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REVIEWS OF Southern Crescent Technical College - Griffin Campus IN Georgia

Yazz patel

ski hastings

I am the face of Atlanta technical college.......this school was so awesome teacher and instructors very helpful..100% graduation rate out of the health care department...landed job immediately after registry and was working before I walked....not just me but all my peers. God bless Atlanta technical college because with His help and my determination it worked for me.....if any body has bad review its because they didn't apply themselves .:)

Jacoby Thompson

People love to hate on this place, but I'm alright with it. Not the nicest amenities, but it's affordable and it's not difficult. Some of the teachers leave something to be desired though.

Catrice Stevenson

Bolaji Ogunwuyi

Great school, small classes and good provramms.

cheryl carpen

Allison Lucero

Love the atmosphere of the school. All the teachers are very helpful and willing to work with you. If you are a Military Veteran student the SVA is also a helpful resource.

Vivian Lanard

The teachers dont want to teach! They party with the students and help who they want to help.The teachers dont reply to the students emails of concerns they distribute grades to students according to who they like and do not like. The teachers talk about whats going on in their home and they prefer not to lecture the class. The Instructors are under paid and will proudly tell you that they are under paid so they show up when they want to. The nursing program and dental program is a joke and all of the other programs at this school.The only keep people in the program who are willing to teach themselves.The teachers are inappropriate and do not like students to ask questions. My child and I have attended different programs at this school and both programs is a joke.Instructors choose to leave and not get caught up in the mess that they created. This school is basically a scam and every staff member are working together to protect each other from the serious allegations of tampering grades and much more! If you want to attend a school who has a horrible reputation.A school who enjoy their little checks and dont care about the well being of their school than this is the PERFECT school for you! The good reviews on the site are from people who took basic classes

christelle Momperousse

Nurse Rachel

Very nice clean place!

James Andrews

R. Guss + Brandon @ the financial aid office are awesome. So is everyone else working in the billing/financial aid dept. This is the only financial aid office I have dealt with that treats students like CUSTOMERS and is respectful regarding financial matters. 10/10 you guys; please keep up the great work.

Kevin Reed

So good so far.

James Harvey

Had a great experience with Cdl-A certificate examination and overview. Class A Instructors, Low stress, very knowledgeable. Would recommend this school to anyone.

David Willkomm

this is my second time attending this school. I have my welding diploma and now working on my hvacr. Teachers are nice people are nice and the place is clean and runs smooth once you get use to where everything is. apply for grants a week before you need it. save a lot of time and hassle . plus the girls are cool smart and good looking.

melissa hill

Great place to further your education

Tam P

With so many options all around metro Atlanta and, with online education, all over the nation, why subject yourself to disorganization, condescension, and wasted time? Look elsewhere - an extra 10 minutes on the road for a far better experience every day for months or years is well worth it.

Shala Holmes

m_ Heavy

Andy Mendenhall

I graduated with associate in Horticulture in 2013. I loved the program and instructors were all either previous professionals in the field or still were professionals in the field, which means a lot for a landscaper to be taught by previous landscapers and plant experts...even had an instructor that also teaches and does plant research for UGA, her classes were very interesting. I took Physics, even though I didn't need to (could have done biology), and the professor was fantastic--he really made sense of the subject matter in a way you could apply it to daily life. I think its ridiculous that millions were spent for Nursing at the school and money not divided between other programs simply based on student numbers in each program, because our program was under funded and we could have had better labs with proper funds, even installed better landscaping around the campus--one of my classes, we built a stair case and fence for the campus for example. Greg Huber is a great guy and I'll keep in contact with him throughout my career. Perhaps the bad reviews are due to the head of department in some areas or personal finances, but it is a good school and you are going to pay for your education anywhere you go. I would recommend to any of my friends that want to continue their education.

aggsafanscshdhddj Smith

Google User

Horrible nursing programs and teachers!! Generic labor and delivery and don't know any other specialty.. They pick their favorites.. Horrible school, more so the nursing instructors...(lpn)

Jasmine Schindler


Kaitlyn Thacker

Kristen Head

Mr. Ward is the best teacher ever!

Janine Brown

Georgia Set Construction

I started working here as a film instructor to better the film program here. I really enjoyed working here and gave every student my individual attention. I presented a syllabus and grading rubric on the first day. I also go over both in class. I really enjoy working with the students and offer help to further their careers in class and through online forums such as Facebook and Blackboard. I always respond within 24 hours if not immediately to any email I get from a student. I have not had a chance to explore all of the school's programs, but I am actually considering the Welding certification for my personal enrichment. SCTC is a great school for the community!


Awesome school, great instructors. I got my firefighting 1, 2, and HAZMAT from here. Coming back this January for my EMT. I've had nothing but good experiences from the staff and other students.

Zena Stalions

I really like it here. Mr.Ward is a great teacher. I know its helping me and several other student. I suggest if you need to further your education you come to Southern Crescent.

Rainy Maddox

I'll be starting at my 1st of Technical College at SCTC. Overall I'm pretty nervous because I don't know how it's going to turn out. Lastly, I don't know if they will let me use their computer in the li for my online course. I'm starting at the McDonough Campus.

