Timothy Adams

Shannon Bridges

Enjoyed the recreation center: pool tables, bowling, ping-pong and watching Boise State football next door

Marcus Rasulo

Steven Simmons

The university needs to be able to offer better connections to jobs and especially internships. With the finance program you get plenty of offers for sales jobs, insurance, and graduate school stuff, but a severe lack of any other real internships and job training. Graduating with a finance degree only gave me the ability to do a lot of math to help make good business decisions, but no skills that are marketable to recruiters in getting started. Even internships these days require 3-5 years experience somehow, so if you don't have "dad's business" or other relationships to work for and provide you actual job training it's very difficult on your own.

zahra Akbari

Etienne Astudillo

Hate the left

Jonas Fors

Most guys wear jeans here, but the coffee at Starbucks on campus is nice. @forsinracing

Jamaal Al-Din

Da' CHILI' and crackers wit' jalapenos, onions, cheese and sour cream at da' Boise River CHILI' Cafe at BSU is a Slam CHILI' Dunk and Touch CHILI' Down (a.k.a Touchdown)!!! Eat dat CHILI'! Eat it, eat it! Jammin' dat' CHILI' Albertsons has the naming rights to the Boise State Broncos football stadium (formerly Bronco Stadium), now "Albertsons Stadium." Get it: The Spicy' New Northwest BEEF Double R Ranch Video Board at da' New ALBERTSONS Stadium, ALBERTSONS Grocery Store CHILI' and Boise, Idaho based Jamaal Al-Din's Hoops 227 (227's YouTube Chili' NBA, NFL and MLB Mix)!!! Dat' CHILI' connection, GO CHILI' BRONCOS!!! Is dat' Albertsons Grocery Store CHILI' on them tasty nachos at the new Albertsons Stadium?! It tastes CHILI' great! I Bleed CHILI' Blue Baby!!!

Alyssia Fry

Harrison Thorne

Kevin Raymond

Beautiful campus, and lots of potential, but lack of quality faculty. Most of my classes have been taught by teaching assistants, adjunct faculty, or some other faculty member without any real qualifications to teach the material. Only when they start investing in their quality of education will they become a top school.

Patrick Kelly

There are a few very good professors at this school and few low-level administrative/advising employees who are student advocates. The three stars are for them. In regards to the upper administration: The ability to effectively communicate in the most common language of the student population should be a primary hiring consideration for a lecturing position. I am not talking about accents, I am talking about sentence formation and word choice. In 100, 200, and 300 level classes a professor's ability to communicate is more important than them having a doctorate in the subject matter. Program changes (required courses, prerequisites) should be made at the catalog level and NOT be retroactive to students that are already 2 years into a 4 year (wait, now 5 year) degree. Custom textbooks and textbook bundles that either force or trick students into paying more money for class materials and/or result in kickbacks to BSU or its professors are unethical. Despite the recent campaign to promote the idea that students are responsible for their own learning, professors still have a responsibility to provide the service that students have paid for. Punitive grading policies do not achieve this, the lack of standardized tests for courses offered with different professors does not achieve this and department heads who have no authority over the curriculum or evaluation methods of associate professors in their department do not achieve this.

Daan Visscher

(Translated by Google) Sabrina Corgatelli ...... (Original) Sabrina Corgatelli......

Salman al-mjjri


Ryan Bjornberg

Really good quality buildings and food selections, really bad dorms, or at least the ones we saw were bad. Really really big with lots of busy streets

Martin Slater

Sheila Latta

A very great university with many great features. The campus is very well laid out and beautifully landscaped.

Pat Berg

Fabulous University! From my experiences at the bookstore, to athletic events, to the arts. They are on the up and up. Great people here!

Norman Felise

I completed my undergraduate business degree here on my own without accumulating any student debt, thanks Uncle Sam. I also got to be on the rugby club and I learned how to speak basic Korean. 고 마 워 요

Yonas Kindeya

Casual kaka

Carson Sabir

Too much ignorance to post BUT I can say that two teachers I reported for unethical behavior still work there. One of them is even allowed to misrepresent her credentials. It's interesting that lack of quality faculty is prominent among bad reviews.

Brandon Reinstein

Loving it so far! There is no better city to go to school, plenty to do here and the facilities and faculty have been top notch so far.

