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REVIEWS OF The Savannah College of Art and Design IN Georgia

Kevin Quinn

Kate Dryden

Asra Saleem

Viviana Mora

Great for gifts.

Dilde Duru

Symone Smith

Lovely place to see and the buildings are just beautiful. Newest technology the world has to offer, and wonderful teachers that all have experience in the field.

James Duvall

Michael L.

Nice campus situated in the middle of downtown Savannah.

Maya Ash

I’m beyond broke, my parents are broke, I’m eating average food, in a nice dorm, no friends still, working out, zero connections yet, stressing out, have the flu, but the school is great because I might get my dream job.

Victoria Truong

daniel jammal

Best School Ever!!

Student Laura Smith

This school is the HARVARD of art schools. It offers great programs and should be on any artists college list.

Hesam Shams

Starlight Video Productions Rob Henderson


Around World

well well well.. shame on you SCAD... I was at San Francisco doing a fashion journalism , when deceit to move to ATL, to be more close to my family and i chose scad. I WAS A MISTAKE... Bad bad bad college, ppl are unhelpful. and all scad rule and blah blah blah. just here to say that it is a bad college. I am trying until now to go to another college but scad do not want to give my paper work back.... I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THIS COLLEGE FOR NO ONE IT IS JUST WAIST OFF TIME, SCAD IT IS JUST NAME PPL, GO TO ANOTHER COLEGE THAT IS BETTER CUS SCAD IT JUST WAITS OF TIME AND NOT HELPFUL FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENT EITHER

Brett Blevins

Alyson Adams

SCAD is the place to go for self-motivated artists who don't need to have their hand held. You can learn career-making skills and portfolios, but you will only get as much as you put in. Work for it, and you will be a success.

Chiranth Manjunath

Southern B

Fantastic university. Cutting edge facilities and world-renowned educators.

Sheldon Cason

Something to

Camille Prince

Ibsa Debela

Not worth your precious time.

Renee Casagrande

Joey Katz


Dogac Canlı

Owen devalk *-*

Perkins Family

We concur with those who claim that SCAD is only about money. Our son was there for his freshman year. During that year, we paid SCAD almost $40,000, immediately upon the receipt of each bill. Our son left SCAD in May 2013. You can imagine our surprise when over a year later, in July 2014, he started receiving weekly letters from SCAD that he owes $56. None of the letters explained what the bill was for. Our son sent three (3) written requests to Juliette Denmark of SCAD trying to determine what the charges were for and why SCAD was charging him over a year after he left. We received no response from Ms. Denmark or anyone else from SCAD. Instead, they referred our son's account to the collection agency. This extortion attempt appears to be nothing else but retaliation for losing our son's lucrative student account. We will fight this charge as a matter of principle. SCAD's greed will not be tolerated!

Joseph Upton

I wouldn't recommend this school because they lied to me about letting me come to the school after they specifically said they would except my score on the exam no matter what it is.

Karen Winters, Realtor

Young Baek

Reginald McKinney

Bob Smith

SCAD seems to place getting your money out of your pockets and into millionaire Paula Wallace's bank accounts above all other considerations. Can you get a good education here? Of course. Is it worth the price? Not really in my opinion and experience. To put it politely, the staff at SCAD were not "up front" with me about certain matters, wasting my time and money. My counselor was clueless and unhelpful. My interaction with the head of one of the departments was very negative, and their interaction with me was needlessly rude and abusive on their part. The resulting complaint to the ombudsman - almost comically complicated to file, and of course with no real consequences to the person who treated me so absurdly awfully. My experience showed me that you cannot trust any of the people you're paying to do what they're paid to do. You have to hound everybody to get anything done or they will drop the ball. My experience with my hometown community college, by contrast was exceptionally professional and efficient. SCAD cost much more, but the service and professionalism amongst the staff was relatively poor. It doesn't inspire much confidence when your community college seems to deliver and your mega-expensive college won't or maybe can't. After talking to other people who majored in the same field at other colleges, I get the impression that SCAD is particularly bad in this respect. The only thing keeping me from giving SCAD one star is the fact that one may actually be able to get an excellent education. But everything else about the college - from the rudeness of the staff, to the ever changing faculty, to the high prices and irritatingly poorly planned campus pull the rating way down. Yeah, I learned, but it was an incredibly frustrating and unsatisfactory experience, and I felt like I was wasting my money every step of the way. If you can get into some place else - get into some place else.

