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REVIEWS OF Wesleyan College IN Georgia

Yang Xu

Shannon Lyvers

Best 4 years of my life!

Linda Willson

Wesleyan saved my life by giving me a drama scholarship and an on-campus job. My parents did not value education and did not provide any funds for college. Wesleyan gave me a fine education, lifelong friends, an opportunity to play several great theatrical roles and a real sense of family. I will be forever grateful to Wesleyan.

Robert Chung

From a visitor's perspective. The cafeteria has very low quality food...sometimes too dry, tasteless, understaffed, etc. The building from outdoors look very lovely. Unfortunately, there are many small ants around campus, on benches, tables, inside the dorms (most annoying part since they went into my clothes/luggage), etc. Also many cockroaches outside at night. What happened to pest control? The school is a women's college so men have to use unisex bathrooms which are few in number. The facilities are a bit dated and old, but perhaps that's their one of their values.

Lucy Harrelson

Taylor Triplett

If you are looking for a school that gives you what you need for the amount that you pay then you need to go somewhere else. While it is a great school with great diversity and they do provide you with plenty of opportunities to get you prepared for life after college, they do not care at all if you put yourself in debt to attend here. They are so willing to throw out the student loan option even though this places costs a whopping $36,000 a year to attend and there is no such thing as full coverage, unless you get a lot of outside scholarships. I also disagree with the outrageous prices they charge international students for especially considering that most of them are far away from home and may not be able to find a place to stay on the various breaks that we have. They also make it really difficult to be able to transfer, by placing all these ridiculous rules that you cannot order a transcript or transfer unless you pay remaining balances on your account and act like people just have a couple thousand dollars to just pull out their back pocket. They basically enchant you and make you think they are there for you but then place you in shackles leaving you completely immobilized and being able to do nothing but pay the outrageous sum you owe. And also, despite the fact they pride themselves on diversity it is only for presentation. This college is just as segregated as any other with the internationals being amongst themselves, then the African Americans, then the Caucasians. They are also very pushy with their ideals and make it seem as if everyone should believe them, while I do agree that women are still oppressed there is almost an over emphasis on this fact and it always seems to take the forefront in every class.

Jesus Pulido

Ginny Menges

My conservative daughter was expelled for disagreeing with a liberal professor in a discussion class. She never raised her voice, stood up or became enraged. She simply disagreed often with his propaganda. The professor stated that he couldn’t teach with her present in the room. When she refused to drop the class to appease the professor, she was expelled.

kenneth Howard

This place is awesome

Dorothy Young

Arjai English

Wesleyan is a good school, when it comes to education. However, some of the teachers here are serious a-holes and "sisterhood" ideals are highly over-pushed. If a group of people are thinking about coming here, then most of them shouldn't come because 80-90% are going to want to leave. I know a few people who have left, who are not coming back next year (like me), and who are only staying for scholarship commitments. Don't go here if you hate people in general and don't like segregated atmospheres.

Road Runner

This school has given me nothing but grief. Please reconsider and go somewhere else where you can get more bang for your buck. Nobody cares about the "Wesleyan" name anymore and there is absolutely no support to help you once your graduate. Once you graduate they don't know you anymore but will still call you to donate money to their overpriced college.

Jainne Cristina


(Translated by Google) consisted (Original) Besto

Aliyah Mays

i have not been but i think it would be great am 10 years old and am righting a raport about this colloge #smart

Nordic child

Anthony Gregory

I went there for camp and I loved it

Brittanny Brewster

Jan Suberman

We were hired by Wesleyan College, to Restore a Beautiful Portrait of the First Woman President of the College. . It’s Historic and the campus is lovely. The Faculty and Staff , were quite helpful as we navigated our way to deliver this Beautiful Portrait, to its Original owners. It was March, about 1976. This experience has always stayed with me , throughout the many years we are still involved in Conservation. Beautiful area to live and very friendly people. On a trip driving on I- 74. Have a nice lunch time , on the outside of the Campus to enjoy a nice picnic lunch. :)


teresa dison

Renee Warren

Kali Havens

Makayla Leblanc

I have always wanted to go to this school but now that I've done a little research on it and read reviews. I definitely will not be going to this college. Not if it looks run down and professors make sexual jokes.

amanda awanjo

Wesleyan changed my life. The education I received here continues to reverberate in my daily life. Great atmosphere. Great Education. Great Experiences. Great Professors. Great Students

Lover boy

good school

5 Minute Flash Warm-Ups

Could not replace the lifetime memories & friendships made during my years at Wesleyan! Wouldn't trade one second of it.

Elly Tilk

Jane Smith

If you are looking for awesome professors Wesleyan is the place to be. Most of my professors went above and beyond to make sure I had the tools needed for success. Dr Donovon and Dr Ellington were the best professors I could have ever asked for. If a sound education is all you are looking for this is the place to be. The admissions department is also wonderful....I found many mothers and friends in this department. On the other hand everything else about Wesleyan was an absolute disaster. The financial aid department only gave scholarships to those who they preferred...if you didn't have a "friend" or ally in the financial aid department then...kiss any aid good bye. The business office was the most ruthless of them all...they would kick you out of classes and off the compound with little warning while giving extensions on pymt to those they preferred. As for the student affairs division they were anything but for the students...complete hypocrites and liars... Stephanie and Pattie are the absolute worst. The registrar department was completely useless...never knowing what classes you needed. They claim to be diverse but they really aren't. Each nationality has its only little group and once they draw you in they consume you with fees and you can't even return home for the holidays. I would not send my worst enemy to Wesleyan it was a painful 4 years. But I did gain a sound education and I had access to the best professors anyone would want.

Amanda Binet

Tuition is high and increases every year unknowingly. You are not getting what you pay for. Scholarships are not worth it because you still have to pay alot to attend. The only thing that keeps this college open is the students money. Student retention is poor because once students actually start going here they regret their decision. Dorms are in poor conditions. One girl had mold in her room and they didnt compensate her or anything . Power goes out way to often and students who pay for food for their dorms go bad. Rude faculty/staff. No one knows how to do there jobs they always send you around the world to get an answer. Most of the professors are great except a few. Little to no diversity. In connections with the kkk. Not really worth time or money to attend this school. You are better off somewhere else.

Barbara Layton

The campus is beautiful and my granddaughter got a scholarship, but she had problems with some of faculty and staff. One male professor made sexual jokes towards students that made her very uncomfortable. She reached out to a dean, but got no where. She took her medicine bottle with her to the clinic to show what her home doctor normally gave for the problem and was treated like a drug dealer.

Hotep ToYou

Katie Dennard

My sister loves this school! Very wonderful if you like an all girls school. Very beautiful and peaceful

Dusty McElveen

Hard to get in touch with anyone at the college.

Chris McCorkhill

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