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REVIEWS OF Southern Regional Technical College IN Georgia

Akeem Petereson

I always overlooked this school for years til I finally stared. Be school ever and the atmosphere is so down home. I'm currently going for LPN. Seem to me like I will be finishing up here also. Will be going back for an associate's definely.

Linda Phillips

It is the greatest experience to go back to school with caring teachers who wants you to expand your horizons.

Timothy Burns

Dr. Snodgrass is one of the best instructors ever. Take his classes.

Ben Frazier

I would not recommend the school to anyone. In my experience with the school the instructors do not help students who need help, the advisers will not help you if they do not like you, namely Bryant and Kirkpatrick. The doors will be locked on you because administrators don't feel they should have to hear students out even though their policies are supposed to be open door. The instructors degrade students telling them they are insignificant they're supposed to be transparent and have also been noted to tell students to get their panties out of a wad when asking for study guides or help with the study material. their policies are mainly broad and very vague, open to interpretation by the administrators and are enforced at their discretion... So if they do not like students they will discharge them when they so choose. Telling them they can appeal, but then giving the student no further help with this process. Favorites are easy to distinguish.. In my experience the students with money, who had smug attitudes and acted superior to the others were treated better than the rest. Cliques were prevalent... Instructors didn't do anything to help this though, even when allegations were made against other students, such as threats being made etc. Instructors refused to investigate these allegations or to validate them. They simply escorted the student off the campus even though the allegations turned out to be false. So in a sense.. Students who didn't like other students were allowed to prey on people because their social group was larger and they had more support All in all this school values its "professionalism" But it doesn't produce quality nurses, it produces cutthroat cookie cutter nurses who act like high school girls. Not to mention there were between 300-600 dollars of unexpected fees each semester. Policies such as their "drug card" policy which students were forced to sign and that stated students had to turn in extra credit prior to their pharm tests... However, if u didn't turn it in, or if there was a single card missing, you weren't allowed to take your test, essentially taking 100 points from your grade. This failed so many students our first semester. I will say the one redeeming quality this school had in my opinion was the empathy and care the other instructors had. Benton, McCutchens, coworker, all excellent instructors. All excellent in clinicals. They truly cared about students if you put in time and got to know them. If you went to these instructors they would show empathy even if they couldn't help you.

Kîñzå Chåùdhry

I live in moultrie its to far away.

Zahir Shah

Studying here is a great experience.

Toyrianna Bennett

Avery Goodman

Minor league. Most of the certificates and diplomas will get you a job barely above minimum wage -- not worth the wasted time and effort. And if you're going for an actual college degree, do yourself a favor and study at an actual college, not a technical college -- most SRTC faculty and staff are semi-literate, at best. It's no place to learn how to succeed at a real university.

Tanja Morris

good school while you are working, can take classes online

Kim Fromkin

Halfway through my first semester my favorite professor was fired. Not only was he/she fired but they brought in the police to escort him/her out during class with the students watching. No this was not a criminal charge. The proper way to have handled it without disrupting the student's education was to wait until the semester was over and then let them go based on the reasons for being fired. Mind you this happened right at the beginning of our biggest essay assignment that covered 25% of our grade. Left us with a sub. Yeah they weren't thinking about the students in this situation as there was not a backup plan in place prior to their decision. Meanwhile we are the ones that pay for this service whether through our pockets, a loan, scholarships/grants...we pay for this kind of mess. This was an amazing professor btw, was professional, helped each person in the class with their assignments, and actually taught the class. Very poorly handled and very unprofessional SRTC. Will not allow my children to enroll for move on when ready at this school. This situation discouraged and disgusted me in how the professor and students were handled.

Felipe Serrato

I was a student at one time and did not care for the school. However, on the good side they had some great instructors until they resigned because of the college's administration and the quality of the students being enrolled. My issues with the school, had to do with the integrity and quality of the instructors, and the lack of discipline for devious actions committed by both the faculty and students. First, During the core classes, there were a handful a students that cheated on exams. They would simply be taking the exam on the computer and open up the internet link to answers, while the instructor would sit at the front of the class, not knowing what was going on. My GPA was honest, while they accepted students I had seen cheat on their exams into the RN program, I was not. So I switched programs. Second, when I enrolled into the second program, the instructor and I did not get along at all. I had no idea as to why. It may have been because I was the only male in her healthcare class or it may be for other deeper reasons. Nevertheless, I reported the adverse behavior of the instructor to my department head. At first, the department head seemed like she wanted to help, but the situation escalated to being out of control with the instructor yelling at me in front of all my peers. This instructor still teaches here even though, I brought it to the attention of the Department Head, President, and to the Board of Education. Prospect Students an Current students heed my warning. Education is an INVESTMENT, you get what you put into it. Unfortunately, that includes money as well. I attend Darton State College. I love it there. I take online classes and they are far more challenging and you will succeed because the professors really and truly care about your education. If you have the money try Thomas University. I know they are expensive but the relationships you build with your professors will be well worth the extra time and effort you spend on their assignments. I am not the first of my friends and family to quit attending SWGTC. Most leave quietly and do not leave the school to ponder on their absence.

Angela Crooks

With major hurricane they are still requiring students to come to school. They care nothing about students just money

Ranada Baker


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