Alexa Akin

Fatemeh Sharifi

raju ahamad

Megha Jois

Rahman Liton

Kazimir is here

Lisa Varandas

Kaci-Ann Shepherd

Arianna Trotter

Christopher Reid

I had some fantastic teachers and loved the city of Savannah. I would recommend SCAD to anyone looking for a fine art college.

Milena Tufino,

MusicMan Reviewer

Amazing college. We are here on a tour. I hope my son attends this school in the Fall.

Ana Davalos

This school was the best decision I have made for myself. For the first time, I feel good about myself in what I’m creating.

Montana Wong

Lou Pop

Lilian Q

T Taylor

I received an excellent education during my undergraduate work at SCAD, I earned a BFA in painting, which not only prepared me with the skill set to produce beautiful work, but also with a strong business knowledge base as well. This September I will be celebrating 20 years as a self-employed Artist. Grateful, Tiffani

MeNihla Drejzae Johnson

Amey Avanish

Hannah Klein

Jaimie Freund

Yosef Shuman

Yashraaj Kumar

Judd Harner

Kylie King

Ahh! This is my dream place! Cant wait to get creative here!

Pierre Rebours

As a tourist, the facade is worth seeing. There is also a exhibit/store with student creations.

Alternative Production

idk i don't gp there

Eddie Lam

SONAL Mirpuri

Tina Frankenstein

Students of this collage just privet message random strangers offering to buy there used items of clothing stating it's for art supply's... then when you try to call the "collage" to get some info or find out if there a scam or maybe even let them know someone's using there name in a scam.. they hang up on you.. 3 times in one day.

Adrienne Gailliard

LaShanda Snider

This school is what you make out of it. Overpriced yes, but they give you all the tools you need to succeed. I'd rather have gone here and gotten what I needed than to have gone to another college and not gotten the instruction and training I would've liked.

Edell Parker III

As an alumnus, I love to tell people about my experiences at The Savannah College of Art and Design and hope this helps you in your search. SCAD is a special place, set in a special city. The flagship campus in Savannah has one of the most unique relationships with a city I have ever come across in the history of my exploration of urban spaces. SCAD's buildings are scattered about the historic district comprising the backbone of the urban structure. Great place to study. I have also been to their Atlanta campus and see another unique relationship between the student and school. SCAD Atlanta campus combines the intimate feel of a small campus with the exciting rush of vibrant, large city. Another great place to study. Academically, SCAD is a young school. They have not yet reached the total years of refinement as in other institutions. However, their educational structure seems extremely thorough and diligent to the growth of art and designers. With the foundation set, it will be exciting to see where SCAD is in 10, 50, or 100 years. If I would have to project, they would continue to be the forefront of art and design in higher education. To be frank, when I see negative comments about SCAD I am not surprised. SCAD has the resources and the instruction for you to be great. It is up to you! On how hard you work and how you are going to take advantage of these resources when you are here. When I see these negative comments, I often see the person revealing their work ethic or understanding about SCAD's resources in the comment. So I am not alarmed. I hope this helps your understanding of SCAD and I wish you luck in your search.

Jordan Willis

Ebony Kim

Logan Force

Tales Mousinho

Diana Briceno

The biggest waste of money is one on a degree that says you are "creative". Teach yourself for free and save yourself thousands of dollars. The quality of the professors is terrible and course material is extremely irrelevant. Do not go here.

Jack Riker

SCAD is, in a word, perfect. It is an honor and a privilege to be able to have spent 4 years of my life there. Savannah and the school itself are the opposite of depressing. If you want 4 years of fun and have them result in an actual high-paying career, go to SCAD!

Cayman Cardiff

I've only helped with some student scad films. It's a great school! Nice college life and plenty of fun things to do in Savannah. Great place if you have the $$$$


Jasmine Jones

Glad I am almost out of here!

Deano L

Michael Burko

OVERPRICED! But Well worth it if your willing to put in the effort.

David Hargrave

Danish Siddiqui

Really unique and great finds! A bit pricey but nice to see the creativity!

Josh Evans

I can't say enough about SCAD. I studied visual effects and the facilities and faculty were fantastic!!

Taylor Kassie Burton

Even though I'm here for the Summer Seminar I thought it was fantastic! They had great food and yes during the seminar there are student teachers, however, they taught me really well for the past week and I enjoyed most of the activities we had here as well. Its expensive, but I think its worth it.