Justin Reeve

I earned my Masters in Educational Technology from Boise State. I can't speak for other departments, but I will vouch for the EDTECH Department. Honestly, I can't recommend Boise State's EDTECH program highly enough. I quickly learned that BSU's online classes are pretty much guaranteed to be top-of-the-line and employ best practices, because best practices in online teaching is a big chunk of what is taught, and the professors practice what they preach. There has not been a single class where I haven't learned material I could apply to my job. The program is ideal for teachers, but is not necessarily geared toward them. In my classes we’ve had teachers, business managers, corporate trainers, and all sorts of people. The program is highly project-oriented, and they encourage you to come up with projects in each class that you can directly apply to your job and current teaching. It has been an absolute thrill being in every single class, and I'm not embellishing when I say that. The professors are knowledgeable, and encourage collaborative, constructivist learning. And they just make it FUN to do the work, and it's highly educational at the same time! Boise State is a pioneer in educational technology, due to the way their department is organized. From what I understand, they don't receive much, if any state funding, so they depend entirely on attracting new students and keeping ahead of the curve. They're able to deliver cutting edge courses like mobile learning and Second Life classes, or whatever happens to be current in educational trends. And yes, it is affordable, but don’t let the price fool you. They operate as an instructional design consulting firm as well, and produce classes for other school districts and educational institutions. They just launched their new 3d Game Lab (one of my Second Life classes was a beta tester), and are now using it for both curricular and extra-curricular workshops for teachers. The EDTECH Department has its hands in a lot of exciting projects, and I’ve even gotten involved in some through the Graduate Student Association, and have been able to work with some of the brightest and most innovative educators I’ve ever met. My only complaint is that I don't currently have time to take more classes. But this is the only online ed tech program I've found that has a paid graduate assistantship program, where you can teach and aide for the university part-time and receive a full tuition waiver. As of this writing, they just got their EdD online and I intend to enroll in the program in the near future, especially if I can get the graduate assistantship. Also, as if a Master’s degree isn’t enough, you can also earn a graduate certificate of your choice while doing the M.ET. program. In my opinion, you’d be crazy NOT to choose Boise State’s educational technology program. It truly is a rewarding, thrilling, top-notch graduate program, and it's recognized widely for its research and contributions in the field.


I love the campus. I love the river next door. Amazing place.

Cody P


Brandon Mart

Steve Ma

I just want to know why graduation rate is only 7% in 4 years? this is serious....

Casey Warmerdam

April Ortiz

Andy Birch

Go Broncos

Eric Smith

Beautiful, large campus by a river, near downtown. Definitely worth checking out if you are in town.

Alethea Rice

Been a great college so far with my two degrees and am impressed with the help. I have had realy great teachers who seem to be very inthusiastic about the classes they teach. There are many resources available and Bois3 has a very welcoming scene on campus and off. However parking, for sure this year, is a complete joke. New parking rates cost about $30 a day (I have to park for 9 hours) for me since the parking passes are sold out, except for 1 area that I can not park in due to the fact that it will cause me to be late to work since it's a 15 minute walk from all my classes. I live in Kuna and work at soon as I can rush from class so I have no other option of transportation. Warning to invest in someone who can give you a ride!

Taylor Arnold

Big John

They kicked me out so I’m mad

2013 Ford C-Max

My dad works here.

dena horton

Andrew Sadler

Amazing food and freak ally is outstanding

Dallas Ellis

Barrow Windermere

Boise State has a lot to offer the community. It's a good school that keeps getting better.


Got peer pressured to drink from the Blood Chalice.