Kelia Cash

Rob Brown

Southern Crescent is run as a scam to fleece students for financial aid money. All they want is your money. Be very careful about what they charge. They will try to get every last cent they can from your financial aid. It is much more than other schools charge. And of course, if they get it, you won't after tuition, etc. is paid. Many of the teachers are not qualified to teach. They are hired because they are willing to work for less while they go to school to get qualified for a job that pays normal wages. And don't even think about the nursing program. Don't let the new building fool you. Up until December 2012 they were holding classes in a trailer and had been for years and years. The nursing scam is to accept lots of student and then weed through them continually to find the ones who are willing teach themselves. They expect to carry the first round of students just long enough to get the maximum amount of financial aid money, then they start pushing students out. It isn't just an initial weeding-out, either. You can make it almost to the end and then be pushed out if they are iffy on your ability to pass the NCLEX. Expect no teaching from instructors. They're too busy studying for classes they're taking themselves. Administrators in the nursing program are even worse. Do not trust anything they say. If you try to get help you're bullied in an attempt to get you to teach yourself or give up and quit. Some are told they will not be allowed to continue even though they are getting passing grades. They don't need to get you to pass. Their only criteria is that the few who are left at the end teach themselves well enough to pass the NCLEX on their own. If they don't think you can do that easily, they will find a way to get rid of you. That is how they get the 100% pass rate they brag about. That is why there are so many complaints from students and the community at public meetings. Not all schools are like that. You have to shop around and do your research to find a tech school that has instructors qualified to teach. You will also get more of your financial aid money in your pocket because you found another school that did not overcharge.

Remy Ready

Do not choose this school! I don't know where to start. Everything about this school screams inefficiency and incompetence. The professors do not respond to emails at all! I even had one to FORGET to post a whole module and didn't inform students when she did post it. Had I not checked Blackboard I would have missed the entire module. Their account services department is a complete joke. I started a payment plan to avoid my classes being dropped. I then had a scholarship payed directly to the school. It is taking forever for them to refund the money that I paid into the payment plan. Still waiting as I type this. Now on to "graduation." I just completed the summer semester on July 19th. I called to inquire about final grades and was told that they were not due until August 6th. Why do I have to wait three weeks for my grades to show up on an UNOFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT? I realize that I am used to universities (that were much more efficient by the way) but I expect more from an institution of higher education. Especially after I paid nearly $1200 for a certificate. They really shouldn't be in business. Half of the time you can't get anyone on the phone and when you leave a message, they don't call back. Still waiting on a call from my program advisor.

Volga Le

Kimmie Kim

Omg!!! There are not enough great things to say about Mr. Ward!! Best Adult Ed Teacher there is

Maurice Stewart

e s

I graduated with my Healthcare Management degree in December 2018.i wouldn't recommend surgical tech tho,they're not very helpful to the students, then when i tried to withdraw,they gave me the 8th freaking degree!!!also, stay away from the Library .it's way too loud & u cant focus ,concentrate, OR study

helen n

Take your high school student here if you want them to get a head start in college! Dual enrollment program is great!

Linda Mosley

l love going to your college.The teachers are great.

Sky M

Nice atmosphere, how ever it's taking the school for ever to refund me for my Nelnet payment, that I paid for out of pocket..even after receiving a grant to cover the full cost of the class. Also when I called the school to ask about the process to receive my Nelnet refund the lady in the business office immediately got an attitude and spoke in a rude tone for no reason. 9/28/19

Jose Morales

The people in the cafeteria were very unprofessional. I had to get in line twice just to be told that the hotdogs are contaminated. Then I am told to go back in line after waiting twenty minutes to order a hamburger. I asked for directions to another place to eat and was given false directions. They were not helpful at all. I had a horrible experience and can only assume the school is the same.

Sincerely, A Dreamer

I would like to take the time to compliment the Student Affairs Specialist Ms. LaRaysha Mobley who was very professional, helpful, and delightful when i called with a million questions

Angelique Jackson

I love this school my teacher are great and very helpful

Jason S. Smith

Molly Fisher

I got my certificate of publication design from SCTC (while it was still Griffin Tech) and it has been a great school and it really helped launch my career in the web development category. Just came back to finish my degree this year, just a piece of advice: make sure to talk to your program adviser before picking your classes. Also, depending on your major, some of your classes may not transfer unless you finish your degree.

Master Jedi Christopher S. Hope

Great staff and a wonderful place to learn the tricks of the trade, which ever one you are seeking to obtain. The instructors here have a plethora of knowledge and will help you succeed in all that you set out to do.

Orlando Beals

Daniel Lawrence

Kimberley A. Dixon

Glenda Rolle

Squirrel_ Girl

I definitely recommend this school !! Mr Ward is the best Adult Ed teacher ever!!!!!


Steven Beal

Dylan Driver

Great place to further your education!

Cornelius Ball

dora huertas

Kasaundra Collins

Ollie Wood

Tracy Boswell

I'm an alumni of SCTC!! The staff at southern crescent is exceptional and the education and attention I received is priceless.

zaria barrows

Melody S

Greenlegend 77

You will be helped by the best teacher around Mr. Ward, he don't just teach how to get the anwser, he make sure you know how you got the anwser

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