Maira Peralta

Deuk Lee

Lindsay Johnson

Not an "excellent" school. Very much stuck in the past with old-fashioned, southern ideals, and thinking. The progressive, new, forward-thinking, world changing work is being done in the Northeast and West coast. Graphic design and photography schools are especially weak overall. A big red flag is that there are lots of SCAD grads back teaching/working at SCAD because no one wants to work there and no one wants to hire them. Unfortunately, the quality of teachers and quality of teaching is not very high at all. SCAD is a for-profit, non-accredited school, basically anyone can teach here and it shows. The professors are of very mediocre quality, not well known or accomplished in their respective fields, and do just enough to get by. That said, there are occasionally some star students who graduate from the school with impressive portfolios but this reflects more on these individual's inherent talent rather than the teaching being done.

Count Rostov

SCAD has done a great job buying and restoring buildings and transforming the city into a vibrant campus. Younger people don't remember that Savannah was on the ropes and SCAD played a big part in turning the city around.

sydney riley

Satyn B

Avie P.

Monique Hurt

I recently had to withdraw from scad. First thing is that its honestly not worth the money. The acceptance rate is a joke and they use it just to get your money. I was a photo major and that was my only skill. (If you only have one talent please dont waist your money or time here, it will be a huge mistake). Even if you u only have one talent you will still be expected to take foundation classes such as drawing & design. Please believe me when i say these classes are harder than your major class. Even if you can not draw your professor will expect you to do as well as drawing majors and grade you just so. This happened to me and my gpa suffered terribly. I was then stripped of my funding and my gpa become a 1.8. After telling me this news, my advisor became significantly less helpful and even told me to transfer. ( not caring that my gpa was so low that it would be hard to). Putting that aside Scad is truly not worth the money. 1) forcing you to take classes that will not help you with your career but are really just puff and fluff. Charging extreme housing tuition inadition to a recurring housing fee just to live in old(some newer, but not great) buildings in the middle of dangerous area's where students Do and HAVE gotten robbed. Honesly dont waiste your money, just a bunch of pretty buildings. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE

Axel Alvarez

Meaghan Keiffer

Caitlin Nevill

Parth Panchal

Gladis Garcia

Peter Clericuzio

Addison Conaway Twins

Hayden Novak

marcos Salazar

Ashlee V. Williams

Willy Hl

Doesn't worth the money. At all. First of all they lie everybody about the scholarship. First they say that you've received this much as an ANNUAL amount, but once you're in, they cut it to 2/3. SCAM. Also they'll tell you there are more scholarships once you're in. don't ever count on that. I've been there 2 years, never seen a single soul get more funds than what they offered in the first place. Secondly, they call themselves "the university of creative careers" while the career adviser may never even see you during your whole time of study (true story- happened to a couple of people) and will never answer your emails and inquiries ( happened to myself, all the time). In some departments even the career adviser herself is a recent graduate student. It doesn't matter if the student/adviser has a lot of connections and is a successful one in her field herself, but unfortunately this is not the case here. In one sentence, the day you graduate, they kick you out of school, and you are ALL BY YOUR OWN. of course they always want to hear about your success stories to brag about, you know. And last but not least, Savannah is beautiful and all, but what I was looking for as an student/ job seeker was knowing people in the filed, and making connections. They have a career fair every year, but it's mostly about small local businesses, so if you'r in film/digital media/fashion/writing/sequential arts, it's gonna be a time waster. All and all, if I had the knowledge I have today, I would never waste my time and money in SCAD, I'd go to a big city, meet real people, and attend a school that really cares about students, and not wants to rip them off, even on the commencement day by trying to sell them $200 mandatory gowns.

Rhiannon Kerruish-Lawrence

It's an incredible experience

Liza Martinez Teran

Amazing!! The best resources and the opportunities are offered at all times!

Bekah radiates awesome

will reid

Martín Zurita

Robert Kuhn

Allison Rowen

Vrishab Kakade

Awesome college of art. It's pretty expensive but it does open a lot of doors. It has a huge international community of students. So you're certainly going to get a broad exposure of experiences.

Joe Wright

Thank you President Wallace for giving me the opportunity to grow and become the best I can be by immersing myself with your cutting edge tools, extraordinary professors, unbelievably talented students and the vast contacts of who’s who that I would have NEVER been able to meet without SCAD…..**Your Dream**…..That has now made mine come true. IF you can DREAM it, You can make it come to fruition @ SCAD…////!!!! I am HONORED to call myself a SCAD Alumni

Rafael Mota

Kymberlee Rosen

Can I give more than 5 stars? This place is more magical than Disney World and the creativity oozes from every brick.