Dan O'Neil

Despite the locale of a nice emerging city, this University has serious issues with no remedial actions being taken or hope in sight. The administration is corrupt from top to the bottom, and the only game they play is to water down the standards of education in the State of Idaho by boosting enrollment. The foundation studies program is a disaster with greater than 85% students getting A grades in important courses. There is a constant pressure on instructors to pass everyone to boost enrollment so that the administration can boast of highest enrollment numbers in the state, and get largest paychecks in the state of Idaho. In addition to consistently falling standards of education, there are issues of rampant cronyism and discrimination against minorities. There are gangs and clubs of dominant group among faculty and administrators with blatant disregard for scholarship. Accomplished intellectuals and minority researchers are harassed and their incompetent counterparts promoted with several recent policy changes customized to promote incompetency. The message is clear – intellectuals and minorities, even if more competent, are not welcome here. If you are here, you are at the mercy of the monocolor administration. Deans and Chairs are picked on the basis of cronyism and in the words of senior administration, “Academic competence has nothing to do with leadership.” In other words, minorities must do all the work of upholding academic standards while the incompetent cronies of one group will be made your bosses, Dilbert style. In summary, if you are competent and talented with great ideas, this place is not for you. If you belong to the dominant group and are good at sucking up, go kayaking with them, and playing the game of incompetents, you will thrive in this borough. If you have seen the “Don’t Fail Idaho” advertisement, don’t think BSU will do any wonders to your future by attending it. They are doing a good job of failing Idaho by lowering the standards of education so that administrator can keep getting their fattest paychecks in the state.

Steve Barnson, Ph.D

I thought Boise State was an amazing campus. My daughter has decided to become a Bronco and I couldn't be more excited for her. Just a beautiful CPUs and city!

Sarah Jibben

Very pleased with my experience. Great location. Many people stay afterwards in the area, like myself.

Abdulaziz Alfadhli

Sean Darcy

Great town and atmosphere.

Daniel Ivko

Rick Ritter

E420 class. Alex Livingston as guest speaker!


Nice, quite, and peaceful area for live. I really like Boise State, because this what I need to study though.

veronica zazueta

Great Game

Daniel Walker

It has a beautiful campus

li a

Brandon Squires

Aileen Yu Wei

Kenny Van Kirk

Kalli Hopkins

This review is for my experience with admissions.... I was very disappointed in the whole process of applying for the online MSW graduate program that starts in January. I applied back in August, knowing that the deadline was October 15th and wanted to make sure everything was in. The whole application process cost me around $100. I waited... and waited, and October 15 came and went. Come sometime in November an email was sent out saying that were going to start offering interviews the following week. I was excited and ready for an interview... that week rolled by and NOTHING. Okay... I called and spoke with someone that said they hadn't sent out any invites yet... but if I didn't hear back by Monday I basically "knew" I wasn't accepted. So, Monday came and went and I didn't hear anything so I called again just so I could confirm that I had not been accepted... I was told that they couldn't actually confirm until December 5th, that she was sorry she was so vague, but it is basically a "weeding process." What? How am I supposed to plan for grad school and what program to pick among other colleges if I won't know until a MONTH before school is supposed to start?? I found this whole process very frustrating and am very disappointed that I spent so much money and time, including a background check, on this. What a waste. In the future it would be very helpful to inform students that not only is the program selective of only 25 people (out of ~200?)...for an online state school... and I have a 4.0 undergrad!.... but that you won't actually know until a few weeks before school starts.

Luke Haruki

Matthew Franke

I don't know about you guys but I am NOT content with 2-loss and 3-loss football seasons in the Mountain West. We need to raise our standards if we ever want to be part of the Big 12. Embrace the past, ATTACK THE FUTURE

Konnor Hiatt

College can be rough for many of us because we have moved away and need new people in our lives. I know that Boise has one of the best and friendliest environments ever love this place!!!

Kristianna Moore

Lincoln Newell

Well done...

Zach Leonardo

I love this city! Has a great park and amazing public transportation but I also I have never been here

Kristine Goodman

I had to change online colleges due to some extenuating circumstances. BSU is still figuring out the organization of their online programs. Great campus, great town, not so great online experience. Updated review: the online program has improved since I switched over 2 years ago.

Natalie Ehli

Great people, great school, great vibe.

Kole Williams

Nuhil Mehdy

Ms. Keke Ewing

It's quick and know what your looking for

Kennith Kuhrt

Julie Reager

Very nice campus!

Katerina Thomas

One of the best Universities I have ever attended. I really miss being there. Very scenic campus with friendly people.

Brittish Oldham

Mrs M

Loved my collegiate experience at BSU. I have an undergraduate as well as a graduate degree from Boise State. Top notch education & a great environment.

patricia mcbride

Here is my heisman pose. Me, my wife and brother in law enjoyed this very much. From Louisiana with love.


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