Amaris Gonzalez

Hmmm I'm reading reviews and I'm about 90% done with the whole attending the college but I'm still so in shock about these reviews... is it really that bad of a college? I'm going for illustration... someone please let me know... the money part, I'm not too worried about. I will leave that in God's hands and hopefully get a scholarship. But someone tell me if illustration is even a good major to study there or if it's even a good college at all...

Mayank Kukreja

k Hale

I hope this place is fun and it looks fun too I can't wait until I get there but probably when I'm older.

maureen dawes

Kristine Houston

I’m a SCAD alumni that studied at both the Savannah and Hong Kong campuses. Savannah’s definitely got the bulk of the resources and experienced professors as compared to Atlanta and Hong Kong (can’t say exactly for Lacoste). Generally if a prospective student is considering all of the campuses I encourage Savannah, since the alumni/student success administrative team is much larger there. SCAD is very much what you make it, you need to work hard and utilize all the resources here to forge a career later on. A lot of students don’t access everything or don’t look to even utilize it, especially the CLC courses which can help propel you into internships (and into jobs). There is some bias when it comes to particular majors and sometimes bias towards the top 5-10% of talent here. Campus tours show prospective students the beautiful new freshman dorms but don’t show the mess that can be the upperclassmen dorms. It was frustrating when during finals an available computer in Monty (necessary for specialized software only in that building) is nowhere to be found yet the freshman dorms get a new pool. If any prospective students are considering SCAD, my biggest advice is to make use of EVERYTHING this school makes available to you. Work hard, do well, and you’ll join a network of incredibly talented bees. Many people pick this school and do the bare minimum and wonder why they’re having a tough time in an already tough creative industry. Pro’s: Many dedicated staff, a massive creative pool of talent, wonderful people, easy access to the international campuses, state of the art equipment, design challenges and CLC courses, readily available interview and job prep, and a network of SCAD bees that will support you in the industry. Con’s: Poor upperclassmen housing, broad curriculum (if you’re looking for a specialized career path it’s tough to focus in on it sometimes), large workload, poor distribution of computers/software, some professors haven’t been active in their industry for many years, parking can be tough, and of course expensive.

Dale Barwick

nocturn zal

(Translated by Google) decrease (Original) Scad

Sinacah Price

this school is trash my friend Natalie went there she said its stinks the teacher are rude and there are cockroaches my own mom went there she was very dissapointed the way people taught

Maggie Cannon

Great school but LOVES money.

Shannon Taylor

Hunter Thurlo

Wenchao Shao

Very beautiful place!

Ruby Altameemy

A wonderful school

Mireya Martin

Great college for expanding your art skills

KC Walker

Loved every second and every experience. It is a cutting edge, 21st century education. SCAD constantly sets trends that other institutions of higher ed hope to follow.

Sydney Hewitt

kennedy kiwai

Boyu Liu

Andy Carela

Joe S

Amazing university in a beautiful city

K Grawe

I studied Graphic Design and Painting at SCAD many years ago when it was a smaller school. Although I did enjoy the fine arts environment and made some lasting friendships there—I do not think the school did a great job of providing its students with real world skills that would actually pay off in the market place. My recommendation to prospective students is to talk with industry professionals that are doing the work you eventually want to do and get a feel for the job itself and also the salary it will pay. The high price of this school does not provide a good ROI (return on investment) for it’s students. After I moved to Atlanta and attended a different art school I got the skills I needed to have a productive career, I stayed busy and could not only pay my bills but do much more. I would strongly recommend taking a look at the practical side of the education you are looking for and diligently explore your options.

Milk Carton Creative

LOVED IT! While there is seemed boring and repetitive but looking back it was a great time. If you are thinking about double majoring or staying for your Masters I would highly recommend it. I've started two businesses already and I owe what I know to SCAD!

Bratislav Cvijetic

Norah Grace

Abhishek Gawade

Ivy Ivy

Nestoras Krystalidis

(Translated by Google) It mia.episkepsi ... The theme has to do more with his life and death ... (Original) Αξίζει μια.επίσκεψη... η θεματολογία έχει να κάνει πιο πολύ με την ζωή και τον θάνατο...

Raihanah Algburi

Ira Talanchuk

Shankira Drewby

love it here... wouldn't trade going somewhere else


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